Dear KD: I Really Need Your Help

Dear KD: I Really Need Your Help

Hello guys, after much communication with Pink Panther, I feel compelled to bring my plea here for your consideration.

My name is Shode and I am a corper, currently serving in Lagos. I got admission into a film school owned by Mo Abudu here in Lagos; it’s called Ebonylife Creative Academy and it is located in the heart of Victoria Island.

Filmmaking is what I’ve always wanted to do as a child. It’s been my dream, my first love, my happiness. I live for it. I adore it. And I absolutely love filmmaking with my whole heart. The course is for 11 weeks and I have done 7 weeks already. I live in the Ojo area of Lagos, in Ojo military barracks to be precise. The commute from my place to Victoria Island costs nothing less than 2000 naira each day. And this doesn’t take into account my feeding. Some days, I go a day at school without feeding, and still I’ve had to spend all of my savings from my allawee and sometimes even borrowed ahead of my allawee getting paid, so I can afford the transport fare to school.

It’s been hard for me. I have communicated proof of my booking on shuttle buses to Pinky. I’m at breaking point, and that is why I am making this plea.

I still have four weeks left before graduation. Basically, I spend 10 thousand naira per week on my transport. And so, for the remaining four weeks, I desperately need 40 thousand naira.

Guys, please, I need your help. I see how this community has come to the aid of members who have asked for help in the past, and I beg for me not to be cast aside.

If anyone is kind-hearted enough to want to help, you may kindly send whatever you can to:

Shode Omotayo

Account Information: Wema Bank, 0253251901

Thank you.

Submitted by Shode

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  1. Houston Scholar
    August 26, 19:41 Reply

    Dear Shode,

    Congratulations on your admission to the Ebonylife Creative Academy. May all your dreams and aspirations come to fruition. May you continue to find support systems that will keep you fired up in pursuing your dreams. I have forwarded my support to your account.

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