Writer’s Note: I stumbled upon this website by accident and, I must say, it’s been quite the fortunate accident. Reading all the tragic and sometimes funny kito stories shared by readers led me to share mine. I actually have three stories but I’ll just talk about the scariest one. If this bodes well, then maybe later I’ll share more.


It was a few summers ago and I was done with school, so I had a bit of an extended stay in Lagos. I got bored not long after the start of my extended stay and I decided to go to Ghana on holiday, after a friend (let’s call him Tolu) convinced me. I’d been to Accra a few times and the friends I’d made there were always a fun reason to go back. Their gay community seemed so close-knit and fun. We’d always go their now-defunct gay club on Wednesdays and dance the night away. It was fun.

The holiday was all we wanted it to be: amazing (cheap) restaurants, lots of R&R, and the ever enjoyable company of our hosts. Before we got there, our Ghanaian friends planned for us to stay at their friend’s house in the Trassaco Valley (basically their Ikoyi) instead of spending money on a hotel. Unfortunately, that plan fell through as the guy had to travel for work the day we got there. Scrambling and feeling bad, they got us a hotel (more guesthouse than hotel) in Dansoman, as it was all they could find on short notice. They were feeling bad about the change, so they even paid for the entire length of our stay. Wasn’t the best area, but who says no to saving money, right?

Throughout our time there, Tolu had been chatting with guys on Grindr and Hornet and making plans to meet with them. I was apprehensive as our Ghanaian friend had warned us to stay off apps and online hookups as they were riddled with rogues. He said this when we were heading to the hotel from the airport and I immediately deleted all my apps. Tolu kept his however and met up with one of his guys and they had quite the steamy session. Empowered by his luck, I decided to try mine.

Let’s just say I was terribly unlucky.

The day I met him (Bernard is his real name), I’d just re-downloaded Hornet. His message came up like clockwork not up to a minute after I first opened the app. I thought about how brazen it was that he actually had a face photo up and immediately decided he must be a fraud. But I was intrigued, and I decided to indulge him and replied to his message. We chatted all through that day. He sent me several (and I mean like 15) different photos, all matching the face in his profile picture. He was very handsome indeed. I asked if he wasn’t scared of having his face out there and he said wasn’t really scared because if you’re on a gay app, then obviously you’re looking for the same thing he is. Sounded silly to me but I thought: To each his own. He added that aside from that, he was half-Nigerian/half-Ghanaian but based in Nigeria. He was in Accra for an extended stopover as he was a flight attendant for Arik Air and only flew in from Lagos two days ago, so he took the opportunity to visit his family.

We exchanged WhatsApp numbers, and when I saw that his number was Nigerian, I felt a bit more at ease as that part of his story checked out. Still unsure (with my Ghanaian friend’s warning ringing in my ears), I indicated that his profile said he was a top, and as I was a top as well, a hookup wouldn’t work for us. I was trying to put him off meeting up. He went around that quickly and said he wouldn’t mind bottoming for me as I was very cute. Rather than see this as a red flag, my fragile ego took it as a compliment. lol.

Next up, he sent me an ass picture. The ass in that picture! Ghanaian guys have fantastic derrieres, but Bernard’s would make even Flex Xtremmo and Hot Rod green with envy, especially coupled with that face. We couldn’t meet that night though, as my Ghanaian friends wanted to take me and Tolu out to dinner. So I told him we would meet some other time.

The following morning, he messaged me bright and early on WhatsApp and we started chatting. The conversation flowed so easily. We talked about his nosey family wondering when he would marry (he said he was 28), how he ventured into his career etc.

Later, Tolu and I went to Osu to shop for vintage bags in the market, and after that, we went to the casino and some afrocentric restaurant. There was a guy I’d had a crush on since the first time I ever came to Ghana and he told me to come visit. We’d hung out a few times so I knew he was legit. Excited, I went to his and we chilled. I’d just discovered the green monster and we indulged a bit. Then he took me to his room. We were about to fool around when his annoying friend walked in and started admonishing him about how he just started dating someone and shouldn’t do this or he would report. After a small back and forth between them, we had to get dressed, and you can only imagine how livid I was from my hefty blue balls.

I retrieved my phone, to see a message from Bernard asking how my evening was going. I responded with ‘boring’, and he asked if I would like to meet up so he could make it better. I said no at first, but he begged that his flight back to Lagos was the next morning and he’d be going on another flight to Calabar once he lands, so that night was the only time we had. I’m not sure if it was the blue balls, but I said sure and hopped in a cab to the location he gave me (Ghanaian addresses are the WORST).

The cab pulled up outside a Winner’s Chapel and I refused to get down until he got there and showed himself as I was apprehensive people would fly out and drag me inside to “pray away the gay”. Eventually, a grey Honda Passport came rolling down the bumpy road and he called me. My phone died once I hung up as I hadn’t had a chance to charge all day. I was carrying my laptop that day as I was meant to download a series at a friend’s house; I had the laptop in the new bag I’d purchased that afternoon. I paid the cab man, came out, and got into the SUV. In my head, I thought: “Ah, dude can’t be a hustler in this car.” Granted it wasn’t the newest model but it was ok. We talked and talked and just like our chats, the conversation was easy and flowing. He had a Nigerian flag in his car, so that further corroborated his story. He had two phones: a Samsung S5 and an iPhone 5s, so he didn’t even have the “look” of someone desperate for money at all. One thing that stood out however was that he did not look like the photos. It was pretty dark already but I could still see his face. He was a lot slimmer and though I couldn’t see it sitting down, I couldn’t see his ass being what it was in that photo. Rather than see the obvious red flag, I figured the photos must not be fairly recent.

We drove for almost thirty minutes further away from Osu. I was quite carried away with the gist until I saw we’d passed Dansoman, where my friend and I were staying. Worried about how far we’d gone, I asked where exactly we were going, and he said his friend had a guesthouse he let him use whenever he wanted to hookup in Accra. It didn’t add up because earlier he told me that he already got us a room in a guesthouse and would be a shame if it went to waste. I felt a slight panic at that point, but as I was already in this man’s car, what was I to do?

We eventually turned off the highway into a bit of an uncouth area. We drove into an estate and the guesthouse wasn’t far into the entrance from the estate gate. Opposite it was a big field and he said he wanted to park his car in the field so it wouldn’t get scratched. The road was pretty narrow so I figured it made sense. We got down from the car and walked to the guesthouse. He got in and said his friend (me) just landed from Lagos and wanted a room for the night before leaving for Kumasi the next morning. The receptionist said unfortunately there was no room, so we left.

When we got back into the car, he asked if there was any point looking for another guesthouse as his car was comfortable enough. The field was very dark except from the light from the guesthouse behind us and he assured me no one could see us as we were parked deep inside it. Before I could protest he lunged over and kissed me. As he kissed me, he panted that he’d been wanting to do that since we met. I was now fully at ease and quite turned on by his unabashed approach. We made our way to the back seat where he started trying to undress me. I told him I wasn’t really comfortable having full-on sex in the car as it would be hard if we had to rush off. He agreed so he pulled my trousers down to my ankle. We started going at it with making out first, then he slid down and gave me head. Making himself more comfortable, he pulled one leg out of my pants while he removed his shirt. As I got more comfortable, he slipped the other legs of my jeans off. My head was resting on the window with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation.

Then suddenly, I couldn’t feel his mouth on my dick anymore. As I opened my eyes to see why, he said in the iciest voice ever, “CAN YOU SEE HOW YOU WANT TO FOLLOW THE DEVIL TO HELL?”

You know in Tom & Jerry, when they’d scare the ghosts out of Tom and all nine would appear behind him? That was me in that moment.

I stuttered, “What do you mean?”

He said, “You just came to another man’s country and you followed him to where you’ve never been at night?”

I was about to scream and as if anticipating that instinct, he said, “If you make a sound or movement, I will call my boys to come and carry you. Just shut up.”

I was instantly paralysed with fear and genuinely thought I would die as he took his phone motioning to dial. I begged him to put down the phone and he did. In the time he was talking, he’d gotten dressed and made me hand him my jeans. Then he started to lecture me about the evils of “gayism”, and all I could think was how that same preaching mouth had just slobbered all over my dick. He asked me to give him my phone and I told him it had died. He quickly pulled out his own charger as I also had a 5S, and began juicing up the battery. He told me about what a shame I must be to my parents who thought I was responsible. When my phone came on, he deleted my Hornet app and started quizzing me on each of my BBM & WhatsApp contacts. Then he opened my bag and told me I’d have to pay him 500cedis to teach me a lesson. I begged him that I only had 200cedis with me at that point as my bank card wasn’t working in Accra. He took the money and said he’d have to punish me another way. He made me get completely naked (with the looming threat of having boys beat me) and then got back in the driver seat. He started the car and started to drive around. I finally started crying and begging. He said he would drop me naked in the middle of the ghetto and expose that I was a faggot. The back windows had a light tint but I was petrified that people could see me as he drove slowly through the unkempt streets. I thought about attacking him while he drove but the fear that paralysed me earlier quickly killed the thought as I could barely move. After what seemed like an hour of pleading and hiding from blaring lights of other motorists, we ended up back in the field and he parked in the same spot and told me to get out of the car naked. I begged for my clothes and bag. He threw my clothes outside and said he’d drive around with my things while he let me think of the evils of my shameful lifestyle. Of course I didn’t believe he was coming back.

The only fortunate thing for me was that he dropped my wallet (with all my IDs) on the floor of the car after taking all my money. So as I left the car, I kicked it out and he drove off.

Like the night wasn’t tragic enough, it began pouring rain seconds later. I quickly dressed up in the rain and ran back to the guesthouse. I told them the guy was a cab driver and had robbed me at gun point when we got back in the car, so I had no money. The receptionist helped me with 20cedis and I hopped in a cab back to my hotel.

After my ordeal, I learned from my Ghanaian friends that the guy did the same thing to their friend the night before. The Samsung was their friend’s own, and they are still trying to find the thief till today.

Written by Marc Francis of Chelsea

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  1. Diii'Okpara
    November 05, 05:33 Reply

    Chukwu Nna…biko save your children ooo
    ***with bulging eyes Wide Open

  2. Lloyd
    November 05, 05:55 Reply

    …really should have left your apps gone, lucky for you ‘Bernard’ didn’t get greedy. Sad story tho, Humans always find new ways to amaze me

  3. Duke
    November 05, 06:22 Reply

    Now, this is one hell of a kito story. Jeez!

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    November 05, 07:00 Reply

    Truly your instincts never lie.

    The saddest part about these stories is that these things are mostly done by gay men. I cannot wrap my head around you as a gay man setting up another gay man? How do you sleep at night?


    • ken
      November 05, 07:30 Reply


      Gays struggling to cope with their sexuality suddenly take out their frustration on other gays. Infact there’s a study that most homophobic people are either gay themselves or at the very least curious. Hate always grows from a seed!

      Tho its the cycle of our human existence- the oppressed always eventually become the oppressors. Thats y you will also see flaming sissies go ahead to hate on transexuals

  5. Queen Blue Fox
    November 05, 07:01 Reply

    Dazed! this almost sounds like mine, dude be moaning while I was sucking him and nexf thing he has a knife to my neck? people sef.

  6. #Chestnut
    November 05, 07:42 Reply

    Wow! Dat bernard wasn’t just a thief,but a twisted psychopath as well! How can u suck a dick and few seconds later, talk about homosexuality as being the road to hell fire, andtry to threaten they “gay” out of d person u just sucked?
    Thank God he didn’t hurt u physically,Marc. (Tho I’m guessing he didn’t really have any “boys” waiting somewhere for a signal to attack).
    Do share ur other two kito stories soon sha…

  7. Teflondon
    November 05, 08:33 Reply

    Wow so Marc went through all of this? Who would have thought.

    Very chilling story; felt like I was reading a horror story only that there were no deaths. It’s really creepy what you just explained. That dude could have been a psychotic Killer, how can you explain someone that eventually sucked your Dick Then threathened you afterwards. I mean if anything, it should be the other way round. You should have been sucking his dick, not him sucking your dick. So no arguements that he is gay (bottom by the way) but struggling to get grips of his sexuality and obviously taking out his frustration on innocent young gays like yourself.
    In all we need to be careful and learn from this kito stories. There is a thin line btwn Kito situations and Murder Scenes.
    I think we need more kito stories on here. It is vital for people to learn from the different scenarios and situations. Admin please look into this.
    However I have a few more kito stories to share myself which will make for an interesting read. (I think)

  8. Max
    November 05, 08:41 Reply

    Oh please!!!
    I’m sorry to say this, but you’re a wimp. A guy with a car has a lot weaknesses that could’ve been used by you. How can a single individual hold you hostage without any weapon? You could’ve taken him!!.

    Reading this filled me with so much anger towards the writer and not even towards the low key Kito idiot.

    He took your clothes? Seriously? And you were sobbing like a Lil bitch while at it?

    He drove around while you were naked inside his car and you couldn’t strangle him with the seat belt? Chai.
    Tufia!! I’m so pissed!.

    There’s no lesson to be learnt here people, you were horny and you got yourself into a mess and then acted foolishly in the face of subtle threat.
    I feel neither pity nor sorry for you.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 05, 08:52 Reply

      Max fear can paralyse you and make you not think rationally!

      Plus I’m sure he didn’t want a scene, so he would not be mobbed! Its a no brainer!

      • Max
        November 05, 09:59 Reply

        A dude carrying a naked dude at the back of his car, tell me who’d be more embarasesd, the naked guy or the person driving? Ever heard of kidnapping before? He could’ve claimed he was kidnapped.
        Fight or flight is usually the response to impending threat, but somehow he was sobbing like a two yr old. You’re in Ghana for fucks sake, no one knows you and nobody gives a fuck about your nakedness. @Dennis, I’m sure you yourself wouldn’t have reacted the same way.
        The sick dude is obviously gay too and Thats why yanking his D in his mouth wasnt a problem for him.
        And also he threatened to call his boys? And he didn’t collect the phone and smash it? He seized his clothing without any weapon?.seriously??
        Something is wrong with this story, it’s either it’s a damn lie or the victim is really really really weak.

        • Keredim
          November 05, 10:40 Reply

          Max, I understand your anger, really I do. But people react differently to the same situation.

          Please let’s not scare him off. I for one would like to know how someone can be Kitoed (if that is a word) THREE TIMES????

          • Chizzie
            November 05, 10:45 Reply

            Well if one were fat, the chances of one being kitoed multiple times increases

            • Sinnex
              November 05, 11:32 Reply

              You just had to go there.

              If one didn’t know better, one would have assumed that you were slim and muscular.

            • Lloyd
              November 05, 11:42 Reply

              …so true, fat people almost always have greater chances, the best one could do is pay attention, these freaks always have something unique about them which could be spotted.

              • bruno
                November 05, 13:03 Reply

                “O chizzie, you just had to.


                i like how you people find his meanness and insensitivity all funny and entertaining until you are on the receiving end.

                • ronniephoenix
                  November 05, 16:42 Reply

                  Ummmm, bruno, I wasn’t being insensitive.
                  I, myself have been raped,ridiculed among others, so I know how it feels.

            • Marc Francis of Chelsea
              November 05, 15:12 Reply

              Of course. Because men that set up other men only set up fat men. Who can argue with all your years of experience?

              Your boundless ignorance never ceases to amaze.

              I’m sure there’s some flab on you at the moment, perhaps it’s time for typhoid?

              • Francis
                November 06, 00:36 Reply

                ??? @ perhaps it’s time for typhoid?

          • Max
            November 05, 12:19 Reply

            Nna eh, you know what they say about 3rd time. I know my reaction was in a bit of bad taste, but I was furious and it felt like I was watching a badly directed/acted nollywood movie.

    • Eros
      November 05, 10:08 Reply

      Dear Max,
      Different people react to situations differently. While you may have slashed him to pieces, fed him his balls and come out of the car looking like some greek goddess of war with blood and gore all over your golden armour and threatening opera music playing in the background, he choose to act like the wimpy kid as you so aptly put it and cower in the car seat. Not everyone can be brave.

      God help us all

      Children of God say Amem.

      • posh6666
        November 05, 10:26 Reply

        Thats true some people just really really hate any form of violence or confrontation no matter how little.In my own case i really do hate violence or any form of physical assault but i can easily confront sum1 about an issue when they do me wrong which my sister tries to stop by all means possible one’s she sees me arguing it out with sum1.I had to let her know she needs to stop interrupting me when in a confrontation with sum1 just let me vent and get my anger out in order for me to get a good night sleep.That doesnt really make one a weakling we are just built differently she’s one of the strongest people i knw after going through so much yet still standing strong.

    • Sinnex
      November 05, 10:26 Reply

      Easier said than done.

      Life has no duplicate oooo.

      This is a guy that has been doing this for a long time, do you really think he wouldn’t have a backup?

      • Max
        November 05, 12:15 Reply

        @Sinnex put yourself in his shoes and tell me how you would’ve reacted.

    • bruno
      November 05, 13:11 Reply

      max, being threatened to be outed in the most humiliating way possible in an unfamiliar violently homophobic society isn’t exactly a trivial situation.

      understandably he could have dealt with the issue better but “idiot”, “sobbing like a little bitch”, “acted foolishly in the face of subtle threat”… really?

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      November 05, 15:05 Reply

      Lol I’m generally not a violent person and I haven’t been in a physical fight since primary school. Of course in my head I wanted to Van Dam him, but I didn’t know he didn’t have a weapon and I genuinely believed there were guys waiting in the birches to come at me if I didn’t follow his orders. I thought about strangling him, but the thought also crossed that he would crash the car and I would die. Kudos to you if you could be James Bond in that moment, but that’s not me.

  9. john
    November 05, 08:50 Reply

    Gays hunting gays. Recently I was lured into a 3some by a guy who used another persons pics. I wasn’t robbed tho but I vowed never to do 3some my life . I am not a slut. To make the matter worst the guys were really endowed. I almost died

    • posh6666
      November 05, 09:16 Reply

      Pls people that do 3some are not necessarily sluts just say u dont like it,sum1 that does 3some and you that probably fucked two or more different guys within a month same noni.

  10. posh6666
    November 05, 09:23 Reply

    For those who feel he should have defended himself may God not allow any of us see kito,sometimes apart from the sudden surprise which paralyses you,alot of people dont just want that scene/embarrasment that comes with it.I have heard alot about how ghana is competing with nigeria in terns of kito/setup,infact i tend to think kito is higher in ghana and to think that country is actually a place for relaxation with really delicious varieties of food,cheap lifestyle,generally condusive atmosphere but whats the use of going there when you are so scared of hooking up for sex?for me sex is a major form of relaxaton.

  11. posh6666
    November 05, 09:31 Reply

    Plus the guy is obviously gay with a twisted mind.Reminds me of a mexican gay movie i watched a while back cant recall the name they met online a latino guy and a white older man,they drove into a bush after the white man fucked the younger latino boy who clearly enjoyed it and they both released the boy started punching the man,he punched him so bad he left him all bloodied up i was shocked and just wondered how sick people are all because of self loathing.

  12. Chizzie
    November 05, 10:18 Reply

    I think we should all start carrying pepper spray each time we go on blind dates, I think they sell some in shoprite. I’m definitely going to get one.

    Plus isn’t it just sad how Nigerians are a menace where ever they go. Here’s a Nigerian in bloody Ghana, constituting a nuisance to people. Sometimes I wish I weren’t Nigerian… *spits on floor*

    • Diii'Okpara
      November 05, 15:36 Reply

      lolzzz @ pepper spray 🙂 Pls how could KD arrange an under ‘G’ task force to treat dat Benard guy fcuk up for GH

  13. Sinnex
    November 05, 10:30 Reply

    Na wa oooo

    I don’t even know what to say.

    At least you came out unscathed.

  14. Khaleesi
    November 05, 11:08 Reply

    Wow, this gave me terrible chills … I dont know what to say, Gays who set other gays up are the worst form of filth i can think of, my hatred for such gays knows no bounds; i might be willing to commit murder if i ever have one of them fall prey to me. They are beyond vile vermin. Hmmm … so the famous Accra gay club is now defunct? I was hoping to plan a trip there sometime soon … na wa!!!

  15. Diii'Okpara
    November 05, 11:44 Reply

    fear and especially shame are the nasty bitches that crippled the young man – the more you indulge them, the nastier they get: Actively growing balls(‘fight’, not ‘flight’) and practicing standin up for yourself at all times helps loosen the grip…

    @Max i think ur view is spot on…indeed, the guy driving is weaker… Reminds me of a scene in the series sleeper cell, where a terrorist lady was driving with one hand and wielding a gun with another and succeeded in taking a chic hostage all the way from town to a deserted area where she killed the chic…tragic

    • Diii'Okpara
      November 05, 11:56 Reply

      At the very instant that he realized that the guy gave him a fake picture, that was the greatest ‘out’ handed to him from Heaven! there and then he suppose hustle the guy fully…Attack is the best form of defense, ‘innit? People can then gather and separate them, and he can always cook up a story…in the end, they both go down together, being TOO cold is never a good place to be: fuck it, everyone is hiding one thing or the other anyway

  16. ronniephoenix
    November 05, 12:13 Reply

    My mouth was wide open for about 5 seconds when I saw the name of the person.

    Well, I have not seen that thing that will ever make me become “kitoed”

  17. Max
    November 05, 12:20 Reply

    Ummm, Pinky something is wrong with this site. Comments and replies aren’t going where they’re supposed to.

  18. Nightwing
    November 05, 12:42 Reply

    Wait, what straight guy goes to the extent of kissing and blowing you? Let’s face it he came while sucking off. But that niggi has got issues. The more reason why it’s safe to stay home and have only online friends ?

  19. tarter
    November 05, 16:52 Reply

    hahahahaha..chizzie! that was evil! lmao…shady evil mean guy! be nice!

  20. tarter
    November 05, 16:55 Reply

    the irony of what chizzie said is chizzie himself is fat with man boobs and fat cheeks! come on!

  21. Chuck
    November 06, 22:58 Reply

    There is a growing abandon among some young Nigerian gay men. Once they are “bored” they take unimaginable risks. As I’ve said, if you hookup in a certain way, your risk of kito is greater.

    P.S. How is there still no anti kito force? Get a couple of gay policemen together, and vigilante up

  22. Danté
    June 02, 17:24 Reply

    *dramatically places hand on chest*

    *Le Gasp*

    Good heavens child you’ve been kitoed three times?

  23. Brainie
    May 01, 16:25 Reply

    This scenario keep repeating over and over again. Gays apps want to make us believe the world stopped being dangerous the moment they stepped into the picture. You can meet anyone you like, right?

    But the truth is, the world have never stopped being a dangerous place. Not even for a second. And the bad guy reminded him, “You just came to another man’s country and you followed him to where you’ve never been at night?”

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