Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise IV

Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise IV

There have been a number of reports coming to us about the prevalence of the scam where gay men get chatting with a potential hookup, and then get so invested in the hookup that upon the hookup talking about being broke and unable to come see them, these men will send money to them, to their bank accounts, after which the hookup will promptly block them and take the money without honouring the agreement to visit for the hookup.

To be frank, initially, I’d intended to ignore making this post, because I took it for granted that people in the community would be wise enough to know that meeting someone online and having him ask you for money for his transport fare to come visit you is the oldest scam in the Nigerian gayborhood.

But with a few more reports coming in, I realized that what I took for granted was common knowledge is clearly not known by all.

So eschewing the requests to publish the photos of the purported scammers, I would like to put this message out there: YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU’RE YET TO MEET WHO SAYS HE’S BROKE AND NEEDS TRANSPORT FARE TO COME SEE YOU.

Not everyone will take your money and run, of course. But I find that kind of trust to be very naïve. The chances that an online hookup who asks you for money as his transport fare to you will honour that agreement is very, very low.

The default of every gay Nigerian who is into hookups should always, ALWAYS be set on distrust. Every guy you are meeting for the first time should be guilty until proven trustworthy. And just as you would never trust your safety to any hookup by going to see him in, say, Ikotun area of Lagos, you should also never trust that paying 5 thousand naira into the account of someone you’re yet to meet will bring any returns to your investment.

Please, let us be guided. A little less focus on konji, a little more wiser we get.

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  1. Simba
    July 14, 06:08 Reply

    Happened to me lots of time, those years. Ogene in Warri, Ebuka in Enugu, quite a number of them, but I resolved with some, sent more money and some showed up and we had fun… Those Vain years, I was a little horny fuck.

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    July 14, 08:44 Reply

    Or better still just book the damn thing for them rather than transferring to their account.

  3. Khaleesi
    July 14, 15:08 Reply

    On the flip side, I have had incidents where persons were invited for Hookups – usually students, with the promise that they would be reimbursed for their travel expenses. Only for them to travel, have sex & then be left stranded or under-funded. So I advise my student friends, if you are going to hook up with someone who agrees to take care if transport expenses, ensure that the full amount for traveling to & fro is paid into your account, so that no matter what happens, you won’t be left stranded.

    • Absalom
      July 14, 18:42 Reply

      Or just sit in your house?

      Nobody ever died from horniness. Not one person.

      • Trystham
        July 14, 19:33 Reply

        You know not of what you speak. People have imploded for having too much cum in them

      • Axel Ames
        July 15, 19:11 Reply

        You probably should not say that, people will call you a slut shamer.
        Cos I said the same thing on some kito post a while ago and Pink Panther came for my edges.

    • Micharl
      July 14, 19:52 Reply

      Or like my dad would say, have your transport fare To and fro in your pocket. Don’t go relying on someone.

      • Exactly. At worst, borrow enough for your transport to and fro from a friend and know that you have that covered if all else fails.

    • CHUCK
      July 16, 10:13 Reply

      Why can’t you stay in your house unless you can afford the transport expenses? This is aimilar to collecting asoebi you cannot pay for, buying car when you are behind on rent. And other examples of a poseur lifestyle.

      Honestly asking for tfare is living veyond your means, and leads to embarrassment at the end of the day. Stay prudent folks!

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