“The Movie Does Not Promote Homosexuality.” Director of ‘Bobrisky In Love’ talks about casting Bobrisky and what his film is truly about

“The Movie Does Not Promote Homosexuality.” Director of ‘Bobrisky In Love’ talks about casting Bobrisky and what his film is truly about

He says the movie does not promote homosexuality. Turns out, it also thinks the Transgender identity is just a phase. Shocking.


Bobrisky stars in a film, Bobrisky In Love, that has been showing on Youtube in episodes. The film has also of course had a controversial reception, so much so that it’s been reported that the Nigerian film and Video Censors Board is considering banning it, with the director and those involved in the film’s production accused of promoting homosexuality.

The film’s director, Kensteve Anuka, has recently spoken out in an interview with Saturday Beat, where he addresses the controversy surrounding his film and attempts to give an enlightenment on what his film is about.

Only thing is: you cannot educate anyone when you appear to be basically ignorant of the issue your art is supposed to be addressing.

Anuka clarifies that the film neither promotes homosexuality nor has it been banned.

“There was no ban; a panel was set up to investigate if the movie promoted some things that were against our culture. If it is found to be true, then the movie would be banned. There is no outright ban of the movie,” he says. “It is not good to judge a book by its cover. They need to watch the movie and see the message in the movie. If they have an issue with the lead character in the movie, then I wouldn’t know. As a professional filmmaker, I try to cast people who fit into my script perfectly. Film is make-believe; it’s about trying to convince people.”

He goes on to give a synopsis of the film, explaining, “The movie is about a young man whose father is a core traditionalist. The young man left to study in the western world as a normal man, leaving his family members and fiancée behind. The father was to be given a traditional title, and part of the requirement of the title was to present his son who should take after him.

“He had performed other rites and the last step was for the son to come back. He believed his son was still the way he was when he left for overseas, so he was acquiring properties for him. The father was even in line to become a king. He was very proud of his son and expecting him to come back bigger than he left, only for the supposed son to return as a woman. He was shocked. They (his siblings and fiancée) were all surprised. The character begged his family to accept him the way he is, but his family members insisted that they wouldn’t do that because it was against their culture. It was a battle in the movie.

“The bottom line was that they tried everything to make him behave like a man again, traditionally. That is what the storyline is about. At the end of the movie, the character said he was only playing a game to test the love of his fiancée to see if he would still accept him. At the end of the day, he decided to put away everything that made him look like a woman to be with his fiancée. The movie didn’t try to promote homosexuality.”

The director goes on to talk about casting Bobrisky because “[he] already had the features we needed to interpret the role well” and that “as a filmmaker, we use every tool we have to tell a story”, adding that the film “has to be seen to the end to see that we are not trying to promote [Bobrisky].”

He also stresses that everyone involved in the film’s production are “law-abiding citizens” and “responsible filmmakers”, and that after learning that a panel was investigating the film, they pulled it down from Youtube pending the outcome of the investigation. (Even though, at last check, the movie is still up on Youtube, racking up views).

So, there you have it. Bobrisky In Love of course does not promote homosexuality. It also tries to impress in you the understanding that being transgender is something people do to test the love of those in their lives. Why Bobrisky, who has repeatedly identified as a trans woman, would deign to be part of a project such as this, which passes across a message like this, a message that belittles and demeans the transgender identity, is beyond me.

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  1. Fred
    June 03, 06:19 Reply

    I believe in “little victories”. I guess that’s what Bob (the risky one) is testing too.
    If we can’t support his “tactics”, how do we go about getting our LGBT rights in this country?
    I thought South Africa’s 2006 experience would help us here in Nigeria in some way but here we are – worse than the cavemen days.
    BobRisky may not be our savior BUT I think he’s going about with his antics with a goal in mind.
    I’m not good with words but let’s not be too hard on him. Ooops, I mean HER

    • Pink Panther
      June 03, 07:30 Reply

      Little victories.


      What’s the “little victory” here?

    • Mandy
      June 03, 07:47 Reply

      So the false representation of someone’s identity is a little victory, eh? When Nollywood also releases films that show gay people as demon possessed who get delivered, are those little victories as well?
      SMH. We’ll sha say anything and believe anything to justify the problematic things our faves do.

      • Fred
        June 03, 09:42 Reply

        So what have we done to champion LGBT rights via social media?
        Someone is out there taking little steps an you guys can’t constructively criticise her instead of blowing grammar online?
        Go out there and rally support. Network with people instead of being “correct” in the shadows

        • Mandy
          June 03, 10:09 Reply

          You don’t know me, oga. You don’t know what I do for my community or how visible I am. Just because we interact in the comments section of a gay blog with anonymous identities doesn’t mean we’re all just sitting around in shadows. Maybe you do. Maybe in your lack of contribution is why you are so grateful for scraps like this that Bobrisky is supposedly giving to the community according to you. But don’t presume to think everyone who comments here is as closeted as you are.
          Don’t come for me simply because you have chosen to delude yourself that false representation is good representation for the LGBT.

        • BRYAN PETERS
          June 04, 13:50 Reply

          First off, people actually do stuff for the good of the community. And I honestly dare say that no step at all is better and less harmful than a step in the wrong direction. it shouldn’t be that since we can’t seem to see a ‘Messiah’ that is moving us forward, we should rejoice that someone is moving us, even if he’s moving us backwards

    June 03, 06:20 Reply

    “It also tries to impress in you the understanding that being transgender is something people do to test the love of those in their lives.”

    This the summary. Very false and ridiculous. But in all, it fits with the kind of absurdity that obtains around, hence my lack of surprise. I mean, what did you expect after hearing the title “Bobrisky in love?”

  3. J
    June 03, 10:11 Reply

    Until the premier of this movie, this director hasn’t make headlines before… I know Ken Steve Anuka. He’s a very homophobic man, he used Bobrisky to boost his career. He will never write a script about two masculine men in love.

    Bobrisky is trans, I wonder why she accepted the role in the first place. That she actually wanted to test the love of her fiancee? So she detransitioned at the end of movie? What a load of trash!

  4. Omiete
    June 03, 10:19 Reply

    I knew it. I knew they were using her can you imagine. When I was insulting this low budget mediocrity people were coming for my edges. I love Bobrisky but babe needs to give her self sense. And that Director Sef, I knew it will end up like this so that why until I am sure it’s an lgbt person producing the movie I keep my stan.

  5. Higwe
    June 03, 13:28 Reply

    Lol …
    So this is what actually happened at the end of the movie ??… am I glad I dropped it midway!

    I love Bobrisky …
    I mean I can’t shoot on anyone trying their best to earn a living in this grueling economy but can we stop all this ” Bobrisky is doing this and that for the gay community ”

    If anything at all , he’s making the community look like a joke .
    He’s reinforcing all the negative perceptions and stereotypes people have about gay people .

    Do I love Bobtherisky as an individual making lemonades out of his Lemons ?
    Definitely yes …I always love to see a gay winning as long as it’s not skullduggerous .

    Do I think Bobtherisky has done much in sensitising and educating the masses on the rights and equality of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria intentionally or unintentionally ?
    A reverberating NO .

    No doubt he’s given us more spotlight and arguably sort of to an extent normalised homosexuality …but honestly , who has ever looked at some of Bobrisky’s utterances and actions and been like- “these people deserve respect ” ?

    He’s a walking comedy.
    Sometimes cringy
    most times dulcet
    undeniably entertaining .


    He’s no advocate …and he doesn’t need to be. He doesn’t owe anyone sh*t .

    I think Bobtherisky shines effulgently when we let him be what he is – just Bobrisky .

    Expectations always leads to disappointment.
    ……..And with people like Bobtherisky …..you just have to go with the flow .

  6. Okwuluoka
    September 02, 13:19 Reply

    Bobrisky is neither a transgender nor gay. He has never been. He is a just a cross dresser and all that boob and bum are make up. She definitely has girlfriends and they all all know it. He is a male and that’s it . He is making his money

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