Dear KD: The Husband Is Giving Me The Greenlight

Dear KD: The Husband Is Giving Me The Greenlight

So, I am friends with this couple, closer to the wife though. But just this year, after working with the both of them, I became just a bit more comfortable with her husband.

One day, he dropped me off, and in my usual happy-go-lucky self, I said, “Bye, baby” to him as I alighted from his car. To which he responded, “Bye, lover.”

I didn’t think anything of this, because the man is a very playful person himself.

His birthday soon came around and I sent him a happy birthday wish, to which he responded warmly.

And then a few days ago, he updated his WhatsApp status with “I Love You.” Just that. Feeling playful, I responded to the update with love emojis. And he replied with: “If I catch you eh. Where are you sef?”

I replied: “I am at home, on my bed, naked and pressing my phone.”

And he typed back: “Where is home? You need some wiping.”

In a few short messages, the conversation suddenly took an unexpected turn of flirtation and intended hooking up. I really didn’t see that coming.

And before I knew it, he was ending the chatversation with: “I am excitedly looking forward to the hookup.”

I am still in shock, still in awe, like: Somebody, please pinch me!’

I really want to see how this plays out. I think I want to fuck him too. But then again, when I think of his wife, I find myself struggling with my turn-on.

He couldn’t make it for the hookup because of a sudden appointment he had to attend to. So, we are still in the period where I’m considering whether to do or not to do.

My people, please, I need advice on what path to take.

Submitted by Cuddle Cake

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  1. Fernandeziels
    October 31, 07:37 Reply

    The reason why the hookup didn’t hold the first time is enough reason why it shouldn’t happen…

    • Malik
      November 01, 10:11 Reply

      RT. Listen to the universe and to basic, moral commonsense. Or else it will end in tears.

  2. Delle
    October 31, 07:38 Reply

    *inserts hiss*

    I really don’t get this. You obviously came on to him and now he has responded in kind (very likely a queer man. I mean, we have a lot of them now in heterosexual marriages), and you’re suddenly wanting to act all I-did-not-think-it-will-be-like-this…

    He’s not giving Greenlight! You threw yourself at someone’s husband and he has reacted. When you were doing that, your conscience was obviously was on a holiday. His wife did not matter. Now she suddenly does?

    • Lorde
      October 31, 08:08 Reply

      Like!!!!! I was just reading this and all I got was that you threw yourself at this man…. don’t act all innocent now…. own your hoeism… chest it..

      October 31, 08:36 Reply

      You Shaa don’t have time to mince words.
      The “hiss” part killed me

  3. Nimdee
    October 31, 07:50 Reply

    Interesting do feed us back on how the thing unfolds

  4. Blair
    October 31, 07:51 Reply

    What is wrong is wrong even when everyone is doing it.. what’s right is right even if no one’s doing it..

    That’s someone husband and a family you have a good loving relationship with..

    Dive into this temptation and I tell you it will never end well.. there are 8 to 9 Billion people in the world to call your own and be happy

    Let’s not go looking for happiness where sadness, pain, bitterness and betrayal is lurking behind it..

  5. Omiete
    October 31, 08:01 Reply

    First of all I don’t like adultery at all but I don’t judge however this is your friends husband and I think you shouldn’t go that route. If it was anybody nothing would have happened but this is your friend and it will get messy. So I suggest you don’t get involved with him, I have a feeling sef that if you wank you will not feel like seeing him again.

  6. BlackPope
    October 31, 08:14 Reply

    What goes around comes around… Karma is a bitch!!! ✌️

    • Pink Panther
      October 31, 09:02 Reply

      LOL. Just out of curiosity, how would karma pay him back for sleeping with a woman’s husband who is consenting?

      • julian_woodhouse
        October 31, 10:38 Reply

        it’s his FRIEND’s husband. “closer to the wife though”. Granted, if he doesn’t fuck him, someone else probably will but is that a reason to run over your friend. It’s analogous to the US funding Saudi Arabia’s proxy war in Yemen on the basis that if they don’t , someone else will.

        • Higwe
          October 31, 11:17 Reply

          I wouldn’t let a real friend stay married to a closeted man …just saying .

          BTW ….are you the fashion designer guy – Kirill’s partner ?

          • Damilola
            October 31, 14:02 Reply

            Oh really? What will you if he so decides to be married?

  7. Ethereal
    October 31, 08:19 Reply

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s a rather dicey situation here. For starters, you ve’ been acquaintanceswith the wife, which has budded in a somewhat close knit friendship. Secondly, you came strong @ the husband knowing fully well what you were gunning, & now he has settled into it, you ve’ gone all innocent like, well that’s definitely not a good omen & I would advise you not tyo tread that path of having anything with the husband. Then again, what do I know o???

    October 31, 08:51 Reply

    Personally, I wouldn’t. Friend, Friend’s husband or not. It goes against my personal principles. However I believe in a “live and let live” type of life.

    I won’t tell you to or not to cos from all indications, a part of me feels like you already know what you want to do. You seem interested. If you weren’t, you would have called it off by now.

    So, I’m just going to say that you should analyse all possible eventualities that can occur with this. If it’s a risk you are willing to take, then no p.

  9. Damilola
    October 31, 09:04 Reply

    This is just bollocks. You flirted with that man and he reciprocated as you maybe expected and now you’re trying to backtrack.

    Fuck him if you will.

    But it’s a bad idea in my opinion.

    Firstly, he’s married. Don’t be the tool for destroying a marriage even if the marriage shouldn’t be in the first place.

    Secondly, you’re friend to the family. Just imagine what could go wrong. Wife nabs y’all and tattle to the whole world including your mutual friends, work(you mentioned y’all worked together). GORY it would be!. You have as much to loose, mate

    The pros are literally 20 mins of pleasure. And let’s stretch it further and say “y’all fell in love and elope to Canada to start a life. Grew old and die together in 60 years”. Really girl?? ?

    Make your decision and stand by it. And when the consequences ensue, do well to take responsibility.

  10. Higwe
    October 31, 09:21 Reply

    The truth is that if he doesn’t fuck you , he’s still going to fuck one random dude or two or three ….

    He’s a closeted MGM ( very much careless by the way ) and he’s definitely going to stray – often .

    I’d say take the dick if you really want it.

    If it’s not you , it’s definitely going to be another .

    Think of it as doing your ” friend ” a favor ..

    You’re basically keeping it in the family .?


    In another news I finally got to see A.E naked , nakeeed ..

    Don’t ask me how , but nigga is endowed .

    I see why urinary tract infection couldn’t get over him ….I wouldn’t either .?

    • Pink Panther
      October 31, 09:35 Reply

      “keeping it in the family”…
      LMAO! When you put it like that.

    • Demi
      October 31, 11:43 Reply

      A.E as in Alex E of Nolly??? This is a very hot and sweet tea…

      • Higwe
        October 31, 13:12 Reply

        Very hot ??

        Apparently he sent it to a hook up .

        Also I’ve been able to get a list of our partial and full family members in the recently concluded BBN ?

        Identify with the Emojis .

        Goodluck .



        • Audrey
          October 31, 14:02 Reply

          When I once mentioned that Mr Towncrier was one of us a lot people came for my head and to those of you saying he’s small I have good news for you all…Dude is a GROWER.

          If that lousy old one likes he should bring the much sought revolution we clamour for in the community ion like him and I’d pass any day any time.

          For the remaining two I’d be needing a bit more clue but I think I seriously suspect one of them like that cos for him to be ‘TIGHT’ friends with this acquaintance of mine then there’s more to it that meets the eyes.

        • Zoar
          October 31, 18:28 Reply

          Very hot ??

          Apparently he sent it to a hook up .

          Also I’ve been able to get a list of our partial and full family members in the recently concluded BBN ?

          Identify with the Emojis .

          Goodluck .



          Higwe this your tea is really juicy oooo.
          Lemme guess the emojis and please I hope I won’t be having backlash here about how I’m exposing innocent people because I’m only GUESSING ooo

          ? This should be Fraud because that nigga kept crying me a river in that house.

          ?This should be the Stripper guy that sucks at dancing but feels himself anyway. He thinks he’s the sexiest man to have hit the earth surface too.

          ? This should be the one parading himself allover the place with the imposed/unmerited winner. I like him though when he’s not seeing anywhere around that girl because he has a charming Personality of himself but choose to be playing second fiddle with his supposed spouse. Anyway that’s his headache not mine.

          ✍️ Uuuuuuhhhhmmmmmm ?????. This one is really difficult to decipher.
          No clew except he’s hiding under the Shadow of ” I have a serious girlfriend”. People from the West are never decided on things. So this shouldn’t surprise me ( Apologies to our brothers from that region but the truth is always unpalatable)

          ?️ I won’t believe this particular one even if I confirm it myself. He’s too “straight” to be bent from my eyes. Anyways Warri can shout for the whole Africa and America combined. At some point it became really annoying.

          Na guess I dey ooooo. Make una no Stone me oooooo.

          • Higwe
            October 31, 20:23 Reply

            Pig represents fat ….??‍♂️

            My apologies to our brothers on the big side .

            There was no other fitting emoji .??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

        • Duc
          November 01, 07:07 Reply

          1 Fro
          2 Tuo
          3 Nel
          4 Joe
          5 Oma
          Where’s my prize??

    • Audrey
      October 31, 12:59 Reply

      Alex Ekubo is hung and that’s no longer news and as for Uti it was stupid of him to think that he could keep Alex all to himself cos even whilst they were together Uti himself wasn’t loyal(Take this info to the bank).

      There’s this Nollywood actor that his complains keeps coming left,right and centre as someone that is too rough in Za oza room and I even learnt that there are times he digs his fingers into ones skin(not intentional though) when Cumming especially when hitting it from behind but what irritates me is the fact that after sex dude most times begins to treat the other partner like thrash.Even heard how he’d tell you to be greatful that a Star like him came for your cakes..Tueeh!
      God is sha our STRENGTH.

      • Higwe
        October 31, 13:04 Reply

        Jeez !

        Audrey ….??‍♂️

      • Higwe
        October 31, 13:19 Reply

        Uti is a whore sha….?

        Dude let’s everything and everyone hit.


        Give me a code for this Nollywoood actor.

        Asaba based or Cinema?

        • Audrey
          October 31, 13:48 Reply

          Dude would have been the father of the children of a particular light skin pretty actress who presently has twins but the relationship went south and if that ain’t enough clue then I guess you heard of a particular actor that wanted to steal somebody’s company simply because he was used as a brand ambassador until the real owners called him out and since then I guess he UBERED and went underground.
          The lord is truly our STRENGHTH and I need not hit the GYM.#winks

          • Higwe
            October 31, 22:44 Reply

            Choi …uncle Jimmy .

            That one is no longer news nah .

            He even swindles his partners .

            Some even claimed his health is complicated too ….

            His once upon a time main rival even got his partner into his latest movie …. living in bondage 2 .??

  11. duc
    October 31, 09:36 Reply

    Your village people are playing your song. Go ahead and dance with wild abandon my idiot child..twirl..leap..roll..this was the reason for which you were born..

  12. Lyanna
    October 31, 09:38 Reply

    The hypocrisy of this! Disgusting to read.

  13. Mitch
    October 31, 09:44 Reply


    You really want to act all innocent and virginally wide-eyed right now?

    When you were going on with the flirtation, what did you think it’d result to? When you proceeded to plan q hook-up with him, did your innocent spirit go to visit someone?

    See ehn, you neither want nor need advice. You simply want a pat on the back and encouragement from us to go do what you want to do. Because you actually have made your decision.

    So, ditch the acting and do what you want to do. Because whether we advice you to do it or not, your mind is already made up.


  14. Zoar
    October 31, 10:07 Reply

    I’m even tempted to think they’ve already shagged.

    You know how people continue deluding themselves abouthow they ain’t fucking someone who they’re obviously digging.
    This write-up is just to have fun. They’re getting down already.

    Guys don’t sweat it……

    • Cuddlecake
      October 31, 17:33 Reply

      I beg to disagree with you.
      I no be that kind person.
      If I fuck person I go talk am as ibi.
      I no ever think say the guy go reason me.

  15. Black Dynasty
    October 31, 10:38 Reply

    Smh… you seduced the man and he’s now interested, the faux innocence isn’t fooling anyone.

    Life has given you a golden opportunity to back up after the first hook up didn’t happen…..if you proceed, be ready for the consequences to meet you sooner or later.

    How do you people do this though? Stab your friend in the back by going to sleep with their partner? What happens if she finds out? What if her reaction is to expose the two of you publicly, your news will now br carried by instablog9ja.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if this was a set up?

  16. PennyWise
    October 31, 11:00 Reply

    This is a clear case of seducation and playing innocent.
    But babe you no try shaaa.
    Nah your friend husband nah.
    If you had a serious relationship AMD someone you called hour friend slept with your man how would you feel.

  17. Cedar
    October 31, 12:05 Reply

    If there’s still an atom of sense left in you, I’d say jump this hole your village people are helping you dig for yourself.

    Trust me, you won’t be laughing when shit hits the fan

  18. Mandy
    October 31, 13:02 Reply

    But why is everyone in these comments acting like sleeping with married gay men is this big deal? All this “Ohmaigod, stay away otherwise something bad is going to happen” is almost laughable if I didn’t know the appeal MGMs hold for single gay guys in Nigeria. We fuck MGM all the time, Cuddlecake is just trying to do what the rest of us do. Or rather, looking for us to give him the permission to do it. Lol.

    Look, my dear Cuddlecake, go ahead and fuck your man. Because trust me, someone else is already fucking him. Karma doesn’t bother with single gays who fuck MGM. Oh no. Karma is more invested in the MGMs who step out on their wives to begin with.

    • Cuddlecake
      October 31, 17:56 Reply

      My dear Mandy. The thing Taya me o.
      Let me tell you guys a story.
      So I was seeing this guy before he got married.
      Just a week after his wedding he called me for a fuck. I remind this my bobo say him Don marry now say we no fit dey fuck again. Nothing wey I talk dey enter him ear o. Long story short we fuck for him office that day. I think that’s the most adventurous thing I have done since I started having sex. Fast forward to two weeks late we hooked up for another fuck, while I was giving him a head which I think a have a doctorate degree for he said to me just last week I was having sex with my wife and I mentioned your name.
      Immediately I made up my mind no cut him off and any other married man.
      But this MCM i didn’t see it coming as everthing still be like film for my eyes.
      On the flip side. I am not a drop dead gorgeous looking man. And I dey always pursue them with “no chop food wey too sweet ooo the taste no go komot for your mouth o.

  19. Audrey
    October 31, 13:26 Reply

    Something tells me that you’ve already given up your cakes which wouldn’t be surprising to me but I know I feel something about this whole thing and that’s sheer disappointment at your Betrayal on the CODE that comes with Friendship.

    Whatever the case be just be sure to send in your chronicles when this whole shit boomerang(As man no dey again for outside safe your friend’s husband).Continue giving us bad names oh (Infact I’m pissed and I think you need to be schooled).

    See eh prior to this time most ladies were indifferent about having gay besties but because of people like you who have proven to be more skilled in the art of HUSBAND SNATCHING than their fellow ladies which in most cases leaves the union a far cry from what it used to be,a lot of ladies have now joined in the homophobia and you my darling is giving them all the receipts they’d need in authenticating their claims.Shame on you and again I say SHAME on you!!!!

    • Pink Panther
      October 31, 14:19 Reply

      Lol. Audrey though. Really? It’s the fault of gay men that married women are homophobic? That reach goes all the way to the top of Everest, darling. If women aren’t hating their fellow women because of side chicks, then please don’t pin their homophobia on the gay men who sleep with married men. Just don’t. That’s in such poor taste. Homophobic people are to blame for their homophobia.

    • Cuddlecake
      October 31, 17:41 Reply

      Audrey sorry naa.
      Abeg no vex.
      For the records I have not slept with him.
      Biko tell me. How I wan take collect my friend husband?
      Make una look am well oooo. Na him 1st find my trouble o.

  20. Jinchuriki
    October 31, 13:33 Reply

    Mbok have sex with this Husband and get it over with. Let it be a one time thing though.
    If wifey knows you are gay already, don’t even try it!
    First of all, you shouldn’t try it at all, but you have put things in motion already, go through with it. Do not feel guilty afterwards.

  21. Black Coffee
    October 31, 14:28 Reply

    Errrm, this is family for crying out loud. You want to hoe a MGM? Please by all means go ahead but take it far away. When this kasala go burst you sha no go like am.

    Higwe, this tea you’re spilling ehn…e sha hot o. Audrey I sha carry nyash for you. ?

    • Audrey
      November 01, 19:51 Reply

      Abeg I dodge the nyash but I’d appreciate it if you are coming with a good d**k and make sure it’s HUGE.

      President Size Queens association of KD.

  22. Terra
    October 31, 16:09 Reply

    See ehn, if it was a random MGM from grindr, I’d say go for it. But this feels like inviting complication into your life. I’d say leave it. Or at the very least, if you’re going to sleep with him, make some ground rules very clear. Let it be just sex and end there

  23. Tristan
    October 31, 16:11 Reply

    You don’t even need advice. The sexual attraction between both of you is mutual so you guys should go ahead and shag and get it over with.

    • Cuddlecake
      October 31, 18:04 Reply

      I won’t even lie to you the sexual attraction is there o. You need to see his face filled with smiles of i can’t wait to fuck this boy the last time we video chat.

  24. Cuddlecake
    October 31, 18:23 Reply

    To those who said DO. thank you.
    To those who said DON’T DO. thank you.
    You all are beautiful. I have also learnt a thing or two. Thank you.
    But let me ask this rhetoric question.
    A married closeted man wey get sense. Asin him head correct or a Single young gay or Bisexual man wey no get sense, wey him head and prick no dey Sidon for one place.
    Wish wan you go shooz?
    The reason I am still since since 2016 na because say all the boys wey dey come or I don follow talk love and relationship matter no get any other thing to offer asides sex. I no dey talk of material things o, but of cos that one self dey impotanta.
    I am not the one to ruin a marriage either gay or straight, cos me self no go gree that kind thing.
    I get approached by married men a whole lot. I feel guilty cos they are married and some have children to. And I begin to ask myself biko dede why you go marry in the first place?
    I am a huge fan of healthy gay intimate relationship and I am proud to say I have never cheated on any of my Ex boyfriends even when I know they are cheating and they throw it to my face.
    So my people I am not a husband or boyfriend snatcher o.
    All I wanted was an advice which I have gotten. Una thank you once again.

    • Mike
      November 02, 17:47 Reply

      Hmm, you’re approached by married men alot, yet you had to go your way to seduce this one. Oga chill Jezebel spirit get class.

      How is getting approached by married men alot a good thing? Two lines sentence please.

      To a married man, you’re nothing to be taken seriously, an escape, a secret that would forever be hidden. Cause he’s going to go back to his real partner.
      Take it from someone who has a thing for older men, baba you deserve better. If you’ve got self worth, baba stop that shit, cause it ain’t nice na yourself you dey do.

      I have nothing against going for married men, just don’t get angelic about the evil your about committing. Been there was never close to the family duo, especially his wife, I was the computer guy, that installed software and refilled printer ink, only been to the house four times, been alone with the wife 2 outta those 4 times, we barely got beyond hello when the husband is not around.

      Here’s the thing, the guy fucking in the car, in the office, hotel, his house when wife travels or had to attend night vigil is me. But oga after all this one nigga will now tell, I don’t understand cause I’m younger, and I’m not married, or as I big reach, he’s in charge cause he’s older, he’s bi by the way, big and thick. he only appears when he wants something in his butt, after smashing pussy for along time,I get a message on WhatsApp “nigga where you at?.”.

      You’ll always come second, you’ll seem like you don’t have anything better to do, worst if he’s older than you, unless you’re doing it for favours.
      Nigga just walk away, it’s not worth it, being gay is hard enough.

  25. Sage Philip
    October 31, 18:55 Reply

    D aggressive guy in d oda room didnt also work out with the mbaise fair skin diva, cos they couldnt reach an agreement. Btw the lady playz for the oza team.

    dear higwe, dont be stingy with your tea. you promised to tell me who the DL Music superstar is befor you went on your bbnaija vacation and now youre dumping the bbnaija thingy on me.

    i know that one of the bald guy in the show is gay cos hes been hookin g up with a friend of mine in abj and from what my friend is saying the guy can ride you to oblivion.

    ALso the two guys that was later brought into the show.
    just dont be stingy with your tea, you can always share yours.

    • Audrey
      October 31, 20:54 Reply

      I’m not sure that we are talking about the same person cos no Mbaise or anything close to it in this gist.

      Higwe we get talk,serious talk.

      • Sage Philip
        October 31, 23:09 Reply

        The lady you are talking about is a ghanian actress
        btw d guy in the oza room dated miss Nwaturuocha daz another gist entirely.

        workout with miss nwaturuocha

  26. Kristo
    October 31, 20:34 Reply

    Elo..!!! God don’t know why my spider sense has been tingling ever since I set my eyes on him.

    Higwe, do continue the gist abeg


  27. Ebuka
    November 01, 00:06 Reply

    I say take. Take as much as you would and can. It is beside the point if you threw yourself at him or seduced him, all that’s nonsense. The point is, he was receptive and as such you did not force his desires. Take as much as you can because you’re not the one breaking the promises made at the altar that’s his problem not yours.

  28. Sheun
    November 02, 01:40 Reply

    The only way you won’t sleep with him is to cut off all ties with your friend and the husband and stay far away

  29. Jeancabrez
    November 02, 15:10 Reply

    This is sickening, there’s no greenlight here. You’re chasing the man, leave someone’s husband alone before she strips at midnight and lay curses on your head. Obuloso green light?

  30. Teddy
    November 05, 21:10 Reply

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this. It’s a safe space!

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