Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise III

Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise III

Regarding dating sites and the people we meet online, there is more information that recently came to my attention.

Apparently, these kito experiences no longer just happen when you go to them; sometimes, they bring it to you – to your meeting point.

This is the story someone had to say. According to the KDian, his friend met someone on Grindr and invited him to an open joint. This potential hookup showed up supposedly on his own, and a few minutes into his conversation with the gay guy, an army guy, fully clothed in his military uniform, came to join them.

The army guy started claiming that the Grindr hookup was his younger brother, that he saw all their chats and traced his “younger brother” to the rendezvous. And then, he was demanding for money from the KDian’s friend while threatening to beat him up if he didn’t comply.

At the end of the day, they took some cash from the guy, his wrist watch and his phone.

So apparently, these guys have devised a means of bringing the kito to you even with public place meetings.

I honestly do not know what to say to this development or what suggestions to make to tackle this new wrinkle – other than to tell us all to carry on being careful AND endeavour to be less afraid of who you are and who may know about you. Because oftentimes, these kito intimidation thrives on our fear and more often than not, will get nowhere if we own ourselves and refuse to be cowed by the idea that a public spectacle may embarrass us.

Continue to stay safe, brethren.

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  1. Francis
    March 08, 07:54 Reply

    Looks like a situation where you could call someone’s bluff but then again, na naija we dey. No one gets involved when an officer of the law especially soldier man decides to descend on you in the public ???

    May na to begin delete the Grindr app and every trace of conversation before the meet. Never reveal face before the meet? No sexual voice conversation before the meet? ???

    This just sucks sha as always I say thunder fire GEJ wherever his silly ass is

  2. Thor
    March 08, 08:37 Reply

    Choi. I have a similar gist.

  3. Kenny
    March 08, 10:09 Reply

    Sigh. Hide grindr and WhatsApp, hide your files so your gallery looks clean, meet somewhere far away from where you live so when you call their bluff and they out you last last you’ll not go there again. Research who you’re meeting. If you can’t access the Facebook or Instagram profile of who you’re meeting just sit at home jejeli. Also, don’t meet up with everyone you’re talking to online!!

  4. KingB
    March 08, 10:40 Reply

    May I also seize this opportunity to admonish us a bit about how we go about this sex of a thing. So I work with Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, VI. I closed from work this morning when I noticed a scene playing at our security post. Upon asking some of my coworkers what the problem was, I learnt the two guys been harassed where caught making out in the hotel’s restroom. Like who the hell does that in Naira? What baffled me the most was the caliber of guys involved. Those guys were damn too cute, exposed and learned to be involved in such. And to think that I had one of them on my friendlist on FB for about 6yrs and was hella scared to type a HI in his box. Dude was just too hot. He eventually layed down flat on the floor to beg the hotel’s security men not to escalate the issue. I mean the same security men that most of you usually snob when they greet you at the gate was the one this hot piece of artwork laid down on the floor to beg simply because he couldn’t control his libido. Even heard the bottom guy was screaming”gays are here to overtake Nigeria” when they were caught in the toilet. Guys please in as much as some of us tend to be adventurous with sex, let’s still remember this is Nigeria. Let’s tread carefully. I felt pained, horrible and displeased when I saw people like me being harassed simply for being who they are this morning at my place of work. They were harassed by people who wouldn’t dear talk when those guys talk because they were gay. They looked helpless and this elicited pity from me. I wish I could help but then this is Nigeria and my job might be at stake. In case any or both of you are reading this, I really am sorry for what you passed through at Radisson this morning. Irrespective of what ever happened, I want you both not to feel one bit less human. You both are wonderfully created by God. You are beautiful and Awesome and Amazing the way you are. Together we all shall scale through in this shithole we call a country.

    • Francis
      March 09, 11:58 Reply

      Chai. So na so person for catch me for cinema embarrass my life in the outside. ????

  5. Sinnex
    March 08, 13:22 Reply


    I am actually confused. Those guys were making out in the toilet in the morning?
    I don’t really know how that particular hotel functions, but since you posted your comment around 10 a.m., that means they lodged in the hotel. Or did they go to the hotel to get something? Maybe visit the pool or something? Because, if they were lodged in the hotel, why will they be making out in the toilet, or were they making out in the toilet inside their hotel room? That means someone entered their room, maybe room service, and then decided to enter the toilet, without alarming them. Is that not against the ethics of hotel workers? Besides that hotel is a 5 star hotel, don’t you think the security guys are more at risk to lose their jobs than the guys? I won’t lie, your story left me confused.

    Anyway, back to the story, we can’t be over careful. Some of us might meet people without adequate verification and it’d end up just fine, while another might meet someone after all the necessary verification, and still be set up. Set up guys are becoming bolder. In fact, it is now the new yahoo. People will do anything to make money. The funny thing is that most of the set up guys are actually gay. Meeting in a public place is still the best bet. What I do when I want to meet someone in a public place is to give the person a direction, then stand or stay few metres away from the person, in order to study the person, if I am satisfied, then I go meet the person. Luckily for me, I rarely meet people. In all, if you find yourself in the above situation, don’t fret. At most you and the other party will be affected. Except he deletes his chat, which will be better for you. Also, try as much as possible not to initiate sexual talk or talk about meeting. Except you are very very sure. Let the other party be the one to initiate.

    • KingB
      March 08, 16:03 Reply

      According to my colleagues, they were caught last night and they were also not in house guest. They actually came to the bar to have some bottles and then decided to make out in the hotels toilet.they weren’t lodged

      • Victor Ukpa
        March 08, 17:03 Reply

        They were caught last night? And they were held till morning? This your story needs a lot of proper editing.

  6. facdade
    March 09, 00:25 Reply

    The army guy or the person on d profile uses these nos 07019 117 25. And 0818 720 145

  7. trystham
    March 09, 09:40 Reply

    If not for the fear I imagine would have been coursing through me, I would have asked that he bared the chat. Las las no be only me go chop beating if it came to noise. After all, I did not coerce or force the ‘brother’ or make promises of money. Abeg, he shud carry his noise and go

    As for the Radisson Blu matter, in so far as they have been guests, whether at the bar or lodged in the room, I do not think that they deserved such treatments. I would ask that those guys present their receipts/tabs and take up the matter with the appropriate authorities. What rubbish!

  8. ROCK
    March 10, 12:41 Reply

    Trust me,you don’t want to escalate such issues in public.This is Nigeria.Full of frustrated, jobless, blood thirsty souls in a jungle where injustice reigns.The Kito fools know this.All they have to do is to scream that you are gay…and the jobless mass will be stirred.
    The thing to do is just to be very careful,very vigilant and have an escape plan ready and very easy to access.Maybe go with a friend when meeting up with someone for the first time.
    Another new trend i noticed
    I keep getting messages from ‘sugar daddies’that want to spoil with allowance of $400 a week..just to be their sugar baby.
    New scam.

  9. ROCK
    March 10, 12:46 Reply

    The nos you listed are not complete.
    The Radisson blu story puzzles me as well.
    Were they making out in the open?
    Were they imprisoned overnight and by who?
    I mean…how on earth did it escalate to that point?
    I can’t even imagine the scenario.

  10. Quinn
    March 11, 14:34 Reply

    Maybe we should get offensive…just saying… Headline…”Homosexuals beat up Homophobes”?

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