Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 18)

Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 18)

DISCLAIMER: The following article contains spoilers from TV Shows of the past week. So if you haven’t SEEN the episodes of the week, and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.

REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Game Of Thrones – S06E06 (Blood of my Blood)

Welcome to my weekly recap of Game Of Thrones, the greatest show that ever was and ever will be. If you don’t agree, please argue with someone else 🙂

This week opens with Meera dragging Bran in what is the workout of her life. Home girl has obviously not been practicing her squats and lunges because after a few paces, she collapses in tears like a contestant on The Biggest Loser. She no dey do again. Bran meanwhile is still watching his feem. As the newly-minted Three-Eyed Raven, he has access to all the illegal downloads he needs.

The visions feature some of the major scenes of the past seasons: Ned’s beheading, Robb’s death, but more importantly we see new footage of Aerys Targaryen, the infamous mad king. We see him utter his famous catchphrase, “BURN THEM ALL!” We also finally see how Jaime earned the name The Kingslayer, as he is shown stabbing Aerys from the back.

Bran finally wakes and the first thing he says – “Meera, they found us.” Gee, you don’t say. And so, a herd of wights draw close to them. And just when they are about to pounce on the two humans, in rides a hooded polo player. He comes decked with in all the things needed to play polo in Westeros, complete with a flame polo chain. He roasts all the wights and saves Bran and Meera.

Next we meet up with Samwell and Gilly and the wee baby Sam; they have arrived Horn Hill. And my, my, does Sam come from a well-to-do house. As they enter the situation, I am like, “Biiiiiitcccch!!! Why did you ever leave to join the Night’s Watch? Y’alls got them coins!” I got my answer soon enough. (It would seem he didn’t actually leave willingly. He was forced to join the Night’s Watch).

Sam’s mother and sister are as nice as they come, but of course, following the deaths of Tywin Lannister and Stannis Baratheon, we need someone to take the vacant title of “Worst Father Ever”, and in comes Samwell’s father, Randall Tarly.

They sit for dinner everyone and the tension here… Ayayai! It can cook beans. Sam wants to eat more bread and the father is like, “You’re not fat enough already?” And I am like:DC 1

Ah-ah! Because of bread? Hian! Not even Shoprite bread o! Just Agege bread! Mtcheeew! Carb shamer oshi! The man doesn’t stop there o. He goes on to say, “I thought the Night’s Watch might make a man of you, or something resembling a man at least. You’ve managed to stay soft and fat, your nose buried in books, spending your life reading about the achievements of better men.”

At this point, I am this close to going full Ramsay Bolton on the man. But then Gilly comes through and reads the man his righttttssssss! Sansa must have bluetoothed her some Lemonade. She drags all of them and I am like:DC 2

She brings out Sam’s CV and reads it out loud: “He killed a Thenn. He killed a White Walker.”

And then, Sam’s brother, Dickon (played by Freddie Stroma) blurts out, “There is no such thing.”

My friend, will you shut your pretty boy mouth! Rubbish!

So, Gilly reads them some more, but in the heat of the read, she lets slip that she is a Wildling, and since Oga Randall is also a bigot, he goes on to spew some more hate. SMH. I already want him dead. Furthermore, he for all intents banishes Samwell from Horn Hill, even though he agrees to let Gilly and Little Sam stay.

Sam says goodbye to sweet Gilly and the wee baby. She kisses him and he leaves. The music swells and it’s sad. But then Sam comes back, says he is taking them with him. He also takes the Valyrian steel sword that has been in his house for generations and is actually his by right. Gilly asks, “What if he comes for it?” (he being Oga Randall), and Sam replies, “He can very well try.”  And he storms out like:DC 3

Meanwhile, back in King’s Landing, Tommen is having one of his tedious talks with the High Sparrow. He comments on how Margery’s walk of atonement is “very dangerous.” LMAO. Tommen the Wise, ladies and gentlemen! To further his mind games, the High Sparrow lets the king see his wife, Margery. They hug and Tommen asks, “Did they hurt you?” LOL! My people, I cannot deal with this pikin. Your Highness, they didn’t o! They didn’t hurt her at all. They simply sat by the camp fire and roasted marshmallows and ate cabin biscuits. Ode!

Anyway, the majesties are about to start catching up when Margery goes full fanatic on us. She starts rambling about how she is sinner and how they all need to atone, and I am just there like:DC 4

I’m not remotely worried because I know Margery is playing the part she needs to play to save herself and slay all her enemies. That is the only explanation because not only will a “reformed” Margery be out of character, it will also make no sense. Margery is no pushover, and after seeing her brother’s state last week, trust me, she knows what she is doing.

Meanwhile back at Film House Braavos, Arya has front row tickets to the sequel to last week’s film. This time, the film shows us the death of Joffrey at the hands of his uncle Tyrion.

I know last week, I said none of the actors in the play are Academy Award contenders, but then this week, the actress that plays Cersei snatched me in this sequel. She plays this scene as the stark opposite of how it actually happened. The rage and entitlement isn’t there, instead what we have is devastating grief, and her little monologue is heartbreaking. When she is done, and Arya leads the applause, I follow suit, yelling, “Give her an OSCAR!”

Arya goes on with her mission to kill this future Oscar winner. And she poisons the actress’s drink, and just as she is about to bounce, she encounters the actress and it turns out she is a nice lady. Why the fuck would their god want her dead? And so, just as this future Oscar winner is about to drink the poison, Arya reappears and slaps the glass out of her hand, and tells her to be watchful of the actress that plays Sansa. Of course, Arya’s Kung fu trainer sees the mission fail and goes on to report to their headmaster. Headmaster says to go and kill Arya.

Arya meanwhile has gone to pick up her things. It turns out a girl isn’t no one. A girl could never be no one. A Girl Is SOMEONE. A GIRL IS ARYA STARK!

Jamie is getting ready for battle, and in comes Mace Tyrell looking like a goat in a dress. Please he should fire whoever made his armor for him, because the person obviously doesn’t mean him well. He delivers a speech and his army responds with no battle cry, instead there are crickets, and Jamie just looks at him like:DC 5

Meanwhile the High Sparrow has the stage. He is reading Margery’s CV when Jamie and the army that will soon die show up. In a carriage pulling up is also Lady Olenna. Jamie demands for Margery and the High Sparrow is like, “Sorry the MTN number you’re trying to call is not reachable at the moment. Please try again later.” Jamie threatens death to the High Sparrow and his cabal, and right then, I’m thinking how we are about to witness this fanatic’s inevitable weakness. He seemed as though he was unwilling to die for his faith, which would make him a predictable hypocrite. But then it turns out he has a better card up his sleeve. Tommen makes an entrance and says something about the Crown and the Faith uniting. As all this happens, all I can think of is, “Where the fuck is Ser Loras?”

Ser Jamie meanwhile is stripped of his title as a member of the King’s Guard and low-key banished from King’s Landing.

Then we proceed on to Walder Frey’s home. Remember Walder Frey? The guy responsible for the Red Wedding, where Robb and Catelyn Stark were murdered, yeah, that guy. He is whining about his loss of Riverrun to the Black Fish. Then they drag in Edmure Tully! (LOL. For those of you who don’t remember him, his trademark is that he is quite horrible with arrows) I thought they would have killed this one since.

Jamie and Cersei discuss their next plans. It would seem that the King aka Tommen wants Jamie to go help Walder Frey take back Riverrun. Jamie obviously doesn’t want to go, but his babe – I mean, sister convinces him to do as the king says; better that than rot in the dungeons. Upon acquiescing, he kisses his wife – shoot! why do I keep making that mistake? – sister goodbye.

Meera and Bran meanwhile are still waiting for their unknown hero to reveal his identity. Me, I don’t even know why he is doing inyanga. His reveal is almost as slow as Arya’s Braavos plot. He gets on with it and it’s Benjen Stark. I also thought we had seen the last of him. Well he is a welcome companion, because we all know Meera can’t coman and be carrying Bran upandan.

Daenerys meanwhile is marching with her Khalassar. She stops and rides off alone, and I immediately sense this Bitch is about to make a statement. And sure enough, Bam! She shows up with Drogon! The prodigal son returns. The Beyoncé of the dragons! I wonder how Michelle and Kelly are faring.

Say what you will about Daenerys, she knows how to ginger her people’s swagger. If her career to take the seven kingdoms doesn’t pan out, she can totally become a hype woman! Because her speech has me hyped! And she is like, “Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and I am like:DC 6

Her Khalassar are also feeling the hype and deliver the battle cries that Mace Tyrell wished he had gotten earlier in the episode.

Other Tidbits:

⦁This was a much slower episode. It was definitely going to be difficult to match the hype of the previous episode, but I think this was a solid character building episode. B+

⦁Heart bane, the Tarly ancestral sword is made of Valyrian steel. I’m sure that’ll come in handy soon enough. PS: How many Valyrian swords do we currently know of?

⦁Randall Tarly is played by James Faulkner. I became aware of the actor from his dual roles as the evil pope and his twin brother on Da Vinci’s Demons. He certainly knows how to make an impression.

⦁How blue were the eyes of the Joffrey actor? They were almost Rosemary’s Baby level of blue. It was almost freaky.

⦁It’s safe to say that, just like Dorne, Arya’s House of Black and White storyline was a massive fail. It moved at the pace of a pregnant snail. And we never got any real payoff, other than the death of Meryn Trant. Let’s hope Arya can move away from all of this somehow, because I hate seeing one of my favorite characters stuck so far outside the main plots.

⦁I am unwilling to jump to conclusions based on this episode. Surely Margery is playing a game here and has plans for the High Sparrow, yes? I have to believe that, but then I remember that Tommen is a mumu and I immediately start losing faith.

⦁Edmure Tully is Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn’s younger brother. That makes him the uncle of the Stark kids. Benjen Stark is the younger brother of Ned, Brandon and Lyanna, also making him the uncle of the Stark kids. I know it can be hard to keep up with all these characters especially when they disappear for a while and then resurface. Meanwhile, Brynden Tully aka The Black Fish is Catelyn Stark’s uncle, making him the Stark kids’ great uncle. All these uncles we are seeing upandan…Coincidence or bigger plan at play?

⦁On a totally unrelated note, please who saw Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 4? Please tell me I wasn’t alone in witnessing the glory of Eva Green. Eyin Emmy Voters, if una like eh, no nominate her!

⦁Also, with X-men Apocalypse being the fourth comic book movie released this year, if you were to rate all four, how would it be? Mine in order of awesomeness would be: Captain America: The Civil War, Deadpool, Batman Vs Superman, and then X-men Apocalypse. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed with the new X-men movie at all.

That’s it for the week, folks! SOUND OFF!

Written by Deola

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  1. ambivalentone
    June 03, 07:05 Reply

    Deola, your reviews actually make me watch this series sha. They are quite hilarious. Anyway, just as well that the round-about manner of the stories of these xters cements my thinking that these producers are clutching at straws. Lol. Anyway, Its only episode 6. I hope it doesn’t fizzle out and Martins writes or books jeje for us

  2. Brian Collins
    June 03, 07:24 Reply

    Nice nice, lol @ The Beyonce of the dragons.
    Be there and not be impressed by the new X-Men, it sure was better than Deadpool, that’s for sure. It very muchly gave me a feeling of X-Men First Class, the introduction of new characters sometimes makes movies seem slow. With Days of Future Past, we had very well established characters and so the movie was able to progress very easily. Wasn’t the same for Apocalypse, we had to see how Scott and Jean first met, nightcrawler, Ororoe and even Logan’s transformation into the adamantium beast we know him to be. That Striker sef.
    There were some serious high points in the movie, right from the beginning to the end, with epic saves by Quicksilver and Wolverine and nightcrawler. That blue devil was certainly one of the MVPs.
    Although I saw what one critic talk about after they went to see ‘Return of the Jedi’ and Jean said something about the third movie being the worst one. With Apocalypse I don’t think that was the case. First Class was the worst and Days of Future Past the best so far.

    • Deola
      June 03, 08:35 Reply

      Xmen Apocalypse better than Deadpool? Deadpool basically redefined the superhero genre. It’s felt fresh, it was smart, the dialogue could literally given one a braingasm. Deadpool took a tired trope, poked fun at it and the result was one of the most faithful comic book adaptations ever.

      Now compare that to Apocalypse which btw,started pretty well. The opening scene where really good, really captured my interest, but then they lost me. Mystique, a renowned villain is suddenly a hero that the xmen look up to. Not only that she starts leading and training them. That bullshit would be like Loki suddenly leading the Avengers. It makes no sense no matter how you try to spin it. The dialogue was cringe worthy. With stuff like “unleash you power Jean” like are you kidding me?

      Taking badass mutants like storm and Angel and reducing them to spectators. And then of course they took the one scene from Days of Future past ,the quick silver slo mo scene, that everyone liked and decided to do it again but on a bigger scale. It was fun but it felt forced and repetitive.
      Then of course they is the continuity issues like how at the end of Days of Future past mystique disguised as stryker saves wolverine but how in this movie suddenly the real stryker has him and we get no explanation as to how that happened.

      And then there is the villain himself who happens to be the most two dimensional villain every written. Oscar Isaac a huge fav of mine is horribly miscast and stuffed under makeup and prosthetics and he just comes off as wooden and cartoony.

      And then the over the top CGI. I love me some nice special effects but this ones just seemed to take it over the top. the most hilarious one was when magneto was sleeping in the air surrounded by a magnetic field…to reduce Fassbender’s magneto to something like that is criminal.

      It wasn’t all bad,like you said, the introduction of the new characters was fun,nightcrawler, even Sophie Turner’s Jean grey who wasn’t sure whether she had a British or American accent.

      The meta joke where Jean says “we can all agree the third one is always the worst” was obviously shade at Brett Ratner’s the last stand but the irony is Apocalypse is the worst one in the trilogy.

      Days of Future past was incredible. IMO the best Xmen movie Fox has ever made. and one of the best comic book movies I have every seen. First Class was a good opener. It set up all of this and features one of the most layered performances from Fassbender’s Magneto, and James McVoy’s Charles Xavier.

      Xmen Apocalypse was a mess…and it’s not even better than the other mess that is Batman Vs Superman so saying it’s superior to The genius that is Deadpool is kinda criminal. ?????

      • Pink Panther
        June 03, 08:49 Reply

        Okay, first of all, Mystique became a leader? A LEADER FOR THE GOOD GUYS?! Really? How does that even make sense? Like seriously, that’s just de-repping her.
        And how dare they shade ‘The Last Stand’. I thoroughly enjoyed that third installment. You see ehn, as far as the Xmen movies go, the first three are my faves. My interest began teetering at Days Of Our Future Past, and now I fear the Apocalypse will entirely decimate my love for the franchise. I mean, Mystique is leading now? Seriously?! Something tells me its the Jennifer Lawrence factor.

        • Deola
          June 03, 09:08 Reply

          It is the Jenifer Lawrence factor. I love JLaw I do…but The Fox execs seem to keep making her role bigger just so JLaw can get more screentime. They do this no matter how far they have to bend logic.

          When you have an Oscar winner and four time Oscar nominee you milk it for all its worth even if it makes no sense. That’s their logic.

          Oh and PS the shade thrown at Last Stand was well deserved after they butchered the Dark Phoenix storyline.
          The only thing the movie did right was giving Hally Berry’s Storm more screen time and action.
          But then again it’s the same movie that decided to kill James Marsden’s Cyclops OFFSCREEN!
          It’s Cyclops for fuck sake! If you’re gonna kill him off make the death worthy of the character. Eeesh.

          • Pink Panther
            June 03, 09:17 Reply

            Whenever I think about how bad (*wince*) The Last Stand was, I focus on the glory of the last fight and beauty of Jean Grey’s rage. And all is well with the world again. 😀

      • Deola
        June 03, 09:18 Reply

        Did I also mention that they couldn’t even get their post credit scene done right?
        Smh. Post/Credit scenes are meant to be teasers for future installments. This one was just vague AF (and confusing too) and was set on the heels of the cool but misplaced wolverine scene in the movie.

        A regular movie goer would just be like “Ummm what was that about ” …I know I was.

        I had to read articles that explained the scene. When one has to go do homework on some scene in a movie then you know ur not doing ur job right. It’s kinda like those directors who’d come and start explaining what they were “going for” when their movies fall flat…it’s like less talking more showing.

        Such a mess.

        • Brian Collins
          June 03, 10:47 Reply

          I knew I should have stayed a little longer for post credit scene but my friend was hurrying me out of the screening hall.

      • Brian Collins
        June 03, 11:52 Reply

        MCU has changed people, deal with it. Deadpool was a thoroughly childish movie, but for the language it should have been rated 12.
        “Unleash your power Jean”, was that not clear enough? did you expect Charles to say ” Do the thing Jean” like from White House Down? Dey dia dey find dialogue.
        And didn’t Mystique become the ultimate heroine in DOFP? Everything about the X-Men as we know it has changed. Stop holding on to the past dearie. Heck, Jean and Cyclops were alive at the end of DOFP. That should tell you something. The big bad magneto teamed up with the X-Men to defeat the sentinels, why can’t Mystique team up with them and even lead them to fight apocalypse. Xavier had been captured, Logan had not yet joined the X-Men fully (that was obvious from DOFP) and he was troubled. Hank has never been the point 1 kind of guy ans two of her long time friends were in trouble. Who else do you think the mantle of leadership would have fallen upon? Except you are a mutant that I don’t know about, mystique was the best bet. She was the oldest, had fighting experience (First class) until she went AWOL.
        Can it Deola, just stick to GOT reviews abeg.

        • Deola
          June 03, 12:47 Reply

          Lmao. Calm down Brian. No need to get fiesty.
          Deadpool was childish? Lol. That’s got to be a joke cause I legitimately don’t even know how to respond to that.

          In the trilogy there have been IMO Three major characters with big character arcs. Magneto, Xavier and Mystique.
          Of all of them Xavier has the best arc it’s resonates the most, right from his Optimistic Idealist Persona in First Class…to his character arc where he’d lost his way in DOFP, to his arc in Apocalypse where he has come to become the Xavier we all know. It’s been well written and executed and more importantly “faithful” to the comics.

          Mystique on the other hand had a lovely introduction in First Class,where at the end she had resolved to follow Magneto’s path. She wasn’t a hero in DOFP. I don’t know if we saw the same movie…what’s clear though is she wasn’t an outright villain. Now by Apocalypse she is now some Savior that storm and co look up to and she now trains them…please tell me you see how messed up that character arc is?
          Magneto has largely had the same character arc in all three movies, a guy with different ideologies to Xavier who flips sides at the last minute. In Apocalypse they even have him a family just so they could kill them off in the weirdest way possible. Tell me you werent unsure if the arrow had killed both wife and daughter? Like who writes and directs something like that? They kill them off so he can go back to being bad and then he joins Apocalypse so can cleanse the world but then flips again in the last minute. Its lazy writing.

          Again I mentioned how Mystique had rescued Wolverine in the End of DOFP but then she and wolverine don’t even share a scene in this movie? Tell me that isn’t sloppy.
          And then there is the fact that Apocalypse looked horrible. He should have been a motion capture character. The movie is over stuffed and lacks any real emotion. It just feels hollow.
          And yes the dialogue was bad at times and dialogue is important. The movie wasn’t all bad,but it’s funny to me when people don’t call this movie out for its numerous flaws.

          You said something about who should have led them? Here is a thought how about wolverine. It’s perfectly set up. Mystique saved him at the end of DOFP he RIGHTLY stays with the Xmen and leads them into battle in this movie. Since it’s cannon that he gets his adamantium claws, let’s say he gets captured during the battle and the post credit scene should be him getting experimented on. See? But since JLaw must be center stage they dropped logic and you’re defending their buffoonery.

          In a bid to set up future installments they skipped over a lot of important stuff and what we ended up with a messy excuse for an apocalyptic movie.
          What saves the movie is the performance and dedication of the cast ,despite the lackluster material they are given they still manage to make it work but that doesn’t make it a better movie than Deadpool.

          Also what’s funny is the end of the movie where Can Xavier and Magneto are now chummy again despite the fact that Magneto has just helped murder millions of people…oh that’s fine but let’s shake on it. Smh and you call deadpool childish?

          PS. These movies aren’t in the MCU cause You said something about the MCU.

          Give credit where it is due biko DOFP was awesome, first class was very good and Apocalypse was mediocre.

          It’s not uncommon for trilogies to fail to stick the landing with their third entry and that’s what happened here.

        • Terra
          June 03, 15:15 Reply

          You do know, don’t you that Deadpool and X-men aren’t part of the MCU. That’s first. Second deadpool is childish? Apart from the language it should be okay for kids of 12 abi? So all the severed body parts and brutal murders can be ignored. Okay. Also, have you ever read a deadpool comic? If you had, you’d know that the movie captured Wade Wilson’s personality perfectly. It was a fantastically accurate depiction. But I guess maybe you prefer the one from X-Men origins where “The Merc With The Mouth” had his mouth sewn shut (Genius!!)

  3. Brian Collins
    June 03, 07:35 Reply

    And that Apocalypse gave me the creeps, imagine wanting to transfer his consciousness to Xavier’s mind. That what what made him the sinister villain. He was mostly one to have his horse men do his dirty work for him (which they did – enter Eryk esp) the the powers the guy had ehn no be hia. Imagine that he could hold quicksilver down – who does that?

  4. KryxxX
    June 03, 07:47 Reply


    Ppl wee now come and say that I’m a clown. Smh! Come and see chum thing biko, Deola is a clown……….an articulate one shaa. Making me laff like a hyena. Lol!

    But dis Tommen shaa, I just keep hoping that we get to see the Jofferry in him soon. Cos dis mumu he is serving is not werking cha cha! O workugi oh! Just irritating!

  5. real
    June 03, 08:06 Reply

    every one deserves to watch penny dreadful!

      • Pink Panther
        June 03, 08:16 Reply

        You have it, right? Good. From seasons 1 to the current one, yes? Fantastic. I’ll be right over.

        • Deola
          June 03, 10:02 Reply

          Hehe. You know I don’t have season 1 of anything??? Not since she crashed…

  6. Truth
    June 03, 08:25 Reply

    Spot on, from game of thrones to captain America, to xmen.

  7. Mandy
    June 03, 08:42 Reply

    ???? Oh Deola.
    Randall Tarly needs to be cut down to size, aswear. How can these fathers be this cruel and insensitive to their children. After Tywin Lannister, I didn’t think any father could be as cruel as him. That dinner at the Tarly household had me cringing. Every word that dropped from that man’s mouth had me boiling.

    And yes! A girl has a name! It’s frigging ARYA STARK.

    • Deola
      June 03, 08:57 Reply

      Tywin was awful truly,but when it came down to it he most of the time had Tyrion’s back if not for love or whatever for the fact that Tyrion is a Lannister and that demanded some respect.

      Still no Father on this show can be as bad as Stannis Baratheon. Dude literally roasted his daughter. You don’t get back from that.

      But then again there is Craster of Craster’s keep who forcefully married his daughters and fathered children with them and then offered said children to the white walkers if they happened to be male.

      *Sigh* This show really has some terrible parents

  8. Kenny
    June 03, 08:57 Reply

    Hilarious recap as always. Xmen fell very flat for me, so many characters with little or nothing about them. Civil War, batman vs Superman, Deadpool then xmen it is for me.

    OAN:I always look forward to this weekly recap as it makes me laugh like crazy. If only there was a way I could share it with my friends….

    • Deola
      June 03, 09:10 Reply

      I think that’s the perfect description. “It just fell flat”

      As always , Thanks Kenny.

    • Pink Panther
      June 03, 09:11 Reply

      Kenny, if that’s your email you’re using, kindly check your mail. Wanna update u on something.

  9. Terra
    June 03, 09:54 Reply

    Hilarious as always. Apocalypse was an enjoyable experience. The wolverine scene, honestly I didn’t think it was necessary. And a certain aspect of it creeped me out. I can’t say much so I won’t spoil the movie. Apocalypse was a scary villain, but making Mystique a hero, totally the JLaw thing.

    • Deola
      June 03, 10:00 Reply

      The aspect that creeped you out…hmm lemme guess. Does it have anything to do with the fact that you were watching a fully grown wolverine and A teenage Jean grey knowing fully well that the fact that Wolverine has the hots for Jean Grey is cannon?
      When Jean touches him all gently “restoring his memory” it definitely looked one kain.

      • Brian Collins
        June 03, 10:42 Reply

        Are you even serious? Wolverine has always been fully grown. Hello, WorldWar II. What is even going on here abeg? Was it not obvious that the whole adamantiun infusion messed with his brain? And making that scene the first time Logan and Jean met was totally understandable. Young teenager feeling sympathetic towards a clearly troubled mind and helping him find a little peace. That scene was all shades of sensual.

        • Deola
          June 03, 11:00 Reply

          Lol. I mean knowing what we know that he will eventually have the hots for her, the scene was kinda weird.
          Completely understandable but weird all the same…because we know what’s coming. Plus I think the fact that Sophie Turner looks so young compared to Hugh Jackman just helped reinforce the weirdness for me.

      • Terra
        June 03, 11:27 Reply

        Yes!!!!!!! I felt so bloody uneasy

        • Brian Collins
          June 03, 11:55 Reply

          Gosh, Wolverine is an old man na. Elena (17) fell in love with Damon who was over a 100 Years old na. What is so weird about that abeg?

          • Truth
            June 03, 12:11 Reply

            Damon looks young and wolverine looks old. Thats the difference. Age is just a number, the way you look is what truly matters to people.

            • Deola
              June 03, 12:57 Reply

              This!!! Nina Dobrev is 27 and Ian Somehalder is 37. He doesn’t even look that much older than her.

              Sophie Turner is 20 and Hugh Jackman is 47.

              You’re right Brian it’s the exact same scenario. Except the difference is Damon doesn’t look that much older than Elena so it’s easier to buy into the fantasy or should I say suspend belief. Hugh Jackman on the other hand looks like Sophie Turner’s Father and so it’s far harder to suspend belief here and so it ends up looking one kain.

  10. Stein
    June 03, 22:27 Reply

    Don’t spoil xmen for those that haven’t seen it

  11. Uziel
    June 05, 03:05 Reply

    This review is the funniest I’ve read. Lol.

    But I’d like dark Deola back now. Thank you. ?

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