Flavour Responds To Backlash From Half Naked Selfie Of Him Pulling Down His Underwear

Flavour Responds To Backlash From Half Naked Selfie Of Him Pulling Down His Underwear

FlavourNabania_that1960chick.com_Singer Flavour is known for his shirtless, half nekkid selfies on Instagram, which he posts no doubt to get his female fans (and male fans, I believe… lol) all hot and bothered. The highlife singer has been at the shirtless selfie game for a minute, but for some reason the one he posted yesterday (above) received a lot of backlash from his followers.

The photo shows Flavour shirtless and pulling down the side of his black briefs in a teasing manner.

And a backlash followed immediately after the posting. One follower wrote, “Flavour pls what are u trying to prove?” Another angrily wrote, “Why exposing your body just leave music and go to modeling maloo!!!”

See more of their comments below.


Shortly after, Flavour responded by sharing another photo, this time fully clothed. He captioned it, “Osondi owendi!!! Happy new month y’all” Osondi Owendi is an Igbo phrase which literally translates to, ‘It’s sweet for some, it pains some.’

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  1. Rapu'm
    November 04, 03:11 Reply

    Ezigbote osondi owendi! Shebi Instagram deleted that Chelsea Handler woman’s topless photo. Okay oh. This ojoro they are sharing, there is God oh.

    *Abeg, I DECIDE not to get all hot and bothered about this dude. The teaser!*

  2. kylie
    November 04, 03:31 Reply

    its painful how mad they get in this country when stars do this, where mediatakeout US goes nooks and cranny jus to get something close to this of celebrities

  3. daniel
    November 04, 04:44 Reply

    Nigerians r HYPOCRITES (emphasis on the casing).
    Notice how most of them r girls, prolly pained that they can’t have what they see, imagine that one unfollowing Flavour as if he cares… This same people will scream at how cute David Beckham is if he poses in the same way..

    I am not an ambassador for the go nude ish, but if I see it and I don’t like it, I pass, I don’t hv to comment, Something some online folks in this country should try to learn.

  4. Dennis Macauley
    November 04, 04:57 Reply

    I am not againat nudity in anyway, do what pleases you! But for a celebrity it looks tacky and attention seeking! He is a huge star already, he doesnt need to get naked all the time to sell. I have this same problem with beyonce

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 04, 05:22 Reply

      With Beyonce? You didn’t even GI after Rihanna, you just had to leap all the way to Beyonce. Dennis, be very kiafu

      • KingBey
        November 05, 11:39 Reply

        Imagine the likeness? Are you okay? Biko mind how you mention my queen……her name shall not be called in vain.

    • daniel
      November 04, 06:34 Reply

      No u didn’t Dennis, did u just say Beyonce? She goes nude? What will u say about the other black girl that tries so hard to be beyonce? U don’t seem to like Yonce, do u?

      • Peak
        November 04, 07:48 Reply

        Lol @ the other black girl that is trying so hard. Clearly you are still stuck in 2005 cos judging form the “Beyonce” album (2013/14), reverse is now the case

        • pinkpanthertb
          November 04, 08:26 Reply

          That is her music not her social media persona, which is what I thought is the issue here.

      • Rapu'm
        November 04, 08:33 Reply

        Kai kai kai. Easy, all of you. *rolling my eyes at the Beyonce Cult* lol

      • Peak
        November 04, 09:34 Reply

        Badgirlriri, badiebey??? Ok what ever u say pinky! Rih is a social media thot no doubt, but someone saying she is trying 2 hard???? Chile am not about to go into that argument cos its childish to begin with

    • chestnut
      November 04, 06:59 Reply

      Uh-oh…careful now dennis; d beyhive don’t play…ppl have been known to disappear…lol

      • pinkpanthertb
        November 04, 07:05 Reply

        Do tell him. *stone faced* *adjusting my Beygency uniform*

      • KingBey
        November 05, 11:40 Reply

        You better warn him…..how dare he?

    • Kryss S
      November 04, 09:27 Reply

      Dennis Macauley?! R u for real? U have a problem wit Beyonce? Then what do u have wit Rihanna, Lady gaga nd almighty nudist Miley Cyrus? Leave our queen Bey biko nd face dat ur stingy Mrs Macauley!

  5. Max
    November 04, 05:14 Reply

    People do this all the time.. They should leave him jor.. Human beings are judgemental in nature.. No matter what you do, you’ll be judged.. He looks hot… If you got it, flaunt it.. Im a firm believer of that.

  6. Kryss S
    November 04, 05:29 Reply

    Some ppl need to get a life! A celeb is first of all an individual who has fantasies nd things they like b4 attaining d celeb status! Random individuals do same! Ppl should learn to take it easy on them biko!
    By the way, if I have half d body he has I would pose even worst!
    I choptas not! Osondi owendi!

    • Max
      November 04, 05:43 Reply

      As in eh…if I had that kinda body, IG for don hear am…

  7. Aproko Pikin
    November 04, 05:45 Reply

    Flavour, going nude since 1900. I like this muscle tone but woulda preferred the skin dark. I have no issue with him posing all he wants…Nigerians and our exaggerated hypocrisy

  8. Peak
    November 04, 05:51 Reply

    Pinky, its like today’s theme is HYPOCRISY??
    The guy has a banging bod, and clearly has put in a lot of work to chisel out his frame. You got it flaunt it. Am not saying this cos am drooling over him (for some reason I can’t get into the guy). I can bet you that half the ppl critisizing him don’t know where their waistline is anymore or have saggy boobs as men. Why can’t we just see this as a motivation to works out cos that’s how the western world sees it when pix like this are posted

  9. Ruby
    November 04, 05:55 Reply

    Thats some fine man meat although he is Beginning to look like Akpan…
    *covers mouth n runs away*

    • Lothario
      November 05, 09:35 Reply

      Lol! He can’t be an Akpan because he’s quite tall….so that’s done!

  10. JustJames
    November 04, 06:04 Reply

    Nigerians suffer from BeBeToItis.. This a a condition rampant among the nation where the individual’s balls will be itching him to comment on things that are in no way his/her business. The females complaining… They will be the same one using cucumber as dildo and looking at the pic.

  11. chestnut
    November 04, 07:16 Reply

    *in TeamKizito’s voice*: Hmmm…
    Flavour…I don’t know how he has d liver and mind and boldness to take some of d pics he takes; it’s one thing to pose shirtless, hell, it’s even one thing to pose in skimpy underwear all d time, but to always be PULLING DOWN d aforementioned skimpy underwear in pics? I don’t know what he has in mind,but I won’t even pretend that I’m mad at him cos these his pornographic pics give me LIFE! #OkBye…*rides away on bicycle*

  12. #TeamKizito
    November 04, 07:53 Reply

    And I spilled my tea when I saw the photo..(Imagine)
    Hmm, Flavour. Hmm.

    Can someone hand Dennis Macauley the Beyble. Let his wife read to him bedtime stories from the book.

    • king
      November 04, 08:59 Reply

      Ha! E don reach the Beyble now abi!!??? I saw what you did Kizito and it ain’t funny..she ain’t no God!…hmmm all u worshipers of Beyonce juju sef…. .akamadiya oooo!

  13. Dominic
    November 04, 08:58 Reply

    Hmmm! With all this ‘If I had a body like this’ comment, I just dey imagine the fine stature of some commenters on this blog. Hehehe #buzinga!

    • Kryss S
      November 04, 09:34 Reply

      Is dis a shade or are u trying to tell us dat u know d stature of some of us here? Biko, hw is Dennis Macauley’s own? I imagine him as a cross btw Shemar Moore nd Trey Songz just 4rm his comments *wink* *fantasy on point*

  14. Lanre Swagg
    November 04, 09:08 Reply

    Flavour is not trying to sell anything. He has finished selling already. He is a successful star. He is in addition, conscious that he is beautiful and proud of his body. One of the primitive aspects of human psychology is the fear of our own nakedness- something wired in since Eve&Adam were naked and sinful. What Flavour is doing is pure art, he is not putting out his dick. Do we cringe when Beyonce shows off her body? Nigeria is the wrong place to look for honesty or open mindedness with sexuality or intellectual issues- that’s when our mass illiteracy starts coming out …

  15. anonymous
    November 04, 09:09 Reply

    We are tired of seeing him in briefs biko..he shld go completely nude already!

  16. Kryss S
    November 04, 09:31 Reply

    Is dis a shade or are u trying to tell us dat u know d stature of some of us here? Biko, hw is Dennis Macauley’s own? I imagine him as a cross btw Shemar Moore nd Trey Songz just 4rm his comments *wink* *fantasy on point*

  17. Paul
    November 04, 10:09 Reply

    Do straight guys do this n if yes how often?

  18. Khaleesi
    November 04, 10:32 Reply

    Hes hot, gorgeous, successful and confident. .. its his body, he can do with it as he pleases. A lot of those bitter hypocrites look down at their flabby unattractive bodies and stare sadly at their empty bank accounts …
    They hate him for having what they can only dream of! …. ***tongue out***

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 04, 12:00 Reply

      Khaleesi, am I by any means supposed to be covered by this shade you just threw now?

      • Khaleesi
        November 04, 15:27 Reply

        Oh my darling Dennis, certainly not, yes i threw shade but you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you forgot to wear something bright and glittery and reflective. So yes, sigh … you shall unfortunately be smothered under my shade … ***muah***

  19. infamousdiaries
    November 04, 10:34 Reply

    I don’t believe he did anything wrong. If I had that body -despite how popular I would be- I’d show it off! So… People should have a lot of seats… + y’all bey fans need to chill…

  20. Dennis Macauley
    November 04, 11:55 Reply

    Now I stand by what I said earlier! Beyonce’ is talented and all that, but she is in overdrive now that it’s beginning to look desperate for relevance!

    Don’t argue go and watch “on the run” tour with Jay! At a point I was like “yes bey we get it, you are sexy, you are the queen, you are everything! Enough already”

    You should get to a certain point at which you don’t need nudity to stay relavant!

    *wears bullet proof vest and waits for Beygency*

  21. Colossus
    November 04, 12:25 Reply

    I heard this news yesterday on the radio so I needed to see what the fuss was about. I searched him out on Google, added him up on instagram and gbam, the picture was before me. It was splendid in all male glory, well except those lousy briefs, what da hell is he even doing wearing that?
    Flavour is a fine fine young man, a terrible tease but a fine one. If I catch him I’ll lick him all over, in places I suspect he also allows his dogs lick.

  22. enKayced
    November 04, 22:09 Reply

    Being away for a while though. Y’all should forgive.
    Right now, officially, I’m in NYSC camp at Iselle-Uku, Delta state. Serving my fatherland. Had breakfast at night today.
    Back to the matter:
    The only thing I noticed is that all the complainants are Female, correct me if I’m wrong.
    If I’m right, that brings me to the next inference I wanna draw: The guys are a-looking and they’re a-liking what they’re seeing.
    So does this mean the average Nigerian guy has a crush on Flavour?

    • Ba
      November 08, 08:27 Reply

      Yes o i concur with u on dis one. Hv convincingly drawn a conclusion that the average Nigerian is gay

  23. Mr Kassy
    November 04, 22:43 Reply

    I don’t need a prophet to tell me that flavor s**ks d**k,he’s probably a B.

  24. insidiousmissmeiya
    November 05, 07:07 Reply

    I whipped my top off and swung it around my head when I saw this picture. Hater can PAK. WELLU. He could come out with a hardcore porn movie and I will slap anyone who disparages him in my presence.

    Flavour, you sexy dieee

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 05, 07:19 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! Meiya, you still dig girls, don’t you? 😀

  25. Ba
    November 08, 08:22 Reply

    Love the body anyway,make i go register for any gym nw nw….my own i go remove even my pant coz my d**k too go gt muscle..lol

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