Chechnya’s president vows to eliminate all gay men by the end of May

Chechnya’s president vows to eliminate all gay men by the end of May

Chechnya’s president has vowed to ‘eliminate’ all gay men by the end of May.

Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic, threatened to rid the area of homosexuality ‘by Ramadan’.

Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, begins on 26 May this year.

Speaking to Gay Star News, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson confirmed these claims.

The horrifying threat was revealed in Parliament when Sir Alan Duncan, Deputy Foreign Secretary and gay Conservative MP, took urgent questions on the Chechnya’s treatment of gay and bi men.

“He [Kadyrov] has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community,” Duncan said in parliament. “Sources have said that he wants the community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.”

Kadyrov reportedly made the chilling threats in local Russian language media.

In the last two weeks, horrifying reports of gay men being held in concentration camps and being beaten, tortured, and killed have emerged. At least 100 have been detained and at least four men have been murdered.

“Credible reports suggesting that at least four people have been killed and many have been tortured are particularly shocking,” Duncan continued. “Statements by the regional government in Chechnya which appear to condone and incite violence against LGBT people are utterly despicable.”

The question was raised by Labour MP Stephen Doughty, who recounted one man’s horrifying account of being tortured with a ‘home-made’ electric chair.

“President Putin already has a record of persecuting the LGBT community and takes a keen eye in Chechnya,” Doughty said. “So is he taking a blind eye or is he complicit in the action of President whose spokesperson, let’s remember this, said ‘you cannot detain people who simply do not exist’?”

Duncan said Chechnya’s ‘arbitrary detention and ill treatment of over 100 men’ on the basis of their sexuality was ‘of deep concern’ to the British government.

“We in the government fully condemn this,” he said. “We do use all engagement with Russia to make our voice clear.”

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  1. Francis
    April 22, 07:10 Reply

    I thought he said something akin to there are no openly gay people for my country ??

    I pray this news is false sha. Very depressing sfuff. Makes me wonder what will happen if they start that mess here in Naija

  2. Mandy
    April 22, 07:13 Reply

    How exactly do these people sleep at night when they get it in their head to persecute an entire community of fellow human beings based on their nature? Just how? This is horrible.

  3. ambivalentone
    April 22, 07:24 Reply

    Well, that apparently cancels out the likelihood of Putin being the anti-Christ. Judgement day is still further away. No help expected from Amrika. I wonder what country will take them (Russia and Chechenya) head on this matter now.

  4. Delle
    April 22, 09:38 Reply

    How they think to carry this through is what I am curious to know. How do you ‘detect’ gay men or is there a Homometer existing that I’m not aware of? If no, then how would you eliminate all gay men asides the stereotypical effetes who all believe to be gay despite evident exceptions?

    Do you now see how it’s practically impossible to eradicate homosexuality? There are lots of closeted gay men even more ‘hetero-like’ than the actual straight ones. This is just bunkers. Stupidity at its apex. This man should be hanged for peddling raw idiocy like its some freshly-baked bread.

    OAN, I didn’t see anything about Lesbians. Or are they not ‘gay’ too? Or is this mad mass murder only targeted on MEN? Nothing on bisexuals too? Lol. If you are going to give such threats, at least be in tune with the times. If only homosexuality is as limited as you people think.
    Sigh. I can’t deal with this.

  5. Canis VY Majoris
    April 22, 11:05 Reply

    Death is hardly the worst thing that can happen to anyone; to die whilst living is beyond words the greatest tragedy of all, and many of us here in Nigeria died awhile ago, and with each passing moment our soul slowly decays. We died when we were young, but won’t be buried until we’re old. We died because we can never live in our truth, and what is dead may never die.

    At least these men will die because of their truth and that perhaps is the most honorable death of all.

  6. Mr. Fingers
    April 22, 13:10 Reply

    This is so depressing. I fear for the LGBT community in that part of the world. Wish there is something we could do to help.

    Putin wont lift a finger to help,the Brits and the EU will bark but nothing will come of it,Donald Trump wont do anything until he sees pictures and video of gay people being killed.


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