Kiss And Tell (Entry 5)

Kiss And Tell (Entry 5)

That’s how I was staying on my own one Friday morning in December last year, going about my business and waiting in anticipation for the oncoming Christmas. My business of course was me idling on the social media, and I happened on an Instagram notification. I opened it and it was a direct message. At first, I thought it was another topic for gossip from one of the ‘girls’ on my instagram direct-group chat.

It wasn’t. The sender of the message was a very cute, puppy-faced dude. I opened the message to see his ‘Hi’. I replied with ‘Sup, sexy man’. We continued the pleasantries and then he proceeded to ask me if I drink. I answered in the affirmative, and then he told me he was organizing a games’ night later that evening with his boys. There was a hint of suggestion behind his message. I suppose my first response to his first message made him decide to be forthright with me, because he followed the message with an invitation to join. Was I interested in joining them for games’ night, he wanted to know.

Of course I was!

We exchanged BBM pins and phone numbers, and moved over to BBM where we carried on with our conversation and arrangements for the coming evening. Soon we signed off the chat and I carried on with my day, with an eye on the clock.

I waited anxiously for dusk to come. I mean, it was Friday; a week to Christmas and this was Lagos. Alcohol and games with some guys wouldn’t be a bad idea. Around 6pm, we spoke on the phone. My instagram cutie (let’s call him Chuck) was finished from work but was stuck on the Third Mainland Bridge on his way back to the mainland. I was familiar with the nightmare that Lagos traffic had become, especially so during this fuel-scarce, filling-station-clogged, end-of-year-manic period of the year. I commiserated with him, and after our conversation, I was in no mood to rush out. I didn’t want to get to his place too early. So I relaxed back on my settee and began watching Tyler Perry’s Haves and the Have Nots. I intended to while away time as the distance from my place to his was not really far.

I must say, I had a little feeling at some point that this could be some kind of Kito situation, but after a brief moment of contemplating this, I brushed the thought away as Chuck was working class and looked too cute to do shit.

I finally left the house around 9:30pm to his place. I got there about an hour later and he was still on his way back from work. See why I didn’t want to leave earlier? I had to wait on the street while he called on his housemate to come down and pick me. When I saw the housemate, whatever tensions I’d harboured about this night finally fled. His housemate, Ben, was a guy I shagged last year around June.

We went up and got into the living room, where I saw a guy sitting on the couch and watching TV. The introductions were brief, and I settled beside him to watch the TV. Chuck came home shortly afterwards. Some minutes later, a group of four other guys trooped in. Conversation was idle and general. Around midnight, as we were still passing time with the TV, three other guys arrived. And then, with everyone apparently here, we moved to the bedroom.

It was a two bedroom apartment; it had very large nice bedrooms. We formed a circle on the carpeted floor of a bedroom and the games started with low music playing in the background. We started off with card games, where the losers were made to either drink a shot of vodka or remove a piece of clothing or accessory from their body. I was not so lucky at the card game, and by the time we were done with it, I had a nice buzz from about five shots of vodka going for me, and had on just my jeans. I noticed some of the other guys were more interested in opting for vodka than giving up their clothing.

We proceeded to another game called Concentration. In this game, there would only be one loser after each round and all it needed was my concentration. I did well here, and by 3am, when we moved on Truth or Dare, I hadn’t taken another drink. But by this time, most of the other guys were tipsy.

There were a lot more guys doing the Dare than those telling the Truth. Most of us were already tipsy, and some others were also naked. I was both. We were at the game till 4am while having food, snacks and other drinks in the process. Lights went off around 4:15am, as two guys were already snoring in a corner. And I thought to myself: Is this it? There was no way in hell this was not ending with sex!

And then, I watched as the cute dark guy who had been sitting beside me all through the game came up to my dick and started blowing me off. Aha! There you go! I looked around and noticed others were already in action. Holy cow! Now the real games were beginning!

Way earlier, I noticed among us were two other hotties from my Instagram contact list whom I hadn’t met in person and an old friend. As I began fingering the behind of the dude blowing me off, thinking of how I was about to devour his yummy hairy ass, Chuck entered the room; he’d been in the other bedroom, fixing things up. He came over to me and extricated me from my blowjob. He led me by the hand to the other room where I was left with him and his housemate, Ben. Oh boy! Two bottoms at once?! This was a first! I put my tongue to good use and they were panting for the D in seconds. I slapped on a pink Gold Circle condom, applied a generous amount of lubricant and went into action. First I banged Chuck, seeing as Ben was already old school na. We don fuck last year, so nne, you have to chill a lil bit. After pounding Chuck for a few minutes, I changed my CD and went for Ben. I went to town on him, while Chuck used his mouth and tongue on my body. But this didn’t go on for long. I was not going to miss out on the action inside the other bedroom.

I retrieved my dick from Ben’s ass and went back to the room to meet the dark cute guy who blew me before now sucking off another slim big-dicked guy on the carpeted ground. I reclaimed him from Slim Big Dick, pulled him to me and mashed our lips together. Our kissing caught fire at once. This dude had the sweetest and most succulent lips I had kissed in these past few months. He knew his game very well; he had been smacking on mint chewing gum to keep his breath fresh, and was now using his tongue and lips to do magical things to my buccal cavity. As we kissed, Slim Big Dick came over and descended on my dick. This gloriousness went for a while, before I made to fuck Succulent Lips. But he declined, saying he wouldn’t be having anal sex, as he had gotten a small bruise from my earlier fingering. Apparently, my fingers had been a tad too aggressive, and he was feeling some pains down there.

Slim Big Dick saw an opportunity and pounced on it. He dragged me inside the bathroom, unfurled a CD on me, lubed up his smooth slim ass and led my dick into his tight hole. I guessed he was more top than bottom, because his hole was very tight and the journey inside it had him wincing and butt-clenching a lot. He bent over and wanked himself while I banged him from behind, both of us standing up. His hole was so tight, and the friction hurried along my ejaculation. I shot my load after few minutes, and as I jerked against his behind, he released too, shooting his shit all over the floor.

The time was now about 5:30amm and there were still some guys banging away in different corners of the house. I even saw a couple inside the kitchen when I went to get some food as I was hungry again. Thereafter, I slid into the bed in the other bedroom, spooning Chuck who had gone to sleep. He was roused by my presence and we began kissing. It was inevitable that I’d get hard again. I picked him up from the bed to the bathroom where we fucked vigorously for several minutes, before I came a second time.

However, my mind was now back on Succulent Lips. I wanted those lips back on mine. I soon located him and took him to the other bathroom where we kissed and sucked on each other’s lips for some minutes while wanking ourselves. We both jizzed at the same time.

Boy, was I exhausted? This was three ejaculations in about two hours! Omo! I need me some rest!

At this time, it was 7am and some of the guys had left, including Slim Big Dick, but not before he took my phone and typed his digits into it. Lol. I told Chuck I needed to rest for a while as I was very unsteady on my feet. He took me to his bedroom, before going off to clean up the apartment.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, a chubby, not-so-young guy entered the room and asked to join me in bed. Bia, una wan kill me? He said he couldn’t participate during the orgy over the night because he wasn’t a fan of group sex. Warris now my own? How that one take consine me? Nne, biko I need to rest. He slipped into the bed and began fondling my nipples and dick, but I was unresponsive. He eventually gave up and volunteered his number to me, asking if I’d be free on Monday evening to come over to his place. I told him yes so he’d leave me alone in peace. Who wan go? Biko, I’m not into chubby and older-looking. I like them young and preferably slim and/or muscular.

He left the room shortly afterwards. Soon the house emptied of all the visitors but me. Ben also left because he had an appointment on the island to catch up with. I was left alone in the house with Chuck. He encouraged me to get some rest. It was Saturday morning. I was hung over and tired. So really, what was the rush to get home? I slept on while Chuck cleaned the apartment.

Then I woke up around midday. He was done. There was idle chatter. And then we fucked again. This time, there was no frenzy, no rush, the sex was relaxed and in the bed. And because I’d jizzed three times in the very recent past, we went on and on for nearly an hour before I shot my load. Normally, in that length of time, I’d have gotten bored with the sex. But this dude was something else in bed. Very sexy, and knew how to work on his man and the D. He also came, and then we moved over to the parlour, where we had some food. I relaxed some more, before we began preparing to leave the house together, him for the mall and me back home.

And that was how I partook in one of the best orgies of my life. I think I’ll check that off my bucket list now. Lol. Seriously though, these Lagos boys simply have no chill.

Written by KingBey

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  1. Mandy
    January 07, 06:51 Reply

    Good Lawd. :O KingBey, what do we call you now? An Active Strong Top? Lol 🙂

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 07, 08:09 Reply

      Mandy I saw what you did there; very subtle but I did not miss it!

      Ngwanu Aunty PP do the needful!

  2. Kester
    January 07, 06:59 Reply

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
    *tall stern nun from game of thrones with a large akpako *
    Quite a diversion from yesterday’s seriousness. Oh kingbey I wanna be you when I grow up
    When will scenes like these enact in dry boring kitoprone uyo?
    Oh and I am the pseudo top who gives in to his inner harlot when serenaded with an array of dicks! Teehee

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    January 07, 08:11 Reply

    Obara jisos kraist!

    See people having fun ooo and all I host in my flat are dinner parties, book club and monopoly game night!

    Mbanu! This is 2016 and we must do things differently! I gats throw sex parry!

    • pete
      January 07, 09:11 Reply

      Ending the celibacy, are we?

      • Mandy
        January 07, 09:21 Reply

        Atink you can see, pete. lol

  4. Kenny
    January 07, 08:46 Reply

    This got me all hot and bothered. But in reality, I just can’t. Threesome sef is a no no. Kingbey, you try no be small.

  5. JustJames
    January 07, 09:34 Reply

    Concentration abi? IamCoy can you see this… Take note.

    • Mandy
      January 07, 09:38 Reply

      Care to share with the rest of the class this note that Iamcoy is supposed to take? 😀

      • iamcoy
        January 08, 13:52 Reply

        Lol Mandy.. Note taken already☺

  6. peaches
    January 07, 09:44 Reply

    Ahhhh, yeeekpa!, this is not fair, some pple be getting all the cuties and am here stuck with horrible looking goblins, a few for that matter. Biko, PP help me beg ya shildren to helep me,this is just wrong for me to swallow on a lonely morning. *bits lower lips*

  7. Keredim
    January 07, 11:02 Reply


    “Not so young looking…”

    Using expressions like …”not a fan….”

    I will leave that right there

  8. Mr. Fingers
    January 07, 11:54 Reply

    A house filled with abt 11 horny dudes around 11pm and fucking started by 4:15am? Ta, I wish I believed that one.

  9. Delle
    January 07, 12:01 Reply

    Hmm…I’m just grinning. Lol. You are a man Kingbey, that’s all I can say.

    • Delle
      January 07, 12:04 Reply

      ‘I must say, I had a little feeling at some point that this could be some kind of Kito situation, but after a brief moment of contemplating this, I brushed the thought away as Chuck was working class and looked too cute to do shit’

      That’s really not a good criterion to take a risk, but like I said, you are a man.
      Lagos people shaa, I wonder why that spirit aint in me. Oh well…

  10. Dickson Clement
    January 07, 12:25 Reply

    I am concerned with the health implications of orgies! U kiss one person over here and u kiss the next over there, who probably had sucked the dick of another guy or rimmed an ass few seconds before! Let’s forget the talk about mouth sores, oral candidiasis or possibility of hepatitis transmission!

    • Max 2.0
      January 07, 12:39 Reply

      Trying so hard not to cringe while reading this comment… Orgies are indeed a place where diseases go to spread.. Covers my self with the blood of Jisox and calls On Gad to protect me from any form of orgy..

    • keredim69
      January 07, 13:45 Reply

      You have valid concerns @Dickson but I think you are over thinking the situation. Possibly because of your (new) medical background.

      The same STD transmissions could occur in a one on one situation, only slower. You don’t really know where your sexual partner has been (I am talking about casual scenarios now), but you shouldn’t let that curtail your fun. Just take necessary precautions.

  11. Max 2.0
    January 07, 12:32 Reply

    “games’ night”?? I think I know exactly where you were that day and the people involved.

    “We don fuck last year, so nne, you have to chill a lil bit.” ???

    Handa you the #Hoe crown of 2016

  12. Brian Collins
    January 07, 12:39 Reply

    I dont know how i missed KingBey in my christmas message. Very hott. Masked man has a partner in crime.
    If a threesome can be called an orgy, then I must have one. Ex-bae be asking for a threesome and I so wanna give in.

  13. mr president
    January 07, 13:31 Reply

    Kingbey making ur self sound like the star of the show, when some of us here know you whr just an extra on the sidelines.

    • keredim
      January 07, 13:46 Reply

      “hell hath no fury like a queen scorned”

    • Kenny
      January 07, 15:02 Reply

      Hian!!! Presidio were you there? Is there anything else you wanna add to this story?

  14. sinnex
    January 07, 13:38 Reply

    I don’t know why I didn’t find this appealing. I feel like throwing up right now.

  15. Dickson Clement
    January 07, 15:13 Reply

    How does this orgy thing work, I am probably making out with the person I find sexually appealing in the bunch and someone in the orgy comes to take him away. I’d go ”bitch can’t you see a brother is feeding his lust here”! The not so appealing dude in the bunch comes to kiss you? How do u tell him ”Dude I can’t kiss you cos u don’t look like Jessie smolet of Empire or Errol Barnet of CNN! What if every other person in the bunch is actively involved with someone else and you are left alone?

    • keredim
      January 07, 15:38 Reply

      Normally, there is a code of conduct. When someone says, “no”. Its “no” then you move onto the next one.

      You don’t have to always participate. You can hold the wall up, or sit on a sofa and watch. There should be no pressure to participate or sleep with anyone you don’t find attractive.

      As for someone taking away the person your were playing with away from you mid-coitus;that’s plain wrong. The person should either join in or wait his turn. The flip side of course is if the person you are playing with goes away willingly, then you were probably not doing the job well enough.

      If everybody leaves you “alone” in an orgy and no one is paying attention, you either stay and take notes or put on your clothes and leave,

      • Mandy
        January 07, 15:59 Reply

        Keredim da Keredim. Nwanne, ima ebe ano. Look at you go. Dishing pearls of orgy wisdom like PDP members sharing the money.

        • Keredim
          January 07, 16:26 Reply

          Nne….. It’s a matter of cash ???

  16. Dickson Clement
    January 07, 16:12 Reply

    @ Keredim thanks for the explanations but I hate being alone… it feels so good to be desired and wanted. If am left alone, orgy akwasaa (orgy will end), if am not getting it then nobody should!!

    • Keredim
      January 07, 16:26 Reply

      Another code of conduct @ orgies…..

      “Divas not allowed” ????

  17. Dickson Clement
    January 07, 16:40 Reply

    Hahahaha! Come on keredim! Am not remotely close to being a Diva!!! But your point is well taken. Divas not allowed, it’s the Clash of the Titans.

    • Keredim
      January 07, 16:54 Reply

      Lol… It’s not WWF or gangsta’s paradise either.

      It’s about knowing what you want and going for it while respecting others in the orgy.

  18. karishika
    January 07, 20:17 Reply

    ah biko i wish my sex life could be like dis. jst saying tho

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