Grindr Is Back … And Most Gay Nigerians Are Over It

Grindr Is Back … And Most Gay Nigerians Are Over It

So, contrary to what some panicked gay Nigerians began running with after Grindr went offline a few days ago, this was not the making of the Nigerian government. After several emails from LGBT activists behind the scenes, the good people at Grindr were able to confirm that it was a glitch that they were working on.

And work on it, they did. For yesterday, Grindr came back online.

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Welcome back, Grindr. We've missed you.

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However, in addition to the wave of panic that blew across the gay community in the period the dating app was offline was also the satisfaction from some people who opined that the app should be well and truly gone. Grindr is a well known means through which the Nigerian gay community has often been targeted by antigay groups and kito perpetrators, both civilians and the police. And most people felt that the app going away would mean these criminals would have little or no access to hurting the community.

And it is evident from a poll we conducted on Twitter that the people who feel this way are a majority.

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  1. Mandy
    July 16, 13:24 Reply

    Some of this 76% are on Grindr, low-key looking for hookup. Gay men be acting like they’re better than Grindr, but turn your back and they’re quickly installing the app for a quick shag. 🙄🙄

  2. Earl
    July 16, 22:11 Reply

    lol… hypocrisy at its best

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