I Was Warned To Leave Straight Boys Alone (Part 2)

I Was Warned To Leave Straight Boys Alone (Part 2)

After going through the first few comments on my story, I Was Warned to Leave Straight Boys Alone, I have realized that it is pretty easy for people to judge without actually knowing the stories behind one’s behavior.

On some comments on my previous post, I saw lots of accusations leveled against me: that I’m a predator, I’m wicked, I’m sick and I need a therapist, I’m insensitive. Well, I have been accused of insensitivity more times than my name has been mentioned, and honestly, I am not disturbed. Although, I feel I owe everybody an apology if, by a fat chance, I gave the world a bad impression about gays.

When I was a kid, I used to adore both my parents, but the adoration I had for my dad always increased exponentially on a daily basis because of the excess love he showered on my siblings and I. The fact that he always beat my mom at the slightest given chance didn’t affect my relationship with him. In fact, I revered my dad with regards to his physical strength and masculinity, which, when I look back on now, was toxic. Somewhere in my mind, I nurtured the belief that my mother must have done something wrong which warranted the beatings, because as a kid, it was difficult for me to think of my wonderful and playful dad as a monster.

Also, somewhere in my mind, I imagined I would grow up one day to be a disciplinarian who would beat anyone who did me wrong; but in a twist that only Fate is capable of manufacturing, I have ended up being the one who enjoys getting brutalized and manhandled.

On my previous story, I made mention of a near-kito experience. Well, this is it.

Right after my NYSC in 2016, I got a job in a big hotel in Asaba as a supervisor. This wasn’t what I imagined I would do, but since the death of my parents in a capsized ferry in Bayelsa, my future had always looked bleak. This hotel enabled me to get acquainted with quite a number of foreigners, male and female, some of the gay males which I got down with, and I usually got adequately compensated for the sex, except when I unfortunately got involved with the stingy ones.

There was this guy, Ogar, who’d always envied me and wanted my position as the supervisor. I never really acknowledged his existence because I generally despise covetous people. And I wasn’t even remotely interested in him, whether he was gay or straight – although I figured he was straight.

I used to generally presume that most, if not all, Lebanese men were gay, or at most bi, so I didn’t think it was out of place for me to flirt with one good-looking Lebanese guy that came down to one of the bars to have a drink. This guy, Isa, all patient and accommodating, told me he loved women. I did not believe him; I told him not to be scared of Nigeria’s anti-gay law, that we could be discreet as possible. He insisted that he was straight, but I did not leave him alone.

And so, I wasn’t surprised when, three days after our first encounter, Isa called my phone (I didn’t even think of where he must have gotten my number from at the time) and requested to see me in his room. I figured he had finally come around and dumped all that I was doing to run off to his room.

He offered me a glass of expensive wine and reiterated his straightness, followed by, “But I’m willing to try something new with a fine boy like you.”

Well, I wasn’t about to satisfy his bicuriosity for free. I told him he would have to pay me for it because “there are many white men in this hotel that would pay me a thousand dollars just for a blowjob.”

He acquiesced.

We both stripped to our boxer shorts and I was determined to make his flaccid member come to life. My plan was aborted when that stupid Ogar burst out of the wardrobe with a phone, taking photos of us in rapid succession. I grabbed at my clothes but Ogar used his free hand to slap me across my face. It was all happening so fast and it dawned on me that Isa must have gotten my number from Ogar. That Ogar must have approached him to cook up this plan to set me up.

Ogar requested for my life savings plus my iPhone 6. My mind works very fast under pressure, and so, I told him all my money was in the bank. He made me put on my clothes and asked me to lead him to the ATM or he would splash my pictures and videos all over the internet.

When we got to the main road and were about to cross to the other side, as he turned his head this way and that to check for oncoming vehicles, momentarily getting distracted, I grabbed at him, got him off balance, and wrestled the phone out of his pocket. Then I ran off. He chased after me of course, but lost hope of catching me when I jumped atop an oncoming albeit slow-moving, unoccupied motorcycle and sped off. Either luck was on my side that day or Ogar was just plain stupid, but I’m grateful those pictures and videos were not released. It of course would have been everything disastrous if they’d made their way to the internet.

I soon left my job and Asaba after that incident, and made Warri my home. I also grew to be less conscious of my nudity being used against me. In the years since that near-kito incident, I have grown to realise that I wouldn’t react the way I did should that situation happen again. At this point in my life, I don’t care if anyone spreads my nudes all over the internet; in fact, I’d be willing to strike poses for such a photo shoot.

In other news, to conclude the story of what happened with Kelechi from my previous post, we have not set eyes on each other since I fled from our house. The caretaker of the house called me on the phone some days ago and asked to me to come get my things out of the house even though my rent hadn’t expired yet; apparently, Kelechi had moved out of the house just recently, and before he did, he painted a bad picture of me to her.

So, I have got my things back, and hopefully, I will never have to encounter Kelechi ever again.

Written by Kenny

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  1. Hannibal
    February 07, 08:02 Reply

    Well, I don’t see the point of you telling the story about your childhood and father as an attempt at explaining why you do what you do. The fact that you emerged from an abusive home doesn’t justify you practically coercing people into doing something they obviously don’t want to do. In fact, it should be a motivation for you to see someone, a therapist maybe? You’re obviously smart, and your command of English language is commendable.
    That said, it’s my opinion (may not matter) that you respect it when people tell you they are straight and don’t want to have gay sex. I don’t think you’re considering what effect such activity will have on their own person. You can actually be sued for that level of sexual harassment and be jailed, you just haven’t run into someone who is willing to do that to you.
    At the end, it’s your life. You do what you want with it

    • good adé
      February 07, 16:12 Reply

      ahhh i wonder ooo, you said my mind sir/ma . jah bless

    • Delle
      February 07, 20:53 Reply

      Nehh it’s a pretty slim chance for someone who reasons like him to have a good command of the English Language. Just so you know, our PP does a lot of editing (semantically and syntactically) on most posts before putting them up on here.

      • Higwe
        February 08, 17:16 Reply

        So English proficiency is a measure of smartness?

        What is the correlation between how he reasons and his command of English ?

        Do you even think before you type ?

        Are you even aware that the top 3 countries with the smartest people aren’t even English speaking countries ?

        Are you aware that smartest man who ever lived Johann Goethe , was a German?- ( most probably not fluent in English )

        You do know you could have easily explained that Pink P edited the work without exposing the level of your embarrassing ignorance and daftness .

        I take it the Dangotes , Ibetos even your president Buhari aren’t really smart because they don’t have good command of English. ??

        The way you and your clique reason will never stop discombobulating me.

        * Such level of mediocrity * ????

        Yikes !

        • julian_woodhouse
          February 09, 03:45 Reply

          Haa Gbas gbos Gbas gbos Pelechi ya Gbas
          Gbas gba eh Gbas Gbas ekere cha chuku cha???

        • demi
          February 09, 12:26 Reply

          higwe has an agenda and I’m here for the fun.. these lots have entered your wahala.. ya shiga uku

  2. Colossus
    February 07, 08:02 Reply

    Ok, I don’t get exactly why you had to make this post? To explain why you are the way you are or because you just want to tell another story?
    If your aim was to explain then you failed miserably. It’s right there in your almost kito story, failing to take no for an answer from a man who kept insisting he was straight.
    Seriously bros, just move on with your life. You are who you are, live with it and hopefully it doesn’t lead you to your doom.

    Blaming this on your parents? Nigga please, we’re not that white.

    I’ll also like to state that using your almost kito story as some sort of emotional leverage kinda makes light of what others brutally went through.

    Again, no justification for a sequel so please don’t make this a trilogy.

  3. Timothy
    February 07, 08:23 Reply

    Um, dear Kenny, this story in no way excuses your bad behaviour of straight chasing. Your story about your family doesn’t even help matters. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you and make excuses for your behaviour because you come from a dysfunctional family. Whether you like it or not, you have to accept that when someone says they aren’t interested, you leave them alone. From both stories that you’ve shared, you absolutely deserved what was coming to you. Hopefully you do go see a therapist and it doesn’t take you losing a part of your body to start going for people that are available.

  4. Ken
    February 07, 08:47 Reply

    Like moths to a flame, my dear u are drawn to your own destruction. It’s only a matter of time. Nothing anybody says here can change your perception of life. I only ask that when the time comes, u make it count. And try not to take other gay guys down with u. Cheerios boo

    • Francis
      February 09, 05:03 Reply

      Asin eh. Do and die on ya own.

  5. NewGuy
    February 07, 08:59 Reply

    Well, this part was totally unnecessary. It would’ve been better, I think, if you had accepted you were wrong and was ready to seek help, instead of trying to justify your “behavior” whatever the motivations were.

  6. McDuke
    February 07, 09:32 Reply

    And the point of your story again is? Anyway it’s not like I believe any of it, just quit being stupid and grow the f**k up, that’s all I can say to you.

  7. bamidele
    February 07, 11:14 Reply

    Dear Kenny
    Your growing up sounds rough but you should remember that many of the people reading your stories also underwent the same, if not worse experiences. For example, please check my background as well, a part of which I even published on kitodiaries last year with the title: ‘Let me sing a song about life’, in four parts. My dad not only beat my mum countless times, but sent her packing more than 10 times, before I was 12 years old. at each time, we the children were always stranded, having to live with wicked stepmothers, etc. Changing from living with one relatives after another I was assaulted number of times. I was a victim of child labour, After Jss three, I had to sponsor myself through institutions… eyes have see a lot. Yet, such experiences will never be an excuse for me to undertake your actions because two wrongs don’t make a right. Let me bring two contexts to your attention:
    1. Did you ever think about the implications of your behaviours on other Nigerian LGBTQ, in a country where our life is less secured than that of a chicken’s?
    2. Homosexuality apart, did you know negative names Nigerians have outside Nigeria, simply because of the non challant behaviours of an extremely few Nigerians who commit crimes in foreign countries?
    There is a saying that the evil men do lives after them, It even goes further. Remember that in addition to homophobic society of Nigeria, we also have the kittoes plaguing our community. My point is for you to be considerable of the implications of your hobbies on all of us….

  8. Shadow
    February 07, 12:38 Reply

    I’m sorry but this your explanation na okoto meow.
    Just stay away from straight guys because you might not be lucky next time but if you have a death wish then by all means carry on.

  9. Seethe
    February 07, 12:38 Reply

    You have some serious issues. You need to take some time out and figure out why you’re so broken. The fact that you’re a gay prostitute and still have the nerve to look down on gay men as per you’re previous story really says it all. Your self hate is showing.

  10. Higwe
    February 07, 12:45 Reply

    Very unnecessary sequel .

    I was one of the people that tried to defend you in your penultimate submission , but nah fam , this sequel was unneeded.

    The whole point of adulthood is taking responsibility for your shit .

    Learning and unlearning .
    My dad never raised his hand against my mum but he was a quintessential male chauvinist .

    He believed that women should forever be placed in subservient positions .

    My mum wasn’t even allowed to earn money ( even though she was by far the smarter parent ) all she did was cook , clean , dress up .

    I remember coming home in my jss3 , I had slipped and taken the 7th position , my sister also slipped from her usual 1st to third .
    My dad couldn’t be bothered with her while he scolded me sternly
    ” Your sisters will get married and be under their husbands but you , you’ll be a man of the house someday , you can’t mess with your education ”

    Of course I grew up believing I was superior to women.
    Thanks to TV , internet , social interactions – I finally decapitated and extirpated that numpty mentality

    It also helped that most of my sisters turned out as much bigger successes than my elder brothers ..and nope , not all of them are married .

    Even my dad is finally beginning to unlearn..
    Yup – it’s like finding a smooth spot at the back of a porcupine , but at least he’s making an attempt.

    The whole point of my story …as an adult , at some point you have to stop blaming people for the way you turned out .
    Yes , upbringing has an impact ,but its powers have been proven filipendulous once you’re willing to take that walk that improves every aspect of you.

    So nah bro …own your shit , that’s the quickest way to get better .?

    As for your landlord , if he’s throwing you out when your rent is yet to expire , you have every right to sue his ass .
    His excuse won’t even stand in any credible court of law.
    He should reimburse you for the months you still have left or let you keep staying there.

    Don’t be a bitch to no man abeg ?

    • Gif
      February 07, 15:13 Reply

      Actually the landlord does!
      Because according to the original agreement, the landlord has no business whatsoever with Kenny!
      In the eyes of the law, Kelechi is the bonafide tenant while Kenny is just a squatter.
      That’s the problem with renting a room from a tenant, the landlord does not recognize you.

      • Higwe
        February 07, 23:27 Reply

        You have a point sha but if it’s me we die there o .
        I won’t move an inch till my rent expires.
        In this economy ? Is it drugs ?
        Mbanu ?

      • Higwe
        February 07, 23:29 Reply


        I don’t know if you wanted to write ” off point” sha ??? but let me accept the compliment .

  11. Black Dynasty
    February 07, 12:51 Reply

    I’m not sure what your point was with this post, if anything you dug the hole even deeper.

    You continue to make excuses for your behaviour. Until you take responsibility and go seek help, life will unfortunately keep trying to teach you this lesson until you learn or die. Your choice really.

    Karma is a bitch, sha remember that.

  12. Mandy
    February 07, 13:07 Reply

    If this brief history of your family was supposed to excuse your obsession with straight men who manhandle you, then I’m sorry but it’s been a failure. If anything, it is because of this history that you should WORK ON YOURSELF!!! It should not be an excuse for your bad behavior but an encouragement for you to fix that bad behavior.

    You are aware of the problem. You are aware that you have an issue that needs fixing. And somehow, instead of fixing it, you are leaning into it and using it as an excuse to pursue a sickness?

    Lol. You’re too much, son.

    This is like R. Kelly using the fact that he was sexually abused as a child to justify his predatory behavior with teenage girls. Nobody bought that.

    And nobody is buying yours either.

    You are not a child. You are a very adult, fully cognizant, very aware, intelligent person. You can tell right from wrong.

    And the wrong is that you have no respect for the boundaries of straight men. The wrong is that you are a product of an abusive family. The wrong is that your issues are connected to that.

    The right is that you know this. The right is that you find some therapy to work on this, to fix yourself. The right is that you stop abusing other people (straight men) sexually the way your father abused your mother physically.

  13. Apple
    February 07, 13:20 Reply

    You’re obviously not sorry about what you did and are not willing to change. It’s only a matter of time before you end up dead meat. I would suggest you see a therapist. And the story about having a violent father doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve been there before and I lived through it. I have straight friends who accept me for who I am and who appreciate the fact that I respect boundaries.
    Like I said, with an attitude like this, it’s only a matter of time before you end up dead meat as you obviously do not see the need to change who you are.

  14. Terra
    February 07, 15:53 Reply

    Well, you still haven’t managed to tickle my sympathy glands. You didn’t care much for your mom because your dad adored you. You pestered a straight man for gay sex then tried to charge him for it, only to get caught is a trap. Maybe part 3 will squeeze an iota of sympathy out. Keep trying

  15. Haiku
    February 07, 18:22 Reply

    Sorry I’m not sorry to call you a retard.
    Who said being gay gives you a ticket to *satisfy other’s biciorisity and prostitute around yet you even fukn had a job?
    You got not a tinge of self respect stupid Kenny..?
    Next time be more creative, stop the stupidity of bringing a nonexistent childhood story to justify your pathetic decisions.. I could not endure your stupidity to the extend of reading your entire lie..

  16. Tony
    February 07, 20:44 Reply

    Am I the only one that smells pride and stubbornness???
    From what I have read, you know full well that all you’re doing is totally wrong. But you keep on justifying your BS, even going as far as blaming your childhood, which really sucked.
    Bro, you gotta own up to your faults and find a solution to your problem(s).
    You’re not living a healthy life at all.
    I wish you find inner peace and change for the best.

  17. African Bamboo
    February 09, 16:03 Reply

    He who the gods will kill, they first make mad.

    Thankfully, I have leftover cheap mourning clothes to go with your funeral and I will keep my alarms on for when the bell tolls for you.

  18. Danly
    February 11, 14:22 Reply

    This publisher clearly has his work cut out for him. I hope you learn to take responsibility and love yourself.

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