The Proposal: I Am A Gay Man Who Really, REALLY Needs A Marital Arrangement With A Lesbian

The Proposal: I Am A Gay Man Who Really, REALLY Needs A Marital Arrangement With A Lesbian

I am a gay man, based in Lagos, aged 26, an only son and from a religious family.

My parents have been on my case since I was 24 to get married. The heat turned up when I turned 25 and that pressure has been mounting onward till I turned 26, with an almost weekly call leading to the marriage topic.

So I was wondering – no, HOPING, PRAYING for any Lesbian or Bisexual woman, 25 – 28 years of age, who is looking for someone to get into a marriage of convenience with.

I don’t have high maintenance requirements for this arrangement to work. I just need someone who understands that we are in this together, who has my back as I intend to have theirs, who strives with me to present to the society a picture of us being a lovely, in love and happy couple (acting those roles should be fun, lol) – while we go about our own personal business of course, bearing in mind that what we do affects the other person.

What am I saying? I am looking for a friend and partner in crime (Not like loving who we love is a crime. Damn this country sha).

About children, I am a gay man, so I am open to means of having children that don’t involve sex. I suppose we will figure this out when we’re in it, but I will never demand you do something you do not want to do regarding the conception of children.

I promise it will be fun with me.

Please, if you are interested, kindly reach out to me through my email address:

Thank you in anticipation of your interest.

Submitted by Blue Fox

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  1. Seth
    March 18, 09:04 Reply

    And you’re only 26? Na wa o

  2. Petey
    March 18, 09:05 Reply

    Damn!!! You parents are vicious, you are just 26 and they want to chock you up with marriage. Goodluck to finding your partner of convenience.

  3. Ken
    March 18, 09:41 Reply

    I will advice u not to pursue this any further. Like marriage (whether gay or straight Orr fake or real) is a contract, and u are negotiating your contract from a very weak point. Often (almost always) the weak party is bound to be shortchanged or worse, in the end. It hardly ever ends well. Again all women are the same, whether gay or straight. If she don’t love u, u are doomed. Except u are like dangote (in terms of wealth) than can keep her occupied jetting around the world shopping till your bank account cries for help. Even then she will not be satisfied (especially in this time of corona). Or the other scenario is if she is more desperate than u to marry, but this will likely also end in disaster (especially wen kids are involved).

    In my opinion (I stand corrected) gay men have two options either lie to ur parents (and bite the bullet to marry a woman ) or tell them the truth and hope for the best. Tho in your case you will most likely have to fight a huge battle if u come out. Battle which at some point u might even be wondering if it was all worth it in the first place.

    • OB
      June 10, 20:01 Reply

      I’m just wondering what kind of women you’ve been meeting in this life…
      I suggest you set higher standards for allowing women into your life…

  4. Mitch
    March 18, 09:52 Reply

    Blue Fox, I wish you only the best. I wish you weren’t going through this. Or, even if you had to go through this, that you have the strength to take your stand on what you want, regardless of whose ass gets gored.

    I hope you find some semblance of happiness with this arrangement. And that shit works out well for you.

  5. Smart
    March 18, 10:56 Reply

    Im in d same shoes, a lesbian, 25 and my family won’t let d marriage talk rest but im pretty scared wen it comes to marriage of connvience.

    • Pink Panther
      March 18, 11:01 Reply

      At least reach out to Blue Fox and you two should talk. With the right conditions, a marriage of convenience can be the best idea in a situation like yours.

    • Rudy
      March 18, 18:04 Reply

      Smart dear, just give it a go and speak with BlueFox. This could be a saving grace for you two as sad as it might seem(the fact that you both could not live your true lives in the open), however at least you and Bluefox both wouldn’t be lying to yourselves as you both know who you really are and could still pursue your true identities.
      I for one will be more scared to be in a marriage with a straight woman than with a lesbian.
      So just get in touch with him and you guys could talk openly about all your expectations, fears and future.
      Good luck to you both!

    • tollintin
      March 27, 12:17 Reply

      Am interested in a relationship with you and am right for marriage.Age 31yrs

  6. Mafiaso
    March 18, 12:50 Reply

    Blue Fox should liaise with Smart and leverage on this opportunity. I wish had this, at least I would have known exactly what I am working with. You can start off as friends and take it from there.

  7. Jack
    April 02, 21:35 Reply

    Am in same shoes with bule fox, but am a bit older in age 33, pls any interested person can reach out to me.

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