What Do You Think Of ‘Hollywood’? (A Q&A Review Of the Netflix Miniseries)

What Do You Think Of ‘Hollywood’? (A Q&A Review Of the Netflix Miniseries)

So a KDian on Instagram with handle @bobmanuel_101 took part in an online Q&A review of Netflix’s Hollywood posted by @thekelechimichaels on his Instagram stories. And he sent over screenshots of the poll, which I figured we could weigh in on for us to know what y’all think about the show.

The questions are insightful, and speak to some of the feelings I had about the show. Like that screen test where Claire Wood and Camille Washington auditioned for the role of Meg. I don’t know what happened there, but I for one thought that Claire was doing a more fantastic Meg than Camille later came on to do.

But that’s just me. Check out the questions below and let us know your answers:


Q1: Did you know the story of most of the characters were true story about real life characters?

A: Yeah, I been knew.                    B: Wait, What?


Q2: Who contributed more to Rock Hudson’s career/success?

A: Henry Wilson                .                               B: Archie.


Q3: Do you think Henry Wilson was too hard on Rock Hudson?

A: Yes please.                                    B: It was for his own good.


Q4: Do you think Rock Hudson overreacted by not forgiving Henry Wilson when he begged for it?

A: Yeah, adult baby.                        B: No, he was too hurt.


Q5: Do you think Henry Wilson deserves forgiveness?

A: Hell NO!                                          B: Yes Def!


Q6: Did Jack deserve what his wife did to him?

A: Yeah, I would too.                      B: No he didn’t.


Q7: Who do you think had more influence on Avis’ decision to make Meg?

A: Eleanor Roosevelt.                                  B: Ellen and Dick


Q8: Did Avis give Jack the role because they had history?

A: Nah, he worked for it.              B: That’s part of it.


Q9: Am I the only one that thinks Jack deserved an award? He worked too damn hard too.

A: Yes, me too.                                 B: ABEGYYY!


Q10: Avis’ wardrobe was fire!

A: YASSSSSS!                                      B: It was okay.


Q11: Is it wrong that Avis let her daughter date Jack, even though she and Jack already had a fling in the past?

A: Yes, super weird.                        B: It’s no biggie.


Q12: Do you think Ellen hitting on Dick was a push for him to come out of the closet fully?

A: Yeah.                                               B: No it just happened.


Q13: Who else was confused by Ernie’s sexuality on the show?

A: He’s def pan.                                                B: He’s hetero.


Q14: If you were in Archie’s shoes, would you have taken your name off writer’s credit in exchange for money? Don’t lie.

A: I would have.                                               B: Hell No.


Q15: Am I the only one that thinks Claire fucked up her audition on purpose so Camille would get the role?

A: Yes, I thought so.                        B: Nah, Cam got it herself.


Q16: Would Camille have had the guts to stand up to the security guard at the Academy Award if Hattie McDaniel didn’t give her heads up?

A: Yup, she has guts.                      B: NAH!


Q17: Who else thinks (Camille) is a terrible actress?

A: It’s only you o.                             B: Yes me too.


Q18: Whose award speech made you more emotional?

A: Anna May Wong.                        B: Camille Washington.


Q19: What do you think about (Ellen and Ernie’s) relationship?

A: I loved it.                                        B: Meh, predictable.


Q20: Can we say Ernie played a big role in bringing the reality of making Meg to life?

A: I won’t say Big.                            B: Yeah, he def did.


Q21: Were you relieved when Ace Amberg died?

A: Yeah, I didn’t trust him.           B: He deserved a second chance.


Q22: Who else thinks the winners should have at least thanked Henry Wilson in their speeches? After all, he did all the dirty work for them.

A: Yeah, he deserved thanks.     B: No. It serves him right.


Q23: With the way the story ends, does it justify what Ernie was running at the gas station?

A: No to Ashawo!                            B: Yes to Ashawo!


Q24: is Ryan Murphy not a fucking genius for making this masterpiece?

A: YESSS!                                             B: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

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  1. Colossus
    May 12, 07:00 Reply

    I don’t have time to get into all the questions now but I’ll say this though. Camille was a terrible actress, the weakest link in this show.

    • Pink Panther
      May 12, 07:13 Reply

      Thought so too. And this made me not buy her phenomenon as Meg. Even her award show speech felt so…bland.

  2. Queen of Queens
    May 12, 08:27 Reply

    First episode was promising, as the series progressed, it became cheesy.

  3. Kelvin
    May 12, 09:31 Reply

    I certainly agree that Camille wasn’t the best actress on the show, ironically, I think meg on the other hand was phenomenal ( yes I know they are the same) But Camille as meg was better than Camille as Camille, which is the exact opposite of Rock.Jack picking as Rock Hudson absolutely talented,But Rock as an Actor? Meh.

    Henry may be a perv or whatever but he fucking pushed his clients to succeed even when it seemed like they didn’t have the Talent.. He should have been acknowledged regardless.

    I slightly agree that Claire’s audition sort of, and this is me not entirely putting my foot down,could have been better than Camille….. Common! Claire as Claire? You can’t deny how talented she is, So at that moment she froze as peg/meg, it raised alot of Questions for me; did she intentionally fuck it up? Not necessarily because she wanted Camille to have the role but because of the situation at home, and how constantly she’s been told she wasn’t good enough,and probably felt she might not even be taken seriously since her parents own the studio, I think all that got to her and she froze.

    I’m surprised nothing was said about Archie the MVP. Can we just agree he is something else, whenever he plays a character interpreting a script, he’s a whole new person, and his narration at the table read? Damn! That man is a ?.

  4. Mandy
    May 12, 10:48 Reply

    That Ernie is SOOOOOO NOT straight. the 12% that said he is are high on something. that man would fuck a man’s bootyhole if it really came down to it. As a matter of fact, that time he was organising the 25k for the Meg movie production and he had to be the dominatrix to that customer… I got the impression he may have touched or shagged the man somehow biko.

  5. Keeva
    May 12, 16:42 Reply

    I think Ernie is straight though.

    If you’ve met any pimp (or anyone who acts in such a capacity),you’ll see that they try to make the clients feel as comfortable as possible without making them feel like their urges are weird or a taboo.

    Ernie getting into that business was due to his failed career,and i feel like he’ll do anything to stay afloat.

    Also,the movie didn’t hint that he’d shagged any guys,they instead finally paired him up with Ellen(which i never ever saw coming).

    I think (based on the character),if a lady and a guy are placed side by side for him to choose,he would choose a lady. #mytwocents.

  6. Rudy
    May 12, 22:03 Reply

    I just finished watching the last episode and yeah I could agree with Colossus and Pink P, Camille’s acting was just Meeh and so was Rock Hudson too, even worse. I had high hopes for Camille’s Oscar speech especially since Archie’s got me reaching for the tissue with his onion flavoured beautiful speech and not giving 2 fucks when the crowd booed at him but Camille’s was just lacklustre devoid of the “joie de vivre” in Ellen’s voice.
    Rock Hudson’s character just did not do it for me through the entire season with his clueless and timid aura, he only caught my attention in the last movie scene when Jack asked him to take him to Dreamland(that was the only convincing act to me by him) two beautiful men by the way.
    But all in all Hollywood was awesome, just yet another reason to love Ryan Murphy. The last episode really did justice to the season. It was all jolly and sunshine except for Dick’s death. And the standout characters for me were Henry Wilson AKA Sheldon Cooper lol and Archie(this Black Queer guy was a gem and so freaking beautiful).

    In Henry Wilson’s voice “What will Dick do”?
    I almost choked when Avis replied “Dick will say FUCK THEM!”

    P.S: To those of us who were thirst -trapping on Jack, Ryan Murphy found a way to make him gay in another series of his called The Politician(also on Netflix). Jack kissing on another guy as a fluid oriented guy is just a whole other level of butterflies and cuteness. ?

  7. Realme
    May 14, 04:27 Reply

    The last and the ending episode was all… i saw in this movie…the rest na just flat.. windy terrible television choices…I keep rolling my eyes. As in scatter, scatter everything…no add up.

    “Anna may Wong” speech was on fire. I cried and cried.

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