Does God Hate Homosexuals?

Does God Hate Homosexuals?

The early Christian laboured to spread the gospel and the life and times of Jesus. Christ’s early followers were brought up with the moral codes of Jewish religion, but the sexual ethics of the gentiles they sought to convert was dramatically different. In a world dominated by the pagan Roman Empire, a variety of sexual appetites were known and even celebrated. The pantheon included Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Pan, a pastoral fertility god, and many other deities renowned for their sexual adventures. Roman laws permitted polygamy, divorce, prostitution by both male and female. The tradition allowed for the carnal union between men and boys, the sexual use of slaves, sacrifice of unwanted infants through abortion and infanticide.

Christians pride themselves in a dramatically different view of sexuality. “This is the will of God, your sanctification, that you abstain from fornication. That each of you know how to control your own body in holiness and honour, not with lustful passion like the gentiles who do not know God…” – 1 Thessalonians 4:3.

The word fornication is found in the New Testament and is described by many as sex outside marriage, but that’s not what the word originally means. Fornication was translated from the Greek word ‘pornia’, which is a basket term that refers to any serious sexual offense namely incest, bestiality, adultery, rape, hiring of prostitutes, shrine prostitution/idol worshiping.

The word fornication was derived from “fornix”, a Latin word which means ‘archway’ or ‘vault’, and which became a common euphemism for brothels where prostitutes could be solicited in vaults beneath Rome. More aptly, fornication means “done in the archway”, thus, it originally referred to prostitution.

Ancient Rome was filled with hundreds of statues of their gods, hundreds of free bathhouses and shrine prostitution temples. The goddess named Cybele was the most popular of all the deities. Romans call her Mater Deus, which means “mother of the gods and protectress of Rome”. Inside Cybele’s temple were the Galli priests. Galli priests were castrated men who offered themselves sexually to male worshippers. During ritual ceremonies, the Galli were known to make loud sexual moans and give wild erotic dances which drove worshipers into a state of complete and unrestrained ecstasy. This ecstasy was also induced by the use of recreational drugs. A variety of drugs and alcoholic beverages were used in pagan ceremonies. Drunkenness was connected with the widespread practice of divination. A ritual act designed to allow direct communication with the gods. Worshippers believed it gave them the power to foretell the future and insight to interpret the reasons for illness and misfortunes.cia_de_bolso_roman_empire

A variety of species of plants were smoked and administered through the anus to induce a trance-like state. Sources can confirm that ingesting psychoactive drugs usually produces a more powerful instantaneous reaction than drugs taken orally. Once the drunkenness took effect, all too often, that ecstasy was soon turned into self flagellation. In Romans 1: 22-27 and Romans 6:12, Paul writes about the people indulging in pagan adultery, which resulted in the committing of sexual acts that went against nature.

It’s important to note that there is no mention of two men or two women in a loving committed relationship. It doesn’t even mention two women having sex. It simply says that as a result of their idolatrous ways, God gave them up to vile passion which included women doing things against their nature and men doing lustful things with other men.

Those lustful passions aren’t specified, but it does bring to mind the story of the golden calf, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai to find the Israelites engaged in drunken sexual orgies after praying to the shrine they created. Every clobber passage used to persecute homosexuals has a direct reference to idolatry and temple sex. The reason for this is because in order to please false gods, pagan sex would have to be a regular occurrence, and by engaging in anal or same sex, worshipers would prevent any impregnation. Keep in mind this was before the invention of condoms. By preventing impregnation, there wouldn’t be any confusion of the blood line passed to their children, which was important not only in Jewish culture but also the Romans.

Paul’s use of the phrase “against nature” justifies many Christians’ reasoning behind the persecution of gays. It’s common for some Christians to call a gay person unnatural, but Paul’s use of the phrase did not refer to same-sex relationships, but instead referred to pagan ritualistic sex. It is clear that ancient writings show that the worshipping practices of these idols was an intense drug-infested experience that brought people to a transient state of mind, causing themselves injuries. The sane mind would not do self harm such as flagellation, castration of the penis, the sexual use of children and human sacrifice.

St Justin, an early Christian apologist who lived between AD103-163, addresses Romans in his writing saying, “We see that almost all so exposed (not only the girls but also the males) are brought up to prostitution. And as the ancients are said to have reared herds of oxen, goats, sheep or a grazing horses, so now we see you rear children only for this shameful use. And there are some who prostitute even their own children and wives and some are openly mutilated for the purpose of sodomy; and they refer these mysteries to the mother of the gods (Cybele).”

Furthermore, the idea of sex against nature comes from the concept of people having sex with angels. The angels were said to have tried to assume power and because of that, they were cast down from heaven to earth. The fallen angels acted in direct opposition to God’s will by inter-breeding with humans. In Genesis 6, the Bible talks about the sons of gods (gods, plural) mating with daughters of men, and there is a certain evil connotation to it. How can angels have sex? Enoch describes it thus: “Extra terrestrials stood on earth; they had sex with some of our girls.” This was so written by Enoch; it wasn’t God’s invention. Enoch never called them gods. He called them guardians of the skies or watchmen. According to ancient texts, fallen angels not only mated physically with the earthly women, they produced offspring, the Nephlim, a race of giants similar to what was portrayed in the story of David and Goliath.

These sexual acts were forbidden by God’s laws, and that’s how First Century readers understood Paul’s use of the phrase “against nature” when referring to sex.

Romans 1 never condemned two men or two women in a loving committed relationship. It clearly addressed pagan idolatry that was rampant in Roman culture. The phrase “against nature” refers to the drug-infested sex rituals done to honour false gods through flagellation, castration of the penis, child prostitution, sex with angels, and human sacrifices. Finally, verse 26 does not mention two women having sex, but says that women changed the natural use of what is against nature.

If St Paul wanted to condemn gays, he would’ve simply said two men or two women are forbidden to fall in love, but he didn’t. Many Christians have clearly taken verses 26 and 27 out of context in order to justify their personal disdain towards gays. The above simply agrees with God’s jealous nature. He hates allegiance to other gods. He hates any sexual act done ritualistically.

And bearing all this in mind, the question remains thus: Does God hate homosexuals?

Written by Gad

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  1. kendigin
    March 15, 04:55 Reply

    Personally i think this exercise in futility. The age of religion is slowly being extinguished and replaced with science and logic.

    No matter how u argue it, the bottomline is christianity had no place for homosexuals, along wit a long list of others. i honestly dont think gays can truely call themselves xtians.

    one is natural the other is by choice.

    • mike daemon
      March 15, 05:26 Reply

      Kendigin, I totally agree with you, effiminate guys aRe the worst victims because, even if they succeed in avoiding gay-sex, Christianity does not have anything to do with them it condemns and rejects them completely, its like they were created to be rejected and destroyed, see ‘KING JAMES BIBLE.
      Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not
      inherit the kingdom of God? Be not
      deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters,
      nor adulterers, NOR EFFIMINATE, nor abusers
      of themselves with mankind,

      So they are rejected already for resembling a woman, so stop the choir singing with ur jerry curled hair, and tight outfits, *proceeds to wank dick*

  2. mike daemon
    March 15, 05:15 Reply

    Gad, brilliant write up, I love what you have done so far, your defense technique has been used by many gays, who identify as christians to defend their sexuality, if am allowed to be a little bit traditional, see the Bible itself never supported homosexuality, infact the bible goes ahead to prescribe the impending doom that’s waiting for homosexuals, HELL.1 Cor. 6:9 says (‘Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not
    inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be
    deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor
    idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have
    sex with men…’) Now let us examine the word, ‘CHRISTIANITY’ the meaning is simply ‘christ-like’ and haha and we all know that Jesus Christ was no homosexual, he is a model for the christian faith, and so if you want to identify with that name you need to live up to a certain standard which has been made clear in the bible, he accepted sinners yes, but he asked them to go and SIN NO MORE, so you can’t be a follower of christ and continue in the so called, ‘SIN’ so let’s be real and face it, you can’t be a homosexual and be a christian at the same time. So fuck religion, and n be YOU, I personally think nobody is going to heaven atleast according to what the Bible/God/Religion requires. That’s why I call the bible, ‘A BOOK OF IMPOSSIBILITIES’.

    • Max
      March 15, 06:19 Reply

      Million likes @Mike, according to bible standards, no one is qualified for heaven.
      The sexuality of Jesus was never discussed in the Bible.

    • Gad
      March 15, 06:55 Reply

      I had the controversy this will bring in mind while putting it together. Issues of faith is by choice/conviction. As I have always said on this blog, people should carry out a personal study of the God they want to worship and follow him based on their convictions and not what other people tell them. The Bible is God’s word.Thats my belief but the aspect of that word that conflicts with the personality of God should be questioned and investigated. God is a respecter of laws. God is all loving.God created all including straight,gay,effeminate etc and He loves all unconditionally. If hate for a category of His creation appears in His word,I have to find out what has gone wrong. That’s what I have done. In case anyone has problems with the above,maybe he should consider this: the Bible made it clear that it was only through grace (unmerited favor) that one can enter heaven. He calls our righteousness filthy. Why is it difficult for us to see that all we need do is believe. Accept and acknowledge him as personified in Christ. That’s all we need. Accept Christ and it’s as if you never sinned.Reject Him and your sins holds you fast and takes you to hell.Thats my own conviction.

      • mike daemon
        March 15, 08:36 Reply

        @gad, its as if we never sinned? Hahaha there’s a problem here either the God you are talking about is in denial or wants us to continue in pretense, and that we are pretentiously holy, and yet still, your God proceeds to say in his bible that all unrighteous people will not go to heaven, it should be then ‘all unpretentious people will not go to heaven’ hahaha *gets back to wanking dick*

        • Gad
          March 15, 10:21 Reply

          The bible says in the book of John(i can’t get the chapter now); “if anyone sins we have an advocate with the father,Jesus Christ,the righteous, He is the propitiation for our sins.” the Bible also referred to Christ as “our righteousness”. As a said earlier,belief in christ is not mandatory,its by conviction. Its a personal experience. We can only get guidance from people but the bulk of the work lies with the individual.

  3. iamcoy
    March 15, 06:21 Reply

    Gad good research.. but did Paulo tell you all this? ‘Paul did not mean this, Paul did not mean that…..’
    Arent you trying too hard??

    • Gad
      March 15, 11:32 Reply

      @ iamcoy,The answer you seek are already in the post. Paul didn’t say this or that but history told us.

  4. Samurai
    March 15, 06:23 Reply

    nah. you can’t say we all know Jesus was no homosexual.

    at best, the bible portrayed Jesus as an asexual human being. So there is nothing at all to be learned from Christ’s life in this area.

    and that is one bad thing about this Christianity thing. You’re supposed to fashion your life after that of a man, more than 90% of the details of which we know nothing about. Out of his supposed 33 years on earth, we can only account for 3 years. and out of those 3, we have only his teachings to work with and nothing at all about his personal life except that he prays a lot. And that is actually not enough.

    so whether Jesus was homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual, nobody knows because the bible writers didn’t think it important to include such information. And one more shocker I’ll leave you with is that Christianity is fashioned after Paul, not even Christ. It is Paul’s theology that permeates the whole body of doctrines of Christianity.

    • Dennis Macauley
      March 15, 08:04 Reply

      Personal details about Jesus was conveniently left out to play up his divinity and down play his humanity.

      • Absalom
        March 15, 08:40 Reply

        Assuming he even existed. Aren’t there historical findings that state that Jesus was totally made up?

        • Gad
          March 15, 10:29 Reply

          If Jesus was made up please let’s have the facts.

        • Gad
          March 15, 10:54 Reply

          It’s only fair that you avail the house of whatever facts you have which suggests that Christ is a fraud. I believe that Christ is real. History has proved it. Jewish traditions acknowledge Him. Historical sites and relics that SHOUTS about His life and times are still there. I don’t believe in pilgrimages but I will have to start considering a pilgrimage to Jerusalem not in search of truth but to clear all doubts since I have already known the truth

        • Gad
          March 15, 11:01 Reply

          Please drop the link here 4 d benefit of all

      • Pete
        March 15, 11:32 Reply

        Absie, historical documents exist showing Jesus was in the world at around the time claimed by Christians.

      • MacArdry
        March 15, 14:31 Reply

        The so-called “findings” have been busted over and over as hoaxes,Absalom.So far,the bulk of evidences point to a historical Jesus who lived and died the time his followers claim he did

        • Gad
          March 15, 18:11 Reply

          @ MarcAdry, anyone still denying that Christ was here is simply living in self deception. That’s why I requested the information to be dropped here for all to see and think on.

  5. Pete
    March 15, 06:28 Reply

    I still maintain that religion is a personal relationship. Do I need to find solace in ancient texts that have undergone different translations & surgeries? Do I need to listen to men regurgitating what they have heard? Do I need to do what majority are doing even if I feel they are wrong?

  6. Pete
    March 15, 06:31 Reply

    Ask yourself this, we all know for biblical accounts that Jesus was educated and can read & write. Why didn’t he write a book/ letter that can be a point of reference?

    • Gad
      March 15, 18:11 Reply

      @ Pete,must every educated person write a book? Christ is God.we have the bible which we are still battling to come to terms with and you are demanding for another book from God

  7. Pete
    March 15, 06:34 Reply

    Also, bear in mind that the bible was compiled like 300 years after the death of Christ during the reign of emperor Constantine who was a pagan. The group debated on which books to include & the ones to discard. How did they arrive at their criteria?

    • chestnut
      March 15, 06:49 Reply

      Pete kilode? This one dat u’re following yourself back-to-back…u dey vex? Lol

      • Pete
        March 15, 08:37 Reply

        Nuttie, ain’t vexing. Just felt I should get them off.

    • MacArdry
      March 15, 14:38 Reply

      Aha,someone who knows about the Council of Hippo.
      The books discarded were obvious fakes tho,many written decades/centuries after the death of the Apostles,yet attributed to them or to someone purportedly close to them.
      Heck,the Bible popularly in use now is even missing some books the Protestants deem unworthy to have been included in the first place.

  8. Sinnex
    March 15, 06:41 Reply


    Tell me something I don’t know.

    • Sinnex
      March 15, 06:49 Reply

      This doesn’t stop me from being a Christian…

  9. chestnut
    March 15, 06:44 Reply

    Say what u will about him, but Gad’s proclivity for pain-staking research is admirable!
    (Er…dont “ingesting” and “taking orally” mean the same thing?)

  10. Max
    March 15, 06:54 Reply

    People often quote the bible as if its some magical book written and sealed by God and handed down to humans. We know very little about Jesus. The authors included only things they deemed imoortant, things that’ll inspire people.
    The books were then edited by “men” who chose which script to include and to discard based on their own personal agenda at the time.
    Fast forward 2000 years later and people are still living their lives(**coughs) based on the terms of the book. The message is all loud and clear, but humans are needy and fearful. They’d rather believe in something than nothing and Thats why various religions have sprung up around the world, each with their own rules and regualtons, going neck to neck against each other and which one is the ultimate and one true religion. Religion as a whole is meant as a form of control, the early humans discovered it. Imagine what would happen if man was allowed to do as he pleases, without any repercussion. If you could have orgies and random sex with anyone and everyon . Tell lies and cheat your way across the world, kill people and snatch other people’s spouses, covert people’s property as your own. We wouldn’t last a species if such became the case. So they had to make people accountable for their sins by placing capital punishments to each of these sins, to make people scared of doing them. And also to convince them that the orders came from high above and not from man.. And naturally man is scared of the unknown, so it worked and is still working till this day.
    Look at the Nigerian government with no accountability of the people @ the top, there’s no punishment for any crime etc. See how Thats going. Thats what the bible prevents.

    Its actually both a blessing and a curse… Unfortunately, we’re the ones facing most of the negativity it brings.

  11. Masked Man
    March 15, 06:55 Reply

    I don’t even need christian validation to be happy. Pope can go fuck the imam. That’s his business. This same bible? This same bible that Jonathan fell crazily in love at first sight with David and church goers called it close friendship? Fuck it mehn. That’s the greatest love story of all time. They cried for each other and kissed….OMG….so romantic.

    Everybody knows King James was a gay king. It was well known. So, I don’t even touch any king james bible.

    And Shakespeare was involved in translating the latin bible into King James bible.

    I think Christians should thank gays for the bible they have today.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 15, 07:02 Reply

      Lmao!!!! MM, ride your point to the pulpit, mehn! Ride on!

    • Gad
      March 15, 07:07 Reply

      King James was gay? This is a new dimension. I have to find out more.thanks for the info. I know that the printing press was invented for the printing and circulation of the Bible but I never knew uncle Shakespeare participated in the translations.

    • chestnut
      March 15, 07:14 Reply

      Wait…King James was a gay King? And EVERYBODY knows this? I’m goin to need you to give me some research material on the subject (LASTMA tinz). Tanx.

    • MacArdry
      March 15, 14:47 Reply

      King James was gay,but he didn’t participate in the translation of the Bible.That version bears his name cos bulk translation occurred during his reign tho they started under Elizabeth 1.Final translation was under his son’s reign when they took out the Deutero-canonical books at the Westminster Council,1635(or is it ’38).
      Shakespeare never had anything to do with Bible translation of any kind,he was a playwright during the reign of Elizabeth.Get your facts right.

      • Gad
        March 15, 18:18 Reply

        @ Pete,must every educated person write a book? Christ is God.we have the bible which we are still battling to come to terms with and you are demanding for another book from God

  12. Mitch
    March 15, 07:10 Reply

    Extraordinary research, Gad. You really need to teach how to research as painstakingly as you do.
    As for the topic of Christianity and homosexuality, we would all do well to remember that most of Christianity stemmed from Judaism, the Jewish traditional religion. The law books of the Jews i.e Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are spattered with various punishments for the sin of homosexuality. I mean, it’s pretty clear to understand when these books speak about “men lying with fellow men as with a woman”. What other explanation do we need for that save that which is clearly intended as the message in that context? Christiandom will always remain anti-gay due the origin of the religion so let’s not fool ourselves. Thank you

    • MacArdry
      March 15, 14:50 Reply

      Only Leviticus and Deuteronomy.And it was included among sundry sexual sins as adultery,fornication,temple prostitution,etc.So,to a large extent Gad is right.More research on that needed though.

  13. Masked Man
    March 15, 07:18 Reply

    Psalm 46 has always been credited to shakespeare. For some echnical reasons. 46th word from the beginning of the chapter is ‘shake’. 46th from the end reads ‘spear’. No be me talk am. That’s was in the 16th century and they say he was 46yrs at the time.

  14. kendigin
    March 15, 07:28 Reply

    OK enough commenting. You pipo shld be going to church before ur parents/neighbours will say u are the witch preventing their progress.

  15. Masked Man
    March 15, 07:30 Reply

    If indeed homosexuality was to be condemned Thomas Moore used the word “invert” in 1533. “Invert” was one of the words used to denote homosexuality. 

    So by the time of the writing of the King James version there were several words in use which would have condemned homosexuality. They WERE NOT used! Ask yourself: If there were plain and simple words to mean homosexuality why weren’t they used? Simply because homosexuality was not the issue in these passages that the religious right use. Almost every biblical scholar today will agree on that point.

    It wasn’t until 1946 with the coming out of the Revised Standard Version (RSV) did we find the word homosexual in an English translation. ”


    • kendigin
      March 15, 07:48 Reply

      my dear it appears u are trying too hard. even if u win this argument about biblical translations and interpretation, i doubt it will translate to any meaningful changes in real modern day christianity.

      the pope tried it earlier in the year and failed. the pope is the single most
      powerful christian entity. modern christian are so accustomed to homophobia and hate, it is almost impossible to change xtian views.

      • Gad
        March 15, 09:23 Reply

        Please let’s all note that this effort was for us and our brothers/sisters alone. It doesn’t have the church nor its acceptance in mind. The aim is for the gay christian to find inward peace.Self acceptance. That’s the greatest gift anyone can give himself

    • Gad
      March 15, 08:51 Reply

      @Masked man, bless you

  16. bade
    March 15, 07:57 Reply

    First, it is important for Christians to understand that God does not hate anyone. God may dislike certain behaviors, but He loves each and every person. In reading the Bible it becomes clear that God wants each and every person to come to Him and believe in Him. He is a loving God.However, some people mix up God’s dislike of certain behaviors with the people themselves, so they may say that God hates homosexuals. These people are of the belief that homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes and that a marriage union is only acceptable if it is between a man and a woman.
    Yet, we are all sinners, Every single person, homosexual or not, is special in God’s eyes. Sometimes it is about our own views of our behaviors that leads us to believe we are less special in God’s eyes. If you are of a denomination that has deemed homosexuality as a sin, you may be faced with guilt about your same-sex attraction. However, it is your own guilt that makes you think that God loves you less.

    • Gad
      March 15, 09:39 Reply

      @ Bade,you are so correct. I belong to a communion that seems to be championing the fight against same sex relations world over. I have made it clear that I don’t agree with some aspects of our doctrine because in my opinion it’s man’s view not God’s. I’m nominated for an award on 27th of April and all awardees are expected to declare that they are not gay or denounce it if they are. I don’t know how to go about it but I’m sure a mild drama will occur because I will simply skip that expect when it’s my turn. I’m also considering going to the Bishop before time and speak with him. The last option is to reject the award but it’s difficult. One of my dreams as a child has been to be knighted into the order of knights of st James.this is one of the trials of gays in this clime but it’s not worth a heartbreak or…

      • MacArdry
        March 15, 15:02 Reply

        “..order of knights of st james”.
        Hehehehehe,you’ve been aspiring for the right order unknowingly.King James was as queer as a 3-pound note.

        • Gad
          March 15, 19:18 Reply

          Knights of St James not King James

    • MacArdry
      March 15, 15:08 Reply

      You’re quite correct.My denomination views only the sexual act itself,between those of same sex,sinful.Not the person involved nor the attraction.It strongly suggest those of same-sex attraction abstain from sex/be celibate,but then……

  17. Absalom
    March 15, 08:10 Reply

    Angels fucking women. Believe that and you’ll believe anything.

    I’m sorry, but homosexuality is a scientific conversation, not a religious one. If religious people truly want to answer their questions on homosexuality, they should pick up texts on psychology, human sexuality or simply Google studies in this area. Not read scripture. 2000 years is a really long time, and the world has moved on.

      • Gad
        March 15, 09:49 Reply

        In moving on,if you don’t take some aspects of the past you might not understand who you are or where you are coming from. A lot of confusion might take place.

  18. Dennis Macauley
    March 15, 08:11 Reply

    The christian god doesnt hate gays? Okay na, but his people said he frowns against premarital sex. But then again they wont let me marry a man also! So what are my options? Asexuality? Just like Jesus?

    I dont wanna get into this topic again, its exhausting.

    Gad i would like to meet you some day, much as i often disagree with you, you know quite a lot of things. Will be nice to argue with you sometime! Good job

    • Gad
      March 15, 09:45 Reply

      Argue? I don’t like arguments. I love reasoning together. Will be nice to sit and talk with you over palm wine and fresh fish in the village one of these days.Yes,im that local. Maybe a BlackBerry chat will do for starters.

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 15, 11:45 Reply

        Palm wine and fresh fish? ***holds laff***

        Are you throwing shade?

        • Gad
          March 15, 12:40 Reply

          I’m serious. Is palwine “unclassy”?

            • Gad
              March 16, 17:19 Reply

              Wondabuoy, thanks for the link. I think those claims are contentious. The King James portrayed therein was everything but royal especially in his acts and comments. Some commenters argue that the story was made up too. Anyway,it calls for further study. Thanks again.

  19. trystham
    March 15, 08:21 Reply

    Good work. “… never condemned two men or two women in a loving committed relationship…” Your next research thesis shud prolly be to dissect the etymology of ‘committed relationship’. It prolly will help me understand somethings a bit more.

    • Gad
      March 15, 10:06 Reply

      I’m sure people like yourself and Max et al can do it better. Dear Max, please there is work to do.#talking as trystam advocate#

  20. tobby
    March 15, 08:29 Reply

    looool. Go and tell this to the random, ignorant Nigerian Christian or anywhere in the world for that matters.

    Why are homosexuals so bothered about whether the christian God loves them or not?. Have you wondered if Amadi Oha or Sango loves you?.

    The question remains: Does Obatala love queer men?

    • trystham
      March 15, 09:11 Reply

      I don’t know about Sango, Idemili or the rest of the pantheon, but Obatala sure does. Where is he sef?

    • Gad
      March 15, 10:09 Reply

      Tobby,we will be waiting for the answer to that question from you.thanks

    • Chuck
      March 15, 13:10 Reply

      Exactly. Why are Nigerian homosexuals so pressed about Christian validation? The religion forbids your sexual behavior, simple. There are plenty other religions/spiritual movements/atheism to choose from.

      Biko stop flogging a dead horse.

    • wondabuoy
      March 16, 11:49 Reply

      Yeah, that’s because they are ignorant. After all they believe whatever their pastors tell them; they even worship them and put up their pictures as though it’s the image that Moses made for the Israelites during those snake bites.

  21. torbes
    March 15, 09:03 Reply

    I am an avid reader of the KD and I’d quite say I’m such a fan! I’m actually just a ‘waka pass’ member, who’s satisfied thoroughly by just reading the articles alone. However, it is issues like these that I’m ‘forced’ to comment.
    I have read the bible thoroughly (being a member of Deeperlife bible church, how wouldn’t you know your bible, lol) and, pardon me if I’m wrong, but I have seen examples of same sex love – the well known Jonathan and David story and that of jesus and ‘John the Beloved’. Speaking of the latter, I ask myself, why single out someone as the ‘beloved’ when different bible accounts state that Christ loved his disciples equally? In John’s account of the last Supper, it describes John leaning on Christ’s chest (which I’m sure was a normal thing) and when Christ mentioned that he was to be betrayed by one of the 12, all the other disciples had to go through John to ask if they were the one who Jesus referred to. You’re feel to call me silly, or tethering on the side of blasphemy, but these things were written…in black and white in the bible. the whole account of St John portrays Christ in a more loving way and just goes to show that Christ indeed love John above the others, hence the name ‘John the Beloved’.
    Oh, and as an aside, he was the only one, amongst the 12 disciples, who was shown visions of heaven, hence the book of the bible ‘The Revelations’.

    • trystham
      March 15, 09:15 Reply

      *ROTFL* So it was jealousy killing Paul when he decried homosexuality or same sex love???

    • Pete
      March 15, 11:37 Reply

      Welcome Torbes. Deeper life has always fascinated me. Hope you don’t mind if I decide to pick your brain from time to time

  22. JArch
    March 15, 09:12 Reply

    I’ve go to give it you Gad, this is just brilliant. You took your time to do your research properly. Plus I remember you referring to this article in one of your comments some weeks ago and I was looking forward to it.

    I have always silently agreed with you when you say “people should carry out a personal study of the God they want to worship and follow him based on their convictions and not what other people tell them”

    Am at a point in my life where I know and believe that there really is a God, and he loves me just the way I am, and that despite some of the things people say, he loves me and blesses me as a gay man. I have experienced things in my life that can be described as out of the ordinary and which firms my conviction that there is a God. I don’t need anyone’s validation from the pulpit or wherever, to tell me God loves me or hates me, I am not blind.

    I have always avoided the talk of God and Religion and Homosexuality because no one (not even science) can explain the concept of God and why he does the things he does and says the things he says in his word. The bible says FOR ALL have sinned and fallen short of his glory, but he’s merciful and just to forgive. So that bible thumping pastor that says all gays will die and go to hell isn’t exactly sure if he won’t be going to hell for the other sins he’s committed and will be seated in the business class section of hell express. Judge not is what I’ll tell these group of people “For he who is without sin let him cast the first stone”

    I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in his forgiveness, I believe in doing good, I believe that despite all my imperfections he still loves me just the same. I believe that through his favour I will make heaven.

    So for anyone that comes telling me otherwise and try to convince me to “change” …. You’re on your own

    • Gad
      March 15, 12:33 Reply

      Thanks Jarch. Science actual acknowledge God. Again, I was told of scientists in the sunday school in those days who in their quest to prove that God is a farce ends up believing in the existence of God. It was from scientists perspective of the concept of “trinity” that I got a clearer understanding of trinity. Natural things speaks of the invisible.

    • JustJames
      March 15, 13:24 Reply

      I need to find a way to to save your comment

    • McDuke
      March 15, 13:44 Reply

      This is the best comment I’ve seen here so far today….*kisses*

  23. JArch
    March 15, 09:29 Reply

    OAN: am I the only one who noticed the lighter in the picture/painting depicting a temple in Rome

    • trystham
      March 15, 12:36 Reply

      lwtmb The artist forgot it was not yet invented.

  24. Khaleesi
    March 15, 12:47 Reply

    Wow Gad!! Am blown away ***leaves behind the lingering aroma of jasmine-fuchsia-lavender-rosewater-mild musk perfume*** wooow … am truly impressed! One day you’re all stuck in medieval dinosaur ways that have no place in the present and the next day you show a keen intellectual (albeit overly conditioned and therefore misguided mind), whatever …. this is good and you have all my respect for this piece of in depth research. You have dug deep and the result is abundantly clear. My views about religion are well known but i shall never tire of saying it. I have developed a personal loving relationship with my creator and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need the validation of any organised religious institution to borrow words “all the homophobic clergy can gang-bang each other for all i care!”
    Christianity has its origins in judaism – a religion founded by a band of desert dwelling/wandering and land grabbing race/group. With their small population and being a or rounded by hostile enemies especially considering their land grabbing antecedents (Jericho – assuming that wall really fell due to their chants etc), they had every incentive to urge their populace to reproduce as much as possible and therefore grow their numerical strength! Hence practices such as homosexuality which might be at variance with this were frowned upon and further stamped with divine disapproval to minimize the risk of non-compliance by members of the group. We obviously live in very different times and are not confronted with any of these issues. It is also well known that the bible was written by many different men who lived decades apart – each claiming divine inspiration (as verified by whom?), finally the compilation of the bible itself is steeped in opacity and shrouded in a deep and suspicious mystery – who decided which books were to be part. Of the bible and which were to be omitted? And on whose authority and for what purposes? To achieve what? I certainly cannot justify ordering my life accordingly to a millennia old book which is deliberately crafted in vague and obscure language designed to suit whatever selfish interpretations are deemed most expedient … No Sir!! If that makes me evil, rebellious and disagreeable ***flips newly fixed Peruvian hair extensions*** bring it on bitch!!! ***yanks off Gad&LordII’s opium pipes and throws them off the 3rd mainland bridge*** a lot of our well-informed world religious leaders know these truths but prefer to continue to mislead their millions of gullible followers – a case of the informed hypocrites leading multitudes of fools. Fools and hypocrites – these are the true adherents of religion& anyone who does not belong to either of these 2 classes cannot in all honesty truly believe in religion … well. Whatever! #bringbackLordII …

  25. s_sensei
    March 15, 20:13 Reply

    I don’t even know where to start from. Lol! Big matter…or not. Anywayz, just make yourself happy. That’s all I can say

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