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Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong

Originally published on

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What’s A Nigerian Gay Man To Do?

I don’t even know where to start with this problem but I’ll try. I don’t know if it’s me or it’s the heteronormative gay front in Nigeria, but I’ve been

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That Piece About The Myths And Misconceptions About Gay Men

Originally published on There are lots of stereotypes about queer people. This post is going to explore some of the stereotypes concerning gay men. Many of the items in


  1. OJ
    June 01, 21:14 Reply

    So glad to get this email notification. Was almost getting worried.
    Happy Pride Month Y’all.

  2. Icarus
    June 01, 22:35 Reply

    At last. After 10 days of Bandwidth limit exceeded

  3. Chloé
    June 02, 00:04 Reply


    So good to have you guys back.

    Happy pride month y’all.

  4. Foxydevil
    June 02, 11:39 Reply

    Funny we are all celebrating the gay pride day, when most of us are suffocating in the closet. The irony of it all.
    Anyway happy pride day to those who are brave enough to be themselves, despite all the hassle and bustle associated with homosexuality in Nigeria.
    For the closted ones you don’t deserve this day, you ain’t fan and are most definitely not proud of who you are.
    Pinky I missed you, what happened to your page?

  5. Yazz Soltana
    June 03, 21:58 Reply

    It’s like nobody ever likes kitodiaries posts on facebook

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