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Justin Timberlake expresses support for LGBTQ youth during amazing acceptance speech

While picking up an IHeartRadio award on Sunday night for “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Justin Timberlake took a moment to give an empowering shoutout to LGBTQ youth: “I wrote this

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Kelly Rowland Joins Season 2 of ‘Empire’

The break-out show, Empire, has expanded its roster to include former Destiny’s Child star, Kelly Rowland. The singer will appear in the forthcoming season of the Fox show, Entertainment Weekly

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Emilia Clarke wants to #FreeThePenis, demands for more male nudity on ‘Game of Thrones’

Fans of Game of Thrones aren’t the only ones wishing for more full frontal male nudity on the show. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen aka Mama Dragon on the


  1. Kenny
    March 19, 05:35 Reply

    ? ? ? ? ?. See better human being

  2. Mandy
    March 19, 06:36 Reply

    Nigerians, and indeed all bigots, will always look for someone to blame for the risk of their children not turning out well. And the blame is usually on that minority marked by their difference.
    Pastor Victor Ibeh, preach jare! ????

  3. Nautie
    March 19, 07:56 Reply

    I love him for one thing… He has gut. When his haters go low, he goes high

  4. dizzyboy
    March 19, 21:38 Reply

    I use to actually dislike dis bobrisky of a guy cos I don’t really like loud and obvious guys till someone pointed to me dat Bob is living his life and actually being himself but me am Here still in d closet… and doing hide and seek hook up… lol… chai d tin pain me but I had to reason it out and found it to be true… I may never want to come out from d closet (am d private kinda guy) but I will never again condemn any Guy living his life to the full like bobrisky… every mallan with his kettle biko

  5. Nuel
    March 20, 08:19 Reply

    I’ve always liked him cus he cracks me up…. I share my opinion anywhere anytime.

  6. KikiOpe
    March 20, 09:15 Reply

    That “If you have children, give them the right upbringing. Stop seeking for who would share in your responsibility” part though, what a way to drop the mic. This guy is all shades of common sense, walahi! Just like my 2017 motto, ‘Live. And let live.’ As long as the guy, or anyone for that matter doesn’t affect You with their life(style), let them live it. Biko. That’s how someone, several persons actually told me a while ago that a bag I bought with my own money “looks feminine” because it’s bright-coloured (mustard yellow) and a mono strap. And to think it’s now that my self love is on ‘full activation mode’ and no BS/naysayers can get to or bring me down, I was kind enough to reply with “it’s my life, my choice” rather than just ignore.

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