Celebrity Men Reveal Their Man Crushes

Celebrity Men Reveal Their Man Crushes

Man crushes aren’t just for Mondays. These celebrity men may not share their #MCM picks on their Instagram pages, but they are okay with admitting that they’re nursing some lighthearted affection for their fellow stars. And we understand. We’ve been watching Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan do their thing on the small and big screen for years too, and it’s hard not to develop a crush on such A-list hunks.

The following stars revealed the famous fellas they admire a great deal and why.

DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON1 Dwayne Rock Johnson Channing TatumThe Rock had no problem confessing to E! who his man crush was. And it was his former G.I. Joe: Retaliation co-star Channing Tatum.

“He is, according to some, and one People magazine, the Sexiest Man Alive. And the truth is, and I can say this because I’m very comfortable in my own manhood and sexuality, he is a very sexy guy. He’s a good-looking guy.”

ANDREW GARFIELD2 Andrew Garfield Michael B JordanAndrew Garfield has such a man crush on Michael B. Jordan that he wanted him to star with him in Spiderman — as his male love interest. He joked to Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better — we’d have interracial bisexuality!”

RYAN REYNOLDS3 Ryan Reynolds Rob PattinsonWhen MTV asked Ryan Reynolds if he was a Twilight fan, he let his huge crush on Robert Pattinson slip saying, “Oh my God, are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson? In a word? Dreamy.”

GEORGE CLOONEY4 George Clooney Clive OwenWho does international heartthrob George Clooney have a crush on? Clive Owen. Julia Roberts spilled the tea on Clooney’s celebrity crush saying, “George Clooney is obsessed with Clive. Every good-guy actor talks about Clive as one of their very favorites. Because he’s English, because his successes have stood on the shoulders of his talents alone, because he hasn’t just been carried away by popular culture.”

And Clive feels the same way!

CHANNING TATUM5 Channing Tatum George ClooneyChanning Tatum may be The Rock’s celebrity crush, but Channing Tatum’s celebrity crush is George Clooney. He recently called him “the most interesting man on the planet. He can do it all. I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH6 Benedict Cumberbatch Matt DamonBenedict Cumberbatch has never met Matt Damon, but that hasn’t stopped him from developing a professional man crush on the star.

“Well, he’s just so grounded. He’s so intelligent. He makes these smart choices, as an actor, as a producer, as a writer. He’s so composed. You never hear a bad word said about him. Everybody loves him. And he just sounds like he’s got his priorities right as a human being, and as an actor, he’s phenomenal.”

PATRICK DEMPSEY7 Patrick Dempsey Johnny DeppWhen Advocate asked Patrick Dempsey who his man crush was, he replied, “Johnny Depp, certainly, without question. There’s just something about his individuality, his humility, and his sense of style. He’s also immensely talented and intelligent, and that’s all very sexy.”

MICHAEL FASSBENDER8 Michael Fassbender Brad PittMichael Fassbender has a huge man crush on Brad Pitt. For Michael Fassbender, meeting and working with Brad Pitt on 2009’s Inglourious Basterds was a life-changing experience.

“Brad is a wonderful human being who has a generous soul,” Fassbender told PEOPLE. “I have a lot of reasons to thank him. He has always been a real champion for me.”

And now that the two hunks have become close professional colleagues, is there a possible bromance brewing between them?

“I don’t know about that, because he never returns my phone calls or emails,” Fassbender joked. “I’ve been following him ever since. I’m trying to get involved in any film he’s doing so I can be with him!”

BEN AFFLECK9 Ben Affleck Justin TimberlakeBen Affleck has such a big man crush on Justin Timberlake that he kind of hates him, if that makes sense.

“He’s so bad for your self-esteem. There’s nothing the guy can’t do! He can dance like Michael Jackson, he sings, he writes music…400 million boy bands, and he’s the one guy that became a gigantic star.”

ANSEL ELGORT10 Ansel Elgort Tom HardyThe Fault in Our Stars star has quite the man crush on Thomas Hardy’s acting chops.

“I would go gay for Tom [Hardy]! He lets himself become the character and reveals so much about himself in the process. He is very special.”

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  1. drizzle
    March 28, 07:40 Reply

    Derek Shepherd!!!
    Man crush forever.

    • Pink Panther
      March 28, 07:45 Reply

      I swear, when he was first debuted as Dr. McDreamy, I swooned right along with all those females at Seattle Grace.

    • doe eyed monster
      March 28, 11:26 Reply

      I swearr!!! Man crush Forever… But then Mark Sloan …and Jackson..uggh…i give up..

  2. Mandy
    March 28, 07:47 Reply

    Noticed a trend with this list of sexuality-confident celebrities? They’re all white! whites are far more progressive in the perception of sexuality and how it may threaten masculinity. Blacks… Not so much

  3. Lorde
    March 28, 08:29 Reply

    I’d totally go fr tom hardy, guys jst foin in all d right places

    • Pink Panther
      March 28, 08:35 Reply

      Its his lips that get me hard in all the right places. lol

      • The REVEREND
        March 28, 11:15 Reply

        @PP, Don’t you mean ‘gets me HARDY in all the right places’ *mischievous grin*

  4. Mitch
    March 28, 08:34 Reply

    Now these are men who are confident in their sexualities. Unlike the blithering band of baboons we have as celebrities in Nigeria.

    • Pink Panther
      March 28, 08:44 Reply

      And transgenders are sadly an even bigger enigma to the general public than homosexual men and women.

  5. Kenny
    March 28, 09:38 Reply

    Seeing Michael B Jordan?? makes me forget every other celebrity up there. *spots Deola and slips out quietly through the back door*

  6. Mr. Fingers
    March 28, 10:42 Reply

    I don’t understand the channing tatum hype at all.

    Hello Brad…*looks around for angelina*

  7. Tobby
    March 28, 11:28 Reply

    They’re.. all… so…. ugly

  8. A-non
    March 28, 13:14 Reply

    I see a heavy blow land on the face of any person who dares ask any Nigerian male celebrity this question especially the ones whose sexuality have been questioned at one time or the other.

    Enyinna Nwigwe and Daniel K. Daniel have my deepest respect for daring what they did in TIERS’s short film.

    March 29, 09:27 Reply

    Give me DEREK LUKE……Always…My man crush foreva!!!

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