What They Say III

What They Say III

The blogosphere knew him as Francis Beaon at the time of his win of the Mr Universe Nigeria contest. And, according to his recent interview with nationonlineng.net, he is Francis Egwuatu, final year student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I don’t know which one is which, and that is none of my business.

My business however are some of the things he said during this interview with Tolu George originally published on nationonlineng.net. It was the usual may-we-know-you oh-you’re-so-famous-now yada-yada.

And then they got around to what usually interests me in these celebrity interviews – the controversial aspects, in this case, the gay talk.

The interviewer questioned: Some people believe Mr. Universe Nigeria is a pageant for gays. What is your view on this assertion?

And our esteemed pageant winner replied: ‘I am not gay, and it is very annoying when people make such comments. There was this girl that added me on twitter. She was like; ‘Tell me the truth, are you gay?’ It was so annoying. Some people think that for you to win the pageant you must be gay and men must sleep with you and all, but that’s not true. I just wish I could do a story and the heading will just be ‘I am not gay’. People have concluded in their mind that we are gays. Even when I was profiled on Linda Ikeji’s blog, there were comments like, gay alert; the guy is gay and all that. People feel if you are a male pageant contestant, the only hard work you need to do is to sleep in the room. That’s a negative thought, but I believe a person with a positive thought won’t think like that. For me, you just have to be positive; you just have to believe in yourself. I have gone for pageants that I lost (Mr. Tourism Nigeria), but that didn’t stop me from going for more.’

Tolu George: What do you think about gays?

Mr Universe Nigeria: ‘Actually, it’s bad in our country. It’s not right; God has made it a man to woman, not a man to man or woman to woman. It’s very wrong, just like its meant to be a negative to positive not positive to positive or a negative to negative, it’s quite bad, I don’t think it’s cool.’

Well, according to reliable sources, so reliable they date back to friendships in his school in Federal University of Technology, Owerri… these sources have said things and a lot more things. Whether true or not is none of my business. That’s all I’m going to say for now. *stirring just a touch of sweetener into my tea*

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  1. Absalom
    September 10, 05:14 Reply

    Umm, Pinky? Are we so starved of content here that we have to read about this guy TWICE? I almost sent you the link days ago then changed my mind.

    You dragged him here to be eviscerated, didn’t you? His God is alive oh!

    Dude is hilarious though: “People feel if you are a male pageant contestant the only hard work you need to do is sleep in the room.” Never met anyone who talks like that. LMAO.

  2. Dennis Macauley
    September 10, 05:37 Reply

    I hate when gay people shit on other gay people just to declare their “ungayness”. As much as I don’t expect him to agree he was gay, the second comment me made was in bad taste. These bimbos always get on my nerves!

    Fairies have come from European villa hostel in umuchima (for those familiar with FUTO) bearing tales.

    Hypocrite! See as him be with him flat nyansh!!!

    • chestnut
      September 10, 06:46 Reply

      Lol. Oh my! Dennis,this one has got u all riled up, hasn’t he? Sotey u launch pidgin english take finish am!LMAO. (That niccur’s ass really IS flat sha; and he doesn’t even know how to stand/pose to disguise d flatness…hehehe!)

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 10, 07:28 Reply

        LOL! E pain me enter belle and you know I rarely use pidgin english! I know people who know this bimbo reach house and I know how he rolls.

        About the posture, Absalom was talking about a trick that makes your ass look bigger! Absalom my darling, please can you expantiate

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 10, 07:57 Reply

        Absalom don’t be such a drama queen! Come and explain the trick joo

    • Mr Bassey
      September 10, 13:26 Reply

      I know right, smitches(skinny matches) with their plywood behinds be yarning balls.

  3. Dubem
    September 10, 05:38 Reply

    The things they are saying is that he’s gay, abi?
    I have no problem with any public figure debunking any rumours or questions about his sexuality to the public. That is entirely his prerogative. But I’m extremely averse to gay men who shit on the gay community in a bid to add some shine to their public image. In my opinion, they are worse than the anti-gay population that does the same.

  4. Sosoliso
    September 10, 05:41 Reply

    You may choose to remain in your closet, but don’t make the rest of us look bad so you can look good to the people. That is hypocrisy on a level I can’t stomach.

  5. helen lawson
    September 10, 05:54 Reply

    He’s gay. But he’s still a learner cos he can’t answer questions well.
    And he’s butt ugly.
    I’m sure he has stretchmarks on his flat ass.

    • earl
      September 10, 07:34 Reply

      *gasps* hahahhahahahahahaaaaaa *faints* *wakes up* *reads this comment*…….LMAO..!!!!

  6. maxonex
    September 10, 06:23 Reply

    He’s just a dumb bitch who doesnt know how to handle controversial questions with diplomacy… Making everyone else look bad is a no no!!!…
    Pls don’t put up his ugly face here again…
    BTW, where’s my write up???@ pinky

  7. Neon
    September 10, 06:30 Reply

    He totally misinterpreted and misunderstood the question! The interviewer asked about his perception on the general assertion. But the dunderhead, in a bid to defend his shriveled ass became unnecessarily defensive… and uber-judgemental! What a way to misconstrue… reason people like him fail exams!
    Well, totally not his fault. It was haphazard and was his only strategy to an end. It was expected. Making a pro-gay statement woulda added gasoline to fire. He said exactly what the majority wanted to hear.
    The part of “according to reliable sources”… *sigh* I just can’t with that… got better things to do.

  8. chestnut
    September 10, 06:42 Reply

    Chimoooo!!! Mr Universe,Kdiarians are goin to finish u today!lol. Gay naija celebs really need some sort of PR training on how to answer “sensitive” questions during an interview, without compromising their true identity, nor incurring d wrath (oh and dat wrath is FIERY!) Of the gay community. No finesse or diplomacy or tact…smh

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 10, 06:44 Reply

      Exactly! Did no one prep him for this interview, for heavenssakes! Becos in my opinion, all he managed to do was increase whatever speculation there was on his sexuality. He sounded much too defensive.

      • chestnut
        September 10, 06:52 Reply

        But who even has much time to speculate on the sexuality of a flat-ass beauty queen tho? Not me; I’d rather mind my own business…
        Oh wait, did I just say “queen”?

  9. s_sensei
    September 10, 06:49 Reply

    I don’t blame him. He is just afraid. And that’s a perfectly human thing. I won’t say he is a bad person just because he is afraid.

  10. Bane Salazar
    September 10, 07:28 Reply

    He is very un-good loooking and with the best washboard ass I have ever seen on a human being, He can remain straight for all we care.

  11. earl
    September 10, 07:31 Reply

    This is one good reason y I don’t do pageantries… I just stick to runway shows and commercials…

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 10, 08:25 Reply

      What reason is that? The gay questions during interviews?

  12. earl
    September 10, 07:36 Reply

    You are welcome, dear……..

  13. JustJames
    September 10, 07:38 Reply

    Looking up at the lineup of much more handsome men that competed I can only believe one way with which he won. And I’m sure it wasn’t cause he answered the “what is your aspiration in life question” like a pro.

    It’s too early to be drinking in the morning so *sips mint tea*

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 10, 08:27 Reply

      Lmao! I noticed that lineup too James. By gawd, there were more gorgeous contestants in that pageant

  14. #TeamKizito
    September 10, 07:57 Reply

    My aspiration in life would be … To be happy. ***KitoDiariesians and their Chizzee nature. Hmmm.

  15. Micky
    September 10, 08:49 Reply

    I don’t really blame him. It is Nigeria!!!! But that’s his cup of coffee though..

  16. enKayced
    September 10, 09:44 Reply

    Haaaaaa! European Villa in Umuchima?
    Dennis Macauley…

  17. Khaleesi
    September 10, 10:05 Reply

    LWKMD!!! Pinky you’re just a wicked Witch of the west!!you dragged this poor boy out here to be gutted by us abi? he goes to school in the East and we all know how narrowminded and bigoted eastern schools can be. I pity him cos not long ago I was there,, that deep crushing fear of anyone ever finding out that you’re gay. his answers r borne out of deep fear. I would rip into him with a tiny pink handled knife, but I truly feel his plight. I can imagine the great rush of fear, panic and trepidation he must have felt when that question rammed into him frol nowhere. I however have zero sympathy for gays who shit on other gays to feel good abt themselves. eg our former Big Brother Africa winner who was soundly visited by Queen Karma not too long ago …

    • Dennis Macauley
      September 10, 15:59 Reply

      Khaleesi I went to university in the east! Narrow minded? Bigoted?

      • maxonex
        September 10, 16:33 Reply

        Yeah they’re narrow minded and bigoted indeed…I went to skl in the east too..

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 10, 16:42 Reply

          So with all the Western and Northern and Southern universities that are not narrow minded and bigoted, how come we still have a narrow minded and bigoted country?

      • Khaleesi
        September 10, 17:36 Reply

        @Dennis, we all know that the moment there’s even a slight rumor about your sexuality on campus, your reputation is irreparably damaged. You will immediately be cast into the Pariahs bin and spat upon with contempt and hatred. Its a fate i wouldnt wish on even my enemies. So i cant understand his deep fear, but his lashing out at gays was stupid and unnecessary … fear must have addled his wits however …

        • gad
          September 10, 17:46 Reply

          This our little bros did what most of us would have done given the same situation.

  18. Lanre Swagg
    September 10, 10:37 Reply

    Saw him at Ikeja mall day after the pageant. Walked up to him and smiled, he smiled, we said some nice things and pumped hands- and I was instantly gaylectrocuted.

  19. King
    September 10, 13:24 Reply

    That sweetner had better be sweet indeed!…He is making a slight mistake and that is he shouldn’t be cornered into saying more than he isn’t gay…coz boi if you’ve tasted any guys cakes before like say in school or so….ahem..ur in for it luv!

  20. Chizzie
    September 10, 13:39 Reply

    This is a very unattractive man…I’d rather he be straight; no one deserves to be gay and ugly.

  21. gad
    September 10, 16:36 Reply

    Eya,poor boy! May God grant u d grace to grow up,give u wisdom that comes with courage. That boy is a true picture of what many of our bros go tru.when I think of him answering those questions honestly (saying,yes,im gay) I remember Bisi Alimi and Rev Jide M.its a few of us including d condenmers that can do otherwise. A friend I met online today who claims he is verse told me he is not gay but just has weakness by sleeping with men.We will get there.its well

  22. Samaurai
    September 11, 21:43 Reply

    So much bile and “righteous indignation” trailing this post.

    He is still a “kid” though. Little wonder he couldn’t deal diplomatically with the questions he was asked. Maybe he has been openly accused of being gay before and (in this our openly homophobic society) he felt that this will be his only chance to debunk the rumors and accusations.

    In addition, his parents might have to watch the interview and he has to be vehement in his renunciation of gayism (if there is a word like that)

    Let us all calm down and forget the guy. Nothing he says will make society paint us darker that we are already painted and no amount of goodwill he portrays towards us will make society see us in a better light. Let’s ignore him and his statements. He is just a tiny, negligible smudge on our radar.

  23. Lothario
    September 12, 07:55 Reply

    That sentence in the first answer about ‘sleeping in the room’, I read it like three tines because I thought I had missed a word or I wasn’t reading it right…….hmmmmm!

    In other news, don’t be too hard on him. The media asks these kind of questions to have sensational headlines that will draw readers’ attentions. But hold up…what were you guys expecting him to say?

  24. Brian Collins
    September 20, 14:13 Reply

    Hey guys, you really can’t blame him the guy is a FUTO student. It mostly is an occupational hazard. It is said that us Futoites are only good at calculations and stuff, English doesn’t always come easy to a lot of us. Im still shocked he won though. There are so many fine ass guys with mega ripped bods even in FUTO. Another saying i love, ‘when the best is not available the available becomes the best’. If he had lost at least we’d have been saved the stress of having to endure his rubbish.

  25. isi_zilayefa
    January 28, 09:03 Reply

    hey pinky, i have read a ton of your posts but never gotten myself to post Buh i came across this a few minutes ago and hanny i just had to speak. There are verrrrrrrrrrrry strong jist about every winner in that pageant, hanny i mean every winner so when his royal majesty, the idealist of them all, drops them falseness, i cringe…. .jizesss, is this how people used to do

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