‘Presenting Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner.’ Denrele Edun Shocks The Internet With new Photos

‘Presenting Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner.’ Denrele Edun Shocks The Internet With new Photos

Eccentric TV personality, Denrele Edun, who is famous in Nigerian entertainment industry these days for his cross dressing style, shared photos of himself that has trended quickly on Nigerian social media.

Edun wore a pant with two shades of blue, over white high heeled strap sandals, striking sexy poses and flaunting knee length braids.Denrele

The 32-year-old, while posting the photos in one caption said:

“As I have been fondly tagged “Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner without transgender money” for months now…. I present to you; Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner with NO NEED for transgender surgery!”Denrele2

In another photo, Denrele captioned:

“You are reading a bold and universal headline which says, ‘I am here, I am here, I am here!”

In his words, he is his Woman Crush Wednesday.Denrele-Edun-shares-new-photos

Not all fans were amused by Denrele’s photos whose location read “Transgender sex-change center”. There was an instant backlash on the social media with various Hashtags like #PrayForDenrele, #StandAgainstDenrele and more. Check on the reactions below.tweet1tweet2tweet3tweet4tweet5tweet6tweet7tweet8tweet9

That last tweet though… lol

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  1. Santa Diaba
    September 17, 07:16 Reply

    Lmaooooo. Denrele looking FIERCE!!!
    Denrele is simply living his life. You people should leave him alone, ah.

    Although at one point, Denrele was insisting he wasn’t gay, and also said he was getting married to a WOMAN soon. I was like “who’s this one deceiving?”

    I’m just glad he’s being true to himself now.

    • Posh6666
      September 17, 10:39 Reply

      He has never denied being gay,he has repeatedly said it in interviews that he was a sexual outlaw!if u think about it he has clearly accepted his sexuality afterall gayism is outlawed in naija..There u have it

  2. ken
    September 17, 07:16 Reply

    Denrele ooo! Choi
    This guy shld pick a side already, cos am confused. One minute he’s out n fabulous, the next minute he’s planning his wedding engagement. Hian!

    Just hope he doesnt get into trouble soon sha

  3. Max
    September 17, 07:20 Reply

    ?????????. This dude knows how to capture people’s attention.

    • ken
      September 17, 07:24 Reply

      *the “wrong” attention, u mean.
      Its great to live life wild n free. But theres always a cost, especially when u still intend to live in black Africa. Just look at the comments that followed……

      • Max
        September 17, 07:45 Reply

        Well, yeah. Some people like denrele believe in attention, whether its positive or negative.

        • Mandy
          September 17, 07:48 Reply

          Besides, in show business, there’s really nothing like bad/wrong publicity/attention…

          Oh wait! Yul Edochie would beg to differ. lol

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    September 17, 07:23 Reply

    Dude just wants to trend which he did get!

    I’m not overly impressed when it’s just theatrics and you still stay away from the gay discourse!

    • Pink Panther
      September 17, 07:25 Reply

      I’m totally with you there, DM.
      When you’re doing this for show and not really getting involved in the conversation, then it does nothing for me.

    • Santa Diaba
      September 17, 08:28 Reply

      Yes, true. It’s just noise. The real LGBTQ issues aren’t being addressed, and he probably won’t ever address them.
      I still sense a kind of fear in him. Tomorrow he can always say “it’s all a stunt”, but if he should step out of himself to actually tackle LGBTQ issues there’d be no way to avoid the backlash. THAT is Denrele’s fear.

    • ken
      September 17, 08:31 Reply

      Thats easy to say from the safety of your laptop screen. Not so easy when 14yrs imprisonment is being brandished in front of u.

      But u are right, somehow we have to start engaging the public in the sexuality discourse. Perhaps this is Denrele’s way of saying its ok to be “different”

    • james bruno
      September 17, 09:01 Reply

      baby steps. he’s already doing more than other local gay celebrities (or us common folk) would ever do.

  5. Wiffey
    September 17, 07:29 Reply

    I swear that last tweet was everything ???????

  6. Mandy
    September 17, 07:41 Reply

    That second tweet too…the one where the tweep is comparing reactions to Denrele and Caitlyn Jenner. Well, its simple really. Denrele is clearly doing this for show, to rile Nigerians. Caitlyn Jenner actually CAME OUT. So pardon some people for lashing out at him. Granted, if he decided to come out as transgender or something tomorrow, there’d still be backlash. But then there’d also be people who would commiserate and applaud him for bravery. This just doesn’t compare with the Caitlyn Jenner situation abeg.

  7. Jamie
    September 17, 08:00 Reply

    LOL… ”Denrele can steal yo man”… Yes, he can!!

  8. ZANA
    September 17, 08:08 Reply

    Oh my Denny, Oh Denny, how brave thou art. How bold you look, and how smart you are to get such an attention without trying so hard. Just a few theatrics- high heels, long braids, tight pants, colourful make-up, and a mopstick for a microphone. Dildo would have been better. Or better still, Charly Boy’s dick.

    Nevertheless, you got the attention. Whether they like it or not, you must trend and we’d applaud you. But who would be there when homophobes would come sniffing up your ass, trying to get a chance to lynch you. Oh my Denny. Receive sense. I love you though, but this is Nigeria. Effeminity means gayness here and even though you haven’t come out, you are here.

    Cock-sucking Fish.

    (Eros Darling)

  9. Maggi
    September 17, 08:12 Reply

    This one is even little, compared to what was on his instagram page. One even said STD is written all over denrele. People and bad mouth.

    DM, he’s already controversial for cross dressing, and you guys want him to also be a gay activist? Haba!

    His cross dressing alone is enough activing.

  10. KryxxX
    September 17, 08:24 Reply

    Nigerians should go face their life issues nd leave Derenle alone! Dude is living his life, raking in d cash nd you ppl r there lamenting nd bringing up useless hashtags! His price for shows just went seven notches higher! And yels, he sure can take your man i.e. If he hasn’t taken him already! Nansense!

    By the way, the ass on him though…….. For somebody so skinny, that ass is so well defined! And that arc……… **Stares sadly @ my flat posterior** Chai! God, its not fair oh! Money, I know get! Fame nko, mba! Ordinary ass, am rocking a fat bottom flask! And ppl wee now tell me you r not partial!

  11. JoshDeity
    September 17, 08:27 Reply

    Nice. With a sweet bod like that… Denrele, go, girl… eh, guy… whichever.

    That mop stick though… his choice of prop… ai dunno for him ooo

  12. Peak
    September 17, 09:03 Reply

    Never been able to get into this dude and his personality, but this pix screams WERK!!!
    **plays Britney Spears’ s Work Bitch**

    This dude be rocking them heavy braids with all his edges in place.
    Rocking them heels and showing them ankle breaking girls who can’t 2″ heels how its done. #AllInADayWork.
    Adeola where u at, come see ur home grown DRQ!

    I personally think Mr Edun is playing his cards right by not picking a side. He is playing a game of fill in the gap, giving society the chance to add 2 plus 2 together and slowly get use to the idea of who he is and what he is about. Have u noticed how he has transitioned over the years? Once we get use to one level of outlandishness, home boy amps it up and takes it to another level.

    Lets face it, no one would be shocked at this point if pix of him married to a man surfaces, or if he becomes a transgender tomorrow. Its all about slowly feeding the public and allowing them get use to you, instead of hitting them and hitting them hard. There have been stories of family and friends knowing someone is gay, but waiting for them to come out after they have made peace with it on their own terms. That’s what U and I as Nigerians and the rest of the world is waiting for at this point from this dude. I for one, wasn’t shocked when Bruce transformed into Caitlyn. If u have been following KUWTK, you would have seen it coming. He might not be speaking on or addressing LGBTQI issues directly, but he is creating that visibility, that sense of awareness that we always talk about. The same one the Onyx guy is doing in his own little corner. We can gauge reaction from feedback he is getting, ppl know u can loose ur man to him, ppl know ur child can see him as a role model, ppl know he has clearly moved from being a man. Ppl aren’t sleeping u know, they are keeping and eye on him. Who keeps better tabs on you than ur haters? #TryingToCatchYouRidingDirty

    One road doesn’t lead to a market, everybody is charting their different course to the same destination. It’s not always about HOW the job gets done, but about getting the job DONE!

    Good morning Y’all

    • Tiercel de Claron
      September 17, 13:09 Reply

      Good afternoon to you,man.
      Thanks for all the sense you made there.Thought I was the only one seeing what the guy is up to.Our society is still too conservative to have LGBT activism dumped on it in so frontal a manner as some folks would like,this frog-in-the-beaker method is best.
      These days people now talk of gay issues,when they come up,without dripping so much venom as is their wont.More people becoming more accepting,thanks to characters like Denrele and their antics

    • NativeSon
      September 19, 07:11 Reply

      @Peak…What you just said makes all the sence. There are so many ways of doing something and he’s may be the …..”seeing is believing” a man do it better in high heel to the Nigerian people. Some actions speak louder than words.

  13. sinnex
    September 17, 09:47 Reply

    I never knew he had a nice ass…damn…this guy has it. I am sure most of the guys looking at the pix felt something somewhere that they couldn’t understand….and the ladies….na jealousy go kill them.

    • Pink Panther
      September 17, 09:49 Reply

      LOL! Sinnex, putting it ever so simply since 1976

  14. ambivalentone
    September 17, 09:48 Reply

    Dem nipples look rouged…or were they sucked on till they were bright red? :s #okbye

  15. Chizzie
    September 17, 09:52 Reply

    Actually I thought this particular stunt of his was annoying and uncalled for. Sometimes I partly blame him for the ridicule & hate the LGBT receives here in Nigerian. Just because IMO, He makes such a mockery of the gay community at large. Drag / Cross dressing and even Trans are all legitimate forms of expression and there are ppl who are passionate abt and have become distinguished through it. If he wants to be any one of those then he should do so, commit properly to it, and stop making a buffoonery of not just himself but an entire lifestyle that is deserving of respect.

    Here’s a man that has the platform and the opportunity to pioneer change and represent Nigerian’s LGBT in good light but he continues to play the clown on the internet

    • King Mufasa
      September 17, 14:47 Reply

      I sincerely think denrele should be applauded.
      Above anything else, he is making people talk … opening up conversations about sexuality and all the different forms it might present itself.

      • Teflondon
        September 17, 15:49 Reply

        No talk is better than Negative talk if you ask me. hes getting people to talk quite alright, but people are getting more flared up. if i wasnt gay myself, i think i would have been pissed by Denrele and all his shinanigans.

        its cute when people young like Onxy do it, but when Old people engage in this whole ‘Denrele act’ it just gives a sour taste.

  16. Teflondon
    September 17, 16:09 Reply

    Aunty needs to tone it down a bit.. she isn’t even portraying all gay people in the right light. Next time you tell your friend or Neighbor you are gay, Think about it, the picture that comes to mind, is you behave like Derenle maybe not openly yet. Denrele is a Cross dresser to a large extent and he has openly shown that which i applaud but as he really openly shown anything to support the facts he is gay? No? being a cross dresser is totally different from being a gay at least so a large extent, they are exclusive of each-other.
    what Denrele as only done is to successfully confuse str8 folks perception (including gay peoples) about who an average gay person really is, how they look or act.

    Aunty Well done!

    by the way shes a Frnd but i don’t Kiss-Ass.

  17. Max
    September 17, 16:50 Reply

    I agree with most comments here which are on both sides of the divide. But I agree most with Chizzy’s. LGBT issues isn’t something to play clown with. In a way, even though people are now talking about gay people more, Denrele is making gay people look crazy and silly because of our highly conservative attitude here in Nigeria. There are many things that “men” aren’t supposed to do in this country. And for people with that kind of orientation, wearing sky high strapped sandals and skinny jeans while weilding a mop stick and doning knee length braids is only gonna fuel their prejudice for gay people. I know what he’s doing and I applaud him for it, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing, or rather the best thing for Nigerians right now.

    • Pink Panther
      September 17, 19:13 Reply

      What is the best thing for Nigerians right now regarding LGBT?

  18. mich
    September 18, 06:39 Reply


    Nice stunts, and nice comments but omo this na public adverts, seeking attention from gay celebrities. Alerts will soon be flooding in and dates would be scheduled. See ass and am struggling to add up my ass fat

    • posh6666
      September 18, 08:56 Reply

      For his azz to be that rounded for such a lanky person,his got a sum nice really sizable cock constantly banging that azz or maybe he does squats on the regular.I never knew he had such an azz.My sista market don sell again be that imagine if people here on kd are admiring her azz talkless of the thousands of guys from all over thirsting right now

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