Bobrisky refers to himself as “Nigeria’s first trans”

Bobrisky refers to himself as “Nigeria’s first trans”

It would seem as though Bobrisky either doesn’t understand the validity of gender identity, simply doesn’t care for it, or likes to play with it because of the infamy it brings to him in the eyes of the Nigerian public. Either way, the socialite can’t seem to make up his mind about what gender he identifies with.

First, he came out on a video posted on his instagram page in July last year, appearing to clarify that he is in fact a girl.

Then in August, he reportedly gave an interview where he appeared to walk back his opinion of his gender, saying he does not identify as LGBT and claimed he has a girlfriend who lives in London and who understands that he has to play this “Bobrisky” role.

Then in what is his most WTF interview yet with Bigsam, he appears to ramble on the subject of his gender identity. When asked about why he plays the role of Bobrisky, he says: “I make more money as a girl… I really want to be a girl but it’s just too late that I can’t… I’m making money from being Bobrisky. Being Idris, I make no money, but as Bobrisky, I make money…”

Asked if he would do reconstructive surgery to be more female, he says: “Of course, I will do… But the only reason I will want to change my sex is if I’m going to get pregnant. But if that’s not going to be possible, I would love to remain like this because I’m even way, way prettier than many girls.”

And then, when the interviewer pointblank asks if he is a man or a woman, he responds with: “I don’t know… Even me, I’m confused if I’m a guy, I’m finer than many girls, so me I’m even confused sef. And I’m even growing boobs too, so you can see, plenty things, I even have ass sef, if I stand up now, I have bum-bum. So even me, I’m confused if I’m a girl or a guy because I am way, way prettier than many girls out there.”

And then, in what is a recent instagram post, he returns to the subject of his gender by calling himself “Nigeria’s first trans.” He posted the picture below with the following caption:

“Who is Bobrisky?

“She is a goddess with a soft heart… She snatch the men of her choices so far he has money… She fucks your man, clean mouth and also pretend not to know him in public… Politicians spends on her like never before… She is beautiful… Nigeria first trans… She is classy… No one compete with her and win… She is @tontolet bestie… She is rich… She is an entertainer… She put smile on people face. Haters kiss my ass.”


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  1. Mandy
    March 02, 07:33 Reply

    How come he keeps saying he’s way, way prettier than other girls, as though to be pretty is what makes a woman? This guy is all levels of shallow and dumb. If Americans thought the Kardashians are evidence of how the society rewards the barest minimum, they haven’t met Bobrisky. Such a shame.

    • kristo
      March 03, 01:15 Reply

      guy…u are dark abeg …lol….d guy is just playing Nigerians

  2. Gaia
    March 02, 08:34 Reply

    I just tire for this guy….

  3. Gaia
    March 02, 08:35 Reply

    I even thought he was getting better

  4. Cocent
    March 02, 08:54 Reply

    She’s right about one thing. She’s indeed confused!

    • Rainbow Nova
      March 02, 09:27 Reply

      My dear, I 110% agree with you. What arrant nonsense this early morning for goodness sake, can we not have this costumed fool of a clown making a mockery and ridiculous caricature of gender identity in this already narrow-minded state.

      Most of us actually don’t have the “luxury” of a heart or mind to play about people’s lives and identities all in the name of money and fame. All the best though, pride comes before a fall Miss “I’m way prettier/finer than most girls” like as if! I can’t even believe I used to like him/her, I must’ve been blind or something to not see this coming but gosh how shallow can people be, how selfishly arrogant to feign ignorance and cause such a negative feedback loop on our pending progress in enlightening and restructuring the Nigerian society’s stigmatized opinion of the Nigerian LGBTQIA+ community.

      How can we truly be PROUD when loquacious idiots like Miss “husband-cheater and politician-whore” make a joke of our reality? Fuck the “haters kiss my ass” shit, nobody gives a damn about such a conceited self-absorbed money launderer. This bitch/nigga just made me enter a bad mood this beautiful morning.

  5. Bee
    March 02, 10:10 Reply

    I think I finally understand her. She’s actually trans but knows little to nothing about the LGBT community, and chooses not to identify with it because she wants to stay relevant to her fellow ignorant Nigerian homophobes.

    However, I know nothing concerning her sexuality (and I really don’t care), but she is trans.

  6. J
    March 02, 10:16 Reply

    They are Bobrisky, that’s the gender and sexual orientation. Seriously I support Bobrisky ? I hate labels, people should be what they want to be.

    Bobrisky couldn’t be Bisi Alimi or Miss Sahhara, but Bob is fierce and living Bob’s life. I don’t care that Bob has refused to identify with the Lgbti community, but Bob is a one person army fighting a major battle that no has fought in this country. It’s called bravery and I don’t give a ?.

    Sorry if my comment slays your path, live your own life, don’t give a ?and you can call it whatever! I’m J, just like Bob, I know who I am, but I don’t need a label.

    • Pink Panther
      March 02, 11:00 Reply

      You do realise no one is saying he should identify with the LGBT community, right? Or that he should become an activist or something, right?
      The point isn’t whether he is being queer enough or not. The point is that he is rubbishing what is a valid identity, making what most people find hard understanding even more ridiculous.
      You can shout all you want about supporting Bobrisky, but no one is fighting him here or saying he shouldn’t live his life as he wants or trying to attach a label to him. As a matter of fact, he is the one who appears to be wearing the labels, albeit wrongly.
      The point here is: if he can live his life without besmirching the trans identity or making queer people seem like a joke, it would be just fine.

      • J
        March 02, 12:21 Reply

        I understand perfectly. I know Bob is not intending to make lgbti issues look ridiculous. It’s just the poor, rigid and ignorant state of the country we are in, Bob is being mysterious and that’s what is making her relevant, she’s after the fame and money. We all know that she’s a pre-op transwoman because she’s on Hormones Replacement Therapy (HRT). She’s obviously not a drag queen we both know: Bobrisky doesn’t play with gender roles, she’s 100% feminine.

        There’s transphobia even among the lgbti community, we see it everyday… Straight acting gays hating on feminine gay men not to even talk of transwomen. They believe indulging in the act of homosexuality is a forgivable sin while being trans is an insult to the creator. You of all people shouldn’t have a problem with Bobrisky and what she represents. Some Nigerians prefer learning through the hard way, they will understand someday if they are willing to. It’s just sad that some people would feel misrepresented.

  7. KryxxX
    March 02, 10:17 Reply

    Hian! ? ? ?.

    Nwatakịrị nkenu etinyego m Confuse ni isi! ???????

  8. Higwe
    March 02, 11:03 Reply

    I know this might sound all kinda of cliche, but …WHO CARES?
    He can choose to call himself whatever he wants to; it’s clearly working out well for him too.
    While Bobrisky has never been a clear advocate of the LGTB community, he’s never worked against it either -didn’t he give that “did they caught us” guy, 100k a while back? –
    Nigeria is something else now, let all man face him hustle.
    Bobby, abeg carry on, you fit call yourself evil spirit, as long as maga pay lass lass ,all join.

  9. McDuke
    March 02, 11:39 Reply

    Why are you guys berating her…she hasn’t done anything wrong as far as I’m concerned. She’s just living her best life and anyone judging her here should be ashamed. Even this post itself is full of bias which is a disappointment coming from a blog like this. She mustn’t identify with the community…she doesn’t owe anyone that…activism is not by force. Besides she has done more for the community more than so many of you here can say…when James Brown was been made caricature of online he was the only one that publicly identified with him. You guys should pls free the guy…he doesn’t owe any of you shit…

    • Black Dynasty
      March 02, 16:03 Reply

      You echo my thoughts on the matter tbh. He’s living his life bravely and unapologetically in the public eye.
      Sure there’s a bit of ignorance on the community but he hasn’t done anything wrong IMO.

    • Pink Panther
      March 03, 08:26 Reply


      I really really REALLY find it exasperating when someone conflates issues that I never said I had a problem with in the first place. I am going to say it again, just in case you didn’t get it the first time from the “disappointment” of a post you read.





      Are you clear on that?

      Now do you want to know what my issue is?

      How about you stop exalting his fabulousness and excusing his many many blunders, and start holding him accountable for the ways he has turned a valid existence for some people into a joke!!! How about you stop focusing on us “haters” and start looking critically at how he makes it difficult for Nigerians to take seriously the queer identity. I am so godawful tired of you adoring queer people refusing to interrogate the harm Bobrisky does, and attempting to shame those of us who do into silence.

      If you want to be blind to what he represents, fine. By all means, knock yourself out. But please, stop trying to shut us up when we speak.

  10. Chizzie
    March 02, 16:29 Reply

    This man keeps doing the LGBTQ a disservice in Nigeria. Here is someone who has the platform to enact change, yet all he has done is be a caricature. How do people take our community seriously when the one mainstream representation we have continues resort to comedic antics for attention.

    At the end of the day he is still a man in a dress, he is just as misogynistic as the average Nigerian man, just as crass as the average Nigerian celebrity, just as elitist and filled with colourism. In a nutshell, a typical Nigerian man, this time with heavy make up on and snapchat filters

  11. Uzor
    March 02, 21:29 Reply

    The problem with Bob using her “confusion” for fame is that she makes hetero homophobes feel all gay people are confused people going through phases. People like her make the lgbt community look like a bunch of attention seekers.

  12. Eddie
    March 02, 21:37 Reply

    I love Bobrisky…
    Y’all talk as though you don’t know the kind of pressure an individual is under to conform in Nigeria… It takes real courageousness (and probably an international visa/passport in case you need to bounce lol) to stand up in the face of so much hate and prejudice as an ordinary LGBTQ citizen, not to talk of an LGBTQ celebrity(though he denies)…
    He’s still not accepted by a majority of Nigerians(despite his claims of being straight so go figure) but he’s as close to an LGBTQ icon as one can get in our clime…. Him,Denrele, and other gender fluid individuals out there….
    At least,they(the rest of the ignoramuses and others) know that we are here and are here to stay through people like him.

  13. no
    March 03, 03:45 Reply

    I’m sorry but I laughed. His insistence that he’s prettier than most women was pure comic relief.

  14. Dreamdave
    March 03, 10:16 Reply

    Don’t know why, but I believe and hope that this community should be more accomodating to people like Bob, for one, u have to understand where he is coming from and the rejection, hate and he had to face being feminine in our Nigerian homes, family n schools…. He had to be strong enough to turn this inherent challenges into a money making thing.
    Two, you have to acknowledge that he is not as educated or exposed as many of us here have been from childhood to learn about the lgbt n various labels that are out there, yet he put himself out there, it takes courage. We have to find a way to encourage his bravery and if possible educate him Cos no one is perfect or knows everything and u know there is no any form of sex education in Nigeria that addresses the issues of gender identity we all just assumed that if u are not heterosexual u are homosexual but there are many more sexual identities out there and it’s forbidden to even talk about sexuality in our homes.
    Three, we all know that this bobrisky’s image is his public image that appears so strong n bold. Idris has his real person, that gets emotional n lonely too, that get depressed, that has sexual urges n also wants people to accept him just as he is, without questions , I know cos I have been there too. Am straight acting n still very very much in the closet… And yet I know what it feels like to have to come out and answer questions from reporters who are all waiting to read inbtwn all line and quote u out of contexts. They are waiting for your fuck up to make their head lines n social media ratings go up at Ur own expense.
    Bob, kudos… I stand with u. Pls don’t conform be u, I know those answers u give publicly have been rehearsed over a thousand times n yet it doesn’t come out the way u want it. Be strong n keep moving on.

  15. Delle
    March 03, 13:34 Reply

    When Bobrisky first came to our notice, I loved him…her…shim *sighs*.

    I loved what Bob represented. It seemed as though we finally had that poster ‘person’ for change. A breaker of stereotypes. Changing the mindset that men must be all macho and masculine.
    I liked his courage! I wished, then, that I could be as bold. As brave.

    Then I watched with patience all he was up to. The interview where he said oh-so-casually that he supports the 14-year law, a reply that had no question, was the first break.
    I despised him.
    I got berated for it over time. People were, still are, sensitive to this Bob of a person and a lot felt, still feel, he has nothing upstairs (he actually doesn’t), and that’s an excuse for his ignorance. And so, I let my sentiments go.

    But just like that James guy, Bob is dense and over the years, he’s only proven this over and over.

    Now I’m like, “How long do we keep looking away from all this? How long do we, the LGBT community, keep making excuses for her incessant goofs?”

    On the heels of this, I am so thankful for this post.

    If Bob, at his stage in this life, cannot think to educate himself on what he NEEDS to know about gender identity (seeing as his life is all about his identity as Bobrisky), then I’m not sorry for being irritated by him. If he won’t surround himself with sensible friends that can enlighten him on human sexuality, sexual behaviour and gender representation, then he’s quite the irredeemable fool. If he won’t take time out of shaking his bum on IG, kissing Tonto, and read, read the appeal of the numerous queer Nigerians he’s being dismissive of, then it’s sad.

    Who cares if he wants to identify with the community? No one is mandating him to. Definitely not me.

    But is he making a caricature of identities that are valid to other people, especially when these identities are already being ridiculed by the same people he’s selling himself to, yes! And that, my friends, is a very big problem

    The community in this part of the world is under construction and he, Bob, is like that armadillo that burrows at the walls we’ve so far enacted.

    He needs to be called out.

    He’s misogynistic.

    He’s ignorant.

    He’s just the average Nigerian with the bravado to wear female’s clothing and get applauded for it. I’m tired of some individual using the community as a footstool to project himself when he can very well do exploits with the platform he’s been given.

    It’s even more annoying because I still have to defend (s)him when my bigoted colleagues at work want to make mockery of his person yet he doesn’t want to have sense.

    And just when we thought it was only Bob, ‘they did not caught me’ slides in with a limping donkey. And what does he have to offer asides courage?



    • Hp
      March 03, 13:51 Reply

      Yet this courage is what most of us lack!

      • Delle
        March 03, 19:26 Reply

        Well thanks to them, I now know Courage isn’t the only thing needed to emancipate the LGBT. Courage with a healthy dose of blatant ignorance is still as poisonous as homophobia itself.

        • Babe
          March 03, 22:25 Reply

          Despite the fact that Bob isn’t woke, I’ll keep supporting him for the fact that he keeps bigots pressed with the knowledge that they can do nothing about it.

          but yeah, he needs to be educated

          • Delle
            March 04, 09:18 Reply

            Like I’ve earlier said, I defend Bobrisky especially when he is brought up as a discourse of mockery amongst my colleagues in the office (it’s more an obligation on my part than a fondness for his person) but when in the midst of my friends, Bob is just that attention-seeking cross-dresser in need of serious enlightenment; one who is over time becoming a threat to our community. Please, he’s problematic especially if this sort of thing keeps occurring. And I stand on this.

      • Bee
        March 04, 06:57 Reply

        There’s a difference between not having courage and not having public attention. There are so many courageous, valid LGBT voices that people are seemingly refusing to listen to. And it’s too obvious that they aren’t listened to because they are raw and true, devoid of the occasional homophobia that Bob soothes the public with.

        • Delle
          March 04, 09:22 Reply

          Very pathetic. But then again, it’s all about tactics. Strategy matters most. If these supposed LGBT folks can push themselves out there, rub their hands over our faces as Bob is doing, they’ll be noticed.

          Denrele is doing just fine only that he hasn’t worn that rainbow badge as most probably expect. But he has done just fine.

  16. irtiza
    March 22, 00:41 Reply

    Deevaah claimed that Bobrisky is one of the problems they have in Nigeria, and accused him of causing misconception about transgenders with his lifestyle.Reacting to this, Bob dragged Deevah to filth, referring to her as a female pig and advising her to calm down so he can make her a millionaire.

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