What ‘Dear Abby’ Had To Say To Mom Of Maybe-Gay Teenager

What ‘Dear Abby’ Had To Say To Mom Of Maybe-Gay Teenager

dearabby-360x6321This isn’t the first time Dear Abby has shown her sufficiency in handling LGTB issues in her advice column, but the simple logic she used recently to a mother of a maybe-gay teen is worth sharing.

“Modern Mom In Maryland” wrote:

‘Dear Abby,

‘My 17-year-old son told me he has finally had his first kiss, and it was with another boy. I’m not sure what to think.

‘When he was in the eighth grade, he had a crush on a girl named “Lisa.” She rejected him because she had a girlfriend. Then he dated a girl, “Annie,” but it didn’t last because he said he felt only friendship for her. Then he became friends with this boy “Joey” in high school, who spent the night several times. He told me from the start this boy was gay (this is the boy he kissed). Now Joey has a girlfriend.

‘To say the least, I’m confused. I know that in this generation, everything is acceptable. I have no problem if my son is gay, and I will love him no matter what, but I honestly think he is just confused. (He says this, too.) Is there anything I can do to help him through this?

— Modern Mom In Maryland’

Abby’s response is brief but succinct:

‘Yes. Tell your son you love him and all you want is for him to be happy. Then let him figure this out for himself. Trust me, he will. Things will be clearer in the future.’

Here’s how it appeared in the paper:Screen-Shot-2015-03-11-at-8.42.51-AM-626x670

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  1. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    March 18, 06:14 Reply


    At least the boy is sharing with his mom every step of the way… good thing!

  2. Peak
    March 18, 08:31 Reply

    Things mosdef gets clearer in the future

    • . Pete
      March 18, 10:45 Reply

      If this was on a Nigerian newspaper, what will be the response assuming it gets published?

      • Ace
        March 18, 15:13 Reply

        Pray for your son, he is confused. He may be sexually unstable.

  3. Ruby
    March 18, 08:53 Reply

    Perfect response. In time things will get clearer and its great that he’s taking his mum every step of the way.

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