Kito Alert: Kito Perpetrators Use Young, Good-looking, Actually Homosexual Boys As The Face Of Their Operations

Kito Alert: Kito Perpetrators Use Young, Good-looking, Actually Homosexual Boys As The Face Of Their Operations

In the past couple of weeks, we have gotten two kito reports that follow the same style; one in Kano and the other in Lagos.

The Lagosian operation used a young fellow named Kingsley Richman (on Facebook) to target their victim. This boy went as far as even visiting the victim in his home, before naturally suggesting for the victim to visit him at his own place.

And where was this place?


He walked right into their trap, after which they kidnapped him off to Agbara and kept him captive, only setting him free after they ransomed his parents a hefty sum of money.

I won’t like to start a sermon about going to visit hookups based in Ojo, but below are the pictures of Kingsley Richman.

The second one is based in Kano, and goes by the name Usman Muhammad (on Facebook). He works with a gang who lies in wait until after he has finished his hookup business with whoever the target is, after which they will barge in and proceed to use intimidation to extort and rob the victim. Below are the pictures of Usman:

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  1. Lopez
    August 27, 08:48 Reply

    I’ve said this here and I’m going to say it again; In the north specifically,avoid anyone that is young and barely educated. 95% of kito scenarios I’ve heard or seen involve this stupid young boys. They are legit queer but will humiliate a victim into succumbing to their demands. My heart is always shattered when I see stories like this. Let’s be guided please.

    • Posh666
      August 27, 13:35 Reply

      The funny thing is that this Usman is actually an educated boy who finished from a nice private secondary school in kano and was to proceed abroad for university before he met the bad people that have ruined his life. His parents own a house in the GRA area of kano and i know him and we have hooked up several times before he became a set up. He’s a cute ajebo kid with a really nice dick and really good in bed. He used to be my boy till he joined bad gang and I dumped his sorry ass. On a good day you can bump into him at shop rite mall…

      • Tra
        August 29, 22:09 Reply

        So you already know he’s into set up before this post? Please I’m just trying to understand something

  2. MsemaKweli
    August 27, 11:40 Reply

    The Usman one is sooo cute, let me catch him I will pound him with no mercy.

    By the time I finish his nyash in uknown location he will see peppe

    • Posh666
      August 27, 13:36 Reply

      Lmao he sure does have a sweet ass and a nice dick

      • Anoni
        August 27, 15:10 Reply

        Posh Can’t you like help set him up, even if na just correct beating make e chop ??
        Wey una dey see these people abeg, i signed up for Grindr and hooked up with three guys in one week just to come in contact with one, i no still see

    • Shadow
      August 27, 23:55 Reply

      In as much as this boy is a Kito scum he’s still a teenager and saying things like you want to pound him without mercy is totally inappropriate. It sounds like rape and mind you gay sex isn’t about pounding people’s children, you people need to do better.

      This boys look like they could use better counselling but how do we achieve that? God help us.

  3. Kai
    August 28, 11:10 Reply

    Agbara!!!…oh my God!!!….i stay there..jesus!! wonder i hv been hving a hard time convincing people to com over

  4. Tra
    August 29, 18:41 Reply

    Oh lord!!! Usman is a nice boy, I never knew he was into kito. I’ve been to his house,his father is very very wealthy,his mom is a daughter to one of the richest families in kano state. He graduated from one of the best private schools in kano. He is educated. His siblings are all studying abroad, he is still my friend. I think I should reach out to him and see why he’s doing this because its definitely not because of the money. What do you guys think??

    • Jason
      September 01, 06:06 Reply

      I think his cute ass could choke severally.

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