Finding a fellow Corps member who is gay in Kano State is like searching for a misplaced naira note in a busy market.

I was bored on that Sallah day. It was of course a public holiday and the Devil was working overtime on my idleness. I downloaded Grindr and in the fifteen minutes it took me to get acquainted with what was going on in the app, over ten guys had messaged me, asking me for my location. I replied the messages, and soon, I had moved from Grindr to WhatsApp with some of the guys.

Out of a number of these guys, only two seemed serious, and so I kept chatting with them and talking on the phone and video calling.

Until a Tuesday evening, when the one named Mukhar called me, said he wanted to come visit me. I was busy that day and it was already getting late in the day, and so I asked for the visit to happen the next day. He agreed.

After about an hour, he called back with a private number, asking if I was at home, that he was very horny. I said yes, that I was at home, but that it was already late. But he insisted on coming over, that he had already told his wife that he was going to go see a sick friend.

It was 9 PM, and I finally capitulated. Several minutes later, when he got to the junction close to my house, he called me. When I answered, he said he was going to give someone the phone so I could give the person directions to my place. This was so unexpected, and I asked if he was coming with someone. He said yes, that he wasn’t familiar with my area and had to come with a friend who knew the area well.

This of course set off alarm bells in my head and I immediately disconnected the call and turned off my phone. When I turned my phone on about an hour later, it was to meet a flood of WhatsApp messages from him, berating me for cutting him off like that and leaving him stranded, that he had even had to pay someone to help him locate my place. But initially, he had said he had enlisted the help of his friend; now he was saying he’d paid someone. His duplicity was stinking from a mile off. I went off on him, blasting him for thinking I was that stupid.

When I was done, he responded, saying that it’s God that saved me, that I am lucky. His words chilled me, because until he actually said them, until he said these things that officially confirmed him as a kito menace, I didn’t want to believe that my intuition was right. And there he was, telling me that I was lucky we hadn’t seen that night. This was a guy who I’d video-called several times with, who would even show me his children playing in the background when we are on our video calls, who would call me several times a day to know how I was doing. Someone who had managed to get me to be very comfortable with him.

It saddened me to realise just how little we can trust anyone in the hookup scene.

This incident happened on Tuesday 13th August 2019, with one of the two guys I said were serious after we got acquainted from Grindr.

On August 15th, the second guy, named Sayyeed, called me at around 12:40 PM, wanting to know if I was home, and talking about how the weather was cold. It had been raining in Kano since morning that day. I told him I was home. He asked for my address and I sent it to him. And forty minutes later, he called to let me know he was in my neighborhood.

Before going out to meet him, I hid all my valuables. Then I went to see him and he looked just as he was in our video calls. I brought him to my place and we talked, after I’d offered him a drink. Then minutes later, we went straight to the business of sex. The sex was aggressive, and after it all, we cleaned up. We rested for a while, and then he said he wanted to leave.

When I offered to walk him out, he was like, “Give me the money.”

I was like, “Which money?”

He responded with, “Do you think I fuck for free?”

Considering we had never agreed on any transactional sex, this was a very startling development. I told him we hadn’t agreed on money for sex, but all the same, I offered him 1k.

He said, “God forbid”, that he cannot collect 1k for sex.

I offered him 2k. he started making calls, apparently wanting to call over some friends of his. And I was like, “Oya, come and start going.”

But he started undressing and demanding for 10k. I told him I didn’t have that amount at home, and he began raising his voice and insisting on a transfer. I told him I didn’t have much in my account either, seeing as I am a corper, and he stayed adamant. Making threatening statements about how Kano is his hometown and “say na we get Kano, and if you do anyhow, you will see anyhow.”

I was getting very distressed, but I refused to show how stressed I was. I was very aware of the fact that my compound was filled with neighbours who were in their rooms, who could hear the altercation going on in my room.

I showed him my UBA bank alert with just 10k in it, and he insisted that I transfer it all to him. I pleaded and begged, but he was resolute. He had even started demanding for more than 10k and was asking for me to give him one of my valuables to hold on until I get the rest of the money to bail the valuable. But I refused.

After a lot of back and forth, after seeing that I was serious and was not to be intimidated by his drama, he eventually left. After much bluster, he agreed to a transfer of the 10k and left.

I waited awhile before following after him from a distance, and I was able to see him meet up with some street urchins that he’d been calling, intending to use as a backup to victimize me. Truth be told, this was a guy who I could kill with a few chops of my hand. Physically, he had nothing on me. But I was grateful that that hookup didn’t graduate to something violent, because in addition to him being an indigene of Kano, seeing the kind of people he hung out with made me realise just how much I stood to lose had the situation between us gotten more serious.

And so, that was how I was able to escape two dangers. I have come to realise just how risky online hookups are in Kano, especially for those of us who are non-indigenes. These kito scum are even gay themselves, but are such riffraff that they will resort to such lengths of intimidation to victimize those they hook up with who they perceive have a lot to lose.

Below is the picture of the Sayyeed character.

This is the second guy who came to have sex with me and used that as an avenue to extort money from me. His name is Sayyeed Shehu Abubakar, which he bears on Facebook as well. His number is 08109135986. (If anyone has the contact details of any police or army personnel who is a community member here in Kano, I would really appreciate having that contact detail passed on to me, as I would like to teach this particular guy a lesson. If you do, please connect to me through Pink Panther. Thank you.)

Written by Bobby

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  1. Lopez
    October 15, 06:16 Reply

    Let it go dude, you came out safe and you’ve done enough for exposing them here.

  2. Colossus
    October 15, 06:42 Reply

    Wow!!!! Little kids for that matter. Kano has become a hotbed of Kito activities

    • slender
      October 16, 20:16 Reply

      small boy doing kito, does he want to live long at all?

  3. Mitch
    October 15, 06:50 Reply

    My darling Bobby, bless the gay gods for your survival and escape without any physical harm done to you.

    See ehn, you’re in the North. Where they not only have the Constitution, but also the Penal Code and Sharia Law. Add that to the violent streak that seems inborn in Nigerians and you’re looking at a major brouhaha if you get caught in the web of kitoers.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: Lock up your legs and stow the keys somewhere. Erase sex – or, at least, casual hookups – from your mind for now. If you really want to meet gay people, you could start with making friends with some. I know just one or 2 gay people in Kano. Get close to gay people who are enlightened and are not looking to victimise others based on their mutual gayness.

    That said, I’m really sorry you had to go through this. And I can totally understand why you went through with the hook-up. Both guys are hot.

    Just, be safe. And be smart.

  4. Higwe
    October 15, 06:56 Reply

    Nigga , don’t worsen an already malignant situation .

    Pray tell , what are you going to tell the police or the army personnel …

    That you had gay sex with a boy who kinda looks underage and he intimated you so much that you emptied your bank account ? ??

    Trust me , whatever little victory you’ll get out of this will be pyrrhic .

    * You could end up spending much more money and potentially endangering your life *

    The scapegrace already knows where you stay , from your narration he hangs out with loafers like him who are definitely up to no good .

    If however unlikely you manage to find a “community member” policeman that helps you exact the burning vengeance you seek , what guarantees your future protection from the rapscallions ?

    You have no clue how deep his tentacles spread …
    A guy who is ready to go to such length to extort money from you , never minding his own reputation at stake , definitely has something backing him .
    Don’t burn your house down just to kill a rat.

    I know how livid you must be, but you admitted it could have been worse …and quite frankly with the direction you’re thinking of heading , it’s most likely going to be .

    I’d say make your right hand your companion and tough it out till you return to ” civilization ” .

    Sometimes the best revenge is keeping your head on your neck .?

  5. Higwe
    October 15, 07:01 Reply

    … Muktar is drop dead gorgeous !!?

    Looks like a hot Kenyan maasai .

    • Malik
      October 15, 10:07 Reply

      Higwe! ?

      All kito guys are to be seen as ugly, okay?

    • Kingbey
      October 15, 12:45 Reply

      I know right! All this finesse truncated by hunger and vices.

  6. Uche O
    October 15, 10:48 Reply

    It’s important you stay careful in Kano. I live in Kano myself and can tell how violent they can be.. Che..

  7. KingBey
    October 15, 12:48 Reply

    Just be careful especially with casual meeting of people online. Even here, if you no shine eye, an Oyibo tart will come to your house, have sex with you and demand for money????

    They did it to my friend who came visiting from Nigeria last month. Laff wan kill me die!

    Kito is becoming a worldwide thing. ???

  8. Ebuka
    October 15, 13:14 Reply

    It’s surprising how people forget their humanity for so long that they would disgrace, beat, scar or even kill another person all because of differences in sexuality.
    We are being raised in a toxic African and religiously oppressive environment that condemns the physical pleasures and gratifications of the flesh that people would rather chew hair than see the glorification of the body, so we have kitoes, people who are afraid of themselves, people who cannot understand that the bodily cravings are just as valid as prayers, people who kill or beat because how else can they preserve the ridigity of the routine of which is their lives?

  9. Mallam Adrienne
    October 15, 14:06 Reply

    It was some group of people from the south that started this kitto thing in Kano. Two of my friends were victims, those ones even brutally assaulted em, videoed em naked n all sort of inhumane stuffs. It is now rampant here in Kano even we that are from Kano are at risk. We just don’t meet people on Facebook n hookup. Be careful. The second guy is a well known kitto guy. Yours is nothing compared to what he n his group has done to others.

  10. Richie
    October 15, 14:09 Reply

    Wow so fucking surprise, I know all those bitch’s forming slay queen. So that what they does. Just wondering why….

  11. Icandy
    October 16, 09:35 Reply

    Me that is looking for non-hausa , u wee be doing me shakara. It is those that wee wear u kito u wee want to have something to do with. Issorait. *Adjusts bow tie*

    • J
      October 16, 14:33 Reply

      LOL Hausa people are better, unlike some of our counterparts that demand 50k and above, steal laptops and phones, beat you on top and etc. To some Southerners aboki is aboki even if you have a PhD. Na sharp people
      dem be, wayo people.You can’t outsmart them, acting cunny is in their DNA. So stick to the innocent Hausa person you know ooo, because agbero Kito no get shoelace

  12. Victor
    October 16, 12:56 Reply

    Now this is chilling, to think i am also serving here in Kano and would once a while hop into Grindr to try and meet up with folks there.

  13. J
    October 16, 15:03 Reply

    Bobby be very careful with people online. They don’t need to know what you do for a living. The moment they start asking about your work or family background, then that’s a huge red flag. It’s unfortunate that most guys online are only looking for sex and money. Sex is not free now, be ready to pay for it.

  14. Gaia
    October 16, 18:52 Reply

    I want the second guy to come and kito me biko (pun intended). Thank God you kinda escaped both bitches.

  15. Fabuluz
    October 17, 04:23 Reply

    Sorry you have to go through this.
    I can relate how frustrating it could be, I served in the Jigawa State and went sex starved for nearly 7 months because I was determined not to meet anyone till I leave. The spirit was strong, but the body grows weak and then I accepted to meet a hook up who has been pestering for us to see. I stepped out of the house to a popular junction in my neighborhood right on time before the dude arrived in company of three other guys who immediately took positions before he called to inform me of his arrival. I sat comfortably, legs crossed, switched phone to silent mode and watch the drama as it unfolds. He eventually got tired calling and they left frustrated.
    Thanks to goodness I escaped their trap

    Dear bobby, please stay safe and avoid online hook up for the meantime you are in Kano.

  16. Obatala
    October 17, 08:06 Reply

    We should definitely open a register for confirmed kito-free hook up. Vetted and managed by the LGBTQIA council of Nigeria.

  17. Te Amor
    October 17, 09:46 Reply

    Like seriously I served in Kano and that particular guy has been pestering me for hook up but God bless the rainbow king who made my ppa attach a roomie to me. So whenever he wants visiting one way or the other my roomie is always around which makes his coming to my place void. As for uniformed men who are community member’s in Kano I can get you someone’s Digit if you still want him dealt with sha.

    • Chuck
      October 18, 12:25 Reply

      Please can I get the number of this uniformed person?


  18. Fyne boi
    July 09, 03:44 Reply

    How can one clean up the butt before sex and which lubricants is appropriate

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