As I write this, my heart is heavy. I am pretty sure I’ll get some backlash in the comments section, and I would deserve it all.

Three months ago, after 14 months of a solid relationship, I parted ways with the only person that had ever really cared about me. Something I now wholly regret. Prince is the nicest, most honest and caring person in the whole world, and yet, like Oliver Twist, I wanted more.

It was a cool evening in the month of August, 2018, after the incessant rain in July, when I caught myself staring at this adequate-looking guy at the First Bank ATM gallery at Ayobo, Lagos. I generally love very good-looking guys, but for some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off this guy. Could it be because he was 6 ft tall? Or was it because of his olive-honey complexion? I really don’t know. He was five persons ahead of me, so he of course had no idea a random guy was checking him out. However, when he finished with his transaction and began walking past me, I made sure I locked eye contact with him. He smiled and my heart leapt. I had to tell the person ahead of me to keep an eye on my spot, before going after this guy.

Now, for those who have never heard of Ayobo in Lagos, it is located past Iyana Ipaja and it is quite a rural area; I never thought I’d ever see a guy as sophisticated as Prince in such an area. And I was driven to make his acquaintance.

When I caught up with him, I tapped his shoulder from behind. He turned and gave me a shy smile. I took his smile for a “Yes, I’m queer” response, and so I hit the nail on the head.

“I’m Tony and I like you,” I said bluntly.

He smiled widely at me as he said, “My name is Prince, and I think you’re cool, too.”

We started a conversation right there, and I got to know that he usually did not approach guys or let them in on his sexuality because he had the belief that gay guys were all just promiscuous bastards. I told him I would change his impression about that. We exchanged numbers and I ran off to withdraw my money.

Once I got home, I made sure I called him and we proceeded to chatting on WhatsApp. The first thing I very quickly got to know about Prince was that he is very straightforward and honest. At the time though, I perceived this character trait to be rash bluntness and I fought the irritation that continually welled up inside of me every time he exhibited it.

I learned other things about him in rapid succession: that he is very discreet; that he had only ever been sexually involved with just two guys who turned out to be whores (hence his impression of gay guys); that he barely got angry but was very easily irritated; that he didn’t like uncleanness; and that he was an aromantic gay man.

Now, this aromantic gay thingie really bust my brain when he revealed that part about him. I’d never heard of it and I told him so. He told me he never falls in love. That he could never be in love with anybody. I didn’t believe him; I thought he was just trying to play “hard guy”.

Before I retired to bed that night, I Googled the aromantic thingie, and I was shocked to realize it was actually a type of sexuality. I’d always believed that a person could either be straight, gay, bi, asexual or pansexual in terms of sexual orientation. I could not believe all the several shades of sexualities that are available on the sexuality spectrum, including asexual gay and aromantic asexual or aroace.

However, I still believed this Prince guy was trying to play smart guy with me, and I was determined to bring him out of his shell and make him fall hopelessly in love with me.

I asked Prince out and he declined. In his words, I “deserved better.” That I deserved someone who would love me the way I would want. I persisted and he finally gave in “to a trial” – his words.

Prince gave me everything. He got me a good job where I’m paid six figures. He rented an apartment for me in Ikeja. Regularly bought me expensive clothes and shoes, and made up the money I had to buy my C-class. He gave me more attention than I give myself; he cared for me as much as my mother. He was an excellent lover. I fell madly in love with him and I never shied away from letting him know this.

But I never got an “I love you” back and it always ate my insides up. He’d always reply me with “You mean a lot to me.” We never even called each other pet names like babe, sugar, sweetie, honey. Instead it was bro, bruv, man, dude, egbon. I would call him and he’d “Hello, dude” me and I’d “I’m good, man” right back at him. I kind of found this sexy and it usually turned me on. But I still couldn’t get past the issue of him not being in love with me.

In all honesty, Prince really felt strongly for me. He could do just about anything for me.

But what I really wanted was to hear: “I love you, Tony.” Yes, I could have walked away at that early stage to find someone who would tell me those words, even they were untrue, but I had fallen so in love with Prince, it felt like he was my oxygen.

True to his nature, Prince was always frank with me about his life. He told me about Anne, his female bestie who had always had a crush on him but whom he quickly friend-zoned and came out to her three years after they became friends. She still loved him and remained close friends with him, and had gone on to have a boyfriend. Prince also told me of Seyi, an effeminate guy who had always pestered him to give him a try but whom he always firmly turned down. I felt safe knowing that he could never cheat on me or hurt my feelings. On my part, I also stayed faithful to him and rejected every advance made toward me by other guys.

That is, until Kore came along.

There is this lounge/restaurant on Allen Avenue in Ikeja that Prince and I used to frequent. He was apparently such a regular, that some of the servers were very familiar with him. That day was a Saturday evening, when we went to the lounge to have some snacks and cocktails, and just hang out. As we lounged and enjoyed our evening, Prince entertained me with his funny jokes that made me laugh. And all the while, as I looked at him, I wondered how I’d gotten so lucky and yet so unlucky to get a man this perfect who couldn’t love me the way I wanted to be loved. Or at least profess his love for me.

At some point in the evening, my attention was snagged by the presence of this very cute, dark-skinned guy who came to sit at a table behind ours. Prince and I were seated, facing each other, so I could watch this newcomer without Prince knowing.

Another thing about Prince is that, whenever we were together, he never spared a glance at another guy, no matter how good looking he may be. And so, I felt quite guilty for checking this new guy out when my boyfriend was busy entertaining me with his jokes.

This guy and I kept eye-fucking each other and I got real hard thinking of his possibly dark and pretty Mandingo. I had to fight to take my eyes off him and focus on Prince, who was now talking about visiting Dubai soon. I soon forgot about the stranger at the next table and became re-engrossed in the company of my boyfriend.

Then I had to go to the gents. I had finished with my business in the gents and was washing my hands when I turned and the dark-skinned guy was there, smiling at me. I was shocked and maybe, angry.

“What do you want?” I asked him, taking refuge from my attraction for him in my annoyance.

He replied that that he likes me and that he could see that I like him too. I wondered who the hell this guy thought he was. I might have been physically attracted to him, but that didn’t mean that I liked him. I didn’t tell him this though. He wanted my number and I told him no. He started talking about how cute I am, how he could be whatever I wanted. And all I could imagine was this guy’s dick. How dark and pretty it must be. How much I wanted it. How I wanted it in my mouth. How I wanted it in my bussy so bad.

Now, it’s not like Prince didn’t satisfy me sexually. In fact, he more than did. But I simply lusted after this guy’s dick because he was too fine and too attractive and so available.

Before long, I found myself giving him my number, and then adding, “I love my boyfriend and I can never cheat on him with you or anyone. We can only be friends.”

But who was I kidding really?

This happened after Prince and I had been together for eleven months.

About three months later, around October 2019, Prince and I broke up.

How did it happen?

Well, I was on his bed, tapping away on my iPhone X, which he got me on my birthday in July, when Prince said those dreadful words.

“We need to talk.”

I had noticed that in the last two months, he’d been sort of moody. We hadn’t had sex in about six weeks. He still showered me with gifts and attention during this time, and so, I didn’t bother to ask him what was wrong with him.

And so, when he said this, I sat up on the bed and put my phone away.

“Are you cheating on me?” he asked with his characteristic directness that still managed to take me by surprise.

In response, I feigned anger. I began to rant. “How can you ask me that? So, you no longer trust me, abi? Why on earth will you say that to me after all the time we’ve been together…”

He just kept looking at me and I realized his eyes were teary. I didn’t think he knew I had been screwing Kore because I had been extremely discreet.

I was wrong.

“I know you’ve been fucking that black guy from the lounge,” he finally said.

I was utterly shocked. His words took the wind off the sails of my faux anger. I sat there, staring at him. How did he know about Kore? How did he know we’d been hooking up since that day at the lounge?

He continued, “You were continually staring at him while I was trying to give us a good time. I suspected you hooked up in the restroom but I shoved that thought off my mind.”

He also told me that he saw my chatversations with Kore on my Messenger account: I had logged into my Messenger on his phone some months back when I forgot my phone in my house. I thought I logged out of his phone when I was done.

I didn’t see any reason to lie anymore, and so I became honest with him. I told him I was sorry but I really loved Kore because Kore actually loved me back. Kore always professed his unending love for me, and every time he did that, I died a little in his arms. I still loved him (Prince), but I preferred to be with someone who loved me back and was not shy about saying so.

After I was done, all Prince said was OK.

I didn’t see any reason to remain in his house at this point, and so I picked up my things and left. (He gave me 10k for transport because I’d earlier told him that I was broke).

By the time I got to my house, I saw that Prince had sent me a text.

It read: I told you from the start about my inability to love but you insisted we try. I tried and I grew a very deep fondness for you. I could lay down my life for you. You meant a whole lot to me. What you have done to me only proves that all you gays are really promiscuous bastards. I never want to see you ever again.

I felt really bad and wished I could turn back the hands of time. But I couldn’t. I still can’t.

Fast-forward to December, I was supposed to go to Abuja for a conference, but the program was moved forward by two days. And so, I decided to surprise Kore with a visit.

Instead, I was surprised when I opened the door with my spare key and found a naked Kore and another naked skinny dude scrambling for their clothes. I was too shocked to move as the guy rushed past me out of the room. Kore was at once apologizing and accusing me of coming over without informing him. Then he made some scathing comments about how he wasn’t sure I’d been faithful to him, since I was able to cheat on Prince with him even while claiming to love Prince to the moon and back.

This stung me really deeply. I left his house feeling empty and stupid and worthless. This was the same person who professed his love for me. The same person I left Prince for.

Sometime later, I texted Prince on WhatsApp, asking him to forgive me, and he replied, telling me to leave him alone and never disturb his life.

Thereafter, I heard that he got engaged to Anne, his female bestie.

Just two weeks ago, I saw Anne at the Ikeja City Mall, and when our eyes locked, she looked away like she didn’t know me. It was apparent Prince had told her about our breakup and the role I played in it. I wanted to approach her and congratulate her on her engagement, but her body language warned me not to. I also noticed the engagement ring on her finger. And with the way her body had changed, I suspected she was pregnant.

I really wish Prince and Anne well.

I also wish he will forgive me. I really still do love him and all I want for him is the best.

Prince, if you are reading this, please find it in your ever-accommodating heart to forgive me. I am very sorry.

Written by Tony

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  1. Mitch
    January 24, 07:18 Reply

    Wanting more isn’t a problem, insofar as your wanting more doesn’t hurt someone else.

    That’s where you failed.
    You wanted more, you wanted love, you wanted to hear the words “I love you”, and you hurt the person who’d shown you care and everything love is meant to be just so you can hear them.

    We need to learn how to distinguish between reality and mere words. We can tell just about anybody anything. What shows that we mean them are our actions. While Prince never said “I love you”, he proved that he actually did love and cherish you by his actions. Kore was just another one of them opportunistic dingbats who like people just because they see they’re in relationships. You should have known better than to put yourself in that situation.

    Well, you’ve lost Prince now.
    My advice to you is simple: get on with your life. Don’t go trying to get Prince back or trying to insert yourself back into his life or trying to make him see that you’ve changed and are now a better man. All you’d be doing is hurt him. And,quite frankly, you’ve hurt him enough. So, let him be.
    That done, focus on letting him go. Allow yourself time to heal from the wound of this broken relationship before you start jumping into another. Because, chances are that it’d be a rebound. And you could end up doing more damage than you’ve already done.

    Hopefully, you’d be fine.
    Just take the lessons from this shitty experience and work with them.

  2. Fred
    January 24, 07:37 Reply

    I really hope no one talks about karma here but …

  3. Ken
    January 24, 07:37 Reply

    Well u were right, I blame you. You are the architect of your predicament. But at least you got what you wanted, a guy to profess fake undying love for you.

    My advice is to stop looking for forgiveness cos you don’t deserve it. It’s best you just move on, prince apparently has. Cheerios boo

    • Higwe
      January 24, 08:04 Reply

      But at least you got what you wanted, a guy to profess fake undying love for you *

      ???????? Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

      Some people are savage sha ???

    • Mandy
      January 24, 10:31 Reply

      “But at least you got what you wanted, a guy to profess fake undying love for you.”

      Lol. Talk about being careful what you ask for.

  4. Higwe
    January 24, 08:03 Reply

    Welp ??‍♂️
    You threw away an angel sent from heaven in this Buhari’s economy .

    Well , you get to keep your job and an important life lesson – the “devil” you know is better than the angel you don’t know .

    You’re going to be fine .
    Once in a while everyone makes shitty decisions , don’t just dwell on them .
    The past is dead and gone and there is nothing you can do to erase it, but the future is full of possibilities …STEP ON IT .

    Prince , if you’re reading this , I just discovered I’m also an aromantic ?.
    You don’t need to text me back or even say ” I love you ”
    Just keep the alerts coming and I’ll be more faithful than a Chinese bride with binded feet .?

    • Pink Panther
      January 24, 08:16 Reply

      Lol. If Prince was reading KD, he’d already know you have a bf. Promiscuous bastard much? ?

  5. Mandy
    January 24, 08:14 Reply

    Even though Kore is a bastard, he makes a really good point when he said “he wasn’t sure I’d been faithful to him, since I was able to cheat on Prince with him even while claiming to love Prince to the moon and back.”

    That’s the thing with finding “love” through cheating. The naivete to think that the person you started a relationship with through cheating on and hurting someone else will last. The question “if we could do this to someone else, what’s to stop him from doing it to me with another person” should be the primary concern of anyone in such a relationship.

    You were really (what’s the nice word for stupid) to give up the solidness and honesty and certainty of Prince’s affection and commitment for this thing with Kore that started in a restroom of all places. A guy who was willing to play that fast and loose with you is someone you should have never trusted.

    I’m not even mad that you ended things with Prince (people should always get what they think they deserve in relationships). What I’m mad about is who and the situation you left him for. If you had ended things with Prince to be with another equally solid guy, it’d be all good. The fact that Kore was willing to help you cheat on your man says a lot about his character that you should have seen coming.

    Anyway, I’m sure you now know all this. However, may this forgiveness you’re asking from Prince be just about you wanting to do right by the universe, and not because you hope to get back together with him. Some endings should be one time and final. You should be moving on, not trying to revisit the lesson you taught Prince about how all gay men are promiscuous bastards.

  6. kachi~Hope
    January 24, 08:51 Reply

    Hey, don’t feel bad. Sometimes we make choices that we regret. Cheer up! Move on! You’ll find someone else, and hopefully you won’t make the same mistake.

  7. Haiku
    January 24, 09:08 Reply

    I would say Prince honestly loved you in action leave alone the verbal ‘love’- the myth you so desired that you decided to cheat on him…
    I think many cheaters have learnt that leaving another person for the other while still in relationship reveals how susceptible to being depicted as cheats is…hear you’re a lesson to be learnt from ..kudos… Karma didn’t spare you
    Finally you can’t carry all burden with you…you weren’t the only confused person here…what the fuck is Prince doing with Ann if he really is gay?*** raises a half plucked eyebrow …

  8. trystham
    January 24, 09:21 Reply

    Abegee!!! Let us hear word. You guys were NOT in a relationship, and if u had wanted more, I would not blame you.
    You asked him out, he said NO. You wanted a “I love you”, u didn’t get it from him so why exactly is he crying that you cheated on him when clearly it looked/feels like a mutually beneficial relationship?
    Its quite ironical though. I have been in a relationship and no convo passed without an I LOVE YOU ending that ended in hot tears, STILL for someone like Prince who prolly found it difficult to declare love, I think just once in the entire year of their relationship would have been enough and carried
    Kore is a jerk though. I’m going forward, be very wary of u ppl that can walk up to people in toilets to toast them.
    Finally, Prince marrying his bestie gf, aware of his sexuality or not, is the wrongest step he has ever taken. I really hope it don’t bite him in the future.

    • Pink Panther
      January 24, 09:41 Reply

      “Be very wary of people that can walk up to people in toilets to toast them.”

      ???? This though.

    • ken
      January 24, 14:22 Reply

      How is it the wrongest step??? Oga eledumare pls explain with the aid of his future examples…..

    • Tony
      January 24, 17:57 Reply

      Well, I’m not mad that they’re getting married. In fact, I don’t think he’s taking any wrong step: she knows what she’s going into. If such a couple can’t continue, I believe they’d just go their separate ways without any ruckus.

      • trystham
        January 24, 19:55 Reply

        *snorts Tell Kenny Brandmuse that one na

    • Sworld
      January 26, 08:59 Reply

      @trystham my thought exactly. They were never in a relationship from the start. From his (prince) words he had never fell in love and from the look of things he was never willing to give love a trial. Tony was only carried away with the gifts and all.

      Let’s leave the fact it’s cheaply easy to say “I love you” for some people but if your partner couldn’t one day say “I love you”,Please you really have to be worried forget the gift n attention he’s giving you.

      Tony you self get your own for body but life goes on we keep learning everyday. See him as an angel that God sent to help you in time of needs.

      And what all this sexuality of a thing will cause eehn. Side, aromantics and others.
      Let everyone find their sexual match.

  9. Zoar
    January 24, 09:33 Reply

    Love is an action not verbal and Prince made sure he acted the word but all you wanted was someone telling you “I love you” every day without backing it up with actions.

    Gays most times don’t really know what they want. And this is why relationships in the gayborhood never last because of indecisiveness and wavery emotions.

    You deserve the treatment Prince is giving you now. Sorry but no sorry.

  10. Zoron
    January 24, 09:34 Reply

    Tag Me a whore, call me names but the truth is I don’t believe a guy can be faithful. Judging from man’s promiscuous nature.

    • Cade
      January 24, 10:17 Reply

      Being faithful in a relationship is a decision. A conscious one, it doesn’t mean that hot guys won’t shake you.
      And I think being in love with your person makes it easier to stick to that decision.

      That consciousness that you’re committed to someone you love should keep you going.

      Quick question:
      when people say their spouses or partners are the most beautiful/handsome in the world, do they mean it or they’re overcompensating?

      Because there are fine people on this globe that would make you lose control, maybe not to the point of cheating on your partner tho.

  11. Cade
    January 24, 09:59 Reply

    This is a wake up call for me. I have been slacking on my relationship. My man is somewhat like Prince and that shit can be exhausting, I totally get it.

    This love language thing ehn, we all speak different languages and it takes time to understand someone else’s.
    That stuff can be confusing.
    Especially when that someone that does a lot for you financially and would literally do anything for you but isn’t affectionate.
    The sex is always mind blowing.

    That feeling makes you ask so many questions, I understand it a lot.

    I think that’s the part where compromise comes in.
    No relationship is perfect and relationships aren’t a one size fits all affair.

    Know the intricacies of yours, understand it and make it work.

    Don’t settle for less, of course, because you want to be in a relationship.
    But some things can be done away with but then again, we’re different people so what A might not have a problem with could be a deal breaker for B.

    I think you should have talked to Prince when those feelings came up cos He obviously loved you in his own way.

  12. Loki
    January 24, 15:03 Reply

    I guess i can say i undastnd ur point in wanting to hear d words I LOVE U. Trust me i av been in dat position b4. I neva got to hear it, bt i discovered somtin, actions speak beta dan words. Prince proved his love for u bt u jst didnt c it cus u were so focused on d words nt d action dat backs it. All i can say os move on nd pray fate favours u again.

  13. Tony
    January 24, 17:04 Reply

    Honestly, I never planned to double date. I only initially wanted to get laid by Kore. But his continuous spoken affection got me glued to him.
    I only wanted to get down with Kore and forget about him.
    And as for Anne and Prince, I strongly suspect he did not just wake up and decide to marry her; I wish them well though.

  14. Black Dynasty
    January 24, 18:45 Reply

    I won’t add to the judgement but i like to think life tries to teach us a lesson in increasingly difficult ways when we refuse to learn from the easier versions.

    You made a mistake, well…. a series of mistakes and you’re paying for them. C’est la vie, just make sure you pause to reflect on what lessons you needed to learn and ensure you understand them.

  15. Delle
    January 24, 21:15 Reply

    I honestly don’t know what to say to you (and I suspect you know you do not deserve an acknowledgement), I just feel bad for Prince.
    For his state of mind towards guys now. His never-ending grudge towards you and the marriage he’s been ‘forced’ into because of course, Men Are Scum has never been truer.

    Sometimes, it baffles me what we define love as. Is it supposed to be in the words of endearment because sweetheart, my WhatsApp chats have a lot to give and more? These things (bae, boo, hun, Darling) are said with so much plasticity and indifference that they have lost their meaning and really should stop being important!

    I hate being called ‘bro’ with every fibre in me but if his actions speak love, if it convinces me of the affection I want, then to hell with words and titles! Call me Delle, I won’t mind.


    That you threw such a thing (without remorse at the time) because of toilet dick and fancy words just makes me want to smack you.

    I just hope Prince finds himself. I wish him well.

  16. Bennet
    January 25, 02:51 Reply

    Your relationship with Prince simply shouldn’t have started at all, because you wanted romantic love. In my opinion, that was a bigger mistake than cheating on him. Yes he cared, he provided and he gifted. But one-sided relationships just don’t work. It’s not rocket science. As far as I’m concerned, y’all were just friends with benefits with an extra layer of sexual commitment. If you wanted romance, you simply shouldn’t have settled for a quasi-platonic relationship. Even he told you that you “deserved better.” But you forced it, so you should’ve mentioned your dissatisfaction to him at some point, at least. Yes you played him dirty but I’m definitely not one of those who thinks you “lost” Prince. It’ll be easier for you to move on once you accept that you truly deserve better.

    Please, romantic love is not just about care and material generosity. If that’s it, then I’m dating my mom, brother, sister and best friend all at once. I strongly believe they’d “lay their lives” for me. If you’re of the opinion that what Prince offered was “everything love is meant to be,” then you probably aren’t as much into romance as you think you are.

    And I’m not painting Prince as the bad guy here (dude literally did nothing wrong); it’s just that I don’t completely blame you for cheating on him. But chill. Why would someone who supposedly understands sexual and romantic spectrums have such a cheap opinion as “gay guys are all just promiscuous bastards?” Just because two bad experiences? Am I the only one smelling IH?

  17. Prinz
    January 25, 06:16 Reply

    Well, I’m an aromantic, too.
    There was this guy from Grindr who literally pressured me into a relationship with him. I told him I wasn’t interested in any form of a relationship because I don’t believe in romantic love. He insisted we tried, and I gave up, knowing he was bound to get hurt.
    To cut things short, I ended it all because I felt trapped; this was a one-sided thing. I began to resent him. The guy started sending me texts of how ill I made him and how his “hot” tears would haunt me, and if I was missing him. See me see wahala.
    It’s not by force na. And to make things clear, I’m not Tony’s Prince. ?

    • Lucky
      January 29, 15:49 Reply

      Hunny please, you are so Prince right now….

  18. Limitless
    January 25, 22:14 Reply

    Wow! This is such a sad story. Honestly, I really don’t know what to say. But the bottom line is that you’ve learnt your lessons. Like they say, “You don’t know what you have until you lose it”.
    I just pray that Prince finds a way to forgive you. Even if you guys don’t get back together as before.

  19. Tristan
    January 26, 00:48 Reply


    You wanted more and went for it.

    Few days ago I was listening to a TED talk by Dr Susan David. She mentioned something about emotional agility for true resilience and thriving, about caging ourselves and always hooked on being right. In her words, “rigidity in the face of complexity is toxic…its like that delicious chocolate cake in the refrigerator, the more you try to ignore it, the greater its hold on you.” If you didn’t cheat on Prince with Kore, you’d have the potential to cheat on Prince with another guy. It isn’t a mistake to imagine what’s beneath Kore’s pants nor fantasize the possibility of shagging him because your are human — its inherent. What’s a mistake, sin even, is to cheat on your boyfriend — hoping he won’t get wind of it –while you await his cliqued “I love you.”

    Now my point is, you uncaged yourself — it isn’t easy to be in an exclusive relationship and it’s understandable. But, you didn’t allow the steps you took to align with your values. You love(d) Prince, and you do well know he loved you too. You should have told him when it all started but you thought you could eat your cake and have it. From your story, you cheated on him because you you were infatuated not because he didn’t speak those three words — platitudes.

    Communication is very important in a relationship. You and Prince failed on it.

    You fucked up darling and its life. It doesn’t give you gifts on a platter of gold. You have to hold a firm grip to the commitments, sacrifices and responsibilities that keep its beauty suspended and thriving.You have navigated its contours and learnt your lesson and the experience would serve as a blueprint for your next step.

    Sad but it’s all you can do to move on but don’t repeat the mistake again.


  20. McDuke
    January 26, 01:41 Reply

    Fuck you…some of you gays need to reevaluate your life choices. FUCK YOU AGAIN!!!

  21. Rexxy
    January 26, 03:44 Reply


    You don’t deserve Prince, to think that Prince loved you in the name of DEEP FONDNESS kaiii,what came over you?.

  22. Tman
    January 26, 14:55 Reply

    I don’t know why I’m getting your vibes that there are a whole lotta manufactured detail in this story. But then, what do I know?

    You’ve got an iPhone X, luxury home in Ikeja, six figures-paying job and your own car off Prince. I’d say you played your cards well. Now, you can repay the innocent guy by letting him have the fulfilling life he deserves, one free of lecherous twats.

  23. Ade
    March 01, 06:56 Reply

    Hi Prince,
    I’m available if you are ?

  24. Lyanna
    May 12, 10:25 Reply

    How did I miss this story? Thought I read everything.

  25. Lyanna
    May 12, 10:27 Reply

    Well..well, you never loved Prince!

  26. _Cheeeedeeraah_
    June 03, 15:35 Reply

    Guess am just reading this story in the month of June..Well straight to the point..
    What Yu Did Was So Hurtful And ????.. Prince Loved U Tony!!He Just Isn’t the type of The I Love U Part..*inability To Love.. You Were In His Life And U Were Bringing That Part In Him Changing His Thinking I Guess.. All Those Typing Of Bae Boo I Luv u Dear blah blah blah It Has No Fucking Meaning Of WhatsApp.. It has Lost It Meaning?.. Seriously I Wish I Was In Ur Sight Yu Need slap??.. Serz Prince Cared For U and a stupid Kore Came In And Professed fake unending Love?..Stupid Right?? Don’t Find Pleasures In All This Dick Size Nd Co Which I feel u don’t.. Follow Heart Tho It Usually Loses Road?..

    For me u deserve no forgiveness from Prince but I hope he forgives u since Yu Came back to ur right senses.. Obv he might be enjoying but am sure he won’t care for any oda man just the way he did for u..

    All The Best Man?..

  27. ChristianGayBoy
    January 01, 18:39 Reply

    While a lot of us think Tony was ungrateful for wanting a verbal declaration of love, we fail to realize that we cannot dictate for people how they want to be loved. Actions speak louder than words but one thing is certain, words are forever. We forget actions sometimes it’s why it’s popularly quoted among people “after all I did for him, this is what I get.”

    Voices and actions are not the same thing. Don’t you realize already how easy it is to believe the words of a liar, cheat, play boy even when we somehow know they are lying through their teeth sometimes?

    Tony wanting a verbal declaration of love and want isn’t wrong. You cannot hold it over his head for wanting to be loved the way he wanted to be loved.

    The problem with Tony however is that while he knew Prince wouldn’t be giving him more, he should have voiced out to Prince that he was getting to his limits. Prince might have broken up earlier and he would not have seen you as another promiscuous gay man after all you both went into the relationship to give it a try.

    And on the part of Prince, I do think he loved you and what’s sad is that he didn’t even know it. The definition of love has become so subjective that we now fall in love and call it other things but love.

    I mean he said he could die for you. Heck even the Bible says ‘no other love greater than this that a man would give up his life for another’ to be able to even think that you can die for another is love and he truly would not have reduced in any way if he had just said those words. I believe in his part, he should have at least tried saying the words out at least to see if they sunk in enough to blend with his actual reality. He should have tried to say it, even once.

    Tony I wish you the best. You are human and your mistake is valid. I wish you better realities. Prince was good but there is better and I pray you get better.

    One big heart from me to you.

  28. Kz
    December 08, 20:41 Reply

    Aah. So people like prince dey this life. Sha this is karma.

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