It was a horny day. I was incredibly horny that day that I would have fucked anything that would give consent. So, I got on Grindr, saw some folks around Ikoyi where I was staying in my uncle’s resort. And soon enough, I got a “Hey” from a guy who we’ll call Nick.

“What’s up?” I messaged back.

“Nothing much. Just Nigerian heat killing me.”

He hadn’t said “Lagos heat.” He’d said “Nigerian heat.” What that told me was that he was most likely someone who was a Nigerian visiting from overseas. I felt an instant connection to him because I too had just returned to Nigeria for a visit from the US.

“Want to hang out?” I texted him. “I’m free and bored. And yes, the heat is much.”

Not like I was out there under the sun. I was cocooned in an air-conditioned room. But I had to act relatable – anything to encourage him to come over sooner.

“What are you into?” he responded.

Oh, straight into the sexual preference. Nice! I typed back: “I’m Top. I’m into rough sex, choking, spanking, hardcore, the works.”

After I hit the send button on that message, I instantly regretted doing so. I wasn’t very familiar with the Nigerian gay hookup scene, but it was my understanding that there weren’t a lot of guys who liked to go at it rough on this side of the world. I wasn’t expecting Nick to reply, but five minutes later, his message buzzed through.

“Cool. I’m vers, love to bottom. I can ride you all day. And I’m down with any other play you’d like to play.”

I was on instant brick. I promptly ignored all the other ongoing chats and focused on Nick. We chatted a bit and then, I sent him a Google Maps direction of where the resort I was lodged in was.

“When you get here, holler me. I’d probably even be outside waiting for you.”

“Alright. See you in a bit.”

Nearly an hour later, he called to say he was outside. I came out to meet a really good-looking guy. His profile picture on Grindr was actually him, but that photo didn’t do him justice. As I ogled him, I felt very lucky.

“Hey, I’m Bhaws. You must be Nick.” I extended my hand.

He shook it. “Yeah, I am.” He glanced around at the surroundings as I led him inside. “Nice digs.”

“Thank you.”

“I didn’t know there was a hotel-and-spa in this area. I mean, my family lives here in Ikoyi and they’ve never mentioned it. How did you come to know about it?”

I wasn’t about to tell him it belonged to my uncle and I wasn’t technically a guest here. “Never mind that,” I said with a smile. “I’ve got eyes.”

We talked as we went inside, got some light food and drinks. He suggested we get a massage and I agreed. I’d been here for a week since I got back, and I hadn’t once thought about the massaging department. For a week, all I’d done was eat, play video games, and go out with my cousins.

So we went in to the massage parlour and got settled. To be honest, I didn’t like the feeling of the masseuse’s hands kneading and pressing down on my body. I hated it. Nick however enjoyed it.

After that therapy, we went to my room and got down to business. He was hot. The sex was great. His mouth was divine, the things he did to me with his mouth and tongue – God! He was the perfect Bottom. I choked him. Rimmed him. Fisted him. He really let me go to town on him.

After the sex, we exchanged numbers. We got dinner and then he went home.

The following couple of days passed by idly. And then on the third day, my uncle dropped by. I got word from a resort staff member that he was around, in his office and wanted to see me. I couldn’t say why, but I was instantly nervous by this summons.

When I walked into his office, he didn’t even waste time with preliminaries.

“Are you gay?” he asked simply.

I was so startled by the question, that my denial was swift and outraged. “No! Uncle, of course not! Why would you ask me a thing like that?!”

“Well, someone in my staff told me you brought a boy over a few days ago –”

“Oh my god…!” I gasped, cutting him off, staring at my uncle, not knowing what to say.

“Don’t talk when I’m talking, my friend,” he snapped. And then went on, “This staff member, he said you brought a boy here, you got a massage for him, both of you – I mean, who gets a massage with a fellow boy?” His eyes flashed at me. “Answer me, boy! Are you gay?”

I am still getting my education and I am very dependent on my family. This was not a time to be defiant.

This time, my denial wasn’t blurted out. Besides, it would seem that this amebo, the staff member who reported me, had only told him about the massage. He clearly hadn’t snooped further by listening at my door to learn about the sex. So, I calmly said, “No uncle, I’m not gay. I respect my family too much to bring that kind of shame to you.”

My uncle gave me a long stare, and then with a nod, he said, “OK then. That’s good. Now go and change. We are going to the house. You’re still going to Owerri tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, uncle, I am. My flight has been booked.”

“Good. Keep making this family proud. Remember how great your father was…”

At this point, I tuned him out. It was something I’d become a bit of an expert in. My father is late. But in his lifetime, he did a lot to amass some prosperity and respect from the family. Ever since he passed, my uncle – actually, all six of them who are my father’s brothers – have taken to using the memory of my father as a form of chastisement. Remember your father did this… Remember your great father did that… They think of my father as some sort of saint. He was a good man, sure. He built a lot of businesses and left them to my uncles. And so, whenever me and my siblings make a mistake, they bring up my father, placing him as a standard we must all aspire to.

“…so, my son, always remember your great father. You have to be like him, make him proud,” he finished.

“I will do my best, uncle,” I said.

“Good,” he said, feeling satisfied.

“Now, go and get ready.”

As I made my way to my room, I had one thought on my mind: Who ratted me out?

I already had one suspect in mind. His name is Emmanuel and he is like my third or fourth cousin. He was around my age and was someone who I knew was gay from a very early period. Growing up, he liked to play with me and touch me inappropriately. We were all growing up with one last name, so our relationship as cousins was too apparent for me to entertain those touches. I would always push him away.

Then we got older, and I was out of the country for years. When I returned for this visit, he was the one who came to pick me up at the airport. During my stay at the hotel, he insisted on doing things for me – bringing my food to me, laundering and ironing my clothes. One day when I tipped an employee who did an errand for me, he harassed the guy for carrying out the errand and earning a tip for it, when he could have called him to do it. He was like my self-appointed butler and he wanted every other employee to back off. Pretty soon of course, the tongues of the other staff began to wag, with everyone teasing him that he had a crush on me.

Things escalated a bit the day I came back from an outing with a female former classmate. The look on his face as I hung out with my friend was screamed blue murder. He began snapping at and being nasty with everyone who got in his way, and when the manager tried to call him to order, he shouted at him. It was all so very unpleasant, and even though it was as obvious to me as it was to the entire staff that he had a thing for me, I didn’t welcome it. If it wasn’t because of his off-putting possessiveness of me, it was because of the fact that we were related.

So before I went to my room, I went to meet some of the staff to do some investigation. And I quickly confirmed that yes, it was indeed him who had told on me.

I was very pissed by this. This guy’s jealousy had pushed him to mess with my life like this?! I couldn’t stand for that. If he could go this low, then I’d have to go even lower.

So, during the drive with my uncle to his place, he started a conversation with me about the business. He is too often abroad, and parts of the business like the resort are usually run lazily by the people in charge. I pointed this out to him, and as he was ruminating on that, I went in for the kill.

I told him that people who tell tales about what goes on among guests in the hotel were not to be trusted. I mean, today, Emmanuel had told on me to him. Who would he tell on and to whom tomorrow?

“Who knows what gossip he has spread about the resort guests,” I said, “who he has told, what he has said to whoever. This is a hotel and spa, uncle. You have men who come with their mistresses and women who come with their boytoys. It is not the kind of place where you have an amebo in your staff. Confidentiality must be key.”

At this point, my uncle was nodding vigorously. He looked faintly alarmed even, like he couldn’t believe he’d had a snitch in his employ all this time. He quickly picked up his phone and placed a call to the resort manager, and in a brief exchange, Emmanuel had been placed on the list of people whose employ would be terminated with immediate effect in order to cut operational costs.

As the two men talked, I leaned back in my seat, feeling very self-satisfied. He tried to out me and I got him fired. Do me, I do you, God no go vex.

PS: This story happened a few months ago. I am long since back to the US. But this Emmanuel is still relentless. He sent me his dick pics just last week, and I had to warn him. I have receipts now; if he didn’t back off of me, I would report him.

Written by Bhawscity

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  1. Stein
    November 06, 06:30 Reply

    First of all, You fisted the dude??? That’s something I’ve only seen done in pornos. I can only imagine how painful it must feel.

    This was kindaf a funny read. I think that even though he ratted you out to your uncle, you shouldn’t out him. You should get rid of the receipts and be the bigger man. You could try, ernestly, talking to him about how very wrong, incest is. Let him know it would never happen and try to be his friend. #MyOpinion

    • Mandy
      November 06, 06:34 Reply

      He didn’t say he was going to out him though.

    • Eggsy
      November 06, 07:30 Reply

      Incest is wrong? Tell me more.

      • Bhawscity
        November 06, 07:40 Reply

        Isn’t incest wrong? I mean Emmanuel is a catch but what’s wrong is wrong.

        • Jeova Sanctus Unus
          November 07, 05:50 Reply

          Incest isn’t “wrong”, it may be illegal. Had homosexuality been the norm from the beginning, incest might have been a norm too.

          We don’t fuck close relative because we realized it messed with the gene pool.

          Also, the bond we build with siblings as we grew up made it difficult to push as the society grew.

          So it’s tricky. 2 consenting adults can fuck each other to death even if they are twins but we know it’s not good for the future. Imagine AS x AS genotype.

  2. Mandy
    November 06, 06:37 Reply

    ???? This was a hilarious read. What manner of rough play is this one? Even if the Emmanuel wasn’t your cousin, never ever get involved with him. He sounds like the fatal attraction kinda guy. The kind of guy who, if you break up, he’d turn into the vengeful ex that’ll post your nude pics and sex videos online.

  3. Patrick
    November 06, 06:40 Reply

    We’ve had this discussion about how we should the mindful of the way we represent homosexuality to family and friends.

    I would probably deny that I’m gay to family to avoid drama, but not passionately, and absolutely not along the lines of ‘I respect my family too much to bring that kind of shame to you.’ What kind of shame? He asked if you were gay. He didn’t charge you for sleeping with a man.

    You probably think that homosexual sex is shameful (and I won’t blame you for it), but same-sex attraction (homosexuality) is a normal human predisposition and this is what I tell my straight friends. Yes, your uncle’s confrontation was unexpected, but the manner of your denial is indicative of your views on who and what you are. And those views need re-examining and correcting.

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 07:42 Reply

      At that moment, I think I would have joined the “burn the gays” crusaders! But I have matured since then, I still depend on family and won’t come out to them until at least the old generation dies off.
      Lots of scenario was going tru my mind then, I just wanted to quench the thoughts off my uncle as quickly as possible.

      • Fred
        November 08, 10:27 Reply

        pls this bottom u fucked does he have a forwarding address.. Just asking for a friend… Pls very important

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 07:46 Reply

      I do not think homosexual sex is shameful! I have never had such thoughts and never will. My firm denial happened in a swift quick response. I was standing in front of someone who can derail my plans for my future and I won’t let a third cousins rumor kill my future. I have gay sex, how can I think it’s shameful? I eat clean ass, I give blowjobs and I swallow cum, so how will I think it’s shameful? To put it, I’m a slut in bed!

      Pinky: Sorry for the explicit languages.

      • Pink Panther
        November 06, 08:00 Reply

        ???? Honey, ride on. Pretty sure your explicit comments are selling your market.

        • mikkiyfab
          November 06, 16:27 Reply

          OMG pinky killed me on this
          I can’t hold myself together

  4. Houston Scholar
    November 06, 08:08 Reply

    I had a similar experience during my Summer trip to Nigeria but I managed it well and prevented the blackmail. A distant family friend attempted to open my Pandora box after stumbling on my Grindr message (I was showing him pictures on my phone when a sexually explicit message on Grindr popped out on my screen). My refusal to become his victim of extortion propelled him to divulge my sexuality. My family connected quick dots on the revelation because of my vocal discussion on sexuality but I was clever enough to subsume the discovery within the realm of academic research. Like other scholars of women, gender and sexuality studies, I told them that I am only using the app to understand the understand the context-specific experiences of sexual minorities in Nigeria. My cover-up story was convincing enough when I opened my e-library on sexuality studies and I showed them the books of Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Nancy Fraser, Eve Segwick, Kevin Floyd, James Baldwin et al. Nonetheless, I still nurse the plan to revenge once I return to Nigeria. I despise people who infringe into the privacy of others or worst still divulge people’s privacy to the outside world. It is an unethical thing to do.

    • Pink Panther
      November 06, 08:36 Reply

      What an asshole, this family friend.
      The moment you get a chance to strike back, better do it. We can’t always be going high whenever they go low.

      • Houston Scholar
        November 06, 11:02 Reply

        Exactly PP. I am sure he knows I will come back for him. By the way, I sincerely apologize for not meeting you as promised before I traveled. My schedule got so crazy. I am quite optimistic I will see you during my next trip to Nigeria.

        • Pink Panther
          November 06, 12:29 Reply

          If Nigeria gives us gay marriage, I’ll definitely be here waiting.

          • J
            November 06, 13:04 Reply

            Pinky getting married? ? Ha

  5. Delle
    November 06, 09:53 Reply

    Woah! Sorry, I firstly have to exclaim cos my mouth couldn’t shut close when I read what you did to and with that guy.
    Y’all abroad really do go for the kill, don’t ya??

    As for what you did to Emmanuel, I totally support it. And he’s such a creepy person. What sort of jealousy would make you want to jeopardise someone’s future? My God.

    That was an experience.

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 15:34 Reply

      Lol awesome seeing a comment from you. I won’t have sex if it’s not gonna be rough or hard core. If you won’t get fisted, at least agree to be spanked and choked, and it’s not a top thing because I love to be spanked and choked too.

      • Delle
        November 06, 17:45 Reply

        Aww. If only you weren’t into all that hardcore kink, I probably would have made myself available for marriage to you ???

  6. Chichi
    November 06, 10:04 Reply

    This is really funny Bhawscity. But, I think you need to explain certain things to your cousin. Teach him certain things. Make him understand why you can’t date him or have sex with him. He is gay. He might be experiencing certain things. Just speak to him in a gentle, calmly way. I’m gay, effeminate. I’ve a cousin who is gay, and during Christmas or family reunions, we are always together, laughing, teasing relatives. And it’s always fun because you have a family member who understands you, and who you can share secretes with. Just talk to him, as a family member.

  7. Tristan
    November 06, 10:10 Reply

    “Good. Keep making this family proud. Remember how great your father was…”
    I lost my dad few years ago so I can relate.It pisses me off when my family members keep reminding me of who my father was as if I am my father. I love him, I miss him but I am not my father. I AM ME.

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 15:31 Reply

      Seriously the Blackmail is too much ehh. They just don’t know we have our own lives and not trying to live for our parents.

  8. Keredim
    November 06, 10:16 Reply

    I am still getting my education and I am very dependent on my family. This was not a time to be defiant.

    I respect your honesty. Long may it continue.

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 15:29 Reply

      Thanks. Many folks won’t understand the anxiety I felt in that moment lol.

  9. baddest
    November 06, 11:18 Reply

    I thought incest is when u have sex with ur cousin,2 of my cousin have wanked me off before,I hope that ain’t incest oh ,does wanking count as incest??

  10. J
    November 06, 13:17 Reply

    Wow you’re evil for making Emmanuel lose his job. You should have talked to him and warned him. At least tell him why you can’t be with him since you’re related?

    Choking, fisting and spanking? I’m glad the guy didn’t die… You can kill a person with your weird sexual activities. The more reason I’m avoiding you, I can’t be living with a tore anus in Nigeria while you’re enjoying your life in America ?

    • Keredim
      November 06, 15:01 Reply

      “I can’t be living with a tore anus in Nigeria while you’re enjoying your life in America”

      Are you gay at all??

      • J
        November 06, 15:09 Reply

        Anything can happen during rough sex. Keredim you questioning my gayness? ???

    • Bhawscity
      November 06, 15:28 Reply

      I am not evil. I made an honest business statement with an intent lol. I have rejected him many a times, right from when I was back home.

  11. Sworld
    November 07, 09:19 Reply

    Your cousin is so desperate and obessed with you to the extend he rather snitch if not with him, no one else!.

    My cousin is gay and we have got each other back not each other pant.
    I know that feeling of self satisfaction of sweet revenge.
    Just be watchful anytime you back home, he might wana strike back with set up!, He is still on your matter!

  12. Black Dynasty
    November 07, 15:28 Reply

    Folks like Emmanuel are what brings out the crazy, multiple no is not enough.

    You did nothing wrong, frankly I would likely have done worse and had him taught a lesson. Just be very careful around him in the future, he clearly cannot control his jealousy and is already possessive of someone he can’t have.

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