I live in the ancient city of Benin. And this is my kito…or rather, near–kito story. It occurred (or almost occurred) right after my Post–UTME exams. I am sure a good number of us can remember passing through this period. It’s a time when it feels like you’re in limbo. You’re out of secondary school but not yet in the University, and it’s frequently a time of intense boredom which can reach a stifling intensity. It can last for several months, or even years if you’re so unlucky.

Anyway, I was on the verge of losing my mind due to boredom – Benin isn’t the most fun place to be – and so, I decided to spice things up a bit and create some fun and diversion for myself. I didn’t own a Blackberry then, and thus, didn’t have access to BBM. So I logged on to my 2go account and found a thriving gay chat room which was full of eager and available guys.

Idleness, boredom and youth are a very potent mix which can drive extremely reckless acts. Before I knew it, I was regularly inviting guys to my house for a good old shag. You don’t wanna know half of the things I got up to during this period! Even I am shocked when I think back on my sexcapades and antics during those days.

One morning, I logged into my 2go account. This had become my regular routine; login, find a shag or several shags, coordinate and control them online and over the phone till they got to my doorstep. And then we would proceed to fuck our brains out, get dressed, say goodbye, and move on to the next! And so, on this day, I went online to look at the gaybourhood and see what new merchandise was in stock for Her Majesty’s pleasure. A few minutes later, I struck gold! I saw this cute, sexy guy who was not only in my city, but was quite close to where I lived. My spirits soared. Ah, today was going to be another good shagday!

I immediately engaged him in a conversation and revealed very quickly that I had the hots for him. I sent him a few of my pictures to quicken the pace and ramp things up a bit. He seemed interested and soon we got talking about all the dirty erotic things we hoped to be doing together very soon.

As we made plans, my busybody of a cousin suddenly showed up on a visit. I boiled inwardly with anger and cursed him in my heart despite my outward show of joviality. Anyway, it was clear that he wasn’t leaving anytime soon, so I decided that if my shag couldn’t come to me, then by all I means, I was going to go to him! I hit up Mr Gorgeous and told him of the annoying turn in events, and it was decided that I should come over to the University (of Benin) where he would meet me and take me to his place. I dashed into the shower to get myself clean and ready for my date. I paid ‘special attention’ to those ‘special areas’ that we sistas like to get ready for action. Having made sure I looked appealing and enticing, I got dressed, told my parents a vague tale about going to school to check my results and left the house rather early. I was – and still am – a staunch believer in the motto: “Never be late for a good shag!” My stomach twirled and flipped with butterflies as I anticipated a day of fun and thrills.

Shortly afterwards, I arrived at the University campus and made my way to the agreed rendezvous point, envisioning in my mind all the slutty things I would do to that hottie. The thought of having such a hot piece of man-flesh in my arms heightened my anticipation to unbearable levels.

However, inexplicably so, as the agreed time drew near, I felt a sudden dampening of my spirits, a sudden cold chill creeping up my spine and I fell into the grip of an unexplainable feeling of dread. For the first time, I began having some doubts about the imminent date.

But there was really no reason to entertain this hesitation. And I wasn’t about to let any sixth sense or small voice of caution rain on my parade. So I hastily ignored the feeling of dread and instead focused on creating several naughty and nasty things I intended to do to this gorgeous hottie when we were finally behind closed doors and free of every last stitch of clothing.

However, my lust-filled thoughts took a turn for another kind of heated emotion when the agreed meeting time came and passed. Minutes rolled into an hour. And I was still there, unattended to. There was no sign of my date. And I was at this time extremely irritated. To think that I had taken so much trouble to look good and left the house very early! I was sure that all this spent sitting and waiting in the open had ruined and smudged my makeup (Lol… just kidding o). I soon started boiling with rage as the second hour started ticking by. WTF did this guy think he was? I fumed. I mean, there had been other options on 2go, but I had chosen him seeing as he was the hottest, and now this! I tried calling his number but my calls went unanswered several times. All this added to my anger and frustration, and eventually, I decided to leave.

As I got up and made to walk away from my spot, my phone rang. I pulled it out, half-hoping that it was Mr Sexy, and that he would be full of apologies and perhaps have a very good reason for wasting my time. I still had faint hopes that our shag session might still happen after all.

It wasn’t his number that I saw on my screen, it was a number I didn’t recognize. I answered the phone, trying to hide my anger and irritation just in case it was another potential date on the line. (Lol, I was that horny)

But the monologue I proceeded to hear on the other line doused my horniness like a splash of cold water on burning embers of a charcoal stove. The caller told me that I was surrounded by “his guys” who had planned to close in on me and give me the beating of my life, leaving me with scars I would carry for a very long time to come. He continued with: “We looked at your small frame and fragile looks and one of us begged on your behalf, we therefore took pity on you and decided to let you go.” He told me that this should be my first and last warning from him, that I should go for “deliverance” and never, ever try “this” again. He added ominously that they had taken pictures of me from various angles and that they had their eyes on me; that if they ever got any indication that I was still doing “this nonsense”, they would come for me.

And then he hung up abruptly.

I suddenly felt naked and vulnerable despite being on a busy campus surrounded by crowds of students rushing about their daily activities. Shivering uncontrollably, I looked around me in terror, but could find no one who looked like he was watching me. I immediately started on a fast trek, racing away from the University Campus as fast as my legs could carry me. On my way home, I silently gave thanks and praises to God for sending my cousin over to visit. I regretted having ever been angry at his unannounced visit, for if he had not showed up, I most likely would have invited my ‘date’ over to the house. I shuddered to think of how ugly the situation would have turned had he showed up at my house with his gang. I felt like I had just dodged a bullet which had been aimed directly at me.

I still look back on that day and tremble inwardly, as well as thank God that it didn’t turn out worse. I have also learnt the need for extreme caution when hooking up with guys online. It is indeed a dangerous game, fraught with risk.

Your sixth sense which gives rise to that small voice of caution in your head is there for a good reason, please always listen to it.

Written by Iluvmua

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  1. GB_SHOW!
    September 23, 05:33 Reply

    Lucky u…it could av been worse!

  2. #TeamKizito
    September 23, 06:25 Reply

    (Oh if you could see me now..) Iluvmua, I could so relate to your piece. “Hope u remembered me ,ur guy in Ogba I will set u up trust me , u tink u can walk away just like DAT abi I will deal wit u” this was a text I got last night, imagine…

    • chestnut
      September 23, 06:48 Reply

      For real? Scary…*shudders*…u seem very calm about it tho…do u hav any idea who it is and why they wanna come for u?

      • chestnut
        September 23, 07:06 Reply

        Oh u KNOW there’s a story there! AmeboNaMyWork and my teacups are clean and ready!

      • trystham
        September 23, 10:03 Reply

        ROTFL @Amebonamywork. Abeg, make im.comot im ‘for special guests’ china jare

  3. daniel
    September 23, 06:30 Reply

    Buhahahahahahaha *holds laff* I could imagine how naked u felt… That kind of luck is courtesy of the offering u put in church on the previous sunday.

      • King
        September 24, 02:09 Reply

        Oh Daniel and pinky oh yes yes yes…you got that Right!!!! You only don’t know how many times God has rescued me from their hands but only through my seeds..oh I just love my PROTECTOR! !!!

  4. gad
    September 23, 06:39 Reply

    I don’t believe in that small voice like that. What I do is objectively consider the signs I call “red flag”. If any surfaces,i consider it very deeply and take my decisions based on them. Inconsistencies in information given by the guy @ d other,not keeping to time especially when being visited are potential red flags.Courtesy,demands that one should be on hand @ d bus stop etc to receive a new acquaintance who is visiting 4 d 1st time or worse still show up within minutes to pick d guy.I expect the writer to have left the scene within 5mins of his waiting especially when his calls are ignored.the guy that kept another waiting 4 long might not be a “kito guy” but definitely has bad manners.

    • chestnut
      September 23, 06:50 Reply

      Well, he did say he was extremely horny…

      • gad
        September 23, 10:56 Reply

        Extremely horney? Ok. I only hope that “extremely horney” is not synonyms with “extremely stupid”.im sorry 4 d use of strong language.cant help it

  5. chestnut
    September 23, 06:45 Reply

    iluvuma,u were really lucky. He might hav been lying when he said he had “his guys” surrounding u, or it might hav been true; good thing u didn’t stay to find out though. And if “his guys” truly were there, I wonder how many of them had never dabbled in “monkey business” b4 (especially d one who allegedly pleaded on ur behalf…). Either way,that was a close one!
    Em…”Special attention to those special areas…”? Shouldn’t every adult male/female be doin that all of the time,irrespective of the “situation”(or lack thereof) at hand? Lol

  6. Dennis Macauley
    September 23, 06:53 Reply

    My iluvmua! Thank heavens!

    There is a constant with all kito stories! A small voice telling you not to and you ignoring that small voice.

    Always listen to that inner voice of reason!

  7. chestnut
    September 23, 06:55 Reply

    OAN: pinky,the pix of that guy up there always makes me feel some type of way; for some reason,d dude seems like he just took off his reading-glasses and is sitting at a reading-desk, in front of a large Physiology text-book…(I have a thing for those bookish-hottie types…hehehe)

    • Dennis Macauley
      September 23, 07:06 Reply

      I like nerds too! He looks like a cute nerd you may wanna drag to the basement of the library and shove something down his throat

      • chestnut
        September 23, 07:13 Reply

        Oh Dennis,u’re so wrooong for this!hahaha! U’re definitely skating to hell. But those nerds will surprise u tho; they be like: “do EVERYTHING u want; just leave my glasses on”

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 23, 07:54 Reply

        Like cum on his glasses! Oh dear! Chestnut you are bad influence

        *crosses self*

      • Samaurai
        September 23, 10:22 Reply

        Lmao. Where are my fellow nerdy brothers (or sisters)? Let’s rise up against the horny likes of Dennis and Chestnut.

        Honestly, I never knew there were people who had the hots for nerds. I almost always “comfortably” forget my glasses at home whenever I’m leaving the house (especially when going for dates); unless I’ll be doing some reading wherever it is I’ll be going to.

      • Lothario
        September 26, 06:16 Reply

        You do? I can barely function without mine…..glasses always on!

  8. lluvmua
    September 23, 08:33 Reply

    *cat walks into diaries * my loving sexy pinkie thaanks for making this story a master piece!!! I love u *bends down and plant kiss on pinkies forehead* and to every 1 , thanks for reading *kiss kiss* and my dennis I see u dearie !!! *waves like a queen @ the crowd and walks out* PLZ always listen to that still small voice in wah ever u do! . Khaleesi where u @??

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 23, 09:17 Reply

      You bent down to kiss me on my forehead?! Just imagine the midnight black colour of that shade. I’ma get you for that, Iluvmua

      • lluvmua
        September 23, 09:19 Reply

        Lol pinkie am sowie ooo! I didn’t mean it na

    • Khaleesi
      September 23, 11:08 Reply

      am here sweety! I thank God for you ooo … Hope that incident pushed you firmly out of the mindless slutty horny phase. Never let your guard down when meeting a new guy and always pay close attention to that small inner voice, its there for a reason.
      @Dennis & Chestnut, you both r horrible … lwkmd … you need special cleansing

  9. #TeamKizito
    September 23, 09:23 Reply

    Could you believe, “By d tym am done wit u, u will regret even meeting a guy like , u don’t know me at all u tink am all dis small guy u will cum Nd walk away just like dat uuuuuuu” … I got this one now from the same unknown kito-guy. Hmm. I don’t know how I broke this one’s heart oh..

  10. Bane Salazar
    September 23, 10:44 Reply

    That is a horrible tale (sorry fam!) and I would never want to be in that position. Even if nothing happened to you physically – thank heavens – it is still a bit damaging to the psyche. Now just as a pre-caution, this is what I do and have always done:

    1. This is the most important and understandably the hardest but it is possible – control your horny-ness. Never sacrifice reason (or sixth sense as you put it) for pleasure.

    2. ALWAYS meet in public and open space first before proceeding to home. Keep the meeting place a safe distance from your home. If however you insist you must invite the person directly to your home first, give them the address of your neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor and wait outside to see and hopefully, meet. Also, NEVER send them your address or on a whatsapp/2go/GPS location thingy or whatever chat or text medium. If anything, call and tell it to them. This so they have no written record of where you live to remember for later.

    3. If you tell the person you are supposed to meet you are wearing a red shirt, put on a blue shirt instead. You get my point?

    4. When you get to the agreed venue of meet, go somewhere else close by and watch from a distance yourself then call the person’s phone to find him. Try to be the one to get the first look. (It’s a bit selfish but better safe than sorry).

    5. If you are successful with step 4 and you see the person may also be following the same steps mentioned above as you, then chances are you are much safer. If however you see or feel something suspicious, RUN. You may be wrong but trust me, it is worth it taking that chance.

    6. After you meet and all seems well, I still take the extra measure to drive (If you have a car) them through a complicated route back to my place and do the same even after they leave my place.

    I understand some of these steps may not apply to our various living conditions or locations but you can figure out one way to use one of them to your advantage. I am a paranoid and a very Down Low individual which explains why I go through the trouble to meet people. It also explains why I barely ever get to have sex too despite how horny I am LOL!


    • pinkpanthertb
      September 23, 10:54 Reply

      Phew. Talk about been an espionage expert. 😀 Bane, by any chance, do you work for the CIA?

    • JustJames
      September 23, 12:14 Reply

      By the time I’ve done all this I’ll probably be less horny and more interested in having a cuppa. Lol. Makes sense though.

      • Bane Salazar
        September 23, 14:07 Reply

        It is indeed a major mood killer I must confess.

        Did I mention that I barely ever get to have sex already? LOL!

    • Stickysly
      September 23, 17:41 Reply

      Nicely put.

      I do stay in Benin and have practically sworn off Benin dudes.
      Horny as I am, I don’t want to write a kito story.

      • lluvmua
        September 23, 17:45 Reply

        True dearie benin dudes re so wrong! But not all of them are. Have dated some nice 1s

      • lluvmua
        September 24, 04:19 Reply

        @ sticklysly Can you plz ff on twitter @andre_hayford thanks

  11. lluvmua
    September 23, 11:43 Reply

    *gossipmoodactivated* did I mention that these nerds always have it BIG under. Lol *runsout*

    • Samaurai
      September 23, 12:59 Reply

      And here I was thinking it’s only Dennis and Chestnut we’ll have to battle against.

  12. Paul
    September 23, 13:26 Reply

    @illuvmua d truth is ds guy was neva into U.
    He saw u,didn’t like ur looks n jst came up with dat story.he tot u’d leave as time went on bt wen u persisted he had to send some1 to do damage control.
    I doubt he was out 4 a kito episode,Y would he go on a G site,keep up wit d chats,fix a meet n den start preaching.
    U knw hw pple look all alluring on pictures n pple expect water goddesses of dem n dey r disapointed even wen a beauty queen shows up.

  13. iamcoy
    September 23, 15:49 Reply

    I want to focus on ‘that tiny voice’.. As well as it may be potent it may all be a farce. If you want to face it we all have doubts and fears about meeting people in real life that had hitherto been online pals. If it goes well then nobody recalls ‘the tiny voice’ but if it goes awry then ‘the tiny voice’ comes back to the fore.

  14. Andrevn
    September 23, 16:34 Reply

    Phew……..finally i’m back from this nerving wrecking cyber break……..hello Samurai #NerdHere..everything you said abt the glasses nd dates was so true while Penis and…pardon i meant to say Dennis and Chestnut will ride to hell on a kite for such Nerdiscuity(promiscuity) do not be deceived nerds ar not as docile as you think……And to you ma hommie Iluvmua thank baba God who still sees the time to swerve flying pink bullets away from us ”Deviants”…and did you mention Uniben…in broad noon?…….Boi where,which assembly are you doing the thanksgiving?

    • Stickysly
      September 23, 17:47 Reply

      lol.. The “great UNIBEN” in our great city of Benin.

      I cannot fit to shout.

      However, like Paul pointed out, the guy may have cooked up that story.

      It however does not do anything to repair the “famous” image of benin as a city for……..

      • JohnDoe
        September 23, 20:36 Reply

        Hey stickysly, kind ff on twitter @JohnDoeXX5

      • King
        September 24, 02:30 Reply

        Kito kito and more kito….lol…I mean I have heard such wicked types of kito going on in Benin that am amazed….Practically!

    • lluvmua
      September 24, 04:23 Reply

      Lol @ andrevn thanks ! Plz can u ff on twitter @andre_hayford!! Thankssss

  15. King
    September 24, 02:36 Reply

    My brother dear please just thank God..ooooh cause I remember my own close shave too and it was only cause I packed my car several distances from where he thought I would be…hmm and of course by my God my Protector!

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