Nothing much is known about this guy, because his victims werent diligent enough to get as much information about him as they could before they were kitoed.

Nothing other than that his name is Michael, that his WhatsApp number is 08107269604, and that he stays around Iyana School in Iyana Iba. In conversation, he would tell you he stays around LASU axis  and is a student of Psychology.

And maybe he is, because he is also very dedicated and patient with his craft. According to one of his victims:

“When we moved from Grindr to WhatsApp, he would video-call me almost every day – in fact call me sef when I’m not online to check up on me. When he asked for us to meet, I declined as per I had someone I was seeing then and me going to Grindr was just to kill boredom and make friends with nothing attached to it.

“He asked why I was declining meeting him and I told him it was because I just wanted us to be friends and nothing more. He replied by saying he was also just inviting me on friendship level, but wouldn’t mind if sex happens. But that if friendship is all I want, then he respects my decision, but that he still wants us to meet as friends.

“Considering the fact that he had face-timed me and called me a lot and nothing seemed really suspicious about him, I finally agreed to go see him.”

Nothing seemed suspicious – except that this victim didn’t even bother to get to know his social media information and completely disregarded the fact that NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF IYANA IBA!!!

May we not make the same mistakes.

(If anybody has any more concrete information about this guy, please post it as a comment so we can update this post.)


UPDATE: Some KDians have been able to provide more information on this guy.

It’s been confirmed that his name is indeed Michael, and that he lives around Iyana Iba.

His number (at least for WhatsApp) is 08107269604.

And he is OG Mikki Fundx on Facebook.

Below are more clearer pictures of him.

Next Urgent Request For Temporary Accommodation

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  1. Francis
    March 01, 06:29 Reply

    So they boldly display faces and shit now to lure victims. This una Grindr business gets riskier by the day. Na location dey help una now until kito migrates to tush areas

  2. Zaddy
    March 01, 06:58 Reply

    Lol true. What if they moved to tush areas??? Anyway I stand by what Pinkie said… NOTHing good ever comes out of Iyana Iba or the Ojo axis. Pls beware. Use your hands… nature will smile on you soon enough and you’ll get some real sturvs.

    • Gaia
      March 01, 12:03 Reply

      You even have a contact list? It’s a wawu

      • CJ
        March 02, 00:30 Reply

        I know this guy very well…I met him one at that same area … if u want to know how I went there without being kitoed hit me up in my mail….… then we’ll talk on phone …even his house I know there

        • Pink Panther
          March 02, 05:47 Reply

          Lol. If we want to know how you went there without being kitoed? Lol.
          Dude, we want to know. But how about, instead of encouraging people to send you emails, you send an email to us about your story so it can be published for everyone to know how you met kito scum and didn’t get kitoed. I’m sure it’s a fascinating story we’d all love to read.

          • C J
            March 02, 11:26 Reply

            Yeah…but am not ready for typing bro…I can relate with someone on a one on one discussion over the phone…maybe the person can go ahead and share the story…hit my mail and I’ll drop my call contact let’s discuss

        • Dunder
          March 02, 23:58 Reply

          Oga, this your comment is giving kito vibes. You send your chilling story to Pinky instead. Which one is this new style?

  3. Mandy
    March 01, 07:19 Reply

    At this point, shouldn’t “Ojo” and “Iyana Iba” be danger zones that Kito Diaries no longer needs to harp on? shouldn’t our community just already know that these places are simply no-go areas? This is becoming annoying. People should just immediately block anyone they’re chatting with who opens his mouth to say he stays in Ojo. Just block. No discussion to be had. JUST BLOCK!!!

  4. Zaddy
    March 01, 16:49 Reply

    I agree with Mandy.

    Block Ojo or humor them for the purpose of exposing them but never ever ever visit.

  5. Marvey
    March 01, 23:54 Reply

    Pls @pinky..I have someone that knows this guy and were he lives can he be dealt with in any sort of way or ambushed!! Cos funny enough he is tb oo and a bottom..

  6. King
    March 03, 17:29 Reply

    This is serious, this kito thing is making me angry and I pray for them as much as they pray for me.. let them face their worse darkness in their everyday activity

  7. Lorde
    March 04, 17:50 Reply

    Ill say this only once… there are little hints in photos that will tell you someone is bad news… sadly Konji will never allow us see it….Anyone who eats 2 meatpies at a go is a hungry man oo… never to be trusted.

  8. cm
    March 10, 02:03 Reply

    The best thing to be done…is to get security agents who will secretly defend our right and helps us fight this kitoes..
    Even if it means paying those security agents no problem…at least we will even create job opportunities for the unemployed.

  9. Franklin
    July 13, 19:13 Reply

    I was kito by this same, very bad experience.

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