I like Dark. Gothic. Mythical. Eclectic.

I like Vharlicious things. (Hello, Vhar-gency)

I like gadgets, but I never seem to acquire them. *tear*

And video games? Oh, that’s my middle name. I love car racing. I prefer traditional fighting games: MK, Tekken, Street-Fighter to soccer any day, anytime. Everyone plays soccer. Tsk.

I have a crush on Frank Ocean. Or should I say had. Ever since the delay of that much anticipated album, my love for him had begun dwindling. “Boo, orange is the new black, so I can’t be dying on Channel Orange now. Give me something.” That’s what I plan to say to him when next we cross each other’s paths at these swanky Hollywood shindigs we tend to attend.

I’m starting to hate BlackBerry phones. I used to be all for #TeamBB.

I miss all 1,500 songs I used to have on my phone. I miss the next 500 songs I downloaded. Chai. Is pain me weh-weh.

I listen to Beyoncé. Ed Sheeran. Sam Smith. Frank Ocean. Jhené Aiko. Sia. Daughter.

Oh, Daughter… *tear* Vince listens to Daughter, too. He listens to my kind of songs.

He is… He was… *sighs*

Ok. So when he said we needed to talk. I wasn’t sure what I expected. And when it came, I wasn’t prepared for it.

Vince said, “I don’t think we can continue anymore.”


“Believe me, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life,” he said, looking pained and cute.

“Then don’t do it. Why are you breaking up?”

“I’m going through a lot in my life now. I’m having problems.”

“That’s it? Everyone has problems. I have problems – big ones. I’m not breaking up because of them. Let’s deal with this together.”

“Babe, you won’t understand. I’m sorry.”

“I see…” I didn’t see anything really. Was I blind? “So, we are like just friends now?”

“I’m trying so hard now. Believe me it’s hard. I have to let you go. It’s for the best. We shouldn’t have each other as friends on BBM at all. I’m afraid the feelings would come back to hurt me.”

Oh wow.

Oh no.

But, oh yes, Kizito. Oh yes. I fell for this one.

1, 2, 3, Goodbye. No Vince on BBM. If ever we were to talk, it’d be on the phone. We still had each other’s numbers. But I knew we wouldn’t talk. I wasn’t going to call. Bye-bye Vince.


Ok. So, I was saying something about artistes I listen to. Ehen, Daughter. Adele. These days, I’ve started giving Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra a listen. Fetty Wap. London Grammar. Of Monsters And Men. (Hello, Chizzie baby)

You can imagine what my music library would be like, no?

Ok. Let me go wet my pillow now. Emotions be running deep.

Written by Kizito

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  1. Mandy
    January 29, 05:25 Reply

    that Vince is a fucker. And this his breakup line reeks of insincerity. That whole ‘its not you, its me’ thing is just tired.

    • pete
      January 29, 05:54 Reply

      Quit concluding on the evidence of one party’s side of the story.

      • Mandy
        January 29, 05:57 Reply

        Well exciiiuuuuuze me for empathizing with a brutha who just so happened to be on the receiving end of a breakup.

        • pete
          January 29, 06:25 Reply

          Mandy, empathise all you want. I was speaking more on a general note on concluding from one person’s side of events.

  2. Kenny
    January 29, 06:57 Reply

    Sorry about your break up. Try not to spend too much time thinking about it or being depressed. Move on with your life cos YOLO! Very eclectic taste you have in music though.

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    January 29, 07:12 Reply

    Frank Sinatra?

    Good choice!

    Tony Odekunle-Brown constantly calls me an old soul because of my play list and because I think “My Way” by Frank Sinatra is the best song in the history of humanity

  4. Max 2.0
    January 29, 07:16 Reply

    I have so much I wanna say about this, but in the spirit of the season, let me keep my peace.

    • pete
      January 29, 07:31 Reply

      Max, don’t hoard your words. There are those of us who await the words of wisdom from thy mouth. Biko kwa, which season we still dey?

  5. Francis
    January 29, 08:09 Reply

    Eeeya! Sorry oh, hopefully it gets better soonest.

    I wonder if “I’m not feeling you anymore” is better than “I’m having problems”. Maybe you guys weren’t at that point in your relationship where he felt comfortable sharing certain things with you.

  6. bruno
    January 29, 08:15 Reply

    vince has remembered he actually wants to get married and have kids. hehe… i kid, but vince didn’t give us a lot to work with here so we are gonna have to jump into conclusion.

    oh kizito, let it flow. you’ll eventually get over him and meet someone better *hugs*

  7. Eros
    January 29, 09:54 Reply

    Frank Sinatra, Indigo Girls, Trading Yesterday. Eclectic enough?

    BTW, does any listen to African Children Choir and the London Philharmonic Orchestra?

    • ambivalentone
      January 29, 19:20 Reply

      The Philharmornic Choir, yes. Neva heard of the African Children whats-it-now?

  8. Khaleesi
    January 29, 10:45 Reply

    Pele my dear, the usual story … i can hazard a guess that he’s suddenly decided that being gay is the reason he isnt yet a multi-millionaire and he’s not really gay, he wants to dive back into pussyville with a woman and the perfect 2 and half kids as prescribed by society … pele once again, this comes with dating men in these parts … **hands you a box of jasmine scented pink tissues***

    • Delle
      January 29, 11:19 Reply

      Pardon my curiosity Khaleesi, but what does it mean 2 have 2 and a half kids?

      • Pink Panther
        January 29, 15:24 Reply

        It’s a figure of expression used to denote the having of a perfect family.

  9. Delle
    January 29, 11:04 Reply

    Firstly, on no account should anyone be allowed 2 hate BB phones, it’s Duh Best!

    I dunno who this Vince guy was/is to you, but whatevs man, it’s all for the better.

    Frank Sinatra, Monsters and Men…are those really existent? What’s the music industry turning into? Oh church!

    • Promise4all
      January 29, 11:18 Reply

      A pot of DM’s coffee would have finished boiling, by the time some BBs finish booting. And I would have finished seeing an entire movie by the time whatsapp will finish opening on BB BOLD 5 #5SecondsAndroid Task.

      • Delle
        January 29, 11:23 Reply

        U and DM…hmm

        BB is the best, not that dubbing, fake-ass, BB dependent, best only in playing games device y’all call Android! You can’t do without us, but we are better off without you guys, durrgh!

        • Promise4all
          January 29, 13:20 Reply

          RIM wouldn’t have open sourced their OS ecosystem if they neva tot Android would be better than them. At least
          the Android project gave way to my best.Linux.of all time UBUNTU with its portability and hybridism.

  10. Promise4all
    January 29, 11:08 Reply

    Same thing happened to me on Sunday, A hookup my school friend sent me as new year gift, who went on and on about how he loves me and thinks I’ve loved him, when I haven’t giving him a signal of love let alone profess it to him, called me on sunday and dropped the “we can’t continue” line for no reason after we met on the road the past week. In all I ThankGod for cutting 1 down after I finished praying for him to pick my friends for me.

    BTW EROS, I’m a fan of classical music & Orchestras. The likes of berlin Philharmonics, Kings’ College London & some classical Indian Orchestras(for biting.mouth & Linguistic purposes) useful for Mozart’s effect.

  11. Promise4all
    January 30, 23:02 Reply

    @WS I love the way you just described me. I actually love it, when I am reminded of how stupid I can be most times, which pushes me back to my developmental frame of mind to rebuild a better version of me. 😉 Thanks for the Observation. #BringItOn #ThinkStudio #BrainResetProcessInitialized

  12. Shar
    January 31, 15:17 Reply

    I swear to God ..London grammar and of monsters and men…i love those bands….*singing i’m wasting my young years*

      February 05, 13:36 Reply

      Listen to the Kids of the Apocalypse version….You gon love it more

  13. Brian Collins
    January 31, 20:23 Reply

    I like that kizito can express himself in a “So Random” kinda way without caring about what anyone would say. I don’t know if Max was expecting a pulitzer-winning write-up.
    Bye-bye Vince.

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