Dear KD: I Want An Older Woman To Love

Dear KD: I Want An Older Woman To Love

So yeah, from the caption, it is obvious I’m a girl. I’ve this weird craving to be with older women ever since I dated a married woman a while ago. She was a very beautiful woman, and I swear, it didn’t seem like she’d had kids; her body was that good. The sex was really good and she was a generous lover. I’m twenty-four and she always treated me like I was this delicate thing she had to take care of.

We broke up after she started becoming over-protective. I wanted to have a boyfriend in order to ward off talk that was starting to arise about my sexuality, and she wasn’t going to have that. So we ended our relationship. I’ve been so sad since we broke up, and I’ve been having a hard time finding someone else like her.

And I do want to find someone like her. I reside in Lagos and this yearning for older women just won’t go away. So yeah, I’m here asking to be hooked up with an older woman in need of a discrete lesbian relationship. Just don’t be married please.

Any interested parties should please reach out to me via email –

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  1. Mandy
    December 08, 09:06 Reply

    Did you try having a talk with your ex before breaking up with her? Letting her understand the boundaries you two have to respect in your relationship?

  2. KingB
    December 08, 10:37 Reply

    I’m 24 too, never dated before and sometimes I pray the first person I date should be an older guy. Probably someone in his mid 30s.I feel they’ll be more understanding, more experienced in bed and may not have the time to gallivant with other guys as they would be sure of what they want. Also, I thought Pinky doesn’t post hook up details?? I’ve been reading this blog for over two years now so why the marginalization?????

    • Delle
      December 08, 16:51 Reply

      King B, why not construct an update just like this one, giving even more cogent reasons, and see if it won’t be put up on here?

      Don’t go screaming marginalization when you haven’t made any efforts ?.

    • Francis
      December 08, 18:37 Reply


      I dey pity you. Leave age matter aside and pray you find a decent human being to give you what you want. Enough useless old but immature as fuck people out there. Be-fucking-ware!

    • FJ
      December 08, 22:29 Reply

      Apply here, darling

    • trystham
      December 08, 23:15 Reply

      You say??? The older ones have only just started to display their wares of promiscuity. You’d be shocked. One would assume maturity…u better wake up

  3. Delle
    December 08, 12:32 Reply

    I’ll also be pissed should you say you want a boyfriend while we are dating.

    I hope you have grown out of this need to conform to society before you start seeking someone’s love.

    • Dunder
      December 08, 15:33 Reply

      In fact, thank you. The sister is looking for Aunty that is not married but did not explicitly state that she wont be seeking a human mask when mouths around start doing what they were made to do. This road can only lead down to the Boulevard of broken dreams or even worse.

    • Francis
      December 08, 18:35 Reply

      Why would you be pissed? You’re married for fuck sake. You have your cover. She wants her own cover noni ??‍♂️??‍♂️

      • Delle
        December 09, 19:42 Reply

        Since when do two wrongs make an outstanding right?

        Besides, she said ‘older woman’, wasn’t specific about her being married. My advice was mostly so she doesn’t do the same to someone who is comfortable enough to shun the needs of society by remaining single even at an advanced age.

  4. Eddie
    December 08, 20:31 Reply

    * claps hands with glee*…. Is this the part where we all post our own ads? Me sef I want my own space on the KDlist o lol

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