Five Years After His Gay Scandal, Yul Edochie Is Here With A Reminder Of How Homosexuality Is Evil

Five Years After His Gay Scandal, Yul Edochie Is Here With A Reminder Of How Homosexuality Is Evil

It was in 2015 that actor Yul Edochie’s celebrity was scandalized by the he-said, he-said allegations and counter allegations between the actor and a man named Steven Ugochukwu, who claimed he and Edochie were lovers.

And now, five years later, Yul, who has always taken a persistently religious stance on issues he chooses to share with his followers online, has decided to remind Nigerians that homosexuality is evil.

In a post updated on both Twitter and Instagram, which he captioned “Today’s bible teaching from the Daily Manna 2020”, the actor shares screenshots of passages from his morning devotion, which reveals how the world as we know it today has become even more immoral and wicked than Sodom and Gomorrah, because of how the LGBT is expanding its community to include “man degrading himself to the point of getting married to animals.”

The passage also exhorts Christians to be like Ezekiel from the Bible, who was “seen as a fanatic and conservative prophet who condemns everything done in the nation”, to follow in his footsteps and “condemn the immorality of the current age and not allow ourselves to be polluted and caught in its evil web.”

Interestingly though, the actor had just a few days earlier shared his thoughts on how people are way too concerned with other people’s business and worrying way too much about what the next person is doing.

“‘When will this one marry? What is that one feeling like? This one too dey post picture, that one too do.’ Listen, e no concern you,” he tweeted. “Focus on your life and your hustle. You are losing so much valuable time worrying about what the next person is doing. Mind your business.”

Somebody should tell Yul Edochie to take his own advice and mind his business.

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  1. Mandy
    June 19, 07:08 Reply

    This man is just a joke. He’s lucky he has made his IH-ridden penis all the way to the bed of a vindictive gay man. That one with Steven Ugochukwu is small. What he needs is a large scale kito, complete with screenshots and dick pics, to shut his homophobic, hypocritical mouth up.

  2. Mitch
    June 19, 07:51 Reply

    This one is just proving that his stupidity is genetic. Negro inherited it from his dumb-dumb of a father.

    Onye ara ukwu mango!

  3. Bubu
    June 19, 11:33 Reply


  4. Higwe
    June 19, 15:52 Reply

    Lmfao ….

    Yul Edochie ?

    Who is next, Ken Erics ?

    2020 is a weird year sha ??????‍♂️

  5. Sammy
    June 19, 19:25 Reply

    Is not anybody’s business.

  6. Zeal ovie
    June 20, 01:22 Reply

    See kettle call pot black…you are passing your boundaries

  7. seth
    June 20, 08:36 Reply

    ..the lady doth protest too much..

  8. Icandy
    June 23, 11:19 Reply

    ….and to think I spent my money buying his movies during the lockdown.???

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