Her No Is No, And So Is Mine

Her No Is No, And So Is Mine

rape-handHis name is Elijah (not his real name). He is a bouncer whom I met at an eatery which also doubles as a bar. The day I met him was the day I went with a friend of mine to the joint. My friend is the closest you can come to being openly gay in Nigeria, considering how choking and oppressive Nigerian society is to gays. He seems to have this knack for knowing all the gays in any place he spends even just a few weeks in. Anyway, he knew Elijah and so few minutes after we entered the bar, Elijah came to join us at our table. He sat with us till very late into the night, as he and my friend obviously knew each other very well and had a lot of catching up to do.

My heart pattered with excitement each time I looked at Elijah. Jeez! He was phynnne! Hunky and tall. Unspoiled dark complexion. Rippling muscled physique. I decided that it wasn’t fair for my friend to have all the fun, and I therefore embarked on a shameless flirting session with Elijah. We hit it off smoothly like a well-greased screw in a hole (or shall I say, a well-lubed dick in a hole … lol).

Within the following week, we had hung out three times. It was easy to see that we both enjoyed each other’s company immensely; and so when he invited me over to his place for a visit, I immediately agreed without missing a heartbeat.

The agreed day for my visit soon came, and it had turned out to be one of those hectic and extremely tiring days which leave you drained and exhausted, and at the end of which you crave nothing but a nice long bath, a warm meal and the blissful embrace of deep slumber. Sex was the last thing on my mind on this particular day, I was totally knackered.

But I felt obliged to see Elijah. So I went ahead to keep our date. When I got to his place, we chitchatted for a while. With the intention of taking a bath, I even undressed until I was clad in just my singlet and boxers.

One thing however led to the other, and we soon started making out. I wanted to make out with him for just a little bit, and then call it a night. My libido was at an all-time low. I simply was in no mood to go any further than the kissing.

It soon became clear that he wanted to go the whole hog, he wanted a nice dirty romp in bed. And come rain or shine, he was determined to get it. His hands were creeping all over my body, his fingers feverishly slipping down to my ass and attempting to slip my boxers off. I caught the adventurous hand, pulling it to a stop. And while trying to catch my breath from the frenzy of our kissing, I gently explained to him that I’d had an extremely exhausting day and would really appreciate it if we could save the sex for another day when I was more energetic.

My explanation, it seemed, fell on deaf ears. Perhaps he assumed that part of my foreplay was inducing a chase and enjoying the thrills which would follow, because the more I resisted his attempts to have his way with me, the more forcefully he attempted to have his way. He tried all manner of persuasion. At first, he pleaded, sulked, and tried to use the foreplay to melt my resolve. And when those didn’t work, he became physically violent. His grip on my body became tighter and his face tightened into a grim mask. Whereas initially, he’d been gently parrying my resisting gestures to keep him off undressing me, his touch lost its gentleness and he began trying to yank my briefs away from around my hips.

This alarmed me. Elijah is a bouncer, much bigger than I am, and endowed with powerful muscles, as opposed to my slender build. In any physical contest, I was going to be no match for him. My alarm and fear increased when I realized that I was pinned down beneath his massive and powerfully built frame. I could not kick him in the groin or strike him anywhere else, and was therefore totally and completely at his mercy. I could see his hard-on jutting angrily at me from his crotch, and in that moment, there was nothing faintly desirous about the sight of that hard, thick dick.

I thought of crying out for help, but I swiftly realized the foolhardiness of this move. It would be awkward explaining the situation to a gathered crowd of neighbours. My only option was to beg, and hope that my pleas would somehow pierce his lust-induced haze. The thought of him ravaging my behind in his present state ratcheted my panic up several notches. And I pleaded more earnestly, blinking a tear or two out of my eye, anything to stop this guy from crossing the line.

Apparently, he was too far gone down the path of determination, as my pleas and small cries seemed to egg him on and excite him further. At this point, I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I would indeed soon become a rape victim – a thing I had previously thought to be impossible. I seethed with rage as tears of frustration began to gather behind my eyelids.

Suddenly, a sharp knock sounded on the door. We both froze. And a voice called from outside; his friend who had showed up for a visit unannounced. This seemed to jolt Elijah out of his haze and galvanized him into action, as he quickly let go of me and tried to tidy up the room where things had been knocked from their usual positions during my ill-fated struggle. We didn’t speak to each other, as I hurriedly located my clothes and dressed in record time. I don’t think I have ever dressed up that fast in my entire life; it was like I threw the clothes onto my body and they magically found their designated position. Soon, he opened the door to his friend, and after mumbling my goodbye, I fled from the apartment, my heart still pounding out of fear of what might have been.

He later apologized profusely, saying he had been high on weed and therefore not in control of himself. I forgave him and tried to put the terrifying and nasty incident behind me. We are still friends, we hang out from time to time; but I have vowed and stuck to my vow to never visit his apartment ever again. I have developed a mortal fear – something close to a phobia of his apartment and therefore even ten wild horses tied together cannot drag me in there again. I am deeply afraid that if he were to get a second chance, I would not be as lucky as I was the last time. And who’s to say that this time, he’d be the only lust-crazed, drug-intoxicated, pumped-up brute damning all reason to fuck the bejesus out of me? I just can’t deal.

Written by Blue Fox

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  1. daniel
    September 25, 05:27 Reply

    Lmao, I remember something close happened to me, the difference is I wasn’t tired, I just didn’t wanna have sex on the 2nd of January of a new year. That day was cray..

    • R.A
      September 25, 05:29 Reply

      Lol! Still had your new year resolution in mind?

      • daniel
        September 25, 06:10 Reply

        U know this!!! My prayers were fresh in my memory..

    • iamcoy
      September 25, 07:27 Reply

      Daniel.. do u reside in uyo?

  2. Rapu'm
    September 25, 05:38 Reply

    Lol. Guy, go and do thanksgiving.

    • shuga chocolata
      September 25, 06:00 Reply

      Hhahahahha @rapum nice name and I always look forward towards your commenting. You always crack me up any day and time you are always gamed. @go and do thanksgiving.

  3. blue fox
    September 25, 06:04 Reply

    I swear the guy would have probably ruined my behind forever if he had his way

    • Lothario
      September 26, 12:00 Reply

      Imagine our lovely Blue Fox with a ruptured behind…We’re happy you escaped, that was a close one!

  4. gad
    September 25, 06:13 Reply

    I’m usually scared of meeting guys who will starve me of sex while spending the night with me. This story sounds “girlish”.Girls gives all manner of reasons to avoid sex ranging from “im in my period ” to “how serious are u with me”.I know I will be called names but that’s me.we all have our differences.unlike the bouncer,I can’t force a guy and I will not meet a guy that denied me sex twice.Maka why kwanu?. Now over to the attackers.let the attacks begin!

  5. Dennis Macauley
    September 25, 06:23 Reply

    If someone doesn’t wanna have sex let them be. Even if you took them to dinner or bought them expensive gifts and all, if he doesn’t wanna give it up let him be.

    A lot of boys have been in this situation and they were raped. Its wrong on so many different levels

  6. maxonex
    September 25, 06:25 Reply

    Hahahahahaha….you’re lucky.. He would’ve drilled your hole with his thick drill bit…
    And can I just say “high on weed” my ass…
    But he was “low enough” to know when someone knocked at the door…

  7. chestnut
    September 25, 06:32 Reply

    Hmmm…dis one tough o! Blue Fox,thank God u escaped sha. Let me see, have I ever met a guy who wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t give him sex d first time we’re behind closed doors? Yes: ONE! But most guys aren’t like that; it seems to be wired in our DNA that d first night u spend together has to involve sex. This was probably what d bouncer had in mind (hell,that’s what I’d have in mind too; d difference btwn me and him is that if u’re not down,I won’t persude/force u…but some ppl are not that patient)

    • simba
      September 25, 07:32 Reply

      Mogbe..Mr Macauley pick up ur phone.. how on earth u dare keep Mrs waiting.. abeg make I carry my aproko,go another side

    • daniel
      September 25, 07:39 Reply

      Is there a fire at the Macauleys? *dials gossipgirl*

  8. blue fox
    September 25, 07:40 Reply

    and the funny thing was I planned to sleep over the next day and give him more than he can handle. I can ride on him as much as 4 times in the night. @gad you are definitely a top I’m sure, well here’s an exercise for you; try bottoming when you are tired, weak and exhausted let me see if you won’t faint. it takes strength and energy to carry the yam most of you call dicks

    • gad
      September 25, 10:35 Reply

      Yes I’m a top and it’s because that’s the role I enjoy.i believe btms also play that role because they enjoy it.one question I ask a prospective date before we go further is if they enjoy bottoming.if anyone says something like they do it out of obligation or any other reason outside fun,i back out.may I also add here that playing btm doesn’t make you less than a man

      • Lanre Swagg
        September 25, 21:37 Reply

        Gad, you’re a correct person.

        Why does bluefox miss the point- why u spending the night with him if u are too tired? If he understands that he either loves you verily or he’s got fake topolinium in his scrotum.

  9. Micky
    September 25, 07:57 Reply

    Gobe! *Runs to Linda Ikeji for all the juicy deets*

  10. Dimkpa
    September 25, 12:44 Reply

    Yam most of you call dicks? LOL.

  11. Colossus
    September 25, 14:37 Reply

    And one bottom is reading this and going “muscled guy with a yam dick? He can come rape me from here to timbuktu”

  12. enigmous
    September 25, 21:47 Reply

    And one bottom read that comment up there and thought: Some people have “well of Samaritan” and call it “hole”

  13. king
    September 26, 02:47 Reply

    Dear Blue…am so amazed at what you went thru and must feel..in fact what got me was when you wrote that not even all the horses could pull you back into dat crib of his!!! wow! Well I have never raped anyone and truly how can anyone even think about that!!! Well please forgive him or else that will be a thorn even for you….but hey never ever go teasing a guy at his house especially at d first night you sleep with him…truly it was divine intervention that helped you oooo my dear….but take heart dear NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE THAT! in fact the more authentic we are the more control of our emotions and feelings we muster at any time T!!!….sorry to say but Elijah is no man but a brute!

    • king
      September 26, 02:50 Reply

      Ooops!!! Did I say sorry to say!??? Scratch dat….So glad to STATE in fact!!!!

  14. Remy Dubois
    September 26, 11:57 Reply

    Shit!…why didn’t u just let him rape u n gave us a better story?..huh?..mtcheeeeeews! Such a tease.

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