Boxer Yusaf Mack Says That Actually, He’s Not Bi, He’s Gay

Boxer Yusaf Mack Says That Actually, He’s Not Bi, He’s Gay

Another turn in the seemingly never ending story of boxer Yusaf “Mack Attack” Mack. Just days after coming out as bisexual, the 35-year-old now says that, actually, on second third thought, he’s gay.

The revelation follows an apology and statement last week retracting allegations that he was drugged into doing a gay adult film. He also said in the statement that he is bisexual.

The new interview, with FOX 29, reveals that Mack wants to speak openly about his sexual orientation and be honest about the reasons he made the film, and move on.

“I’m gay. I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is. I live my life. I’m gay,” he tells FOX 29 Philly’s Quincy Harris.

Mack says he’s known he is gay for “about 8 years” and he says the story that he was drugged into doing a gay porn movie “was all a lie…To try to cover myself up.”

He adds: “I just didn’t know when it was going to come out. When it came out, it was out. I couldn’t hide it anymore. It was down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

Mack says he never thought anyone in Philly would see the film and describes what it felt like when news broke that it was out there. “I was hurt. Like to myself. Then I think about my children, like how am I gonna explain this to my children. I called a couple of my friends and told them ‘I’m thinking about killing myself.’”

Mack said friends came to help him through his pain. His 23-year-old daughter hasn’t been so accepting.

“Kill yourself,” she said, according to Mack, “You embarrass us.”

“I threw the phone down,” he says.  “All I could say was, ‘you’re right’. I threw the phone down.”

“The truth is I’m sorry. You don’t like me or love me, regardless I’m still me. When you see me on the streets, I’m still Yusaf Mack.”

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  1. drizzle
    November 06, 06:05 Reply

    And he’ll be Cait very soon..

    • KingBey
      November 07, 12:08 Reply

      Hahaha ! I was about to say same thing….next will be he’s now Transgender. Smh

  2. Max
    November 06, 06:21 Reply

    Lol, told ya’ll he was gay, not bi ??. If you’ve seen the video, you’ll know why I came to that conclusion.

  3. Duke
    November 06, 06:48 Reply

    Bingo! My “gaydar” hardly fails. Nigger had two freaking dicks in his mouth! The truth has made you free.

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    November 06, 06:56 Reply

    Story dey change dey go, e go soon enter Trans!


    Neeeexxxxxtttttttttt! *in Marki Costello’s voice*

    • Diii'Okpara
      November 06, 08:22 Reply

      lolzzz @ in Marki Costello’s voice…Missing Drama Queen

  5. Nightwing
    November 06, 07:02 Reply

    Having two dicks in your mouth doesn’t mean jack, I’ve met bi guys who are how do I say this “really gay during sex” Yeah especially that versatile one I met one time, so his actions in his video shouldn’t mean he’s gay or bi, means he was having fun. *stares into emptiness and walks away*

    • #Chestnut
      November 06, 07:18 Reply

      @nightwing: those guys TELL u they’re bi, but do u have anyway of verifying weather it’s actually true? A lot of gay guys (eg,Yusuf Mack) still try to pass themselves of as bi,and sleep with any woman they can find (eg, Yusuf Mack),because they feel it’s more…I dunno,honourable?
      Hell,some gay guys even still insist their not bi,but STRAIGHT: “I no be gay o, I love women,I just like being fucked hard in my ass by huge,strong dicks,that’s all…but that doesn’t make me gay or bi o,I’m as straight as a ruler”

      • Nightwing
        November 06, 07:28 Reply

        Hahaha: “I no be gay o, I love women,I just like being fucked hard in my ass by huge,strong dicks,that’s all…but that doesn’t make me gay or bi o,I’m as straight as a ruler” who’d believe that. Oh my goodness I can’t contain myself. Yeah but it is true though, besides all the bi guys I’ve met say they prefer guys to girls. What has me baffled is shouldn’t they like both sides equally?

      • Mandy
        November 06, 09:36 Reply

        But Chestnut, you missed the point of Nightwing’s comment. How does how you enjoy gay sex make you a liar when you say you’re bi?

  6. sensei
    November 06, 07:04 Reply

    Omg, this tea is erupting like a volcano in my tea cup! *stirring vigorously*

    But wait abeg. Is the issue that he is gay or that he did Porn or both?

    And did you hear what his daughter told him?

    Chai! Homophobia. It’s a universal phenomenon oh!!! E go Tey before things shange!

  7. #Chestnut
    November 06, 07:12 Reply

    “Gay”? Hian! So all those ten children he had with women were just…hian! This man keeps springing a new one everyday (very soon he’ll come and say “I’m not verse,I’m a power bottom” *sips coffee*).
    Known u were gay for just 8 years?really?buahaha! Niggah,pls!u tried it with that one;u’ve already started telling d truth,why not do it 100%?

    • iamcoy
      November 06, 10:21 Reply

      Umm chest the 8yr bit could be true too, don’t buy into stereotypes that everyone knew he was gay from childhood

  8. Teflondon
    November 06, 07:27 Reply

    1. This Nigga is desperate to stay in the lime light. There is no place for Bi-Sex in the world, so I’ll understand why he would rather identify as Gay.

    2. Money, Money, And lots of Money! That’s what this is all abt. The more we talk abt this dude, like we are doing now, the more his stocks rises and he strts getting invited to interviews, radio and talk shows. He becomes a celeb. Ex boxer cum gay activist. It’s all about the cheddah for this dude.

    The thing I have with this dude is, nothing he says can be believed. Even now saying he is gay, I don’t buy it. He is probably Broke ass Bi dude who needs some money and attention. I repeat the facts he threw in a world class performance in the sex tape (though I haven’t watched it but from what I have heard) doesn’t still prove that he is Gay or willingly does guys. he could just be a very great professional in the porn act.

    The daughter said he should go and die.. Omg! (Where are those people that want to run off to the milk and honey filled America Because Nigeria is the only place homophobia exist) homophobes are everywhere and it will be with us till the end of time. So instead of thinking of running away from it.. Prepare yourself to face the battle head on because homophobia is here to stay till the end of time.

      • #Chestnut
        November 06, 08:07 Reply

        Hahaha…nightwing,u’ve got jokes,I see.

    • Peak
      November 06, 09:05 Reply

      “Willingly does guys” ??
      Sorry, did I miss a part of the story where was forced to travel from philly to have sex on CAMERA? Or the traces of gay porn he posted on his twitter account? Willingly? Really??

      • Teflondon
        November 06, 10:44 Reply

        $4,500!! Peak, US Dollars Peak!!
        Any broke-ass would want to “Willingly” do anything for quarter that money.
        For someone that does Str8 Broke-ass all the time, trust me i know what am saying.
        Lets not even go into details of what i have made tough thug-like broke-ass str8 dudes do with just $100.

  9. sensei
    November 06, 08:14 Reply

    Abeg no peace in this world concerning sexuality.
    Say you’re straight: he is probably pretending. I mean just look at his gesticulations! Hypocrite!

    Say you are gay: can you imagine? What a disgusting low life!

    Say you are bi: why are people so greedy? Why can’t he just stick to one? Or Nigga gay! He just showing

    Transgender: WTF!

    Asexual: ah don’t believe it. He needs help. Maybe psychotherapy?

    Lesbian: all she needs is a good dicking.

    We just got no chill.

    • Mandy
      November 06, 09:35 Reply

      Lol. Sensei on point! Too much recriminations flying from everywhere.

    • Teflondon
      November 06, 10:47 Reply

      “Lesbian: all she needs is a good dicking.”

      Lol I’m ashamed to admit but am guilty of the above statement when i like the girl.

      • ken
        November 06, 11:54 Reply

        @Teflondon. U shld be thoroughly ashamed. I personally think its silly to go as far as admit this in public….and then think its a joke? Lubbish!

        • keredim
          November 06, 12:03 Reply

          “any type of publicity is good publicity”

        • Teflondon
          November 06, 13:06 Reply

          **Like i said earlier, i am ashamed to admit it, you don’t need to emphasize that. I’m not a pretender (unlike most of you here) so ill probably say the things as it it, things i do in real life here, even if it means getting on the bad side of people. IDC IDC IDC!!**

          wait! scratch that (what i said above)

          who are you again? Fuck off!

  10. Rev: Hot
    November 06, 08:53 Reply

    Can’t even laugh at this….. I feel bad for the guy…. It’s okay, Yusaf!

  11. Sinnex
    November 06, 08:55 Reply

    He is 35.

    His daughter is 23.

    He was 12 when he impregnated her mother.

    I see!!!

    If he just found out about his sexuality 8 years ago at the age of 27, that means there is still hope for me. Maybe my first love would realize that he is gay.

    If wishes were horses…

  12. Peak
    November 06, 08:59 Reply

    Y’all are just judging and drawing conclusions on another man’s life.
    **waving enthusiastically at PP** How u doing ?

  13. Delle
    November 06, 09:49 Reply

    Ahn! How many mouths on one person?! Very soon, on a FOURTH thought, he’d come out saying he’s trans…smh

  14. Keredim
    November 06, 09:54 Reply

    Lol!! That was quick – the trip from Straight to Gay, via Bisexual.

    Usually it takes at least 6 months

    He needs to pace himself, he will soon run out of belivable sexualities.

    He has an incompetent PR team. ?

    This is probably why the daughter is ashamed of him, he is not pacing himself.

    BTW, all those 10 children, may not be all his biologically. Some could be step children.

    • JArch
      November 06, 10:53 Reply

      Lmao… Kere I swear you took the words out of my mouth… Am here wondering what’s all this grossness.

      OAN: You and I have serious gist ooo, let’s catch up this weekend if you can

  15. Chizzie
    November 06, 10:20 Reply

    * continues chewing bubble gum while playing with hair*

  16. Dickson Clement
    November 06, 10:54 Reply

    This story is 100 percent Hollywood! Someone needs media attention! If that is how you want to steal the cameras, good for you Mr. Buck!

  17. Ruby
    November 06, 11:11 Reply

    I’ve been confused about things during Мy time on Earth but Yusaf makes Мy confusion pale in comparison to his Confusion….

  18. Zage
    November 06, 11:26 Reply

    Being Gay is the new cool so who will blame him, anything for the fame and money.

    • ken
      November 06, 11:57 Reply

      Aaaaargh! I feel like giving u a good punch on the eye! What kind of riddiculously dumb point is this

  19. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    November 06, 11:44 Reply

    All this has obviously been for publicity and this proves it. He’s keeping the story going by constantly releasing more bits of information. Did you know Yusaf Mack before this porn scandal? I didn’t. Then I was intrigued and watched his flick. Then he said he wasn’t gay but drugged and we discussed it. Then he came out as bi and we kept discussing. And now he’s come out as gay and, again, we are discussing.

  20. tarter
    November 06, 12:13 Reply

    After 10 kids? who is doing him? his village people or his ancestors? this won strong die! eleyin gidi gannnn…….

  21. Khaleesi
    November 06, 16:07 Reply

    This guy though!! I smell serious PR moves aimed at garnering as much publicity as possible. If your boxing career has tanked, find another source of publicity and milk it as much as you possibly can, next thing you know, he’ll be getting paid serious money to appear on talk shows all over the US; i dunno sha, but how do you not know that you like men till you’re 27 and after several children and having dived several times into pussyville?? na wa oooo

  22. olakunle
    November 06, 18:46 Reply

    And yes another lie about the age. He is 35 right and he has a 23 year old daughter how come that means he was 12 wen he had that girl. is this possible. Just asking for clarity.

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