Deola’s Corner: The 67th Emmys

Deola’s Corner: The 67th Emmys

So Last Sunday was the Emmys, the 67th Primetime Emmys. The Emmys are the biggest night in Television; simply put, they are the Oscars of television. This is going be a basic recap / review / commentary of the show, starting with what I thought of Andy Samberg as a host, down to what I thought about the winners of the night.

Andy Samberg did a pretty solid job as a host. His opening musical number was very Neil Patrick Harris-y. It was well thought out, sung and choreographed, not to mention pretty damn funny. Unfortunately his opening monologue wasn’t as smooth. There were a few laughs here and there, and it was obvious that he was nervous and a little bit overwhelmed by the occasion. Whoever wrote the jokes let him down, as they seemed a bit predictable and repetitive (I mean the Bill Cosby joke is a bit been-here-done-that), and his delivery and timing weren’t as solid as they should have been. All in all, a solid job but nothing exemplary.

Rating: B minus

Now to the main gist: the winners of the night

Best Drama: Winner – Game of Thronesemmys 1

Nominees: Orange is the new Black, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Homeland, House of Cards, Better Call Saul

Now I must confess to only watching four of the seven nominated shows this season – GOT, Downton, OITNB, and HOC, and frankly, none of the four shows had exemplary seasons. In the case of House of Cards and OITNB, this was actually their weakest seasons, so no qualms on them missing out. I am a huge fan of GOT, but truthfully, this past season wasn’t the show’s best. It took way too long to get going (although it was pretty glorious when it finally did), and some parts of the story fell flat. (*side-eyes the Sand Snakes, Dorne and Arya storylines*) Although, after losing out to Breaking Bad for years, I guess it was time for them to finally get the win. I just wish it was more deserved.

Lead Actress in a Drama: Winner – Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder)67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Nominees: Claire Danes (Homeland), Taraji P Henson (Empire), Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men), Robin Wright (House of Cards)

First off, I love House of Cards, but Robin Wright had no business being nominated this year. Where was Penny Dreadful’s Eva Green, or Bate’s Motel’s Vera Farmiga, or even Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe? Having said that, it was time for life to be breathed into this category and thankfully, the Academy finally honoured superwoman Tatiana Maslany with a nomination (she really is incredible, I can’t even describe it); as such, I would have been happy with a win for either her, Taraji or Viola. Viola took home the statue, which was completely deserved. While at certain times during the HTGAWM season, it can be said that she was guilty of over-acting or chewing scenery, it doesn’t take away from what was a powerhouse performance in her show’s freshman season. And that acceptance speech? *APPLAUSE*

Lead Actor in a Drama: Winner – Jon Hamm (Mad Men)emmys 3

Nominees: Kyle Chandlers (Bloodline), Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)

This was a shoo-in for Jon Hamm. This was mostly a sentimental win for the Mad Men actor. After being nominated seven times (and losing six times), and with this being Mad Men’s final season, it was a pretty easy guess as to who the Academy would go for this time. Not to say it wasn’t deserved, it was just obviously a sentimental win.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: Winner – Uzo Aduba (Orange Is The New Black)emmys 4

Nominees: Joanne Froggart (Downton Abbey), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Christine Baranski (The Good Wife), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)

This is a category I know all too much about. Now I love me some Orange is the New Black, and some Crazy Eyes, but no, Uzo Aduba shouldn’t have won for this past season. Literally any of the other actresses here are more deserving winners. Not that it was Aduba’s fault; following her wonderful work in Season 2 (which she won an Emmy for, albeit in the Guest Actress Comedy category), she wasn’t given any worthy material in the third season to showcase herself. This was her weakest season and Lena Headey of Game of Thrones had far meatier work and would have been a far more deserving winner.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Winner – Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)emmys 5

Nominees: Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul), Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline), Jim Carter (Downton Abbey), Michael Kelly (House of Cards), Alan Cumming (The Good Wife)

With the exception of Alan Cumming, who shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place, all the other nominees in this category had far stronger seasons then Peter Dinklage. Now Dinklage does phenomenal work on GOT as the fan favourite, Tyrion Lannister, but he didn’t have anything Emmy worthy to do this season. Now the season he should have won for was the last season, where he put in jaw-dropping work, after he was accused of the murder of Joffrey Baratheon-Lannister. Jim Carter and especially Ben Mendelsohn were more deserving in this category.

Guest Actress in a Drama: Winner – Margo Martindale (The Americans)emmys 6

Nominees: Dianna Rigg (Game of Thrones), Rachel Brosnan (House of Cards), Allison Janey (Masters of Sex), Khandi Alexander (Scandal), Cicely Tyson (How To Get Away With Murder)

Sigh. I don’t watch The Americans; been meaning to get into it, but anyone who watched Cicely Tyson’s turn as Annalise’s mother on Murder last season would know that this shouldn’t have been a contest. When someone announces their arrival by delivering a line like, “Don’t you know a VIP when you see one, your boss came out of my V and her Daddy’s P”, without making it sound cheesy or campy, you don’t ask questions. You simply give them an EMMY! Fans of The Americans think Martindale was even the wrong guest actress from the show to nominate; so you can imagine.

The rest of the categories had no qualms with Yours Truly. I was glad that Veep finally broke Modern Family’s five-year winning streak for Outstanding Comedy. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Best Actress in a Comedy, as did Jeffrey Tambor for his already Golden Globe winning turn as a Trans woman in the ‘comedy’, Transparent, in the men’s category. So no surprise there or complaints.

All in all, it was a great year for TV, and as we usher in a new fall TV season, I can see our internet service providers smiling with glee as all our mobile data burns uncontrollably.

Written by Deola

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  1. Mandy
    September 24, 06:10 Reply

    People have passions. Deola, you have proven without a shadow of doubt that Television series is yours. This is really a good take on the Emmys. I’ve seen Orphan Black, and I agree with you, the lead actress there is phenomenal.

    (And soon, peeps like Sinnex will come on this post and lament about how he basically doesn’t understand what it’s about) 🙂

    • sinnex
      September 24, 22:54 Reply

      I have Orphan Black on my system and haven’t seen it. I guess I would watch it after I finish Suits and Banshee.

      It seems like you guys watch different kinds of series.

  2. pete
    September 24, 06:31 Reply

    Pinky, we need to create a bigger platform for Deola. Not really a movie person but Deola is changing that.can we trend #GetDeolaToHollywood?

  3. DeadlyDarius
    September 24, 08:12 Reply

    I agree…some were deserved but others sentimental. I love GOT to bits but it wasn’t best Drama. Really thrilled for Veep tho (Julia Louis-Dreyfus is awesome). However I think i need deliverance cos the way I leave entire seasons of TV series unwatched in my hard drive ehn *looking at Orphan Black, Blacklist, Salem and so many more*


    • Teflondon
      September 24, 09:03 Reply

      I’ve got truck loads of unwatched seasonal movies too.
      You are not alone my dear, you are not alone.

  4. Ruby
    September 24, 08:55 Reply

    Nicely done Deola!
    In other news…
    Scream Queens…
    You gotta love it!
    Funny and Thrilling

  5. MaisonMartinMargiela
    September 24, 09:34 Reply

    John Hamm has 16 Emmy noms, 8 acting noms for Mad Men, 4 producing noms for Mad Men and 4 Guest starring noms for 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  6. Chizzie
    September 24, 10:12 Reply

    Someone knows their stuff! Me, you and your hard drive should meet.

  7. Keredim
    September 24, 10:56 Reply

    Nice summary. I can’t say much about the categories as I don’t watch all the series for which the artists were nominated..

    However I did watch the award show and I don’t think Adam Samberg did a “solid” job.

    I mean you say so yourself:- “…and his delivery and timing weren’t as solid as they should have been…”

    Surely that is the essence of a comedian/host?!??

    • Deola
      September 24, 11:19 Reply

      The opening monologue wasnt so good like i said, but the lil musical video they played in the beginning i think made up for that. I think as the show went on He got more comfortable and did better. Overall, it was a solid job. 🙂

  8. Max
    September 24, 14:24 Reply

    Not much comments… ???

  9. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    September 24, 16:34 Reply

    Finally finished reading through…. Bless God.

    Annalise’s mother was a fav for me.

  10. Darlington
    September 25, 16:02 Reply

    Tatiana Maslany was immensely astounding in “Orphan Black.” Same person but different characters. Makes you think her real clones were actually used for the drama. Who’s watching Empire $2?

  11. Eggsy
    September 26, 15:18 Reply

    I agree with the Aduba/Headey thingy. Although I haven’t watched past the first season of OITNB (its ridiculously boooooring) to know what shenanigans Crazy Eyes has been up to, I can’t help but feel Headey was robbed! Robbed, I say! Robbed!
    And is it just me or who else feels Viola Davis character in Murder was just…meh! Overbloated meh! Maslany will forever be in my heart!

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