When The Right One Loves You Wrong

When The Right One Loves You Wrong

They say you never forget your first. I think that’s true because I doubt I will forget Pelumi Daniels. You see, Pelumi and I were in high school together. He was a set ahead of me and he didn’t really send me. I didn’t mind that, because I wasn’t checking for him. I had my eyes on the Deeper Life girl in my class. Plus, I was in JSS1. I was clueless about sexuality and all that stuff.

It was in JSS2 that Pelumi and I became close. I was addicted to books published by Scholastic, so from Goosebumps to Fear Street to The Baby Sitters Club; I had them all. Pelumi also loved to read, and so we started a friendship. We would talk about random stuff, and he would tease me about the way I talked. One time, his classmate tried to intimidate me and he gave the guy a punch in the face. Yep! Pelumi was that guy. By second term, we were so close I used to think about him every single time. I would sit down beside him during prep and we would hold hands. One of my friends saw us one time and said, “Tony and Pelumi, are you guys gay?” That was a strange question, and Pelumi laughed it off. But I made straight for my Longman dictionary. I had to know what ‘gay’ meant. When I saw the meaning, it scared me a bit. I wasn’t gay. I liked girls. I was going to marry one someday. So I thought.

One afternoon after Pelumi finished playing football (he was like the best player on the team), he asked me to walk him to the hostel. As soon as we got in, Pelumi gave me the best kiss of my life. People say I am a good kisser (not trying to brag); Pelumi was the one who taught me. He had full lips that were perfectly lined; just thinking about them gives me a hard-on. That kiss started our “relationship”, as we hooked up everywhere from the bathroom (we had clean bathrooms in my school) to the laundry room. It felt like I was in heaven.

Third term started, and Pelumi didn’t resume. Word was he had moved to London to be with his family. My heart was crushed. I tried to find him online. From MySpace to Hi5 to Facebook, I spent the best years of my teenage life trying to find Pelumi. I moved on after high school, focusing on other interests, dating other guys, having great sex and enjoying life. I was fine. So I believed.

I was at the movies very recently, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there he was. Looking as fly as ever. He was wearing a suit and he smelled so good.

“Oh my gosh, Pelumi! How are you doing?”

“I am great. Look at you, Tony, all grown up!”

“You are so silly.”

“Here to see a movie?”

“Yes. Spooks: The Greater Good.”

“Cool. I guess we will see it together then.”

We watched the movie together, making small talk as the film went on. I was positive that this had to be God. All my years of searching for love had prepared me for this moment. My soul-mate was here by my side. I was on top of the world.

After the movie, Pelumi offered to drop me at home. On the ride to my house, I decided to address the elephant in the room.

“I missed you, Pelumi. You have no idea.”

“Aww, I missed you too, bro.”

“Are you seeing anyone presently?”

“At all. I am very single.”

I did a small dance in my spirit. This HAD TO BE GOD!

“I loved what we had in school. Do you think we can explore that again?”

“Umm… I am lost, Tony.”

“We had a thing. Remember?”

“A thing?”

“We had a relationship… We used to hook up?”

“Oh. We were kids then. I am not into that stuff. I love chicks. Always have.”

My heart sank.

“So are you gay, Tony?”


“I am so sorry. I don’t hate or judge.”

I couldn’t say anything. I just smiled.

“But how do you guys do it though? Have sex with your fellow man…” he asked me, sounding like he’d never sucked my dick.

At that point, I told him we had gotten to my bus stop. He parked the car and said something like he would send me a text. I didn’t even know how to feel. Who would have thought?

I got home and turned on my PC. Pelumi had sent me a friend request on Facebook. His name there – “Pelz da Boss.”

Boss my ass!


Written by Tony Odekunle-Brown

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  1. Francis
    September 17, 07:22 Reply


    Good for you. That’s how you for don become side meat.

  2. Mandy
    September 17, 07:37 Reply

    Oh that ending is everything. Tony, you wise sha. No time to set yourself up on an emotional long thing.

  3. GOld
    September 17, 07:42 Reply

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  4. Silver Cat
    September 17, 07:43 Reply

    Come, come love.*Big Hug*
    Easy there, let it all out.
    Yeah, that’s the story of my life. In secondary school, they won’t let U be. A few years later, “we were kids back then, just fooling around. I’m not gay oh”.
    If I hear that again, I might just write a Tell-All. What a stink it will create at our reunion or maybe I’ll mail their future brides a chapter on their honeymoons *sinister smile*

  5. Max
    September 17, 07:56 Reply

    Lmfao ??????.. I knew where this was going right from the start.
    The classic “bro” response ???.. Its the most annoying thing ever, and I hate that word bro.. Like I seriously fucking hate it so much.

    • Pink Panther
      September 17, 07:57 Reply

      My dear, the moment I saw that response ‘bro’, my heart broke for Tony. I was like, Oh no he didn’t!

      • #Chestnut
        September 17, 08:59 Reply

        But what’s wrong with the word “bro” nah? I use it too,with a completely innocent mind.

    • Ven
      September 17, 18:08 Reply

      Whenever a guy that I want to hook up with calls me “bro”, I die a little inside

  6. Samuel Ola
    September 17, 08:06 Reply

    Is it just me? I hate that question “So you’re gay?” Extremely annoying and condescending, especially coming from a fellow gay man.

  7. Chizzie
    September 17, 08:06 Reply

    “How do You guys even do it?” Probably has to be the most offensive and ignorant question one can ask someone who’s gay. It reeks of such hypocrisy, especially seeing as one can easily google these things these days. Straight guys that ask it, are either bicurious or in denial of their sexuality – And really shouldn’t be given any audience

  8. Khaleesi
    September 17, 08:20 Reply

    Chaiiii, my heart broke in advance on your behalf Tony,luckily you’re tough enough abd bounced back remarkably well. Abeg move on with your life and delete him from your memory,but i bet you, sooner than later you’ll hear of his raunchy escapades with other men …. tchwwwww

    • Peak
      September 17, 09:20 Reply

      Hmmmm! I know what u are trying to do there oga, Leave Deola out of this

      • Masked Man
        September 17, 10:07 Reply

        Uncle Peak, I don’t know what you are talking about. Lol.

  9. KryxxX
    September 17, 08:46 Reply

    **Heavy sigh**

    After rolling all over the school and all, The other one told me that he hopes I have repented………

    Thank God you shut him out though! Some ppl r not just worth d stress!

    Sometimes I wonder, r they really straight now, pretending or was it just a booty call back then cos we were in a confined environment for months nd affections grew? Did life happen?
    Cos It baffles me that somebody who was so on ur case, sneaking into your bed @ night nd all suddenly starts to act clueless.

  10. james bruno
    September 17, 08:56 Reply

    i think you dodged a bullet by deleting his friend request. i would probably have accepted him and end up with a drawn out unhealthy mess of an affair with him.

  11. JArch
    September 17, 09:03 Reply

    I had not seen that coming… Even after the “bro” bit, I assumed this was going to be a story where Pelumi would rekindle old feelings and question his sexuality. Maybe it would expand into a subtle (verbal/emotional) abusive relationship too.

    Good one Tony, you definitely dodged a bullet there by not setting up yourself for failure.

  12. Peak
    September 17, 09:23 Reply

    Lmao! The ending though……………….

    September 17, 09:39 Reply

    Hahahahahahahahahhaha…. dreamer…

  14. sensei
    September 17, 09:41 Reply


    The right one can never love you wrong. If he does, he is simply NOT the right one.

      • Francis
        September 17, 10:28 Reply

        ?? Nna the thing fear me too oh. Sensei hope no wahala today. Pipu just dey switch persona on me anyhow. First na Kere-baby now you.

        • sensei
          September 17, 16:08 Reply

          Abeg refrigerate your titties. I’m gud. Na this Pelumi guy dey vex me. Lol

  15. Ace
    September 17, 15:20 Reply

    This story is totally relatable. Someone like me would have gone ahead to accept his friend request. Thank God you didn’t.

  16. drizzle
    September 17, 16:29 Reply

    This has happened to me before, exactly, he traveled out, I tried to rekindle what we had in school, uncle said he wasn’t doing that shit again.. Pissed much…

  17. Flakes
    September 17, 22:53 Reply

    A common occurence,I guess

    Very relatable.

  18. KingBey
    September 18, 06:17 Reply

    Happened to me too. Though all we had those days were Lap Fuck. He told me pomp and plain when he got admission into Uni that we need to stop doing that shit. So to avoid getting on the pages of Vanguard newspapers. And I respected his decision because he was genuine about it. We are still very close friends today and he’s married. I’m sure he knows I’m still doing guys although he never talks about it. Tony shouldn’t have deleted the guy’s Friend request. You two can still be best friends without sex being involved. There are more things to life. Really. Some individuals do many things sexually at teenage years. Some outgrow the feelings. Some don’t.

    September 18, 08:39 Reply

    Why is it dat some people make this gay stuff sound like something transient???? somewot ephemeral???? I dont really get it……..Personally, ive got a few dudes i experimented with back then, it does crack me up when i meet them lately, and they start chanting dis dirge about their newly found straighthood……..hmmm!!!! trust me personally, i will add u back and carefully n swiftly take you back to the old days……I must rekindle that luv, though i have to be more tactical and objective, but we just have to fall back to it…..#myopinion#

  20. Jelani
    May 20, 07:15 Reply

    WOOWWWWWWW you better set Pelumi straight! And by straight, i mean if you *really* want something you gonna have to fight for it lol. good luck though.

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