Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 22)

Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 22)

DISCLAIMER: The following article contains spoilers from TV Shows of the past week. So if you haven’t SEEN the episodes of the week, and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.

REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Game Of Thrones – S06E10 (Winds of Winter)

Welcome to my final recap of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, the greatest show that ever was and ever will be. If you don’t agree, please argue with someone else 🙂

How about that for a season finale, eh guys? How friggin’, ridiculously amazing was that! Warning though, this will be longer than usual. Shebi na una wan read my rant, what is my own. 🙂 So let’s do this!

We open with Cersei at the Red Keep with a perfect view of the Great Sept of Baelor. Then we see our major King’s Landing characters, Tommen, Margaery, Ser Loras, the High Sparrow and Cersei getting ready for what should be an interesting day. It’s the day of Cersei’s and Loras’s trial before the Seven. It’s all so beautifully shot, credit to the director here. And it’s underscored by this odd (it is odd because it has pianos in it, I don’t remember the show’s music ever being piano-heavy) yet well-placed and perfect music and no dialogue. The entire opening seems heavy with foreboding, the coming of something grave. It’s all really quite beautiful.

And then we get into the action with Loras on trial. He looks so frail now; last we saw him, he was a broken man. And now, it would seem he is ready to give in to his torturers as he says there won’t be any need for a trial and goes on to confess and accept all the charges. Poor Loras, he probably just wanted all this to end, no matter the cost, one of which involves him getting the seven pointed star carved into his forehead, forever mutilating him. I cringed so hard at this part. It’s like this fucking Sparrow really doesn’t know when to quit while he is fucking ahead!

Like the dude has confessed to everything, you have publicly disgraced him, he is humbled and powerless and hopeless, but you know what, a little forehead tattoo won’t be bad. SMH. I legitimately can’t stand the High Sparrow.

While all this is happening, meanwhile, King Tommen aka Spineless McCoward has been stopped from attending the trial by Zombie Mountain, commanded by Cersei of course. Also Maester Pycelle, having just finished a bout of coitus with a lady of the night (without paying o!), gets lured into a trap by a little bird.

Margaery meanwhile questions the Sparrow’s actions. “You mutilated him. You gave me your word!” she says. And he basically says, “And so what? I can do as I please all in the name of the frigging gods!” Margaery to her credit starts noticing the shadiness of this entire situation. “Where is Cersei?” she questions. To which Oga High Sparrow directs Brother Lancel Lannister dem to go get her from the Red Keep.

Brother Lancel has been quite the irritating son of a bitch for a while, so as he goes out, he too is lured into a trap by a little bird!

Maester Pycelle, now in a dark dungeon-like situation (because nothing bad ever happened in a dungeon. Ode), is approached by Maester Qyburn, who is basically like “Out with old and in with new, I am here to be pleasant and also kill you too!” But then he says it in the nicest way. Like this dude is about to have children kill Pycelle, but hey, at least he is nice about it. And so, he unleashes his little birds on Pycelle and they go all stabby on him. Pycelle was always a nuisance, but was he deserving of that sort of death? Oh well…on to better things.

Simultaneously in his own trap, this time under the Sept of Baelor, Lancel is issuing out threats and then bam! this cute little boy stabs him once and flees. Isn’t it hilarious how Arya gets stabbed a thousand times but still goes on to do a temple marathon after being “stitched and healed” for all of five seconds, and Lancel is stabbed once and can barely move? LMAO!

So this, by the way, is that rumor that Qyburn was talking about a few episodes ago. It’s been quite the badly-kept secret that Wildfire has been hidden under the city most likely from the time of the Mad King, who was obsessed with the stuff.

Lancel is now crawling for his life and then suddenly realizes that “Oh shit, I am in a dungeon underneath the Sept, filled with barrels of wildfire!” Up ahead and behold, it’s the timer and detonator of the bomb. He crawls toward it to try and disarm the bomb.

Meanwhile Margaery is having a full blown freak out. She realizes that something isn’t right, she tells Oga Sparrow, and he spouts something about the gods. “Forget about the bloody gods and listen to what I’m telling you!” she fires back. LOL. She means business, enough with the games. She tries to mobilize the people to exit the Sept but the Sparrow is so drunk with power, he refuses to let anyone leave.

Back underneath the Sept, Lancel can’t disarm the bomb in time, the music swells and it detonates, frying him and making him the first casualty in a mass roasting. The detonation is felt above the dungeon, in the Sept. The people are still struggling to get out; and then, the Sparrow and Margaery exchange one final look, with him looking like he’s realized he’s fucked up, just before he gets blown to smithereens. Unfortunately so does Margaery, Loras and the entire Sept. Cersei watches on from a distance at the Red Keep with an expression of vindication on her face and of course a glass of wine in hand. In one fell swoop, she’s gotten rid of all her enemies. And this is legit the look on my face:IMG_20151118_181252

I most definitely did not see shit going down like this! Tommen is shaken too, as he watches from his room upon Zombie Mountain’s departure.

And then we have a shot of wine being poured on someone’s face! Oh look! It’s Septa Unella AKA Sister Shame. I have heard of waterboarding, but wine-boarding? LMAO! Can’t say Cersei isn’t creative (Joffrey had to have gotten his sadism from someone). She tells Sister Shame to confess! LOL! And then, she goes on to confess all the things she refused to confess last season. From her fucking her brother to killing her husband because, well, they all felt good. And then she says, “I said my face would be last face you saw before you died, do you remember?” Sister Shame replies something along the lines of being ready to meet the gods. Cersei all but laughs in her face: “Today? You’re not going to die today. You’re going to die for quite a while.”

Then she calls on Zombie Mountain to – and I am not clear on this part, rape her? I dunno. It’s awful and Cersei leaves them to it while echoing the infamous chant, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” This, my dear people, is how vengeance is done. That felt soooo good!

While I have slowly recovered from the explosion at the Sept, Tommen is still shaken up. Aswear, homeboy is speechless. His case is even sadder than usual. And just when I thought this can’t get any worse, he takes his crown off and proceeds to fly off the building. I have no words.

Back at the Riverlands, a celebratory dinner is being thrown. House Frey and Lannister are enjoying themselves, having won the Tully castle back from the Blackfish. Jamie is not in a celebratory mood though. A serving girl is the subject of discussion between Bronn and Jamie. I shall call her Serving Girl. I know, how very smart of me. 🙂

Walder Frey comes to chitchat with Jamie. He opens with, “Edmure is back in a cell. Can’t go kill him. He is my son by law. Wouldn’t be right. It’d give the family a bad name.”200 (22)

LMAO! iDied! You can’t say the dude doesn’t have a sense of humor! He talks about how both he and Jamie are “Kingslayers” and Jamie drags him by his nonexistent edges and calls him out for the sneaky cowardly low life that he is. It’s in moments like this that Jamie gets on my good side.

Back in King’s Landing, Cersei is shown Tommen’s corpse. We have seen her reactions to Joffrey’s and Myrcella’s deaths. With Tommen, it’s almost like she has embraced the prophecy of Maggie the Frog. The inevitability of Tommen’s death or maybe the deaths of the previous two have completely left her dead inside as she shows very little if any grief at his death (not that I blame her, as I have the same feeling towards the boy). Still, a mother seeing her dead son, expected or not, should show weightier emotion, should it not? She doesn’t and this legit scares me.

Samwell (armed with Heartsbane), Gilly and the wee baby Sam have arrived Oldtown, and they proceed into the citadel. This scene may seem out of place in what was largely a very serious finale but it was perfectly placed, in my opinion. It provided some much needed levity and humor before we had to dive back into the serious drama. Samwell is taken to the library and it’s like something out of a Harry Potter movie. Samwell looks close to tears even, at the sight of the library’s might. He is such a nerd. And that’s the end of Samwell’s arc this season. All nicely tied up.

Winterfell is up next as we see Mellisandre and Jon engaged is some small talk, only to be interrupted by a furious Ser Davos. He gives her the late Princess Shirren’s toy and demands she tell Jon Snow what she did. This is a confrontation that I have been looking forward to, as it has been slowly brewing all season. After identifying the toy as Shirren’s, she goes on to admit that they burnt her at the stake. Davos asks why and Mellisandre says something about it being the only way. The entire scene is heartbreaking as Davos’ voice quivers and breaks with his anger and grief. It’s so well acted. In the end, Jon chooses not to execute her for murder and instead banishes her. Smart move as she could be useful in the coming days. As much as I want to hold her entirely responsible for Shirren’s death, I blame Stannis and his wife even more; but they are already dead.

Jon and Sansa talk and she talks about how she sees him as a Stark (LOL, okay if you say so). Now that they have their home back, they both don’t know who should be in charge. Their relationship has always been complicated. It never had the strong foundation that Jon and Arya’s did and so, they still don’t fully trust each other. I can tell that this is going to cause a lot of trouble down the line. The conversation ends as Sansa tells Jon a raven came from the Citadel – a white raven. “Winter is here,” she says.

Then we’re taken to Dorne. Holy Shit, it is Dorne! I almost forgot this place existed! Also HOLY SHIT, is that my queen?! IS THAT LADY OLENNA?! Yes it is. All dressed in black, looking as regal and beautiful as ever. I love her so much. Let me try and focus. The Kardashians are also there of course, as Kris Jenner looks to solidify an alliance between their two Houses.

Now you wanna know why I love Olenna? It’s how she proceeds to read each and every one of the bratty girls for filth. From Kourtney to Kim who is about to talk and gets shut down, to Khloe who wasn’t even going to talk but gets shut down for good measure. It’s like, just as they are about to talk, she goes:200 (8)

And I am just seated there getting my life like:200 (7)

The Queen of Thorns is in no mood for bullshit! She is on a mission to slay the Lannisters. Her son and her grandchildren have been taken from her, this is time for business.

Kris Jenner ever so dramatic rings a bell and in sashays – wait of it – LORD FREAKING VARYS. Should have known this is where the sneaky bastard would turn up. He utters the words, “Fire and Blood” (The words of a certain house of ancient platinum-haired Valyrians)

Speaking of platinum-haired Valyrians, Daenerys has a task to do and the task is to break up with Daario Naharis. She goes about this like the classy boss-ass bitch that she is. She commands that Daario and the Seventh Sons stay behind in Meereen to maintain the work she has done and help new leaders be elected. She also renames Slavers’ Bay to the Bay Of Dragons.

Tyrion and Daenerys have a really nice moment. We even get to see a side of Daenerys that we don’t often see. She admits she is scared.

“You’re in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying,” Tyrion says. And here, I had to do a double take. Is it just me or did Tyrion have a love-struck look on his face when he was looking at Daenerys? Hmmmm! Anyway, she gives him a pin. It’s the symbol of the Hand, and she names him the “Hand of the Queen”. How sweet.

OH LOOK! It’s Serving Girl. I wonder why this random serving girl is getting so much screen time. HMMM! She serves Lord Frey pie and he begins gobbling it up, the old mumu that he is. He asks for his children’s whereabouts and Serving Girl says they are “here”. Ah-ah! The room is obviously empty. So is the girl seeing spirits because I am confused and so is Oga Frey. She goes on and still insists that his children are “here”. The dude looks even more confused and so am I. Then she clarifies. She points at the pie and says, “Here, my lord.”

Holy shitface! Serving Girl just served him his children to eat. And while we’re still reeling from that, Serving Girl reveals herself! And it’s Arya Stark!20160628_154451

And in the coldest Assassin Creed voice you’ve ever heard, she says, “My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die.” Oga Walder aka Kingslayer of life tries to run, but Arya is Daredevil and she drags him back by his roots and slits his throat. We enjoy it, but Arya enjoys it more. She smiles, almost mirroring Sansa’s cheeky smile at Ramsay’s death. The Stark children have gone dark, and my dears, it’s a glorious sight. Revenge is a dish best served with your enemies’ children as the main ingredient. The lessons we have learned here. Take notes, people!

This finale is like that friend that owes you money for five years and in the sixth year, pays you back all your coins with interest! And it’s not even over yet. Lawd yes!

Littlefinger has a come to collect that favor that he is owed for coming to the rescue of Sansa and Co. And for once, this is surprising as Littlefinger doesn’t play coy about this. He boldly states that every move he makes is to ensure his dream. His dream of being on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side. Wait, What!!?? I am very shocked at this. I thought that like Varys, Littlefinger only wanted to put someone else on the throne. I am surprised that he wants it all for himself, although I shouldn’t be, as this is Littlefinger we are talking about. He tries to kiss Sansa and she is like:not-happening-meme

He also mentions how she should be the Lady of Winterfell and not Jon. Oga Littlefinger wants her there for his own gain, not like he actually cares. Biko shift!

Somewhere in the North, close to the wall, I assume, Benjen says his goodbye to Bran and Meera and says something about not being able to go near the Wall as it is made of magic and only the living can pass. He isn’t exactly alive, you see. And it is believed that the Wall was indeed built by a man called Bran the Builder (an ancestor of the Starks) with the aid of giants and the magic of the children of the forest. Some crazy fans believe than Bran Stark is actually Brandon the Builder but that’s another story for another day.

Bran, now at a weirwood tree, is ready to finish downloading his feem from earlier in the season, as you can see, the network is strongest here. The download begins and we are right back at the Tower of Joy. Right where we were last interrupted. Young Ned hears a scream and makes for the entrance of the tower and Holy shit! We are actually inside! Right there on the bed, all bloodied, is the raven-haired, lovely Lyanna Stark. She is weak. She is dying. Bran watches on. She whispers to Ned. It’s mostly inaudible, but then we hear this part: “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.” One of the midwives hands Ned the newborn. And the camera transitions from the baby to JON SNOW!

And I pause for a moment and:dcc1

It’s been years in the making, fam! YEARS! (R)haegar + (L)yanna = (J)on has finally been confirmed!!! The signs have been there, but let me drop this little gem here:IMG_20160627_043610

Most damning of the signs? The fact that Ned never told anyone, not even his wife Catelyn, who the mother of this child he brought home was. Also more than one character expressed their disbelief at how an honorable man like Ned would break his honor and cheat on Catelyn.

Jon Snow is a Targaryen, people! A Targaryen with as legit (if not bigger) a claim to the Iron Throne as Daenerys!

In the North, a meeting is being held. Littlefinger is in one corner with the shadiest look ever resting on his face. The Northern lords are arguing over the Wildings and other things as usual. Lyanna Mormont, being the queen she is, stands up and reads all the Northern lords for their cowardice and disloyalty. I swear, not since Arya Stark have I been this completely impressed with a character! And I just love the way she says “refuse to call”. She gives a moving speech and this little girl is everything! “I don’t care if he’s a bastard, Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins (Does it now? Hmmm). He’s my king from this day until his last day.”

Her rousing speech moves all of them into declaring Jon the King in the North. The scene almost mirrors this one:IMG_20160627_043536

Let’s hope it has a better ending this time. Jon may be the king in the North. But I know who my queen is.IMG_20160610_165544

Her name is Lyanna “I take no bullshit” Mormont. Long may she reign.

In King’s Landing meanwhile, Jamie has arrived via Express Delivery of course, in time to see the havoc his sister-wife has wrecked, and watch her coronation too. Yeah, you read that right. Tired of playing supporting character to whoever is on the throne, Cersei has decided to take the throne herself! She is sworn in by Maester Qyburn as Jamie looks on in horror. She catches his gaze, holds it and then unlooks, turning a resting bitch face ahead.

Hey, it’s Theon! And the Greyjoy Banner! Yara too! OMG! The Unsullied! Holy Cow, I see the Dornish banners too! The Tyrells nko? What’s up? And of course, the badass Targaryen banners!

What is this?!

IT’S AN ARMADA! And it’s a glorious sight! Drogon aka Beyoncé makes his entrance, and like his namesake at the BET Awards, he chooses to splash water around for dramatic effect of course. Michelle and Kelly aren’t far behind! Up ahead, in the first ship is Missandei, Tyrion, Varys (wasn’t this one just in Dorne? Oshey Nightcrawler! Teleporter of life! Master of travels) and Daenerys. The music here is once again incredible, it swells and Daenerys looks ahead, hopeful and finally headed for Westeros. Fire and Blood!


1. The audience of this show has always been split into two. There are the Book readers and the Show watchers. Now I am not exactly a book reader as I haven’t read all the books; in fact, I have only read a couple of chapters of the first book. There is this story about how George R.R. Martin asked the showrunners who Jon Snow’s mother is, and they got it right, and that was why he let them adapt the book for the show. I don’t know how true it is though, but my point is, as Show watcher you really owe it to yourself to kinda dig for more information than what is provided on the show. While IMO they have done a really standout job with the show, the books are a different animal. Now, like I said, I am not exactly a Book reader but I have sought out a shitload of information about the books. So I know a shitload (and with a shitload more to cover), and trust me, there is a shitload to know. The show, for all its awesomeness, barely scratches the surface of the source material at times – which you can’t blame them for; for 10 one-hour episodes a season, there are only so many stories you can tell.

The source material is so vast and rich that I am sure that when this show ends, they can have a prequel show set either in The Age of Heroes, The Long Night, The Doom of Valyria, Aegon’s Conquest, Robert’s Rebellion… Just to name a few, that can run for as many seasons, if not more. Point is, when one knows a bit about the source material, you’d come to appreciate certain things more. For example, the R+L=J theory is one that has been around amongst the fans since the first book. Now I can’t imagine finally having that confirmed (as a Book reader) will have the same impact as someone who only watches the show. If anything, as a Show watcher, it’d feel like just another twist, nothing special, when indeed, it’s this huge reveal that’s been years in the making. You don’t have to read the books, but there are tons of articles and videos out there. Devour them and you’d come to marvel at the genius that is George R.R. Martin.

2. Cersei’s leather-and-chrome gown! My heavens, I legit lost my breath for a second. It was stunning!

3. I am actually very angry at Margaery. But mostly disappointed. So was that it? Was that her super awesome plan? Have her brother also confess and be released so they can – what? Flee to Highgarden? What was her plan for the Sparrow then? Maybe I overestimated her. I was frankly very irritated that she stood by and let her brother get mutilated.

4. Death Toll: It was a brutal week for everyone. RIP to Margaery and Loras. A big Meh to the deaths of Tommen, Mace Tyrell, Maester Pycelle and Kevan Lannister. And a huge Fuck YESSSSS! to the deaths of the High Sparrow, Walder Frey and Lancel Lannister.

5. I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but the footage of the initial explosion of the Sept (the dungeon, to be specific) was seen earlier in the season in one of Bran’s visions. Does that mean Oga Bran can see the future? The rules really aren’t set in stone with regards to his greenseeing powers, are they? He can see the past, somehow affect it too AKA time travel, and now, he can see the future? Goddamn that’s crazy.

6. Cersei’s children were what humanized her a bit. With all three gone, the woman is officially off the rails. King’s Landing hasn’t seen anything yet. You can tell Jamie is now terrified of her. She’s gone and done the exact thing he killed the Mad King for; she’s burnt the whole shit down. She’s the Mad Queen now. Which somehow reminds me of another prophesy, the one about Valonqar. Let’s see if the show fulfills this one. Oh, and I literally just felt numb toward Tommen’s death. I know I wanted the kid gone, but the way he left? Just meh.

7. I love how both George R.R. Martin and the showrunners inject real life parallels into the show/books in the most subtle way. Whether they are calling out religious extremism, political warfare, corruption, slavery or homophobia; take Ser Loras’s situation for example. In the mind of the High Sparrow and his followers, they broke/mutilated him because they “love” him and they “care” and want him to change, because that’s what’s best for him, is it not? But you see, love and care is all well and good, but alas, what most of us need is understanding. You don’t understand something and so it’s human to immediately antagonize it, but take a deep breath, pause and try and see things from another perspective that isn’t yours. Just try.

I feel you know that deep down, once you try to understand, you’ll get it and your hate will disappear. And that’s scary because that hate, that feeling of having a moral high ground is what makes you feel good about yourself and think you are better than the next person.

I love that this tea is always subtly served and I am always ready to take a sip.

8. Cersei has always been a bitch but never really an outright villain. Now that she is though, I bet you she makes the best one we’ve seen on the show yet! Even better than Joffrey and Ramsay, I daresay. And she is already off to a good start! Also notice that she was crowned as Cersei Lannister and not Baratheon.

9. The soundtrack for this season is available for download. It’s composed by Ramin Djawadi. And the entire soundtrack is fucking amazing, especially the “Light of the seven” (which was played at the beginning of this episode). Also check out the YouTube Channel Mayes T. There is a five-part docuseries there about the show that’s really cool. There are other stuffs on there too. So knock yourselves out.

10. This was a season of payoffs! It’s like, after suffering for five long years, we finally get to be hopeful. From Jon’s resurrection to Dany finally headed for Westeros. They even managed to confirm one of the biggest fan theories in the history of literature! I’m so hyped for the next season.

11. I’m sure most of you have heard that the show has apparently just 2 seasons left, and 13 episodes to finish up. Reports say next season will have just 7 episodes while the next one would have 6. The episodes are expected to be much longer though, so don’t fret.

12. Also while it’s been a running joke for me as to how fast the characters have traveled distances that should generally take months, here is actually what I think. The various plot lines are all happening at different times. So just because Cersei is taking down folks at King’s Landing doesn’t mean her plot and say Dany’s plot are running simultaneously; either one of them could be weeks or months behind. I do feel by the end of this season, everyone is on the same page. And plot movements will happen all together, moving forward. That’s me trying to find sense in it.

It’s been an absolute blast covering this show this entire duration. It feels like the 10 weeks have gone by so fast. I have learnt so much more about critiquing and reviewing, and that’s mostly due to the feedback from you guys. Thanks, it’s been awesome. Until whence we see again…IT’S YOUR TURN SOUND OFF!!!

Written by Deola

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  1. Mandy
    June 30, 08:05 Reply

    The one person’s death that pained me was Margery’s. Chai. She seemed to have such an unfinished presence. And she certainly didn’t deserve to go with that despicable Sparrow of a man.
    Then again I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here. Do not make nice with your enemy if your heart is not in it. Openly defy them and you just might be standing on the other side with a glass of wine as you watch them burn.

  2. ambivalentone
    June 30, 08:20 Reply

    If Jon is Targaryen and has a dragon (by rights), a direwolf, the wall, the wildlings backing him….*shudders* If he shud gaan mad penren nko?
    I think there something about incest that makes people mad. Take Cersei and the Targaryens as classic examples.
    Oh, so Margery died??? *snorts* pitiful. She cud just as well have stormed out of the keep without a shouting match. Mumu. She just wasted talent drawing thorny roses for more evil grandmas. Oniranu
    Very anticlimatic tho

    • Santa Diaba
      June 30, 08:53 Reply

      Incest and inbreeding increases the risk of mental and genetic disorders in the offspring. This fact is reflected in Joffrey and Aerys the mad king. In the books, several previous Tagaeryen ancestors were also mentally unstable because of generations of intermarriage.

      • ambivalentone
        June 30, 09:26 Reply

        I know it does (Wrong Turn, ppl). Joffery was only a spoilt brat. Cersei was THE mad one. Perhaps even being in an incestuous relationship and not only a product drives one mad (who knows?)

      • Deola
        June 30, 11:47 Reply

        “The Targaryens have always danced too close to madness. King Jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land” – Ser Barristan Selmy

  3. Chandler B.
    June 30, 09:28 Reply

    My beste scene: Cersie and that ‘nun’ and the ‘wine-boarding’. It was beautiful! Cersei makes the word ‘Shame’ sound so good.
    Shame. Shame. Shame.
    My new fav word to haters and dissenters all over. Shame!

  4. Simba
    June 30, 10:21 Reply

    Hi dear Deola… I do look forward, to reading ur review.. Actually I don’t bother myself when I miss few words while watching the show, Cus I know u ll put me right.

    • Deola
      June 30, 11:32 Reply

      Thanks Simba.
      Much Appreciated.

  5. Canis VY Majoris
    June 30, 10:39 Reply

    “Jon Snow is a Targaryen, people! A Targaryen with as legit (if not bigger) a claim to the Iron Throne as Daenerys!”

    I honestly don’t know what you all see in that Jon Snow. He’s unimpressive with his annoying accent & I was more shocked for the death of the Dorne Prince, than his.

    How does he have a bigger claim biko?
    Either way he’s still a bastard and the people who knew the secret are all dead. Unless the writers want to do some CTL Z kinda cheating. Also there’s no proof really. Its an irrelevant relevation in my opinion.

    Oh and he can burn too. So whatever.

    • Pink Panther
      June 30, 11:06 Reply

      *staring in shock at Canis*
      Oga, did you proposition Jon Snow to be your boyfriend and he turned you down?

      • Bloom
        June 30, 11:42 Reply

        I agree with Canis. How can a bastard have more claim than a direct descendant?

        ‘Oh and he can burn too. So whatever.’ Dracarys, anyone?

      • Canis VY Majoris
        June 30, 11:56 Reply

        The guy that turned down my proposition was eaten alive by his own dogs. I made sure of it LOL.

    • Deola
      June 30, 11:42 Reply

      He arguably has a bigger claim because he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen who was next in line for the throne.
      Dany is Rhaegar’s sister. So its only natural for the offspring to have more claim than the sibling.

      As for the people who all knew the secret being dead. Thats incorrect. Howland Reed was there at the Tower of Joy. And isn’t it convenient that he hasn’t been seen since then?

      Whether or not he is impressive or not, point is his parentage has been something thats been a mystery since the beginning of the series. So Its very RELEVANT.

      How and what they do with the reveal is unknown although the possibilities are numerous and exciting.

      • Canis VY Majoris
        June 30, 11:55 Reply

        Correction Sir 》 Rhaegar’s ‘alleged’ BASTARD son. All evidences for this to be true is absolutely inadmissible unless CTL Z wants to enter. This one that Oga Bran is seeing upandan, they might use him for some high-end time travel interdimensional shit.

        Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targayen is the true and rightful heir to the Iron Throne. I’m ready to riot on this matter.

        PS: I never did care for his parentage. A rare wench was fine with me all along.

        • Deola
          June 30, 12:12 Reply

          LMAO. Jon definitely did something to this one.
          You can put alleged and Bastard all you want but the FACT is he is the son of Rhaegar. And like I said, rest easy Oga Canis. He doesnt want the Throne.

          Trust me the character is meant for bigger things than sitting on some Iron Throne made of Melted Swords.

          And rightful heir? LOL there is no such thing. Rightful heir is all about perspective. Renly and Stannis, believed they were the rightful heirs and yes they both had legit claims to it.

          Dany can claim the throne is hers because she is the “only” Targaryen that is known in the seven kingdoms and because her ancestor Aegon created the throne, but biko the throne belongs to whoever conquers the person thats on it. After all Aegon himself conquered 6 of the 7 kingdoms before he announced himself King.

          The throne is for the taking. If you snatch it, IT IS YOURS thats the whole point of the Game of Thrones.

  6. Bloom
    June 30, 11:34 Reply

    Who else thinks Jon ‘he who knows nothing’ Snow will marry Aunty Daenerys? Or better still, she kills him.

  7. Griffin
    June 30, 11:37 Reply

    Oh my my my!!!!!, Delicious read as usual. And Deola, boy you just make me happy with your writing and where the hell do you get these memes, that meme of you getting your life with Michelle Vasage was everything.
    By the way who still watches Empire, after all my vexing I’ve gone back and the drama be making me watch the clock at work so I can get home to my TV.

    • Sasha
      June 30, 11:53 Reply

      You’re right, his memes are everything.

    • Deola
      June 30, 12:18 Reply

      Thanks Griffin. I felt it Apt since Michelle Visage also gives me life. 🙂

      As for Empire, I gave up on it early on in season 2. Right around the time that Jamal (Then again, everyone on the show couldnt stick to one side for more than 5 minutes) was busy flip flopping with his alliances. One minute he was team Cookie the next he was Team Luscious.

      In my mind Empire had one season of Soapy Wonderful Goodness and then it ended. Thats the story I tell myself and My peace of mind agrees with me. 🙂

      • Pink Panther
        June 30, 12:39 Reply

        Wait WHAT?! You gave up on Empire? You? You have broken up with the Lyons et al? LMAO!

  8. Deola
    June 30, 11:58 Reply

    LOL. What did Jon Snow ever do to you guys o.
    The reveal of his parentage doesn’t mean he’d immediately want the Iron Throne. I’m sure even when he finds out who his father is, he’d still identify as a Stark. And the Starks don’t concern themselves with fighting for the iron throne. He has never shown interest in the throne. So y’all can rest easy.

    The Series is called A Song Of Ice and Fire.
    Some people see that as being about two main characters. Jon(Ice) and Dany(Fire)
    Others believe its just the story of one character. Jon Snow (Ice from his mother Lyanna and Fire from his father Rhaegar)

    Which ever one it is, y’all better realize how important the character (Whether you like him or not) is and the fact that he is kinda end game to this series.

    PS. He isnt a fav of mine either but I realize how important he is to the Series.

  9. Kenny
    June 30, 13:42 Reply

    Deola thank you for all your reviews. That’s all I can say.

    P. S: If you don’t know what to do with yourself before September comes, checkout previous episodes of Deola’s corner. He recommended some pretty good series. Currently watching Madam Secretary and The Knicks atm.

    • Pink Panther
      June 30, 13:49 Reply

      Oh his recommendations are flawless. I discovered Madam Secretary and The Knicks through him and boy, I can solemnly swear that I binged-watched the season 1 of MS in under a week. Secretary McCord is replacing Alicia Florrick in my heart.

    • Deola
      June 30, 15:22 Reply

      Gracias Kenny. It’s been my pleasure ? ?

  10. Lorde
    June 30, 15:03 Reply

    Although I’m not to happy cersei is on the iron throne, I think she was put there so daenerys would have a worthy opponent for the throne, if you look back, both queens have demolished everyone (especially “men”) who crossed them or stood in their way, so it’ll be good so see who’s got the upper hand btw these 2. And there’s this other thing about Jon snow being king in the north, I read online that the north was a kingdom on its own with the starks being the royal family (so to speak) until the targaryen with their dragons came n made the king of the north (at the time) to surrender, then they made him Lord of winterfell, under their rule ofcourse. What if season 7 has Jon and daenerys going against each other, maybe cause daenerys wants all the 7kingdoms and Jon doesn’t want to budge. Now we will all know where our loyalties lie

  11. Truth
    June 30, 15:36 Reply

    Bran’s visions show the shadow of a dragon soaring above the rooftops of Kingslanding. So yes, Bran can definitely see the future.

    Wonderful take as always.

  12. Brian Collins
    June 30, 21:40 Reply

    So I came late to the party as usually. I mentioned Jon being a Targeryen last week and I can still tell you that he isn’t the only one. There is something about Lord Varys hiding one of the Targaryen boys somewhere and my bet is he will show up soon. Who do you think will be the riders of Kelly and Michelle in the wars to come?
    Where are all those crazy ass people (Deola included) who were pitying Cersei last week. That evil bitch ranks as number one in my list of villains. Heath Ledger’s Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’ had the number one spot before but Cersei has relegated him to number three, with her taking the one and two spots. I love Lena Headey so much but I hate that she is playing the role of Cersei, she does it so well.
    I screamed when ‘Serving girl’ revealed herself. I am wondering why Deola did not have much to say about it after what happened at the end of ‘No One’.
    My own is all of them are fighting for one throne or the other when the real fight should be for their lives. #WinterIsHere.

  13. Uziel
    July 01, 17:42 Reply

    Can you please help me with a link of where I can download the soundtracks? I can’t wait to get my ears to the one playing when she rode Drogo in battle in episode 9!!!

    Awesome review, D. Helped me understand what Lyanna said. Thanks.

    • Deola
      July 01, 22:36 Reply

      So Robert Baratheon was as you know, promised to Lyanna. During the tourney at Harrenhal, Rhaegar Targaryen won, but gave a bunch of blue roses to Lyanna Stark. Rhaegar himself was already married to Elia Martel so it was quite the scandal. After the tourney, Lyanna goes missing and its believed she was kidnapped by Rhaegar(Some believe she left of her own volition as she was in love with him and not Robert).

      This is part of what serves as a catalyst for Robert’s Rebellion. as such Robert has no love for Targaryens. if you remember in the first season he was quite concerned about the fact that Dany and Viserys were still alive and wanted them dead which Ned wasn’t in favour of.

      And so what Lyanna says is that if Robert ever found out that not only was the baby a Targaryen but also Rhaegar’s he’d kill him and this was definitely true. Robert was quite the impulsive character. So Ned promises her to keep the secret and so he did till the day he died he told no one not even Jon.

      here is the link :

  14. Somebody
    July 01, 19:31 Reply

    The one I’ll really have to watch is the “fall of Valyria”. After that poem tyrion lannister recited about it when he passed the fallen city… God!! It was captivating!!! About Bran’s vision I thought it was the vision about the mad king. Since his infamous chant “Burn them all” was heard

  15. raj
    July 02, 10:54 Reply

    Please,by next weekend,tyrant will start airing,I would want to submit series for weekly review since HTGAWM and GOT are on recess.
    #containment is cool
    #zoo,not so cool
    #mistresses is nice
    #dark matter is nice
    #devious maids too. Etc

    Back to the matter
    Alright,I see a marriage on Jon to D. She is the strength he needs and he is the man she needs. I think tyrion’s side will eventually win and his side is with D

    So iron throne to D and J
    Winter fell to Sansa
    Arya stark will be a free mercenary

    I just think GOT shifted from male power to female prowess. Season 6 remains the most viewer friendly. We finally got what we deserved.

    Worst date of the series remains ; Papa stark then the red wedding.

    I love GOT..

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