KITO ALERT: There Is A Kito Gang Operating In The East, Mostly Aba

KITO ALERT: There Is A Kito Gang Operating In The East, Mostly Aba

For awhile, I have been getting reports with sparing information of some kito scum who operate majorly in Aba. With the exception of a few, some of the information were not verifiable. So I could not post them.

Then, after the last kito alert which exposed the scum named Onwere Bright Osinachi, someone (a former victim) stepped forward with information that linked him to both past exposed kito scum and some of those whose reports were pending.

And from this guy’s account, it would seem as though this is an organisation of sorts, a criminal organisation of young (homosexual) men who make a living off the targeting and victimization of members of the community. Their Facebook accounts are filled with flashy pictures that they can afford from the pain they have caused hapless gay men.

Apart from Onwere Bright Osinachi, there are also these others named Precious (Itz Presh Kesh on Facebook), Chiaza Mbaraonye (Itz Nazy on Facebook), and Chizzy Victory (on Facebook with the same name).

There are of course others, and chief among them is a guy who has been marked as a notorious kito criminal in Aba, also previously exposed here and named Prince Onyedikachi Uche.

Basically, this organisation relies on the attractive looks of their front men and the reckless konji that characterizes most gay men in other to entrap their victims. Hopefully, this expose will make our community more aware and more alert to the dangers of hooking up in certain metropolitan areas in Nigeria.

Below is what the former victim had to say:

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To graduate from Unilag no be beans, something I’m sure those of you who attended the school already know. After four years and one extra year, my department was still


  1. ChubbyLover
    March 18, 07:17 Reply

    People get unique spec Sha……if not what is remotely attractive in these scums?
    An FB account with 5000 is almost a no for me.
    In Badoo, responding to my msg without checking my profile automatically ends the chat…..if you like look the part,”see you later”!
    I’m glad that after seeing my profile, they most certainly will back off….cos fools are gladly suffered here.

  2. Chuks
    March 18, 07:41 Reply

    Stay away from kids, they don’t help at all.
    They are hungry set of people.
    Please let us be very careful OK.
    God in heaven will help us all Amen.

    • Cedar
      March 19, 00:40 Reply


      This here, is word. They just don’t have anything good for you. Just a bunch of hungry pricks looking for easy meal tickets.

  3. Ola
    March 18, 08:24 Reply

    This is beyond being perplexed. I was just ha-ing! This is truly Egungun becareful for us as a community. But why are most of these Kito guys always Igbo? And the funny part of it is that most of them looked alike… The haircut and blah. And yes, I don’t find any of these guys attractive at all.

  4. Seth
    March 18, 09:03 Reply

    The nerve of these pond scum attempting to still have sex with their victims. Like how fucked up in the head do you have to be to hold someone hostage and then still feel entitled to their bodies?

  5. Higwe
    March 18, 09:20 Reply

    What in the name of fuckery did I just read ?

    800k ! ?

    My parents will tell you to kill me and bring back my body so they’ll use less than that to bury me .????

    Do they use AK47 … cos I can’t imagine being held hostage by these tiny little tots.
    I go beat all of them , beat their boss join.

    Wetin Corona no go see for Wuhan ? ?

    And what ostentatious lifestyle are they showing sef ?

    These cheap clothes they’re putting abi posing at a fast food ? ??

    Can you imagine selling one’s future and destiny for 1k and 5k. … tufiakwa.

    On a serious note though , there were too many slips and errors in this unintelligently planned operation …which means they’re only banking on the fact that you won’t pursue justice because you’re gay … which to me is pure horseshit.

    Your parents seem like they’re reasonably well off and you have too many details that could nail these rapscallions …which leaves me flummoxed as to why you aren’t pushing to get justice ?

    Yeah , we are going to abuse them here …the reasonable ones will take heed and avoid hooking up with them , butiii , your 800k is gone for good.

    Are you even aware that 800k can buy two good lands in some villages ?
    A land you got for 500k can appreciate to 5 million in 5 years .

    You really want to leave such a huge amount of money at the hands of these skullduggerous anathemas ? ??‍♂️

    Nigga get to work nah , I’m even vexing on your behalf .
    Such money in this economy …nawa o ?.

    • Pink Panther
      March 18, 09:25 Reply

      “On a serious note though , there were too many slips and errors in this unintelligently planned operation …which means they’re only banking on the fact that you won’t pursue justice because you’re gay…”

      THIS EXACTLY!!! The success of these kito operations relies heavily on the fact that they know their victims are too afraid to pursue any form of justice and that our community does not have the law on our side.

      • Gad
        March 22, 12:20 Reply

        The law might not be on our side though that’s contestable but the law is not on the side of these criminals either. I’m sure that holding someone against his will,blackmailing ,stealing from a gay man are not punishments given to individuals to execute on behalf of the state against gays.
        I kept saying that one way to dislodge kito criminals is resistance and non compliance no matter what.

  6. Mitch
    March 18, 09:48 Reply

    The major reason why these animals do these things with impunity is because they know the law is not on our side. So, they can get away with just about anything.

    Heck, a gay man was murdered and the media is already downplaying the incident, making it look like justifiable homicide.

    It’s sad to say, but the kito menace isn’t going anywhere yet. Not until we learn to start protecting ourselves, to be as vicious towards these beasts as they are towards us. Either that, or we sit down and fold our hands and hope for the laws to change in our favour.

    Honestly, this entire shit is just tiring!

  7. ken
    March 18, 16:09 Reply

    i think the only way this will stop is if members of lgbt community start staking out these foolish scum and ending them, permanently.

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