Jennifer Lawrence describes herself as a ‘slutty power lesbian’

Jennifer Lawrence describes herself as a ‘slutty power lesbian’

Hollywood A-Lister Jennifer Lawrence has once again managed to shock and impress in equal measure during a recent interview about her personal style.

Known for her refreshing honesty, when she was asked to describe how she likes to dress during a recent cover shoot, the Hunger Games actress did not disappoint.

“‘Slutty power lesbian.’ That is literally what I say to a stylist,” she told Glamour magazine’s February issue.

“I don’t know if that’s offensive…” she added.

She went on to explain that although she often dons luxury Dior dresses when on the red carpet, her own style is a little different.Jennifer Lawrence 16

“Well, first of all, Dior is its own house that’s very feminine and beautiful; this past press tour every dress was just phenomenal,” she said. “So you don’t see me as a slutty power lesbian on the red carpet a lot, because I’m embodying the Dior woman, which is an honour.”

However, Lawrence said that certain designer labels do not flatter her “fuller” figure.

“I’ve got tits and an ass. And there are things that are made for skinny people – like a lot of embroidery, or it covers a lot – and those make me look fat. I have to show the lumps. If you have boobs, you have to show, like, ‘These are boobs. This isn’t cellulite.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”Jennifer Lawrence 17

Not one to hide what she thinks, when asked about homophobic clerk Kim Davies by Vogue recently, the actress made her feelings on her fellow Kentucky native crystal clear.

“[That] lady who makes me embarrassed to be from Kentucky?” she asked. “Don’t even say her name in this house!”

Last month, she also let rip at Donald Trump, saying, “if [he] becomes president, that will be the end of the world.”

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  1. Max 2.0
    January 06, 07:22 Reply

    Hahahahaha , this girl says the most shocking things. In one interview, she managed to come off as a narcissist (just like the rest of us), a fat shamer and also vain.. But in the end, she still made us retain the love we already have for her, by throwing Kim Davies and Trump under the bus. ??.

    • Pink Panther
      January 06, 07:29 Reply

      It’s a gift she only seems to possess in Hollywood. To be herself, be frank and still be adorable.

  2. Marius
    January 06, 07:55 Reply

    Wonder if John Boyega asking his stylist to dress him like a Slutty Power Bottom would also be considered refreshing and frank…

    Yes Hun, your “slutty power lesbian” comment is offensive.

    • Max 2.0
      January 06, 08:34 Reply

      This comment had me in stitches ??

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      January 07, 06:17 Reply

      It’d only be offensive if being a slutty lesbian is a shameful thing. Would it be offensive if she decided to dress like a slutty powerful Egyptian queen? No? How about a slutty Japanese lady? No, still?

      BTW, she didn’t specify sexual preference. Your point would have been made with “slutty power [gay man]”.

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    January 06, 07:59 Reply

    How does a slutty power lesbian look?

    Someone give me an example please!

    • Marius
      January 06, 08:19 Reply

      I imagine it involves a lot of leather, plaid and denim perfectly accesorized with the obligatory power tool/whip & thigh high boots.

  4. Kester
    January 06, 08:17 Reply

    @Dennis they probably look like max in drag
    *flees to church to hide from the wrath to follow *

  5. Delle
    January 06, 08:55 Reply

    When I first saw Jennifer Lawrence, I was like, ‘She’s the type of woman I’d definitely be with if I were straight but since I’m not (most definitely *fans self*), I’d just propose her to my favourite cousin.’ The lady is the total package. A body of a goddess, a face that shines through and she can take up a script and bring it to life. Not being homophobic is just more than a plus! Slutty lesbian? Kacee, don’t you think you should be here?

    What she said about Kim Davies and Donald Trump is just hilarical! I love’s sass. We’d make the perfect friends.

  6. kacee
    January 06, 09:48 Reply

    “I’ve got tits and an ass.” Yes i know baby girl yes i know, Pity she ain’t my type of girl 😪*crying*

  7. Geeluv
    January 07, 22:42 Reply

    She didn’t say she’s a slutty power lesbian…. so don’t crucify her yet.

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