Gay Man Rants About The Drama Of Gay Man And Wants To Know What Is The Matter With Us

Gay Man Rants About The Drama Of Gay Man And Wants To Know What Is The Matter With Us

The gay community is varied – some look for casual hookups, some look for serious relationships, and some, it would seem, just can’t find themselves in the middle of all that.

One guy came to Reddit with an angry rant; being gay himself, he is sick and tired of what he’s seeing in the gay community.

“Not to sound like a jerk as I am gay myself,” he starts off, “but what is the issue with the majority of gay men? I find them nearly impossible to be friends with or to have relationships with.”

And he explains:

“The majority of them are superficial and will only give you the time of day if you are a 20 on a scale of 1-10 as far as looks with washboard abs and top notch clothing…

“They have no morals and want to just sleep around, the idea of a relationship is like a foreign concept, they love drama, they’re sassy or they fall into dumb categories such as “the little twink” who’s essentially a male diva or “the masc jock bro” who’s a complete jerk to everyone to show off for his straight buds.

“It seems like many of them (not all) act the way they do, not because that is necessarily who they are, but because they feel they have to “play the part” to fit in…

“So they go along with the crowd and begin gay club hopping on weekends and watching drag and stuff because they’ve been conditioned to think they need to go along with it even if that’s not how they previously used to act.

“It’s just ironic that as gays who demand so much respect from straight people can’t even seem to accept themselves or other gay people.

“Even when you get the occasional person that does give you the time of day, they usually turn out to be a flake and you all of a sudden will just stop hearing from them one day, like they have no concept of respect or how to act.

“It’s like they get what they want and they move on to the next or they don’t get what they want and they just vanish. I don’t know if that’s a generational thing or a gay thing or maybe both.

“I just feel the majority of the LGBT community needs a reality check.”

Some commenters were quick to agree, while others pointed out the different sides:

“Well, you can definitely find that clique of gay guys, but then there are gay people all over the place who act calm and ‘normal’. I removed myself from the scene in my early 20s and found lots of gay people who weren’t trying to prove anything to anyone, cause they were comfortable with themselves.”

“I met my good gay friends through a flakey social butterfly I went on a couple dates with. He knew everyone around town and invited me to a couple house parties were I met a relatively grounded crowd.”

“I’m just a normal guy who wants to chill with friends and have a good time. I do see where you’re coming from though. That’s why I tend to avoid the scene. Too flamboyant for me.”


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  1. Mandy
    September 05, 06:56 Reply

    Lol. Dude is preaching. Sometimes, our drama can kuku get too much.

  2. Osas
    September 05, 07:31 Reply

    I just no need the drama, can’t we live normal lives, you see a man who is not naturally effeminate, and he is try with all his might to turn into a woman, what’s the drama about, why can’t we just exude the confidence that’s resplendent in out being, we are handsome when we come out as we are in looks and attitude, I think a reality check is not bad.

    • ambivalentone
      September 05, 08:08 Reply

      I’m sorry, but I kinda need clarification for this “…you see a man who is not naturally effeminate, and he is try with all his might to turn into a woman, what’ s the drama about…”

    • Dimkpa
      September 05, 18:51 Reply

      In your haste to bash the effeminate, it seems you overlooked the part where the writer also complained about the ‘masc jock bro” who appears straight.I would like to know your response to that criticism as well.

      All these complaints about ‘gay people this and that’ is childish. Like Michael Jackson sang “If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change” or the Bible puts it “Remove the log of wood in your eye before removing the speck of dust in another’s eye.”

      People should quite complaining and get with the program. End of story.

  3. Osas
    September 05, 08:55 Reply

    I think some men fake this “shele”, men want to be divas, if I wanted a diva I would get a raging female bitch. Keep it original!

    • posh666
      September 05, 09:19 Reply

      Or it might actually be a psychological condition and they really want to be a woman so bad they can’t help themselves.

    September 05, 09:24 Reply

    There’s just a lot about been gay; There’s fear, there’s denial.
    Just like we look different, our perspective to things differs… That realisation that you are not accepted has a lot to the soul, its not everyone who’s that strong to be realistic about their sexuality so at times when I meet dramas like that I tend not to bother.
    FYI; Drag goht it all. #Osas do get a diva and leave the community for us. That’s a way we have our fun!Thanks! Telling me to act all manly even when am with my girls inside? when I done use all my strength dey form manly for outside. biko I just can’t…

    • KingBey
      September 07, 14:10 Reply

      I know right? That soothing feeling you get when you close the doors and finally get to let your hair down and be the real W.O.M.A.N that you’re. Goodness ! Nothing can replace it. ???

  5. posh666
    September 05, 09:25 Reply

    Honestly the gay community is even more dramatic,mean and more vain than women I used to love the whole drama that came with the lifestyle back in school days.Right now i’m over it…

    Just want to party with few cool frnds and gossip every now and then,have a few guys on my contact who are drama free and not clingy I can call anytime I want sex understanding that I want nothing deep and we are just having a goodtime.

  6. ambivalentone
    September 05, 09:53 Reply

    Anyways, I have found u attract the same kind of person u r. He shouldn’t start fronting moments of epiphany when he’s been just as much a shallow, dramatic bitch

  7. Klaus
    September 05, 11:21 Reply

    either he isn’t particularly good looking, or he’s not getting attention from these drama queens!

    • posh666
      September 05, 11:58 Reply

      My dear if u are well grounded in this lifestyle you will know that all he wrote is true.

      Guys will be all over you calling and texting before sex but after that you notice a change.No matter how good looking you are once you have been sampled it’s onto the next one.Well except for the few who give dating a chance.

      Besides honestly these days it’s not just about good looks some like ugly rugged looking guys,some are all about the dick size,height or six pacs,some go for the rich ones…

      • Klaus
        September 05, 12:32 Reply

        people leaving after sex is prevalent in gay and straight lifestyle, its either people learn to deal with it or be celibate. Not everyone is interested in dating or being friends after a hookup, its the unfortunate sad truth and that’s how it is. Straight people too don’t have close real friends as that guy wants us to believe, they’re also fake, artificial and dramatic. The majori difference btw gays and straight people is that we have sex with same gender, they have sex with the opposite gender, aside that, most of the happenings in are similar regardless of sexual orientation. All i see in this post is a gay man who is deprived of attention from the cute and sexy ones, he won’t be ranting if he gets the attention. he’s just pained, shikena.

  8. Delle
    September 05, 13:17 Reply

    He totally has a point. Most gay guys have forgotten they are human beings firstly, before being gay. It’s all about the attitude and superficiality. I was just complaining about this same thing to a female friend of mine. The attitude and drama exhibited in the gay scene is just too much. So much so it affects many who aren’t like that but because they fit into the stereotype, are tagged that.
    It’s sickening.

  9. Jide
    September 05, 19:17 Reply

    This is true. I’d really love to have a simple, calm and easygoing gay friend/boyfriend that i can relate to but it’s like I’m going to die searching.

    • Kainene
      September 06, 13:18 Reply

      “its like I’m going to die searching”….believe me hunnay the feeling’s mutual

    • Nel
      September 07, 19:44 Reply

      Maybe not?

      This feeling is mutual tho…

  10. Fresh
    September 05, 22:04 Reply

    Oshee….. Klaus you spoke my mind.

  11. king
    September 07, 10:14 Reply

    I’ve met a gay friend who told me that loving a guy is difficult

  12. KingBey
    September 07, 14:19 Reply

    Drama is found everywhere. Both straight and gay. It’s individual. I can talk and play online but in person, I’m quiet as ice. And too much talking or drama drains me. I have seen very quiet gay guys and I have also seen loud and dramatic straight guys. Hoes are found among the Straight folks too. Human beings are different and unique.

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