Danny is my late father’s last-born brother, older than me by not more than 6 years. Like my other uncles, he was very close to my family when my father was alive, frequently dropping by our house for the occasional Sunday lunch. Then my father died, and his brothers turned on my mother, their grasping, greedy hands attempting to grab away anything that my father, the oldest and most affluent of them all, had left behind. My father didn’t make a will, so my uncles really went hard at my family. A property in Owerri, a plaza in Ikotun, plots of land in Ikorodu – they went after them all. My mother of course fought back, managing to hold on to a few properties. It helped that she had grown sons, my older brothers, who were able to be her muscle in the face of my uncles’ greed.

Danny was not part of his brothers’ shenanigans. In fact, he served as a mole, often revealing to us the intentions of my uncles, so that we were prepared when they struck. As the years went by, while the bad blood soured the relationship my family had with my uncles, Danny stayed close to us.

In 2014, I got admission into the university at 19. That first year of the university experience gave me a chance to break out from the doting – sometimes stifling – attention of my mother, and I was free to really explore my sexuality. In Nigerian lingo, I “tore eye 360 degrees round”. It helped that I was in a university in the East, far away from home in Lagos. There was so much freedom to enjoy.

By the time I returned to Lagos for my first holiday, I was barely the innocent, doe-eyed teenager who left home for school.

It was during that holiday that I began to really see Uncle Danny. He’d visited and was going to stay at my place for a while as he prepared to set up his base in Lagos. I’d never noticed his attractiveness until that visit: the sensuous curl of his full lips when he smiled, the shine of his fair complexion, and the tantalizing curve of his very nice ass.

I was instantly in lust with my uncle.

I was the only child of my mother who was home that period, and Danny and I were going to share a bed. He actually had his own bedroom to sleep in, but that first night, it seemed he preferred the airy expanse of my bedroom and came to share the bed with me.

I was a 19-year-old who had discovered what it felt like to desire and be desired, with no inhibitions – and as I lay on the bed beside my snoring uncle, I wanted to touch him and I knew no hesitation.

I moved close to him, so close that the heat of his body reached out to warm my body. He was lying on his back, his head turned away from me, his legs spread out as though offering his crotch up to me. I touched him. He didn’t stir. I got bolder and began to caress his flaccid penis through the trousers he was wearing. I touched and fondled and rubbed his dick, gently urging an erection out of it. The dick began to stir at about the same time that Danny’s loud breathing hitched. But he didn’t move, and even though his snoring had stopped, he carried on with the somnolent breathing of someone who was still asleep.

Now past caring, I tugged at his trousers until I freed his dick, and then I leaned forward and began to suck him. As my mouth wrapped around his dick, it was only a matter of time and it began to grow in my mouth, rising and hardening in response to the warm, wetness of my blowjob.

Then Danny moved slightly and I felt his hand come down on the back of my head. For a brief moment, panic arced through me as I thought he was about to shove me off of him.

Instead, he gripped the back of my head to control its up-and-down movement as he began to thrust his hips upward to meet my mouth. This continued for some minutes until he came. Then I pulled away from him, he righted himself and without saying anything to each other, we went to sleep.

The next day was when he found the words to speak to me. It was a reprimand. He told me very sternly that he didn’t like what I did to him the previous night. And I shouldn’t try it again with him or anyone else. I said okay, relieved that I was getting off that lightly. That night, I was determined to be a good boy and stuck to my side of the bed. nothing happened that night or the night after that.

On the fourth night however, it was his touch that woke me. He was running his hands over my body, caressing my nipples, flitting over my flat tummy and grabbing at my dick. The second I was awake and aware, I was hard and willing, not even pausing to question the surprise turn of events.

The intimacy this time was a lot more involved. We kissed and groped and caressed each other heavily. He seemed to know exactly what to do to the body of a man, and yet, his lack of experience with gay sex was immediately apparent when he moved to my back and began thrusting his dick in and out of my closed thighs. If I wasn’t so caught up with desire, I would have chuckled at the fact that he was moaning from fucking my legs, believing that to be the ultimate pleasure. I stopped him and told him he was supposed to fuck my asshole.

“Are you sure?” he asked, sounding aghast.


“But… Well, okay.” And he positioned and tried to jam his dick in through my ass cheeks.

No lube. No condom. No preliminary. Oga, you think say na vagina be this?

Again, I stopped him and told him he’d have to use a condom. He slid out of the bed and went to his room, where his bags were. By the time he came back, I was already creamed up, waiting for him. He sheathed his dick and we returned to the anal sex.

I was tight as he pushed through with his dick. The kind of tight that was evident in the way he kept on moaning and cussing in appreciation of the pleasurable friction between his dick and my anal walls. The tightest hole he’d ever put that dick inside, I was sure.

He didn’t last long. A few minutes of thrusting, and he was spasming on my back, cussing as he ejected his spunk into the condom. He released a sigh and pulled out, dropping on his back like someone who simply wanted to move on to slumber.

But I knew all too well what his ass looked like. The curve through his boxers. The bounce when he walked. No way! I wanted to fuck too.

“It’s my turn now,” I said to him, again knowing no hesitation on the altar of my desire.

“Your turn to do what?” he asked as he turned to face me in the darkness.

“To fuck you.”

“Are you serious?” He didn’t sound provoked or angry. Just alarmed. Like he couldn’t imagine surrendering his ass to any form of penetration.

“Yes, I’m serious,” I said firmly. “You fucked me. I want to fuck you too.” I almost sounded accusing, like I was rebuking him for reneging on an agreement.

He hesitated, then muttered okay. And he turned around to present his derider to me.

But any attempt to fuck him proved futile. He was clearly an anal virgin, and kept wincing and jerking away every time I tried to push in. He was in pain, I could see that.

Eventually, I gave up. and I wanked myself to cum. We kissed and then retired to sleep.

The next couple of days, Danny began to come at me with questions. Having known the pain of failed penetration, he was in awe of how I’d been able to take him in. He wanted to know about that. He wanted to know how I was able to receive him. He wanted to know how long I’d been doing this. He wanted to know this and know that. And he was making me very uncomfortable with his ardent curiosity.

We got intimate one more time before he left. There was no penetrative sex. just a lot of kissing, sucking and then jerking off.

Then he left.

We wouldn’t see each other for a few years, seeing as he was now settled in Lagos and I had my schooling to do in the East. Then it was November last year. I was finished with school and as NYSC pended, I was making the rounds with close relatives and friends, for those who’d have connections for employment for me.

By this time, Danny was married with two little kids. I went to see him, intending to stay overnight at his place. That evening, after dinner, he came to meet me in the guestroom, and the two of us began to talk about family and life in general. He also had some advice to give me, considering I was now ready to take on the world.

At this point, the mood in our conversation changed. We were alone in the bedroom, his kids were asleep, and his wife settled comfortably in the parlour before the television. It seemed like it was just me and him. And I found myself thrown back to those nights, years ago, when he wasn’t my uncle and I wasn’t his relative. When all we were to each other were lovers.

He must have felt the sudden pull of attraction, because he said in a quiet tone, “I miss you, Bobby.”

I waited a beat, and then made the move. I slid across the bed to where he was seated and leaned toward him. He didn’t resist. He just sat there, still, until my lips connected with his. I kissed him. And he kissed me back.

And the fever of passion immediately took over. As we kissed, we were ripping off our clothes, tumbling into bed all naked skin and hard cocks. As we kissed and groped at each other, I took note of the fact that he seemed a lot more knowledgeable of what he was doing. I didn’t even have to tell him about condoms and lube when it came time for the main course. He put his clothes back on and snuck out to fetch them – which told me something: that he’d been fucking guys all these years that passed since I last saw him.

Even his stroking skills spoke volumes of a man who’d gotten an education from a lot of experience with guys. This time, he lasted long, for about 30 minutes, and when he came, he buried his head in the back of my neck and let out a tight groan as he spasmed behind me.

I didn’t bother asking for a flip-fuck. His wife was after all present and awake. We’d been able to get away with the first round; there was no telling if we would be lucky if we proceeded to the second round of me topping him.

He said goodnight to me and slipped out of my room, leaving me to retire to bed full of questions about whether my uncle had always known he had the gay in him before that first night four years ago. Or if what I did to him was what made him realize the truth about him.

Written by Bobmanuel

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  1. Higwe
    July 22, 09:35 Reply

    In another news my Tacha topped the poll and handsome Mike survived. ?

    I’ve never had a winning contestant …last year I supported CeeC , the penultimate year I supported TBoss .

    Maybe this year I’ll be lucky sha .?


    How did your uncles even manage to get their hands on some of your father’s properties ?
    Will or no will …isn’t your mum supposed to know where all the original documents of the properties are ?
    What legal rights do your uncles have to even claim anything belonging to your late father ?
    I thought nonsenses like this only happened in low budget Nollywood flicks .
    In this 21st century? Mba nu .
    Ayam not understanding .

    And this “mole” that had no qualms sleeping with his deceased brother’s nineteen year old kid .
    I just hope for your sake you aren’t giving away your arsehole alongside your birthright .
    I don’t trust moles and I certainly do not trust this uncle of yours .?

    • Omiete
      July 22, 11:46 Reply

      Is very possible na!!! Most women don’t know any thing about their husbands properties. But he did mention that she put up a fight

      • Higwe
        July 22, 13:06 Reply

        And recovered a “few” .
        A woman with adult male children put up a fight to recover a few of her own husband’s properties.
        Like how does this even make sense ?
        The males in that house must be too passive because however I look at it still doesn’t make sense .

        What will the uncles even tell the court while contesting for the rights to the said properties ?

        What exactly is their claim to it ?

        He also mentioned that his father was the wealthiest of his siblings , meaning his mother had more than enough ammunition to bomb the traitors.

        Now if the so called properties are landed properties in the village ,I’d definitely understand but properties situated in cities !

        Anyway what do I know .
        Such a thing can never happen to me though .
        Unless the so called uncles want to meet their untimely deaths. ?

    • Zoar
      July 22, 19:33 Reply

      Wow that makes the both us then.

      I’ve never supported nor had any interest in BBNaija before now though but this particular one got to me real deep and I can’t even understand why.

      Maybe the audition video that trended making Tacha more desired in the house and also making me want to support her in any way I can. And the opportunity came as she became one of the HMs.

      These past weeks have seeing me going crazy on Twitter all for Tacha. Me that’s always calm on these social apps, always minding my business and staying on my lane.

      My heart was skipping yesterday like I was the one in the house all for her.

      I just love the girl’s character and behavior. Yes! She has her flaws and I’m done looking at them. The support for her comes naturally not for anything whatsoever. I guess that’s how people turn fans unknowingly.

      Then as for Mike.
      The way they portray him make me resent him. Yes, he’s a cool guy from all indications but I’m inclined to think he’s sly. He keeps nominating my baby girl while trying to make himself look like he really cares. That’s bullshit to me. Thank goodness Tacha knows them for who they all are. Snakes!!! And she treats them like that exactly.

      They should better be prepared to have her in that house till the final day of the show.

      I don’t have any words for the story seriously. The writer made it look like he’s so cool with the practice of incest that I cringed on the whole story.

      • Higwe
        July 23, 08:43 Reply

        I love them for those exact reasons.
        They bring different things .
        Mike with the calm vibes and Tacha with the tigress thunder.
        I don’t think anyone of them is fake or evil …I just think they’re different humans trying to coexist in a highly psychological game .
        I’m rooting and voting for both equally .
        Mike because I think he could actually put the money to good use .
        Tacha because I want her to find a better life .
        I won’t mind Jackye winning though , she seems like a very smart and sensible girl .

  2. ken
    July 22, 11:47 Reply

    Incestuously distasteful. A No no no

  3. Beau
    July 22, 12:21 Reply

    This reminds me of my cousin (my aunt’s son), whom ave had a huge crush on for as long as i can remember and its still not going away. I know he’s gay cos i found out but he is now one of those born again sef.
    If only i have the courage to make the first move and fuck him JUST ONCE, then i will be fine. Its so hard to have a crush on ur relative ?

  4. Audrey
    July 22, 12:45 Reply

    Had an almost similar Sexperience.
    I had never met this cousin of mine till 2006 when we had to relocate after losing our house to a fire outbreak so when dude came around to say hi to us I was surprised to find out that I had an older cousin that cute.

    He was on I.T back then and so would be in the village for a while and so my mum took on the responsibility of always sending food across to him with me being the messenger.I progressed from being an errand boy to becoming a gist partner and somewhere along the line we began playing around doing the normal guys wrestling play and it was during one of such plays I held on to his dick to stop him from winning me and the realization that dude was Hung stirrred up something in me.

    • Omiete
      July 22, 13:38 Reply

      Ohhhhhh those wrestling play. How to know if a guy is interested in you. Those were fun days

      • Audrey
        July 23, 20:02 Reply

        My dear the day the fuck finally happens my legs couldn’t carry me but dude is now forming senior born again.The matter weak me

  5. Tasty
    July 22, 17:14 Reply

    ***Fresh Air*** I can’t believe I’m out of this country… Hey guys, this is a public announcement- I have left homophobia behind. Expect my PDA stories hahahahahahahahahaaha…. But it’s quite chilly here even in summer. But mehn the men are so gorgeous with eyes to die for shit.

    • Rx
      July 22, 18:08 Reply

      Congrats o, I can’t wait to leave too

    • Opal
      July 22, 23:43 Reply

      Interesting. Where art though?

  6. Pearl
    July 23, 10:55 Reply

    Is sexuality a game to you? I thought that dere is more to this life style than having sex with just anybody. Is dere no restriction to who we have sex with. Even in heterosexuality dere are still restrictions to who they have sex with. Everything is not all about sex and ur uncle is off limit.

  7. Rex
    July 23, 12:44 Reply

    Hmmmm… Wait oh, am I the only one that noticed that when his mother was fighting for property she had “grown sons, my older brothers” but a few lines later “he was the only child”.
    Just asking

    • scarlet_witch
      July 23, 13:56 Reply

      “I was the only child of my mother who was
      home”…….meaning others weren’t at home.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 18:49 Reply

      Read that “only child” line properly, Rex. To the end. Context is key.

  8. scarlet_witch
    July 23, 14:09 Reply

    Try as I may, I couldn’t bring myself to cringe at this story because it’s allegedly an incest.
    All I saw were two adults getting consentaneously intimate and I kinda found it interesting like nearly every other sexperience story on this blog.
    Makes me wonder why having sex with an uncle is so frowned at.

    what’s so wrong about it?
    It’s not like they are siblings anyway.

    • PrinceK
      July 23, 14:15 Reply

      @Scarlet, define incest. Then maybe you’d know “what’s so wrong about it”

      • scarlet_witch
        July 23, 14:52 Reply

        I know what it means.
        I just feel people made it out to be a taboo based on sentiment and not necessarily because it hurts anyone.

  9. Obiora
    July 23, 22:22 Reply

    This is incest, abomination. As interesting as this sounds, bikonu… Go for cleansing.

  10. Vincent
    July 24, 00:37 Reply

    I’m laughing at all those guys saying “incest” in the context of it being forbidden. You guys need to get out more. Incest, like many things, is defined by the society/culture. It might be forbidden in Igboland (I’m assuming the author is Igbo, hence the backlash). But, in the far North of the country, avunculate and cousin marriages are the norm.

    • J
      July 24, 19:49 Reply

      Far North where precisely? I only know of cousin marriage mostly among the Nomadic Fulani people. Whenever some people talk about the North, they make it seems like the Northerners are aliens with three heads ?

      • Vincent
        July 24, 23:02 Reply

        I really don’t know what you mean by people talking as if Northerners are aliens with three heads except of course you’re simply expressing your sentiments. I’m glad you admitted only what you know. Apart from the Nomadic Fulani of mainly the North West, amongst the Hausa of many parts of Kebbi, Zamfara, Katsina, and Sokoto especially in the villages, these types of marriages occur. Lived and worked there, have friends and relatives who reside there, I know.

  11. J
    July 25, 14:07 Reply

    Okay uncle. Those set of people are still living in the stone age.

    • Vincent
      July 25, 16:15 Reply

      Really? Those set of people?? ?? Such words should not be heard amongst us.

      • J
        July 25, 22:02 Reply

        I mean no offense please ?

  12. Clout
    March 13, 23:00 Reply

    First time commenting , i was so fucking turned on by this story please can you introduce me to this uncle of yours 😂😂

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