A KDian, Neme, recently came out to his brother in a WhatsApp conversation, and it was a beautiful thing to witness how absolutely unperturbed this family member was by his brother’s sexuality.

In fact, this brother apparently suspected so long that Neme was gay, but was sensitive to his feelings of security, especially regarding how stigmatized homosexuality is in the country.

“[I didn’t want to ask because] I would not want to make you feel uncomfortable about it,” Neme’s brother reveals in an accompanying voice note.

For a heterosexual person, Neme’s brother shows a lot of sensitivity and understanding for the struggle involved in his brother being gay when he goes on to say that other members of the family likely suspect that Neme is gay as well, but would rather dwell in denial and not want to confront him because they do not want to deal with the reality of that secret being out in the open.

“They don’t want to confirm it,” he says, “because when they ask you now and you now say it, it is now, like, confirmed. But right now, it can be ‘technically’ and they are still assuming … so they can still hide under that comfort and say, ‘Oh, he has not actually said he’s gay.’ So I think almost everybody in our house would know or would feel it, but then, nobody will actually say anything to you. And also, it’s not everybody that is liberal or open-minded as I am about it, so you don’t want to be talking to those kinds of people, before they’ll start telling you that you should start praying and doing deliverance.”

Check out the WhatsApp conversation and the voice note below:


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  1. Delle
    August 18, 07:41 Reply

    Awww! This is so sweet ?

    A forward-thinking man.

  2. trystham
    August 18, 08:46 Reply

    ???? is that supposed to surprise me??? I just love happy ppl se

  3. Blue
    August 18, 11:11 Reply

    Lol, I came out to my best friend last week, she wasn’t judgemental at all. She’s really am OG!!

  4. Xhris
    August 18, 12:04 Reply

    So sweet and understanding.

    My heart goes duduke for you o, Neme.?

  5. Mannie
    August 18, 12:24 Reply

    God of elder brothers, please do my own for me????

  6. Quinn
    August 18, 13:36 Reply

    I will leave my own case to “assumption” they all suspect in my house but they keep living in denial, I’ve told my brother in lots of ways except to outrightly say it.. but this kind of “Hollywood”acceptance will be nice AF.

  7. Ade
    August 18, 18:19 Reply

    it’s so heartwarming and tranquilizing…..this is an impressive turnout…just thread softly. it’s really a big task but its weighs off alot of burden under ones shoulders….we can make the world less stressful if we just stop been horrible to one another.

  8. Manny
    August 19, 06:10 Reply

    I have a homophobic junior brother. I know mama and sister knows. They tell me that in certain subtle ways. I think Dad knows too and has already started pushing me to get married.

    And to think of it, I’m just 26, starting out life newly oo.

    • Ahamed
      August 20, 13:20 Reply

      Exactly the story of my life but in my own case my mom is really pushing for me to bring Out a fiancé or else she gave me out to a relative

  9. Flexsterous
    August 22, 11:29 Reply

    all these good coming out stories, you people want to tempt me to come out abi? Not today Satan, not today.

  10. Leon
    August 23, 00:13 Reply

    Tell this to my brother who preaches to me of how the “Holy Spirit” has told him I’ll “crash and die” if I don’t stop HOMOSEXUALITY.

    This is sweet.

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