Kanye West Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Caitlyn Jenner for ‘Breaking Ground’

Kanye West Says He’s ‘Proud’ of Caitlyn Jenner for ‘Breaking Ground’

Kanye West continues to be a champion of Caitlyn Jenner.

The 38-year-old rapper opened up about his feelings toward Caitlyn to fashion website SHOWstudio, where he made it clear that when he first learned that Caitlyn Jenner would be introducing herself to the world, his only concerns were about what other people would think.

“The first thing I thought about was a black radio show host maybe possibly making jokes because the black culture is generally homophobic,” admitted Kanye. “Then I was like, ‘Fuck what people say. Fuck what people think.”

“I feel proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for generations to come,” Kanye continued.

During the lengthy interview, the rapper also posited that were it not for stigma, Keeping Up With the Kardashians would be an Emmy-winning program.

“My wife and my family should’ve had plenty of Emmys by now,” Kim Kardashian’s husband explained. “But reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian [hotel] wouldn’t let Run-D.M.C. and motherfucking Will Smith stay there because they were rappers.”

“The idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show, even if it’s the longest running and the most popular and… everybody I know watches it,” he added.

Of course, Kanye’s support of Caitlyn is nothing new. Back in April, during her interview with Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn revealed that the Yeezus rapper was a key figure in helping Kim understand her transition.

“Kim told me a story,” Caitlyn told Diane. “She goes, ‘You know what really turned me around on thinking about this?’ And I said ‘What?’ She goes ‘Kanye.'”

“They were talking about it and he says to Kim, ‘Look, I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I can have the most beautiful little daughter in the world, and I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything,'” she explained. “Since then, Kimberly has been by far the most accepting, and the easiest to talk to about it.”

Hell yeah, Kanye!

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  1. ken
    October 09, 04:55 Reply

    When will Kanye finally come out?? One can only hope….tho I know Kim aint letting go of that big huge man meat anytime soon. lol

      • ken
        October 09, 05:13 Reply

        D- uh! Thats like no news boo. He be walking arnd obviously screwing that his sexy feminine male “assistant”

        • Pink Panther
          October 09, 05:15 Reply

          And you’d know this for sure from the long lunches and tea parties you share with him?

          • ken
            October 09, 06:06 Reply

            Em y we getting all defensive??? U also didnt have tea with him where he said he’s straight. And gay people marry women all d time, its called: DL

            • Pink Panther
              October 09, 06:25 Reply

              I wasn’t being defensive. I was being sarcastic. I tire of people speculating all the time about the sexuality of celebrities, even when it has no merits. In Kanye’s case, I wonder why. Cos he’s into fashion? Cos he’s got an effeminate assistant? What exactly is feeding your speculation?

  2. #Chestnut
    October 09, 06:29 Reply

    Kanye might be a Lunatic, but he’s a forward-thinking one.
    @ken: I don’t think Kanye is gay; I haven’t seen any reason to think so…

    • Teflondon
      October 09, 07:05 Reply

      Let Ken fan her fantasies abeg, that’s what most gay guys do by speculating celebs sexuality. They use it to fan their fantasy.

      So Ken dear, you go guurrl
      Fan those fantasies and wank to those damn fantasies till you sleep at night.

  3. Teflondon
    October 09, 07:11 Reply

    When I read this I would have said “Political Correctness” then I remember it’s Kanye, it’s Motherfucking Kanye! He says things as it is and gives no fuck whatsoever. (Kinda reminds me of me) so I believe him.
    Kinda refreshing this coming from a hardcore black rapper that’s supposed Gangstar.
    Would love to know his views on Gays Tho, would he be as supporting?

    • Adey
      October 09, 07:53 Reply

      “HARDCORE black RAPPER that’s supposed GANGSTER” Really?!*raises eyebrow* ?

      • Peak
        October 09, 14:24 Reply

        LMAO @Adey. These niggas acting like they know shit.

        Kanye is a lot of things boo, but HARDCORE, GANGSTER??? Hell nah! Kanye ain’t no ganster, and this is coming from a fan who followed his music and life till when he dropped his last real/phenomenal album (My Beautiful Dark twisted fantasy).

        Dang! I need 2 include more dictionaries into my christmas gift basket, so that these niggas can understand half the shit they be talking about

  4. Delle
    October 09, 08:55 Reply

    I’m so happy (not to mention surprised) Kanye is this open-minded towards the LGBT community. I personally, as gay as I am, isn’t particularly tea-party happy about the Bruce-Caitlyn transition…but if a black, Hardcore gangster is…then I’d just sit my fat ass on a cushion!

    By the way, why are all gays wanting every celebrity to ‘come out’ of their supposed cupboards ehn? So we can’t have a straight alliance without an ulterior motive or what? Oh church!!! *tuning to KUWTK*

  5. Sinnex
    October 09, 09:57 Reply

    “…During the lengthy interview, the rapper also posited that were it not for stigma, Keeping Up With the Kardashians would be an Emmy-winning program.”

    To be honest I stopped reading when I got to this part.

    I am like WTF!!!

    He could have stopped at the Caitlyn part, but he just had to go Kanye on the whole thing by jamtalking.

  6. belcullen
    October 09, 09:58 Reply

    What do y’all expect Cait is his mother/father inlaw, hes beloved wife’s father he cant say shi*. If it hpened to be sum1 else now who knows wat he wudv said.

    • Pink Panther
      October 09, 13:21 Reply

      You do realize that he’s Kanye West. The quintessential I-don-givafuk rapper. Which means he don gotta say what he said about Caitlyn if he didn’t mean it.
      A little less cynicism, belcullen. And a little more faith in people.

      • Peak
        October 09, 14:55 Reply

        “The quintessential I-don-givafuk rapper” lol!

        I can assure you that Kanye and what’s left of his career would BURN if he messes with LGBT issues. He is being blamed in the Hiphop community for watering down rap music. He has been singled out as one of the ppl who made present day hip hop “gay”. He has a huge gay following.

        This is no longer the 90s or early 2000 when rappers can use derogatory homophobic words and still have a career. You try that shit and u are on ur way out of the industry. Even the king of homophobic lyrics Eminem doesn’t even go there no more. You won’t find any mainstream rapper using the word “faggot” in their lyrics. That’s how clean things are now.

        Kanye can talk shit, but there are some shits he wouldn’t want to touch with a 200 inch pole.

        • Pink Panther
          October 09, 15:10 Reply

          Right. Because Snoop and 50 cent who’ve been trash-talking Caitlyn Jenner have all gotten suddenly out a job, right?

          My point, Peak, is: Kanye West can actually say what he has to say about the LGBT. And mean it. I don’t get this cynicism. People talk trash about the LGBT and we cry foul. Some others show solidarity and we still cry foul. Or second-guess them. Or speculate on their sexuality.

          For a people who are all about acceptance, we sure send out the wrong signals for it.

          • Peak
            October 09, 17:43 Reply

            When was the last time any of those headlined a show? Or got singed on for a major deal?……….take ur time, I got all year to wait for ur answer.

            There is a difference when a “hasbeen(s)” is saying anything to get some spotlight on them or gain some relevance, and when an “A-lister” is making a statement to expand and win more audience. I’m sure you can decipher who is who between the class of artist mentioned above and what the stakes are for them.

            • Pink Panther
              October 09, 18:06 Reply

              You’re just nitpicking at the fringe of what I’m saying. You’re bright. I’m sure you’ve already gotten my point. And it has nothing to do with who’s rocking the music industry.

  7. Lothario
    October 09, 13:05 Reply

    Oh well! Good for Kanye….. And Bruce….

  8. ronniephoenix
    October 09, 15:44 Reply

    people calling caitlyn bruce, I just don’t haf your time. I don’t want this issue to go out of control like last time.

    Caitlyn is caitlyn, accept it or not, that is a fact.

    About kanye, well, great comment.

    But, I don’t really know or follow him.

    Well, good bye.

    *eyeing some people in the house*.

  9. Dickson Clement
    October 10, 22:58 Reply

    Every goodlooking guy ain’t gay! One day someone will tell you that your dad is gay,ur uncle,ur brothers and whoever they fancy in ur family.

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