Isn’t It Time For There To Be Out Gay Housemates In The #BBNaija Show?

Isn’t It Time For There To Be Out Gay Housemates In The #BBNaija Show?

The past couple of days have had Nigerians on a social media meltdown over the capturing of two members of the current season if Big Brother Naija, Kiddwaya and Praise, being affectionate towards each other in a manner that we are not used to watching two Nigerian men interact on television.

In a viral video that exploded on social media two days ago, the first of others, the two friends are seen cuddled up against each other and looking adorable. Other videos quickly followed after, showing a kiss on the cheek and even more embraces.

And the reactions, at least of Nigerian Twitter, have been mostly approving, with many gay Nigerians wanting this to be an indication of a budding sexual relationship between the two housemates. Considering the overwhelmingly heterosexual nature of the Big Brother Naija show, it is no surprise that viewers feel gratified with the thought that there might be some same sex attraction going on before our eyes.

The producers of the Big Brother Naija house are known for the insistence that there’d be no admission of housemates who are openly gay or queer-presenting to the House. And this may undoubtedly be so because of the homophobic nature of the society and the backlash they expect will follow from the public should it appear that the show is “promoting” homosexuality.

But with all the love that this bromantic relationship between Kiddwaya and Praise is getting on social media, could the producers perhaps be persuaded into seeing that same sex loving housemates in the house can only mean good television?

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  1. Don’t be surprised with the alacrity the show will be shut down.
    Forget that bigots and prudes hav been trying unsuccessfully to shutdown the show 4 long.
    They’ll finally have a rallying ground to .

    • Malcolm
      August 24, 14:25 Reply

      The show itself needs to go, I have never been a fan of these Big Brother programmes from Brazil to South Africa to Europe and now Nigeria, but I admirte these two guys courage and if they are truly in love I hope they manage to keep their relationship even after the programme is over shaaa!!!

  2. Juanthony
    August 23, 08:21 Reply

    They could start with a cross dresser or you know someone who is gender neutral.
    Just throw one in there and let’s see how it goes… afterall bobrisky seems to be a favorite.

  3. Pete
    August 23, 09:18 Reply

    No. Let’s fight to repeal that obnoxious law and every other thing will follow.

  4. Pie
    August 23, 09:31 Reply

    This is the most beautiful display of affection I’ve seen in a long time. They can’t deny it, they’re in love.

  5. AueerAquariusBoy
    August 23, 14:54 Reply

    am I the only one thinking Big Brother’s Cameramen always captured them together? it seems whenever they are affectionate, to each other, they get them on screen. I love this!

  6. Flexsterous
    August 23, 22:13 Reply

    We are trying to tell men that being affectionate with other men isn’t gay but in the same vane, turn around and tell them they are when they do.

    If these were two women it wouldn’t even be noticed and that’s how it should be.

  7. Lego
    August 23, 22:22 Reply

    Guess the bromance wasnt that strong lol,kiddwaya’s vote got praise evicted from the house

  8. Malcolm
    August 24, 10:48 Reply

    Hahahhahahahah No Be Naija! You will all be shocked! These two will soon be on de street or given strong warning to stop their canoodling.
    Abeg Abeg, the dudes are clearly in love and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are romping off camera ….

  9. Rexxy
    August 24, 16:15 Reply

    Am I the only one that has seen the video of KIDD spanking Praise

    • Malcolm
      August 24, 16:57 Reply

      Can you share ???? Hehehhe You have peaked my interest

  10. Nnamdi
    August 24, 23:18 Reply

    I even see girls coming closer to each other but no one has called them lesbians, Nigeria and hypocrite are brothers

  11. FabSpot
    August 26, 02:59 Reply

    It can NEVER happen! Perhaps maybe someone like Denrele who’s stronger and more defined considering the fact that he’s part of the Selection panel, can have a shot on the show like the Celebrity Edition but people like Bobrosky and James Bland will be too much for the show.
    It can never happen and it never will. Praise was evicted because of this same issue.

  12. Chocolad??
    September 07, 12:42 Reply

    I’m surprised you guys are calling this a BROMANCE after we were shown that Kidd voted Praise for eviction.
    K is for Kidd and K is for kito?

  13. teenwrld7
    September 30, 12:46 Reply

    I think things will definitely change one day.

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