Kindly Participate In This Nigerian LGBT Survey

Kindly Participate In This Nigerian LGBT Survey

Powered by The Bisi Alimi Foundation, this survey is set to find out the extent and impact of homophobia on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in Nigeria. The data gathered from the survey will be used to inform policy change in Nigeria as well as support law makers, journalists, and Nigerians in general to understand the impact of homophobia on LGBT people.

The survey is live now and it would be appreciated if you could take the time and fill it out. If you have filled it already, thank you for doing so, and please help share the survey further! You can now access the survey on BY CLICKING HERE.

You may visit the Bisi Alimi Foundation HERE, like their page on Facebook HERE and follow on Twitter @tbafoundation


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  1. Mandy
    May 19, 08:53 Reply

    Some of these questions can only be better answered by people who are out. For instance, no health personnel has gotten unpleasant with me, not becos they’re not homophobic. But becos they don’t know about me.

    • Peak
      May 19, 09:15 Reply

      Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth.

      Aside from question 30, a lot of the questions just seem a little off. Then again, one does not know what the research design looks like which probably birthed the survey, so we can’t really say.

  2. pete
    May 19, 09:41 Reply

    Phew! *wipes brow* just finished answering the survey. I sincerely hope the survey gets a representation of what the LGBT needs

    • Pink Panther
      May 19, 09:50 Reply

      When more LGBT cast aside their paranoia and give honest responses, it just might do that.

      • Colossus
        May 19, 10:12 Reply

        Why will anyone even have paranoia? It’s an anonymous survey? It’s not like they’re taking your picture as you answer the questions. Wait, are they?

  3. Keredim
    May 19, 16:31 Reply

    Phew, finally finished it.

    But, how far with the “Fan, fridge and generator” question????

    • Delle
      May 19, 20:33 Reply

      Haha! Ewoo, na dat one I enjoy pass. Coman see me flipping my kinky braids as I was ticking…

  4. Khaleesi
    May 19, 16:53 Reply

    just completed the survey, some of the questions should have reflected the fact that an overwhelming majority of Nigerian LGBT are deep in the closet.
    Please do publish the results when they’ve been collated …

  5. R.A
    May 20, 08:33 Reply

    “If your answer is No skip to the next part”

    Phew! How my heart was filled with joy to see that. ?

  6. Bisi
    May 27, 16:15 Reply

    Thank you so very much guys for the comments. I really appreciate them. The issues you raised are very important.

    I can tell you that at the end of week 2 of 6 weeks, we have received over 270 replies. Our target is 1000, but we will be happy with 500.

    On the issues raised;

    1- About the survey sounding more for people outside: No this is not really the case. We have received incidents where because of certain symptoms, LGBT people in Nigeria have face stigma. For example, I have to deal with a young man who had anal wart and the doctor announced to the hospital staff that reason he had this was because he might be gay. It was very embarrassing for him. And I think PEAK, we found, if you are not out, doctor wont know. We have found this in the survey. The problem is, it is not the reality. While large % said they have not be discriminated against at hospital and place of work, a very high % said, they know they will be discriminated against. So this means, there is a huge level of fear that is driving people into the closets.

    2- Keredim: the question about fan and all, is to gauge the economic class of the community. One thing that we have seen is that we have a high intelligent community, but with low earning power. I am not going to say this is due to homophobia, because I mean, not even straight people can get a job in Nigeria of today, but it will be unfair to say it has not played a part.

    3- Khaleesi, the report will be published latest in August and KD will be one of the few places we will published it first.

    I just want to say a very big thank you to the KD team, most of the people that filled the survey came from KD. You guys are the best in the world.

    Finally, to reach 500, we need to share the survey more. Please can you help us share it among your friends. We really want to reach women more. The update of women is really low.

    Once again thank you and so much love.


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