Kito Alert: An Update On The Scum Called Obiora Ufere

Kito Alert: An Update On The Scum Called Obiora Ufere

First, I would like to remind KDians on Instagram that it is fairly easy to search the published kito alerts on the account @kitoalerts. You simply type the hashtag “kito” and whatever location you’re looking for, and the pictures of those in that location will come up. For instance, #KitoAbuja or #KitoAsaba or #KitoLagos will produce every published alert so far in Abuja or Asaba or Lagos. Specifically for Lagos, there is also #KitoOjo which produces kito alerts in Ojo areas. Until the kito alert app is ready, this is one way to easily verify your hookups.

That said, check out the exchange below for the conversation that led up to this kito alert reminder. Please, try not to be distracted by the poorly written English, and focus on the fact that this previously exposed Ora Ufere (aka Obiora Ufere) is still a menace in Abuja.


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This one is for those in Port Harcourt. He’s MSM (a guy who sleeps with guys). He’s gorgeous (Clearly fits the specs of an average gay guy, even those who

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There was no ceremony involved in how my sister got to know that I’m gay. She asked me the question one day, out of the blue: “Kennedy, are you gay?”

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I’d just moved to Lagos and I was ready to explore the city in all the ways I could. It was my second time staying alone (NYSC was the first)


    • Francis
      April 22, 08:51 Reply

      Flat assed dudes are not human beings?🙄🙄

  1. Queen of Queens
    April 22, 08:18 Reply

    Met Obiora years ago, cute, diva attitude, didn’t appreciate the smell. Got the vibe that he was not one people would like to argue with, we conversed, think he liked me. Nothing happened though, he called me back the next day for a hookup, didn’t see it in time. It must really be a hard life out there, I mean it’s a hard enough life in Nigeria

  2. Francis
    April 22, 08:56 Reply

    I’m confused oh. His Grindr profile clearly states “am an escort” na. Did you miss that while arranging the hookup?

    The “missing N5K” seems to be the only wahala here in my opinion.

    N20K is probably his escort services rate which you forgot to ask for 🤷🏽‍♂️

    P.S: I’m not defending any kito person oh. Just analyzing this particular incident.

    • Pink Panther
      April 22, 11:52 Reply

      Last I checked, escorts make sure they discuss their rates with potential hookups before stepping out to go see them. They don’t wait to be asked.

      • Francis
        April 22, 12:05 Reply

        Toh! I thought about that too oh then I remembered that some Nigerians I have interacted with have this annoying behavior of “give me wetin you get” which eventually leads to drama when the “wetin you get” no reach their standard 🤦🏽‍♂️

        Some won’t even tell you sef. They just come work and expect their cash. Very weird something.

        Abi na only me them dey pull that tactics on? 🧐

  3. Icandy
    April 22, 11:14 Reply

    I don’t kill kito but I pray and curse them with a miserable life. So much so that they even prefer death to life. Just last month I saw the guy that first kito me in town, looking so wretched and impoverished. He looked at me and I gave him that ” you see your life ” look.

    • S.Freude
      April 23, 00:47 Reply

      lol….I like this. Karma (hoping she exists) is a bitch. Would have loved to see what his reaction was 🙂

  4. Mike
    April 23, 18:33 Reply

    25k, emm uncle he said he was an escort clearly written on his profile, unless your English is so bad that you don’t know what an escort means, why the fuck are you crying fowl after a threesome, a threesome for 11k.

    I have seen uglier guys, flat ass niggas that charge way more than 25k. Wait I don’t even think any actual gigolo charges less than 50k.

    You had a threesome for 11k and you’re swearing heaven and earth to do harm, you did not ask for his fees and he did not tell you.

    I don’t know any escort that tells you their fee upfront, unless you ask, it’s not like they come with a price tag, the business is clearly a ENQUIRE WITHIN situation, nobody likes to looks cheap.

    Lemme be alittle harsh, but I don’t think the guy is at fault, am guessing along the way he figured you’re not going to pay, and decided drama was the only way.

    Sorry you lost your 11k after having an all night threesome, for 11k, 11k.
    Wait there use to be this guy on baddo, PH that charges 150k per night, this koto guy is even finer than him.

    You had a threesome for 11k, I’ve never had a threesome, don’t fancy it, don’t charge, don’t how. but your case is funny according to societal/escort standards.

    Like he said he was an escort, like wtf.

  5. Ty
    April 24, 01:14 Reply

    Mike shut up abeg ….clearly you want attention….
    Don’t be stupid

  6. Homogay
    May 01, 12:01 Reply

    Soo. Does he really take dick well? Did he take two of you?

  7. Sweetcandy
    May 02, 19:57 Reply

    Why is this kito guy looking like bbn Bright O. I remember when I went for a hook up in Warri the idiot invited me to his friends house. When I got there after our sex romp omo son of Cain took my express Nokia phone and left. When I wanted to go started looking for my phone, that was when his friend when to where he was to talk to him. The animal requested for money I told them if they turn me upside down nothing will come out, all I needed was my Sim which the friend brought, gave tf which I used to go. Long story short my then new crush gave me a better phone, years later the son of Cain added me on Facebook, I acted like a friend till I can’t take his bullshit I have to call him out. I would have dealt with him because my then crush wanted to trace him but I told him to let him be for peace to regain.

  8. Thatguy
    September 08, 21:54 Reply

    Obiora is in Lagos Lekki. I repeat he is right here in Lagos. Something seemed off and I did a search. Especially after I asked for his WhatsApp and he sent me call number. When he finally messaged me on WhatsApp I did a search on. True caller and voila it read Obiora Abj Kito scum.

  9. Brainie
    December 07, 12:35 Reply

    Why are you crying?

    It is funny. This person writing this story.

    You are doing prostitution and you are crying someone kitoed you. I have no pity.

    Honestly, I wonder if I made a mistake accepting myself. I don’t know which is worse: living a false life & living as gay in this country where gay are ostrazised and even the gay community is not helping matters with all these gigolo and prostitution and hookup culture 😔😔😔😔

    • Francis
      December 07, 13:58 Reply

      You speak as though all these “evils” are particular to the gay community only

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