FOREWORD: Introducing a new fictional series. Read below and enjoy.


The sunset sat in the sky as the dry desert wind blew gently. The splendor of the Pharaoh’s palace stood majestically like a mighty oak tree on an apple plantation, from the towering heights of its marble balcony which overlooked the entire city and the palace courtyard which stretched to eternity, which made the noise of children playing in the street and the busy Egyptian market sound like a fading dream giving way to consciousness of a waking dreamer.

Atum was the youngest prince in the palace; his mother was the last of the Pharaoh’s wives. She was a princess given to the Pharaoh from the house of the king of Babylon as a peace exchange after both nations suffered many years of wars and bloodshed. Deciding to be allies was nothing but a sheer relief clothed in the stunning fabric of a miracle.

Amunet, as she was renamed according to Egyptian custom, was indeed the epitome of the beauty of peace. She was fondly called the envy of the Nile because her beauty was best described as unearthly. Her Babylonian heritage added more mystery to her manner of worship, royal ethics and her choice of jewelry. Her only child, Atum, was the palace favourite. His playful and constantly happy spirit which lit up the entire palace, his dreamy, mysterious grey eyes and well carved lips which he inherited from his mother, and yet the striking resemblance he bore with the Pharaoh in the time of his youth, all made him the king’s favourite show-off.

But on this day, everyone knew something was wrong.

Sitting on a balcony’s marble slab, digging his hands into the golden bowl of freshly plucked grapes, gazing into nowhere with a countenance marred with apprehension, as his hands fed his mouth some grapes, he struck the figure of a dispirited young man, not the handsome young prince everyone had come to love.

“You must learn how to wield the sword like a true king… You are too soft, young man… Do you want to become a dancing boy…?”

The roar of laughter that filled the room of top-ranking Egyptian and Babylonian lords during a summit held in the courts of Pharaoh still echoed in Atum’s head.

How dare he humiliate me in such manner? Atum thought to himself of his maternal grandfather. True king indeed. He didn’t stand a chance of wearing any of the crowns on both sides of his family. He was the Pharaoh’s one-hundred-and-thirty-seventh child and the last. Even if he was to consider his grandfather’s crown, which he would rather die than have to wear it, he knew he never stood a chance either. So why didn’t they just let him be? After all, he has no importance or significance.

The truth was violence and sword fight repulsed Atum. He loved playing the harp, taking snake charm and magic lessons from his tutor, Anatu, and participating in the belly dancing classes with his step sisters. Life was perfect for him just that way. And now, his maternal grandfather had chosen to ruin his simple life. Wielding the sword meant been qualified to go to war. The corpulent, constantly-inebriated Babylonian king had no soul and Atum shuddered at the iciness in his stare as they both locked eyes. The emptiness and certainty of been hell bound which he saw in his grandfather’s eyes made Atum wonder why the struggle and thirst for power consumed him so.

“You must learn to fight like a king… You have the blood of two great gods… It must be seen to that you be taught by the finest war lord in Babylon…”

War lord? If he had choked and had a seizure and died or something more pleasant in that instant, the world would have become a better place, thought Atum, as he held his bronze engraved cup and stared at his grandfather. What were the gods thinking to make him come from such blood line?

“You are correct,” the Pharaoh’s gravelly voice cut in, making Atum’s head whirl around to face him, and his heart to drop to the pit of his stomach. The Egyptian ruler continued, “Anything to make the boy become the best is fine by me. It will please me to have whoever you chose as his tutor come and abide in my palace during that time.”

“Seven sunsets and my finest warlord will be here,” Atum’s grandfather said.

And to Atum, this sounded like knowing the exact date he was going to die.

It was now the seventh sunset, and Atum sat at the balcony which faced the main entrance to the palace gates, dreading and expecting the man who had been appointed to destroy him. For whoever this war lord was, he was nothing, in Atum’s opinion, but a threat to the peace and wonder of his life.


Written by Joe Alex

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  1. kendigin
    March 15, 05:03 Reply

    So the war lord came and during one his hard sweaty “training” sessions, he noticed the unmistakeable beauty of the young prince. Both fell in love and lived happily ever after ………lol

    • trystham
      March 15, 07:52 Reply

      Bwahahaha You have ‘spoiler’ written all over in ur genetic make up.

      Ehen Pinkie, bia, what happened to our Kenyan friend from back then na?

      • pinkpanthertb
        March 15, 07:56 Reply

        I’m flying to Nairobi soon. I’ll find out what happened when I get there. 🙂

      • Gad
        March 15, 09:18 Reply

        I was thinking that Vhar was that Kenyan but my wrong assumption has been put in chech

  2. Max
    March 15, 06:05 Reply

    I like the Egyptian theme/setting

    • Dubem
      March 15, 06:08 Reply

      Me too. There’s always been something exotic about Ancient Egypt.

      • trystham
        March 15, 07:56 Reply

        I just like that they perfected the ‘cat eye’ look and eye shadow make up technique…and that their men could wear it unmolested. Imagine wearing that with aquamarine/green colored contact lenses #sigh

      • Max
        March 15, 08:27 Reply

        Lmao@Trysthan. They could wear skirts too.

  3. Pete
    March 15, 06:09 Reply

    KD agago continental. Ala Pharaoh

  4. Gad
    March 15, 06:20 Reply

    Royalty and it’s splendor and cares. I feel we need this series at this time when many(even though they try to hide it) are confused about many aspects of Africa’s past and present. I don’t know the what we should expect next but I’m sure we(or I) will have cause to believe in and be proud of Africa,my Africa in the end. I also hope this will ease the shame of those who are ashamed of their Africanness. I hope someone will not ask me the meaning of Africanness in a manner most insulting.

    • Pete
      March 15, 06:43 Reply

      Africa is not one homogeneous entity. What’s Africanness(sic)?

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 15, 08:17 Reply

        Nna eh! What is africanness biko? Is africa a country? Does it have one culture? I taya for gad sometimes when he champions his africanness because ue doesnt realize that by doing that he is actually buying into the same stereotype he thinks he is fighting.

        • Gad
          March 15, 10:00 Reply

          @ Pete, Africanness, is the summation of the traditions,habits,characteristics of the African people that can be traced through societal practices and institutions of African states and diaspora

  5. Masked Man
    March 15, 06:26 Reply

    My aunt thought my cousin (her son) looked weak, feeble and effeminate, till he brought back home a pregnant 18yr old. And he’s 20.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 15, 06:59 Reply

      What rubbish! A pregnant female was all the vindication he needed? Arrant nonsense.

      • Max
        March 15, 07:02 Reply

        Lol.. It’s annoying as hell.

    • kendigin
      March 15, 07:23 Reply

      its not annoying. it simply means dont judge a book by its come. Besides he obviously didnt rape the girl…

  6. Sinnex
    March 15, 06:38 Reply


    Too far to relate to….

    Nice piece of work. Thumbs up.

    • trystham
      March 15, 08:06 Reply

      Too far? Tha fuck!!! Any culture thay allowed their men wear make-up and/or skirt/togas (except the Scottish of course. Theirs was crude, baggy and all that yam legs…blehhh) was not close enough. They interested me while growing up. Egyptian, Grecian, Roman…maybe Norse

  7. Mitch
    March 15, 06:49 Reply

    This is nice. From the esoteric splendour to the exotic lives of the Pharoahs, Egypt has always held a soft spot in my heart as the true cradle of civilization. I already know I’m gonna love this series

  8. JArch
    March 15, 07:13 Reply

    Out of all the finest warlords. The best of the best will be chosen

    But the two will form a bond, because just like the young prince, he too never wanted to wield a sword.

    And then one day during training a spark will ignite that will make their bond even stronger and a terrible war will cause the prince to fight side by side. Later in the middle of the night, the young prince will tell the warlord to “take him”

    Danger looms around the corner…..

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 15, 07:57 Reply

      Lmao! Chai! Jarch! All these spoilers you’re sharing… Diaris God ooo!

      • JArch
        March 15, 08:13 Reply

        *evil grin* it can’t be spoilers if I haven’t read the original manuscript na?
        Blame my hyperactive imagination.

        ***Goes back to day dreaming***

    • Gad
      March 15, 08:27 Reply

      @ Jarch,If this is expo, I must warn you of the terrible consequences…

      • JArch
        March 15, 08:42 Reply

        Lol Gad trust me, I am reading this story for the first time just like you. Pinky is in Lagos and admin of the blog and the one with the original manuscript. Me am here in Abuja with no admin privileges whatsoever to the blog.

        But i won’t mind some “terrible” consequences from you sha ***clears throats***

      • Mitch
        March 15, 08:47 Reply

        JArch, I dey look you with side eye

      • JArch
        March 15, 09:15 Reply

        Mitch continue looking ooo

        Trystham make sure you pack it when you’re done barfing hahaha

  9. Dennis Macauley
    March 15, 08:19 Reply

    I think in another life i must have lived in egypt, i am so drawn to eqyptian myths and legends. I am salivating at these series already, its refreshing.

    • Pete
      March 15, 08:27 Reply

      Everybody loves Egyptian cultures but just like the Roman version, you can only enjoy it if you were a member of the ruling family Or a high ranked person in government or military. The commoners lived a drab life.

      • Dennis Macauley
        March 15, 08:57 Reply

        I am sure i existed as a handsome prince with a cute valet! Hian*

      • trystham
        March 15, 09:00 Reply

        Abeg, thats xteristic of a normal economy jare. The Egyptians had it beta sef. Rome could like to be corrupt ehn

  10. Andrevn
    March 15, 08:54 Reply

    The opening lines are reminiscent of Judith E. Frenchs’ (The Barbarian:Alexander Trilogy #2).

    So definitely i know i will enjoy it…..afterall it’s set in Ancient Egypt abi?….
    *seals lips and scrolls back up to revel in this literary cocktail*.

    #Sand,Datepalms and Pyramids here i come….whooooohooo!.

  11. Ruby
    March 15, 09:09 Reply

    Wonderful Piece Joey!
    What is it with parents and grand parents wanting butch children.
    Poor Atum! I can imagine the mixed feelings of anger and horror while he awaits the arrival of the “Warlord”

  12. Andrevn
    March 15, 09:24 Reply

    Too short!….damn you Joe…

    But on a nice note i enjoyed every line…..i hope to see secret passage ways and spacious palace halls illuminated with burning lights and statues of gold,fine coloured draperies from across the Nile,muscled sweaty guards with nothing on other than loinclothes(togas)*coughs*,rooms with scented oils lamps burning beside large beds draped with the finest of silks from the orient and finally hot sizzling sex with detailed foreplay and oiled bodies entwined in heat of passion.

    And o! Before i forget you will infuse mythos into the plot…won’t you?….please remind me again which of the Egyptian god is a flaming bottom!

    #ok i’m done here,holds slippers in hand and flees.

    • Ruby
      March 15, 09:49 Reply

      Which Egyptian god is a Bottom again *Hian*

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 15, 11:24 Reply

      Dios Mios! Andrevn, you do know and love your Egyptian tales.

  13. Andrevn
    March 15, 10:53 Reply

    Here you go Ruby!

    And i saw what you did there Joe! naming our prince Atum after the Eldar god of Egyptian mythology ATUM who is the male and female entity personified…..(lol)subtle and brilliant i’ld say…..

      • Andrevn
        March 15, 12:54 Reply

        Yes Dear FGM!
        This one you are looking at me in wonder,i hope i’m safe, or is it MIDNIGHT already?.

    • Pete
      March 15, 14:26 Reply

      Somebody has a degree in Egyptology

  14. Andrevn
    March 15, 12:38 Reply

    You do not know how much these tales give me life…especially about that pretty face Apollo and the trident wielding hunk…(moans softly)….
    Given the opportunity i would study mythology(Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Norse,Druids….just name it) as a second degree………..thats if any University in Nigeria…….hehe..

    • Mitch
      March 15, 13:59 Reply

      Mythology has always fascinated me. However, studying it in Nigeria (if it even is possible) won’t be nice as most of the indepth stuff woild be glossed over with either Christian doctrines or the like.

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