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Homosexuality Among Animals: Can Animals Be Gay?

According to Darwin, the sexual impulses of animals are designed to cause reproduction, and are therefore necessarily heterosexual. But recent research suggests that homosexual animals – often dismissed by biologists

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A couple of days ago, Nigerian Gay Twitter was triggered when a gay man took it upon himself to preach the gospel of bisexuality. First of all, I want to

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How Kevin Spacey’s ‘Coming Out’ Grossly Conflates Pedophilia and Homosexuality

On Sunday night, BuzzFeed News published an account from Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp alleging that Kevin Spacey made sexual advances toward him when he was 14 years old.


  1. Jeova Sanctus Unus
    January 29, 05:06 Reply

    Oh shut up! What is more decent than custom made designer suits and expensive wristwatches? A clean SUV or sedan? A mansion in Maitama or Ikoyi? Wild orgies in Dubai with foreign models?

    Biko shift with your bumshort wearing, keke jumping, Ikotun living, Ikorodu partying, amala eating, Tecno using, Gold Circle-ly fucked gay ass.

    Indecent lowlifes. Tueh!

    • Pink Panther
      January 29, 05:11 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaaa!!! Life is decent when I’m crunching the numbers that’ll fetch me that opportunity to squirrel my family to the States. By any means possible!

    • King
      January 29, 05:22 Reply

      I take this to be a joke….buh for for the purpose of cleaning up ur debris laden brain…Gold circle is the best quality condom one can use in this environment…its not cheap..the price has been subsidised already by Society for family health and co health orgs……bye felicia

      • Mandy
        January 29, 05:27 Reply

        It was a joke. Sarcasm, hello? But I get your point about Gold Circle. Its availability has made it seem like a substandard product, when in fact its all that.

        • Delle
          January 29, 10:56 Reply

          Oh, so Gold Circle is good? *scratches head*

      • pete
        January 29, 06:05 Reply

        The original King can’t type ‘bye Felicia’. Who’s this King?

    • Sheldon Cooper
      January 29, 07:23 Reply

      I think he meant the phone. You just have throw a tantrum at the mention of Tecno. Yinmu. *runs away*

  2. ambivalentone
    January 29, 07:20 Reply

    It wouldn’t be as good as “David Mark STOLE $5 billion”. Then, the post wud make my day. I’m still patient

  3. Promise4all
    January 29, 10:44 Reply

    In my dreams I want to be the First gay President Niheria will have. So I can shove High tension poles up the asses of these “decent” people (corruption sweeper inclusive. If he like make he tour go geneva or better still Saturn) and generate 100,000 MW greater electricity than the 10,000Mw that they have been decenting about for decades. at least it will go a looooong way in proving my indecency.

  4. Delle
    January 29, 10:53 Reply

    Seriously, it’s baffling how the Life and Times of Homosexuals in Nigeria makes the headlines every fucking time when there are more pressing issues like insurgency, missing budgets, Lasser fever epidemic, falling naira, staunch corruption, should I go on?
    I’m done with this country, please, when is ISIS coming?

  5. Khaleesi
    January 29, 11:08 Reply

    ***rolls eyes and goes back to filing nails***; i shall keep saying it, if you find a more hypocritic nation that this, please let me know …

  6. peaches
    January 29, 11:23 Reply

    A politician?,talking about decency?, its just like my great grandpa talking about iphone 7. All of dem decent okpolo heads will be sneaking into crevices at nice for man touch…Dont ask me, cos am verry aware. *flings binoculars*

  7. peaches
    January 29, 11:24 Reply

    A politician?,talking about decency?, its just like my great grandpa talking about iPhone 7. All of dem decent okpolo heads will be sneaking into crevices at night for man touch…Dont ask me, cos am very aware. *flings binoculars*

  8. Promise4all
    January 29, 11:32 Reply

    @Peaches like most politicians that hail from a certain local government in the east, that if PP adjusts her binoculars & telescopes well she’ll get upto 5 Kito stories every day.

  9. Tobby
    January 29, 13:29 Reply

    It’s not news that we’re a hypocritical bunch

  10. ELI
    January 29, 18:24 Reply

    The hypocrisy of our society still baffles me! whoever decided that being gay was the cardinal sin?! do these bigots not see the society we live in?!

  11. ken
    January 29, 19:27 Reply

    Worefa kenny!
    Am just here to hate on u

  12. Shar
    January 31, 15:27 Reply

    Itll all be over soon as soon as their high blood pressure becomes too much for them to handle and they drop dead giving way for actual human beings to rule this country .till then…* walks off to US embassy*

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