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  1. Kenny
    April 23, 06:53 Reply

    SMH. Nigerians and their nose in people’s businesses.

  2. Mandy
    April 23, 07:20 Reply

    All these Nigerians sha, after they’ll be acting like they are an ignorant bunch. See how two gossipy women have confirmed the average gay man’s fear that buying some things from the pharmacy are suspect.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      April 23, 13:36 Reply

      Never had such fear,buy my supplies from the pharmacy
      Who go talk kwanu,what with my very serious face?

      • Mandy
        April 23, 19:10 Reply

        That’s the thing. They mostly won’t ever talk before u. It’s when u don commot, their tongues will start wagging.

  3. Eddie
    April 23, 08:23 Reply

    Best solution for me will to get a lesbian bestie and ask her to help me with my lube purchase…they’ll probably assume she needs it … but they might even probably gossip about her too sef

    • ambivalentone
      April 23, 18:16 Reply

      Funny thing is if d guy had bought KY Jelly AND Postinor. They would av STILL thot he was gay. I really wonder what these women want. When u care too much u become automatically ‘gay’.

  4. CriXXus
    April 23, 08:33 Reply


    I dont know if we are growing out of ignorance as a nation as we advance in age or we are falling way deeper into that evil chasm that has cost us a lot! Fix us Lord!

    And As for you Mr poster updater, that “something” that you goan buy, doesnt it have name? Or is it really a “gay something”? Ngwa, come and whisper it in my ear and let your bia-bia tickle my fancy biko.

    • Mandy
      April 23, 19:09 Reply

      How does his something now coman consine you, eh Crixus? 🙂

  5. bountyhunter
    April 23, 08:36 Reply

    I remember trying to buy condom when I was 17 and the woman selling it was giving me this evil eye. in my mind I was wondering ‘bitch, why sell it when you have to act this way?’

  6. #TeamKizito
    April 23, 08:44 Reply


    Something about the way they say “Homo”, hmm.

  7. kacee
    April 23, 08:50 Reply

    Smh…. Nigerians sha , Lol no wonder many people I know are scared of going to a phamary to get lube. Wonder what the “something” is?

  8. Rapum
    April 23, 08:55 Reply

    He should have just asked them why they didn’t say it in the guy’s presence. Bloody cowards.

  9. Absalom
    April 23, 09:06 Reply

    They want us to be too scared to buy proper lube from the pharmacy…

    This is how peeps end up using ororo to do it.

  10. DI-NAVY
    April 23, 09:34 Reply

    lmao. smh, the same thing happened to me when i went to get ky gel in a near by pharmacy, and the guy who runs that pharmacy seems to be cool with me cos i basically buy my beverages there.
    That faithful evening when i stormed his pharmacy,i asked for ky and condoms, you need to see the confusion on his face, and he brought it out and gave me while i took a walk, biko if u look at me with so much scorn that means they have used it on you before or you have used it on another person. The next day, I saw him in church and I was with my partner. You need to see his face. In my mind, I be like ‘boy bye’. This is the reason why most of our brethren are busy sharing diseases upandan cos they are scared to walk into a pharmacy to buy lube and condoms. Whenever the need for such arises, i’m still gonna walk into same pharmacy to get it till I hear pim!!!! Then he will know my reaction, till then, let the side talk continue.

  11. Peak
    April 23, 10:29 Reply

    Unfortunately, the fear they have created, is why a large majority of queer people resort to the use of alternatives that aren’t just harmful, but puts them at the risk of exposing themselves unnecessarily. Tragic sexual experiences and protections are compromised. This is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to gain a fighting advantage in the war against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    The good news about this situation, is that it creates an almost untapped market or an under tapped market. Anyone of us with a good network of gay friends and acquaintances, can stock up on these products and sell for profit. I was at a party last year and a guy was selling jock straps that retailed for 2-3k (I can’t quite remember) and people were buying. I think those who have heads for business should take advantage of what the society is not and will not offer us and turn it to a coin making machine.

    • Mandy
      April 23, 19:07 Reply

      You’re so on-point, Peak.

  12. dabo
    April 23, 11:23 Reply

    lol !full bear bear and big chest!hilarious

  13. Khaleesi
    April 23, 11:29 Reply

    I have friends who are often too scared to walk into a pharmacy to buy lube for this reason, as for me, ‘if it ain’t for sale, why do you stock and sell it?’ Besides lubricants are also used by females as well as by doctors when they need to perform rectal examinations. So … Fuck nosy homophobes, their opinions dont amount to shit!

  14. Delle
    April 23, 11:39 Reply

    And it’s always women. How did she know this? They won’t google on female condoms and how to stop pussy smell, it’s to be poking their flabby lips in the businesses of gay men. Mtcheew!
    Prolly she has a scaly vagina and uses the KY jelly too! Iranu.

    • keredim
      April 23, 12:21 Reply

      Really?!? Pussy smell?

      Kacee & Mitch……

    • Mandy
      April 23, 19:13 Reply

      Lmao. Delle hunnay, u tell ’em! 😀

    • kacee
      April 23, 23:28 Reply

      Delle u need to grow up… i’m very very disappointed.

  15. KingBey
    April 23, 12:21 Reply

    Atink una dey see why I always go to Gay friendly NGOs/Clinics for my supplies of Lubes and Condoms free of charge……I can’t fit shout abeg ! The supply I got 3weeks back still remain. Incase you in Abuja and need am, there’s one around Rita Lori Hotels in Garki 2. There’s another in Ogba Ikeja too for my Lagos peeps. It’s free and safe to use. Carry as much as you want. Ahem ! *sips zobo*

  16. Terra
    April 23, 20:40 Reply

    Most people that work in pharmacies really don’t care. But if you’re unsure, but from one where it’s a man at the counter. I can guarantee guys give absolutely no fucks about who buys what

  17. •*•sugarrrr*•*
    April 24, 10:04 Reply

    Hahahahahaha. Wonders shall never end ooooo….

    But wait o, them talk sey dey guy fine… Some of the ladies are loosing it and going insane when guys are no more chasing after them. Them sabi form to give pussy, and now guys got another formula … So, anything wey guy go do for chemist alone, shikenan !!! Smh for those bitches gossip expertise ?

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