“Please, Musa, just let me go home…”

Musa stood there, looking at me, an unfathomable expression on his face. Then he placed his hands on his waist, looked down to the ground for a moment, took in a deep breath and then looked me in the face.

“You know, you’re the only person that has actually come to see me here. I chat with guys on Grindr and once I let them in on my place in the barracks, they break off. I know this isn’t ideal and you’re a scared. But I promise I won’t hurt you. Just give me a chance… Please…”

I honestly didn’t know how to respond to that. For a moment, the ultra-masculine man before me seemed so vulnerable. I tried to imagine myself in his shoes, being turned down because of the stigma that surrounds your livelihood. A man in a place of command being rejected. As someone who loathes rejection, I could understand him, even if it was just a little.

Feigning some exasperation, I finally said, “Fine. I’ll go with you.” Looking around to notice some stares from people around, I added, “And let’s hurry please. People are starting to look.”

You need to see this dude. He beamed like a kid at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and actually gestured “after you” at me.

I smiled sheepishly at him, muttered, “You’re just crazy” and began walking toward the Hilux trucks.

I was getting to the second vehicle when he hastened to my side and opened the door for me, making another “after you” gesture with some flourish.

I looked anxiously at him. “Stop it now. Abeg you know this is Nigeria. We never jand o and 14 years too long for me abeg.”

“Tah,” he said dismissively. “Nothing fall out. Na me de here, all these guys na my boys them be.”

“Okay o,” I said with a chuckle, before climbing into the truck.

He darted to the other side and got in. He gave me a lust-filled look, licked his lips and gave that cocky laugh that for some reason turned me on, before muttering something to the driver in Hausa.

Engines revved alive and soon we were moving to, all three vehicles.

Where were we going to sef?

Before I utter the question, he’d slung a large arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer to him, not minding the dampness of my sweater.

So many things hit me immediately I was in such close proximity with him: the firmness of his arms, the faint thumping of his heart, the absurd thickness of his thighs, the occasional tugging of his groin area, the wideness of his pecs, his eyes staring into mine…

Christ! He was staring at me, eyes heavy with lust, clearly tearing at my clothes right there in the truck.

In this truck!


A wave of fear swept over me again, replacing the initial euphoria that I’d been feeling. My body tensed and I made to create distance. His grip over my shoulder tightened, meshing me further into himself.

“What the hell?” I muttered, turning fully to meet the most innocently-pleading eyes I’d ever seen since the time my family got our first puppy.

With his free hand, he held one of mine as if mentally communicating to me to: Please… Stay.

I didn’t stand a chance. Slowly and surely, my body began to unwind as I leaned back into his embrace.

“Where are we going anyway?” I asked conversationally. “Also why were those guys at the gate just staring at you the way they were doing?”

He chuckled. “We’re going to my office at the barracks secretariat. And those guys were probably looking at me that way because a man of my rank isn’t known to be at the gate without…” He gestured at his entourage of cars. “Or actually go out of my way to meet anyone, much less a civilian.”

The comment stung. “Excuse me?”

He seemed to notice the unintended bite in that statement. “Yei! Haba, no vex now. I no mean am like that. You na special guy.”

I simply turned to look out the window.

“Haba now,” he pleaded some more. “Sorry fa… I didn’t mean it like that now… Sorry.” Then laughingly, he pulled me into a full embrace, willing me to relent.

Feeling my irritation wane, I just hissed and snuggled into his body. There was a pleasurable silence that came upon us in our semi-private space at the back of the Hilux, as we just enjoyed our bodies meshed together on the unending journey to the secretariat.

“Danté, we’ve reached,” he said. I’d been so wrapped up by the warmth of his closeness, I hadn’t even realized we’d stopped moving. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Already? And I was getting so comfortable,” I said, attempting to snuggle deeper into his muscly frame.

He chuckled. “Come on. It’ll be weird if we stay in here too long. Besides, there’s plenty more where this came from.” Then, he grabbed at my crotch and winked at me.

Sparks of desire lit up inside me, and it took every will I had inside me to not start disrobing him right there and then. But mehn, I couldn’t stop looking at his chest. I mean, it was huge. I think he caught on to my mesmerization because he started flexing the pecs.

This guy is just messing with my mind, I thought. This has to be unhealthy. There should be rules against this kind of abuse, right?

“You like?” he said with a lascivious smile.

“You’re just a goat.” I laughed. “Let’s go abeg.”

I’d rather die than admit his effect on me, but I was pretty sure he knew. He seemed confident in his sex appeal and spared no trick in getting me very aroused.

The secretariat building was quite impressive, not as much as that of the state’s, but enough to fool people into thinking their taxes were actually going somewhere other than the Birkin bags of our politicians wives.

The stares though… Eish! Like, you know that feeling when you’re the only one wearing a black jallabiya at a white garment gathering. See me walking face down beside Musa as we moved past the entrance into the complex.

“Why are you face down?” he asked when he noticed.

“Are you blind? Abi you can’t see people staring ni? It’s embarrassing abeg.”

“I don’t blame them though. It’s not every day they see someone not in uniform walk around in here… Unless say na prison that person dey go.”

I sent an elbow jab in the direction of his ribs to let him know the joke wasn’t appreciated.

“Fuck! Shit!” he cussed while recoiling. “Arrgh! Man, fuck! What the fuck was that for?”

“For being silly,” I rejoined. A smile played on my lips at the thought of making this hulking man so vulnerable. There was a certain heady feeling that came from having this kind of power over such a powerful-looking man.

“You know, you could get arrested for this o.”

I gave a mock gasp. “What kind of soldier breaks his promise?”

“Are you new to this country at all? Aaiisshhh…” He winced as he massaged the point of contact between my elbow and his body. “Nawa for you o, you no get joy aswear. Sha, we’re here. Don’t elbow my door for me abeg,” he said with a short laugh as he opened the door.

The office was nice. There was a full-sized desk and a rotating chair, with the Nigerian flag and the Nigerian army logo forming part of the furnishings. On one end of the room was a door that led to God-knows-where and on the other end was a comfy looking couch complete with two pillows and a blanket.

Seeing this made me suddenly feel the tiredness in my bones and dampness of my clothes. I know I came here to ragavu, but abeg, body no be firewood.

“Hey, my clothes are still a bit damp. Is it okay if I take off my trousers and sweater off for a bit?”

“Oh… Are we doing this already? Cause I was ready like 30 minutes ago,” he said, while licking his lips and moving toward me with that bouncy limp that high school boys walk with, thinking it makes them look cool.

“Whoa, calm down na,” I said, laughingly pushing him back. “I’m just really tired and wet, plus that chair has been calling to me ever since I got here. Right now, it’s looking way sexier than you.”

“Tah! Na lie! Can the chair do this?” He began to flex his pecs again.

What’s with all these muscly types and that pec bounce sef? Don’t they know it’s a health hazard?

I scoffed at him and turning away, began to move toward the couch. A thought suddenly dropped into my slutty mind and I smirked to myself.

Two can play that game.

Reaching for my belt, I began to loosen it slowly, making sure to add a seductive twist to my hips with every tug on the belt. With the belt loose, the trousers were next. Sitting on one of the chairs in the office, a bitch arched that back and bent over, pulling the trousers down over my slender legs (I’m so proud of those gams), dropping them at my feet.

Then, there was the VERY brief and VERY sinful underwear that my friend convinced me to buy a long time ago. This skimpy piece of clothing had never failed me in the battle to win the everlasting attention of a man. Tightly wrapped around my hips and accentuating the product of my daily 100-squat routine to the max.

I stood up from the chair and began strip teasing my sweater off while facing away from Musa to expose the fullness of my derriere.

“Damn…” he said huskily, and I knew I had him.

I turned a look over my shoulder to see him standing there, gaping, with a very visible erection straining against his trousers. I laughed out loud and pointed at his situation.

“Oya now,” he said with an unabashed grin. “You don seduce me finish. Wetin we go do about am?”

“Do wetin? I told you I’m tired abeg. I’m going to lie down now.” And I walked over to the couch, wrapped myself up with the covers and made like bear in the winter, skillfully removing my underwear while tucked underneath the covers.

“Bad guy,” he said, chortling. “You just dey command me anyhow like this. You no de fear, abi?”

“Wetin you wan do? Abegi!”

Next thing I heard was the sound of zippers and clothes falling off. Honestly, at this point, I was giddy with nerves, but nothing could prepare me for what I saw when I turned around.

Musa was a god! No cap!

I lay there, staring at him and feeling sensations throb through me at the sight of this soldier man in his near naked form.

As though he knew the effect he was having on me, that smirk was back on his face as he walked slowly toward me. He was still clad in his briefs, but absolutely nothing could disguise the throbbing hardness of his member.

When he got to the couch, he squatted to my eye level and took my face in his hands. My eyes were about to flutter shut as I anticipated his kiss.

Instead, he gave a low chuckle and said, “Pay back.”

My eyes shot open and I glared as he pulled away from me, laughing. He had teased me with a kiss he didn’t intend to give? The heat of mortification flooded my face as I thought about how thirsty I must have looked as I waited for that kiss. The nerve of this man!

I began to turn around on the couch to back him.

“What?” he said laughingly. “Na you start am na. I reason say make I at least finish the matter.”

I ignored him.

“Sorry now. Shebi I asked you to do something and you left me hanging. Oya, no vex now, sorry.”

I refused to be mollified.

Then I felt his weight depress the side of the couch behind me. I groaned and he said, “Oya sorry now. I won’t stand up until you forgive me o.”

“Do you know you’re heavy at all? And your dick is poking me.”

“Maybe he’s looking for something.”

Well, let’s see if we can help him find it, I thought devilishly, before I started grinding my butt against his turgid dick.

He moaned.

“You like that, daddy?”

“Mm-hmm… Just like that…”

Gbagam! I don catch am.

I continued grinding slowly against his crotch, intending to stop any moment and withhold the rest of my ministrations as payback for what he did to me.

Any moment…

Any moment now…

But that moment wasn’t coming, as I began to really enjoy the feel of that dick rubbing against my naked ass.

And then, I turned and slipped up atop him, straddling his crotch with my back to him in a reverse cowgirl position.

“Guy, how far you now?” he started saying. “You just dey do some kain things. Be like say you sabi –”

His voice strangled off when I leaned forward and started tonguing his legs and toes. I sucked on them real good. As I did, I could hear him struggle with his moans. When he couldn’t help it any longer, he grabbed at my ass.

“You’re fucking turning me on, nigga!” he groaned harshly.

He was now slowly raising his hips to meet my grind.

I turned and pulled off his briefs. And there it was! It wasn’t long but it was thick, black, veiny and very angry. The hoe in me was weeping with reverent pleasure.

I moved down on him, my back still to him, and began sucking his dick. His hands were still squeezing my bum as I rolled my hips slowly about. Then I gently moved my ass into his face, indicating that I wanted him to eat me.

“Wow, booty like a bitch!” he moaned.

He gave me a few spanks and parted my cheeks. I twitched my hole and twerked my cheeks.

“Oooh-lah-lah!” he panted. “Do that magic again.”

As I did, I felt his entire mouth on my ass hole. He began eating and chewing me. He pulled my ass so wide apart, I felt like he would rip me in half. I went for his cock again and made to deep-throat him. He pulled my ass further into his face, hungrily eating me out.

I was practically having an out-of-body experience at this point. I had to squat over his face as he devoured me like a mad lion. He began sticking his finger into me roughly, but that didn’t hurt much because I’d already been loosened from the intense rimming. He kept rimming me as he made an effort to kneel on the couch. He held my butt cheeks to his face as if my ass would run away if he let go.

It was apparent that he was booty starved and I was very intent on satisfying him. I was now partially squatting but with my hands on the couch, while he knelt behind me, still licking and slurping through the honey pot. He stood up then but not fully. Bent over, I reached for his dick and moistened the swollen shaft with a generous amount of my saliva.

Instinct must have told both of us it was time for the action because we simultaneously made an attempt to lie down. As I parted my legs and placed my chest on the couch, I heard him mutter, “Oh fuck!”

I felt his dick head rub my rectum. I shook my ass like a stripper and I heard him chuckle with glee. He was loving every second of this.

“Hold on…” he said.

A few seconds passed as he expertly ripped the wrapper off a condom and rolled it onto his hard member. He reached behind the couch and found a bottle of lube which he generously applied on his dick and then all over my bussy.

Positioned in front of my rectum, he went slowly inside me, and as he did so, he gasped and quickly withdrew his dick from my ass.

“Delicious,” he moaned, and then said, “Get ready.”

I was about to take a deep breath of fortification when I felt all of his dick slide deep inside me.

SHIT!!! The hurt felt so good.

“You want this, don’t you?” he whispered into my ear as he began thrusting hard.

The feel of his hairy stomach and broad chest on my back was something I can’t even explain. I’d been waiting for this moment since I saw him walk out that gate, and having him fuck me felt like everything I went through to get here was so fucking worth it.

He fucked me with military precision and all I could do was moan and cry tears of joy. I came twice while wanking myself. It was that good. He stayed for almost an hour (if not more) before he came. As he was roller-coastered to his orgasm, he bit my shoulder hard, groaning in ecstasy as he spasmed behind me.

Immediately he came, he fell next to me on the floor, covering his face with one hand while still softly cussing. He looked at me, chuckled and held a hand to me, pulling me into a very intimate spooning.

“This is nice,” he said as he kissed me lightly on the shoulder. “And you… Are… Amazing.” He said each word in between kisses.

“Yeah, I know,” I said.

We both laughed.

“So me, I no try or wetin?” he joked. “As you dey scream and shout like mad person so. I just thank God say the walls dey sound proof.”

“Abeg hope say camera no dey o.”

“Nah. Shit hasn’t worked in years, not in the offices at least.”

“Okay.” I snuggled deeper into him. This felt nice, the silence that lingered between our embrace. I wanted this to last for eternity. It felt right.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked ahead at a seemingly antique wall clock –

That showed that the time was 5:10!


Work would be closing in the next 50 minutes!!!

Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I was cussing internally as I jumped up out of his arms. Even in my state of mild panic, abandoning the warmth of his arms made me feel like a part of me had died.

“What the – What’s the rush now?” He was wearing a worried and slightly unhappy look on his face as he watched me dash about, gathering and pulling on my clothes. “Where are you going so soon?”

“I’m so dead. I’m late and they will soon close the office. I need to leave like ten minutes ago. I’m so, so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to leave like this.”

“But you’re leaving anyway.” Disappointment coloured his voice.

I felt my heart constrict with a pain I didn’t expect.

“Come on, Musa. You know very well that I want to stay here with you. But I’ve got to get back –”

“It’s fine,” he cut me off and got up to fetch his clothes. “I get it. You have to go to work to finish up things. It’s fine. I get it. Besides it’s getting late sef, and unless you plan on staying through the night –”

“Which I don’t,” I said.

“Then it’s cool,” he finished. “I’ll see you off to the gate then.”

“Thanks for understanding,” I said.

“Nah… No Biggie.”

I couldn’t help but feel like the magic of just moments earlier had disappeared. Where once was warmth and cuddles, there was now distance and polite understanding. Even though he tried not to show it, I could make out his disappointment. He was sulking hard and I was feeling worse for it.

The drive back to the gate was silent, filled with both of us occasionally glancing at each other, a few finger touches and interlocking, and some shared smiles. It was adorable and pathetic really.

“So, will I see you again?” he said when we were outside the gate.

“Well, that depends. Shebi you said you’re leaving Jos. Where did you even come here from?”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you? I’m based at Taraba.”

“Ah, that far place. You soldiers sha, una dey waka finally o.”

“You don see am na. Na we dey protect una.”

I laughed. He chuckled and lightly punched my shoulder.

“I need to go now sha,” I said. “Thank you for everything. When next you come back to Jos, don’t hesitate to call me, alright?” I was now smiling sadly.

“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely keep in touch. Oh, and here’s something for your troubles.” He handed me a small wad of cash I would later count to know to be eight thousand naira. “I know you said you don’t accept money for sex, but this is not it. This is me saying thank you for spending time with me and I look forward to having you around again.”

“Musa, haba, you don’t have to really.”

“I’m serious. Take it, please. It wouldn’t sit well with me, especially since you came under the rain from Jos to see me.”

We both laughed at that.

I pocketed the money and we exchanged another lingering look, before I turned and got on a bus that’d take me to Gada biu.

“We’ll keep texting, yeah?” he said.

“Definitely,” I said. “Safe journey back to Taraba.”

“Yeah. You too, take care.”

The driver ignited the engine and for a few moments, I was preoccupied with his readiness to get us on the road. Then I turned one last time to wave goodbye to Musa. But he wasn’t there.

He must’ve gone back inside, I thought, and settled into my seat with earphones plugged in.

The driver moved all the way at warp speed back to Jos city, almost as if he was being chased by evil spirits – which was perfectly fine by me.

And so, here I am, folks, months later, telling the story of Musa, the soldier.

Yes, we still talk.

And no, we haven’t seen each other since that afternoon.

And yes, he came to Jos once after that day and called me up. But work was being a bitch that day.

Anyway, this has been a fun recollection, but I have to stop now because I’ve got a night vigil later. Love you guys and I’ll see you in the next one.

Written by Danté

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  1. Manuel
    November 21, 07:33 Reply

    Yinmu!😋😋 This was interesting..
    Chei! Wu will open car door for me🥺,
    Wu will put arm on my shoulder 🥺
    Wu will flex pecs at me🥺
    Whose son will I command laidit🥺
    Ahh! Whu wee comman pick me with escort😭😭
    Laslas Life no balance😥

    But Dante you sha haff mind O! Person like me don wash hand comot from anything wey concern Uniform and barrack forever 😏 be careful no be curse abeg! But after reading this, I want me a soldier like Musa without the sex biko (nobody shuld comman destroy this 4 years and still counting virginity I’ve been keeping for my future white husband)

    All in all sha, you good!

    Biko Andrew if you’re reading this, pls ask PP for my contact, abi I should post it here ni? been a year already. I’m missing you! Pls read this.

    • Lol
      November 21, 17:46 Reply

      Are you a student of uniport? My name is Andrew,trying to ascertain if you are the manuel I know

      • Manuel
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        Yea. Hope you’re my Andrew O.

      • Manuel
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        Yes. Are you my Andrew? 🥺🥺

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          I am not a wizard Lol,I did lose my phone last year and the manuel I know is from warri I think

          • Manuel
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            you think? Andrew I’ll break your head!

            Do you know how many times I have dialled your number to no avail since last year?

            You are a wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lopez
    November 21, 08:07 Reply

    Even if this was fiction it doesn’t sound plausible. Nice writing 👌 sha

    • Realme
      November 21, 08:13 Reply

      Gurl bye….
      Y’all should try & enjoy beautiful stories without rolling your eyes for once…..jezzzz
      If na homosexual is dying & kitoed … I’m so sure u accept the narrative without looking back.

      • Lopez
        November 21, 08:32 Reply

        “If na homosexual is dying & kitoed” what exactly do you mean here? Do I sound like some sadist to you or what?
        Enjoy or not, this story is not plausible and I’m sure it’s not only me that See’s it. If you’re shallow enough to think this can really happen good for you but don’t tell me what I can accept and you’re even sure of it.

        • Julian_woodhouse
          November 21, 11:06 Reply

          Looks very plausible to me…. But I get what you’re saying though….. People make judgements based on their own life experiences…. Live a little, take more and light💜💜

    • Delle
      November 21, 11:49 Reply

      How does this story not sound plausible, please? What about it screams inauthentic? Y’all just come on to discredit people’s experiences because you’ll never have the guts to let that happen to you (which is fine and valid but pathetic when it makes you a sour bitch).


      • Lopez
        November 21, 21:56 Reply

        You lack manners, it is apparent.

    • slender
      November 21, 14:35 Reply

      You are right, i have doubt too.

  3. Realme
    November 21, 08:08 Reply

    Y’all should please try & meet up again!
    I wan my own Commander in Chief oooooo

  4. Ben
    November 21, 08:22 Reply

    Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoyed your story.
    Hope you guys will meet again!

  5. Ben
    November 21, 08:35 Reply

    Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed your story.
    Hope you guys will meet again!

  6. Eric
    November 21, 08:50 Reply

    Not me having a boner while reading this…. not me. 😩

    Where the soldiers at??

  7. Franky
    November 21, 09:31 Reply

    If you had a boner while reading this, gather around here, we all need to have some serious deliverance..😅😅😅😅😅😅

  8. quietstorm
    November 21, 09:42 Reply

    this is beautiful, but dante,courage like yours should be studied in schools,lol, if na me, i for don chicken out even before i got to the barracks. this reminded me of a time i met a soldier man like that on facebook, even though it took about three months getting used to him and being comfortable with the idea of finally meeting him, i was sacred shitless. the day i went to see him at his place, i had already made the trip as far as down to his street, i was on a bike when i called to inform him i was already in his area,when the call was picked,it wasnt his voice at the end of the line, the person that answered said the owner was bathing, i didnt need to hear more,my fear overtook me, i told the bikeman to turn back and take me home. but after everything sha, he apologised and i got to find out he was very true and real, we got to hang out several days later, and speaking from my experience, i must say,soldier men are one of the most wonderful lovers to have.

  9. Delle
    November 21, 11:46 Reply

    Well that sure ended well

    Why am I a bit disconcerted about the camera thing? Well, he’ll be indicted too, no?

    Good story. And you’re quite brave. This cannot happen to me cos I ain’t going to no barracks. Ever! 💅

  10. Danté
    November 21, 13:33 Reply

    OMG, PP you’re good abeg… The editorial work on this is amazing😘. Lopez I see you discredit the events, that’s your prerogative anyway.

    I love this blog so much, it’s taught me a lot of things from understanding myself and events around me to avoiding kito scum and generally how to relate to the world as a (still closeted though) gay man. Hope to become a contributor to this blog so stay tuned you guys😉

    • Lopez
      November 21, 22:03 Reply

      A visiting officer for whatever reason, have access to an office so private during working hours to have that kind of hot sex, even reaching behind the couch for a lubricant… Haba Dante

      • chubbylover
        November 22, 08:33 Reply

        Uncle kilode. Shii happens in strange places trust me.

    • Pink Panther
      November 22, 08:17 Reply

      We’ll be expecting more of your stories, Dante. Thanks for this. 🙂

    • Bliss
      November 22, 16:44 Reply

      Danté seriously, yhu get nerve, i can’t even see anyone anymore not that i have friends sef.. And this Grindr is mostly full of shit.
      Biko where is my uniform MAN, i need to fall inside someones’ arm jare.. 😇

  11. Kings
    November 21, 22:03 Reply

    Thanks for posting the rest of the story. I really enjoyed it.

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    November 22, 19:44 Reply

    why don’t I have this kind of fun? I love this. every bit of it.

    • Bliss
      November 22, 20:50 Reply

      Yhu gather courage like Dante

  13. Hausdorff Space El
    November 22, 20:41 Reply

    I had to wait till the end to confirm my suspicions about knowing the identity of the army man in this story. In order to preserve the anonymity of the characters, Dante, can we talk some more via mail?

  14. Larry
    November 28, 16:42 Reply

    When am I going to find my own uniform man?

  15. Michael
    May 01, 18:24 Reply

    I can’t believe that the fabulous dude I met and became friends with last December is Danté. Today, we both discovered we have written something for KD. Me – The boys from the village – and him – commander-in-chief.

    Well, this morning, I got the unedited face-to-face version of this story. Looooord! I’ve been screaming.

  16. Tyvosky
    September 30, 19:15 Reply

    One of my amazing read so far on the platform.

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