Kenny Badmus Concludes…

Kenny Badmus Concludes…

It’s been five days since Kenny Badmus ‘broke the internet’ with his coming out post on Facebook. And in that time, there have been both love and hate reactions from different people with access to the internet. The brand expert has acknowledged them all and had something to say to all that on Facebook. Read below:

‘In conclusion, having reviewed all emails, comments, hates and goodwill in the last couple of days, I’m happy to say this is not about us. It’s about the ones who don’t have the platforms to speak. Or the one whose voices have been muffled by the fear of being rejected. The culture of shaming and silence has harmed us as a people, especially in Africa.

‘Affirm your child’s sexual identity early enough so she or he does not get into high sexual risks. Even for youths who are not gay. When we live in culture of silence, we push people to the down-low. When people engage in sexual activities in the down-low, they are highly at risk for HIV and other STIs. Speaking about my journey as a Black gay man, I knew I got engaged in high sexual risks while in college because I was running away from myself. I couldn’t feel safe to talk about it in places called home and church; where we are constantly being told how to conform to social identities. Where we are being judged for being left-handed instead of the norms. According to Charles Taylor, a Canadian Philosopher, ‘a person can suffer real damage if the society around them mirrors back to them a demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.’ Hence, every time you read about another gay man being added to the statistics of HIV or suicide or mental health, think about the roles you play. Together, we can stop this damage.

‘1. Recognize diversity. 2. Affirm people whose sexual orientation differs from yours as long as they are not coercing anyone into it (STOP COMPARING gay folks to pedophiles and people sleeping with animals. That’s not a consensual love between two people. It happens with heterosexuals too) 3. Live and let live.’

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  1. Max
    January 13, 04:56 Reply

    Tell them B, tell them..

  2. Kingbey
    January 13, 06:53 Reply

    God am beginning to love this guy. When will I have a courage like his?

  3. Pete
    January 13, 06:54 Reply

    My love for Kenny went up another notch. I’m gonna paste his 3 DOs on my bedroom wall

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 13, 07:04 Reply

      I shared this post of his on fb and one of my female friends came sniffing around. Asked me if i was planning on coming out. Mbok i told her yes, that she should set out the red carpet for my grand exit from my closet. Chick begin laugh.

      I don’t have as much fear about friends and family finding out about me as i used to have o. And i owe it to KD and my interactions here.

      • simba
        January 13, 07:12 Reply

        The same here,.. u ve actually come out to some friends, and business associates.. funny they don’t care whom I fuck,.as for my Mum, she can’t claim not to have an inkling.. except self denial

  4. chestnut
    January 13, 07:12 Reply

    “…STOP comparing gay folks to pedophiles and people sleeping with animals…it happens with heterosexuals too”… I swear,some homophobes are like crazy people, with their “gays-will-fuck-anything-illegal” agenda! Their senseless propaganda: “if we condone homosexuality, they will start raping our children…if we condone homosexuality, the human race will become extinct, blah blah blah”. So if they allow 10% of the entire population(gays) to marry, the remaining 90%(heteros) will stop procreating? Or turn gay? Smh

    • Max
      January 13, 07:23 Reply

      Pinky posted it and some silly bitch did the pedophile comparision, so I went all Nicki Minaj on him..

      • Khaleesi
        January 13, 07:51 Reply

        Mtchwww .. Nicki Minaj … gurl plzzz, i woulda gone Shaniquah on his ignorant homophobic scrawny ass!

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 13, 07:58 Reply

        Lmao. Max you were a warrior, aswear. They were talking about you on against the link on fb

      • Max
        January 13, 08:07 Reply

        Oh really, I didn’t even see it. Maybe I’ve been too busy living my life to care abt what their homophobic asses have to write.

  5. ola
    January 13, 07:14 Reply

    this dude coming out did give a lot of people courage and a sense of belonging, Kenny is a great and brave man, in fact more courageous than a soldier on the war front.

  6. Masked Man
    January 13, 07:20 Reply

    After yesterday’s love poetry by Vhar for Chestnut, some people have embarked on fasting and prayer and secretly wishing to change destinies with Chestnut. All of you professing love for Badmus, go find your own man oh.

  7. Pearle
    January 13, 07:22 Reply

    This is just that pill of courage that should be prescribed for all divergents out there to ingest, so fortifying! Meanwhile, @PP please who’s running the volunteer project e-mail? I did shoot a sign up mail across 4 days ago, I’m yet to get any feedback whatsoever.

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 13, 07:57 Reply

      Pearle, could you please resend the mail. All correspondence gotten have been replied.

  8. Dennis Macauley
    January 13, 07:35 Reply

    I shared it on my time line also and cocked my short gun waiting.

    My sister come on BBM shortly after (as expected) and was like, your likeness for this badmus man, I am not comfortable with it. He has made his life choices negating god’s word….i just kept reading her bbm messages without responding. Then my brother came, while he was typing and spewing hateful crap, I deleted him (something I call the rapture treatment).

    I have delcared him my fav person of 2015 already. Takes balls to do what he did and I sincerely hope I get to do this someday to friends and family!

    • Khaleesi
      January 13, 08:00 Reply

      Muah!! I love you Dennis! !! In 2015, i habe declared a ZERO tolerance policy for homophobes. I wont come out – yet but i certainly wont allow any homophobic person occupy any place in my life … life is too short and valuable for that! !

    • Max
      January 13, 08:09 Reply

      I like rapturing people too. I’ve raptured my sister once when she became a thorn on my flesh.

  9. blood line
    January 13, 07:49 Reply

    Guys kenny is presntly in the united state of A b4 coming out.

    • Max
      January 13, 08:12 Reply

      Errmm, meaning what??

    • chudiebere
      January 13, 10:26 Reply

      Makes no difference or whatsoever his location b4 coming out. The humble fact still remains that he came out. Coming out…

  10. Khaleesi
    January 13, 07:57 Reply

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for Kenny, he actually didnt need to do this, but he did it not just for him but for the millions of us out there who are too weak and scared to speak, cowering in our gilded closets. He has inscribed his name in indelible ink. But i heard he has now relocated the US, i dont know if he’ll ever be/be able to come back … remember my frequent ranting about how you just cannot live as an openly gay man in Nigeria? Well, he must have figured it out and decided to flee but before he fled, he made sure to give the homophobes a vicious kick where it would hurt the most … and for this, Kenny you have my undying respect and admiration. You are indeed extremely brave!

  11. Mr Kassy
    January 13, 08:27 Reply

    He is a HERO.More lube to his butthole*emotional tears,hanky pls*

  12. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 13, 17:03 Reply

    Before I read the post; Let me just say all I see in the pic above is the nipple *swallows spit*

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 13, 17:10 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! Your thirst tho. Did you even grasp anything he said after seeing that nipple?

      • Oluwadamilare Okoro
        January 13, 17:31 Reply

        Ah I almost didn’t but thank God for “wisdom, knowledge and understanding” *winks*

  13. gad
    January 14, 05:09 Reply

    We shall get their one day bros

  14. Pedro Mann (@D1kPedro)
    January 14, 09:16 Reply

    I shall groom my beards like his. Just two weeks without visiting the salon. [That Wolverine look!]

  15. courtsofdomasiobo
    January 18, 15:13 Reply

    The beautiful thing is that he has wiped out the idea in Nigeria that all gay men are skinny,sissy,lay abouts and un progressive. Seeing a handsome,successful,masculine,respectable,muscular with a reputation of intergrity has left a lot of people speechless. Am sure a lot of straight men would begin to suspect each other. Lol

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